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Chapter 100

It was said that it took a hen twenty-one days to hatch her eggs, but this phoenix egg hatched after merely a sleep of hers?

Wasn\'t it too easy to hatch a divine beast\'s egg?

However, what Yun Wu didn\'t know was that her sleep lasted a month and a half .

The world outside had descended into chaos long ago .


All of a sudden, with a crisp sound, a crack appeared in the eggsh.e.l.l and soon stretched and branched .

Yun Wu couldn\'t help staring squarely at it out of curiosity .

Since it was a phoenix egg, the creature coming out of it would naturally be a phoenix . Its mother was very mighty and beautiful, so this little thing must also be gorgeous .

However . . .



A dazzling red light abruptly burst through the eggsh.e.l.l and with that fiery red flames instantly pervaded the pit .

The fire was fierce with awe-inspiring momentum .

Everything happened so fast .

When the flames died down, everything around her was badly burnt and blackened .

Yun Wu, who was still in amazement, was the most intrusive being in this scene .

She was pitch-black from head to toe, her burnt hair smoking, as if she had just crawled out of a dirty stove .

At this moment, a chubby little head slowly craned out of the eggsh.e.l.l which had only its lower half left .

What was that?

After a moment\'s perplexity, Yun Wu collected herself, but before she could get angry, the creature inside the eggsh.e.l.l stunned her again .

Like human, it had two hands, two feet, a pair of eyes, a pair of ears and a nose, but it was different from human . Its little head was bald, and it had red, soft feathers on its plump body .

Its eyes were big and round, very cute, but it had two little fangs revealed outside its small, red mouth, which made it look like a small zombie . It appeared somewhat ferocious but also very adorable .

However, this wasn\'t exactly what a phoenix was supposed to look like, was it?

After craning out of the eggsh.e.l.l, the little thing curiously swept its large, cut eyes around in a cute manner .

It seemed to be watching something, but it also seemed to be looking for something .

When it raised its head and saw the pitch-black Yun Wu in front of it, it tilted its little head aside, as if thinking about something .

But soon, it furrowed its brow, a seemingly disgusted look glinting in its eyes, "Ugly . . . "

It uttered an indistinct word in an babyish voice .

Yun Wu had never expected that a half-human little freak would be disgusted by her some day .

She was a little annoyed . This little thing nearly roasted her when it was still in the egg, and the first thing it told her after it hatched out was that she was ugly .

She stretched out her hand, grabbed its chubby little leg in the eggsh.e.l.l and lifted it up .

"You little fatty . You are the ugly one . "

"Ugly, ugly . . . " It waved its claws and grimaced at her, revealing two fangs .

Yun Wu goggled at the little fatty about the size of a puppy, saying angrily, "You are ugly . You whole family are ugly guys . d.a.m.n little fatty . I\'ll beat you . "

It kept swinging its little hands but was unable to reach Yun Wu, its large round eyes filled with tears, "Ugly . . . "

"You still won\'t stop?" Yun Wu glared at it .

What she was unaware of was that her face was as black as the back of a wok, so it was very natural that this little thing felt she was ugly .

"Ugly! Ugly!"

Yun Wu fixed the little thing in her hand with a stare, feeling extremely depressed .

Eventually, she realized that she was kind of being too childish .

\'Why am I taking this little thing\'s words so seriously?\' She loosened its grip and dropped it into the lower half of the eggsh.e.l.l .

"Stupid little fatty . I\'m too busy to argue with you," she murmured .