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Translator: Soldier

However, what Yun Wu didn\'t know was that not long after she left, this inn was solidly surrounded by a group of soldiers, which scared a lot of pa.s.sers-by.

What was going on?

Why did so many soldiers go to downtown area? What happened?

"Did a purple-eyed female come to this inn not long ago?" a ferocious-looking officer yelled in a gruff voice the moment he walked into the inn, followed by a couple of soldiers.

His voice was as loud as thunder. Scared, all guests in the inn hurriedly ran out.

"Offi... Officer, what is going on? We\'re all law-abiding citizens, not-" the innkeeper hastily walked up to the officer.

"I\'m asking you whether you saw someone with purple eyes. Why are you taking nonsense? Just answer me with yes or no." The officer was very impatient.

While the innkeeper was thinking, another batch of soldiers flooded into the inn.

On the sight of those soldiers in the inn, the one in charge also yelled in a gruff voice, "Innkeeper, did a black-faced female check in at your inn? Where is she?"


On hearing this word, the innkeeper instantly remembered.

"Yes, yes. There is indeed a woman whose whole face is black, and her eyes are purple."


"Where is she?"

Two gruff yells were heard at the same time.

The innkeeper buckled at the knees and hurriedly asked the bellman to lead these soldiers upstairs to find the person they wanted.

However, the female wasn\'t in the room.


Naturally, those soldiers who came later were sent here by Yun Lengyi. They hurried all the way here to arrest Yun Wu.

And those who came first were at the command of the Seventh Prince who was staying in his mansion for rehabilitation.

At this moment.

When news came that the female was gone and that Yun Lengyi was also trying to arrest her, a sullen, cold look appeared on the face of Zhou Feiyu, who was sitting in the host seat in a living room.

"What a bunch of fatheads!"

Accompanied by an angry roar, a teacup was heavily thrown to the ground and busted.

Watching Zhou Feiyu who inexplicably became irascible, Coldness Wu who was standing at the side furrowed his forehead.

A general kneeling on one knee on the ground hurriedly said, "Your Highness, it probably hasn\'t been long since she left. I\'ve already had some men to close all city gates. A citywide search is ongoing. As long as she\'s still in the city, we\'ll surely find her."

Upon seeing that the look in Zhou Feiyu\'s eyes was still chilly, Coldness Wu also said, "Your Highness, if that person was really Miss Wu, maybe it\'s better that she has left. Otherwise, if General-in-chief Yun\'s soldiers catch her, things might be even trickier."

Zhou Feiyu\'s anger seemed to be relieved somewhat after he heard these words.

"What do you think we should do?" Zhou Feiyu raised his eyes and looked at him.

"Now that General-in-chief Yun has already known about it, there\'s no need for us to try to act covertly. We can just keep searching. I think General-in-chief Yun won\'t be bold enough to interfere in Your Highness\' matters."

After contemplating for a while, Zhou Feiyu said to the general in the hall, "Go and make some inquiries. Find out what it is that Yun Lengyi wants."


The general quickly took his leave.

There were only two people left in the living room.

"Your Highness, I seldom see you get so emotional. Is it because of the Queen\'s interference in national affairs?" Coldness Wu asked Zhou Feiyu in a deep, low voice.

Zhou Feiyu knitted his eyebrows tightly together, an icy look in his eyes.

"Don\'t you think you\'re being a busybody?"

"I was being unduly talkative. But, Your Highness, given the current situation, if you really want to make some preparations, maybe we can have an audience with the Dragon Cabinet and talk about cooperation."

"Young Master Long and the Crown Prince are like Damon and Pythias. Do you really think he and I have anything to talk about?"

"Your Highness, the so-called \'Damon and Pythias\' thing is merely the Crown Prince\'s exaggerative bluff. Actually, that Young Master Long has a renowned merchant who is willing to dabble in anything profitable. As long as our offer is favorable enough, cooperation is not impossible."