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Translator: Soldier

Zhou Feiyu raised his eyes and looked at Coldness Wu, "You can find that Young Master Long?"

The leader of the Dragon Cabinet, Young Master Long was a very mysterious man whose whereabouts had always been a secret. Very few people had ever seen him.

In fact, a few years ago, Zhou Feiyu sent some men to look for him for several times but never found clues.

But a man as mysterious as him actually made people feel that he was very dangerous.

Coldness Wu gave a mild smile. "A couple of years ago, my family once did business with the Dragon Cabinet. Maybe I can make contact with the Dragon Cabinet via my family."

"But rumor says that for some reason, the Dragon Cabinet has suddenly deployed their men in the Luo City recently. It seems as if those movements were directed against the Murong family."

"The Murong family?" Zhou Feiyu lifted his eyebrows.


A deep look flashed across the bottom of Zhou Feiyu\'s eyes. "After this talk is over, pay a visit to the Murong family. Venerable Mistress Murong cured the pestilence in the Luo City and the Water City. Send a thank-you gift to her on my behalf."

Coldness Wu nodded with a smile. "Yes!"


At the west gate of the border city.

A luxurious horse-drawn carriage, driven by a horsekeeper, was slowly driving towards the outside of the city.

However, before it could go out of the city, some soldiers stopped it.

"The city gate is sealed. No entrance or exit allowed." A loud, gruff voice was heard.

The horsekeeper hurriedly stopped the carriage and said in a respectful tone, "Officer, we\'re from another city. My master is seriously ill and has to return home to receive medical treatment. I wonder if officer would be so kind as to do us a favor-"

"I don\'t care who you are. Get off, get off! Security check!"

However, before that horsekeeper could finish his sentence, that soldier impatiently dragged him off the carriage and heavily pushed the door of the carriage open.

In the carriage, a gloriously clothed n.o.ble master was leisurely sprawling in a couch, emaciated with sallow complexion, as if incurably ill.

After flicking a glimpse at the eyes of the "n.o.ble master", that soldier dismissively withdrew his eyes.

Then the officer in charge said loudly to those nearby residents who were stranded, "We\'re looking for a purple-eyed female, anyone who offers clues will be handsomely rewarded by His Highness."

"My lord, who is that female? Why did His Highness seal all city gates to catch her? Did that female by any chance try to hurt His Highness?"

A feeble, effeminate male voice came from inside the carriage.

On hearing this, all those people who wanted to get out of the city but were stopped started querying.

"Yeah. What exactly did that female do? Why are you sealing city gates?"

"We have goods to deliver. If you seal up the city, how can we do business... "

"That\'s true. I have to go back home. If you don\'t let me through, what am I supposed to do... "

"... "

Hearing those animated discussion, those soldiers became very impatient.

"Why are you asking so many questions? Just inform us if you see anyone with purple eyes. Now clear off! Don\'t gather here."

"Then when can we leave the city, officer?"

"You can leave when you are allowed to leave. Now get out of my sight... "

After hearing that rude, impatient voice, residents didn\'t dare to stay. Before long, they cleared off, though discontented and resigned.

The horsekeeper respectfully looked at the n.o.ble master and said, "Master, the city gate is sealed. We... "

"Go back."


The horsekeeper closed the door and turned the carriage around.

Naturally, the "n.o.ble master" languidly sprawling in the couch inside the carriage was Yun Wu.