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Chapter 102

"Mom!" It exultantly clung to her neck and rubbed its face against her .

Yun Wu was speechless with embarra.s.sment, her lips twitching violently .

She tried to pull it off her neck but its grip was so tight that she nearly suffocated .

Resigned, Yun Wu had to soften her tone and tried to coax it into coming down .

But that little guy yielded to neither the carrot nor the stick .

It just kept rubbing against her neck . It was not until it tired after quite a while that it gave up and climbed to the top of her head, gripping on to her hair with its little claws . No matter how hard Yun Wu tried, it refused to come down .

Yun Wu was depressed and resigned .

However, when Yun Wu saw the liquid in the eggsh.e.l.l, all her depression dissolved instantly .


Phoenix Saliva?

Wasn\'t that transparent, viscous liquid saliva of a 1000-year-old phoenix that she had seen in that cavern?

Though it was of high levels of stickiness and toxicity, it was very precious, since it could be used to make Phoenix Saliva Pellets that could detoxify any poison .

\'Maybe it would prove useful some day . I should keep it . \'

After collecting that Phoenix Saliva with great caution, Yun Wu put it into her Storage s.p.a.ce along with the eggsh.e.l.l .

Then she gave a giggle, as if perfectly content .

But the little guy on her head watched her in surprise as she did this .

Did its mom like its pee very much?

She should have told it earlier . If she really liked that, it would give her more in the future .

However, if Yun Wu knew that the Phoenix Saliva, which all people deemed extremely precious, and which she regarded as treasure, was merely its urine, she would no doubt spit blood .

Another full day pa.s.sed .

Inside the bottomless pit .

A figure, with that chubby "Reek" – Yun Wu gave it this name in commemoration of the name it gave her: Ugly – on her head, was climbing upwards inch by inch, sweating buckets .

"You d.a.m.n Reek, stop chewing my hair . I\'ll throw you down if you don\'t . " After climbing for a full day, she was starving, but she still couldn\'t see the entrance of this dark pit . How much longer it would take her to climb out of it remained unknown .

She had been depressed all along, but that chubby Reek on her head kept chewing her hair . It was not actually eating the hair, but when it pulled her hair out of its mouth, it was salivsoaked, sticky and very disgusting .

At this moment, she heard it chewing her hair again, making "tsk" sounds, as if the hair was very delicious . Yun Wu couldn\'t help stretching out her hand and pulling her sticky hair out of its mouth .

As if its food was s.n.a.t.c.hed, Reek\'s lips clamped, its big eyes filled with tears, which made a piteous sight .


Depressed and resigned, Yun Wu clenched her teeth, patted on its bald little head and said in an affectedly threatening tone, "If you call me that again, I\'ll throw you down . "

Lips clamped, big eyes filled with tears, Reek withdrew its claws, looking aggrieved and pitiful .


Upon this, as if trying to fawn on her, it started rubbing its plump face against the top of her head, which made it an adorable sight .

"You feel afraid? Good . Behave yourself or else I\'ll throw you down . " Knowing that it was afraid, Yun Wu was in a slightly better mood and resumed climbing .

However, before long .

"Tsk, tsk!"

Sounds of Reek\'s chewing came from the top of her head again . That little guy started gnawing at her hair .

"Reek! Don\'t you think that\'s disgusting?" Yun Wu pulled the hair out of its mouth again . The stickiness of the hair made her feel resigned and speechless .

On hearing the rebuke, Reek instantly became obedient again .