Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 87

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6.16 – Your aunt just wants to persuade you to let go and see the bigger picture

translator: xiin

editor: alamerysl

Perhaps it was because the scene was too quiet, but this laughter seemed oddly harsh. Many people lifted their heads to look at the Sealed Devil, who merely shrugged his shoulders as he said, "Go on. It would be a shame not to finish such a good play.”

The sect leader of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood. He pointed to Xue Ling and admonished, “If you really persist on following your misguided course today, my Ten Thousand Sword Sect no longer has a disciple like you. You will be disdained by the entire land of Jiuzhou for deceiving your master and destroying your ancestor!"

“If I didn\'t deceive my master and destroy the ancestor, should I wait for him to devour my power and become a supreme existence on par with the Venerable Devil?" Xue Ling lowered his head to look at Han Wuzheng, who had already begun to become transparent due to lack of power. "I am very clear about what was in his mind when he accepted me as an apprentice back then. Besides, I don\'t care about your Ten Thousand Sword Sect."

Someone was laughing loudly in the distance. The head of Xuanmo Gate stroked his beard with a smile and said, “That’s right, little friend. Although it is not ideal to use the saying \'forsake darkness for light\' here, with little friend\'s ability, there is no future in following the righteous path. It is better to follow the devil\'s path like me. The timing is perfect as the Sealed Devil is also here and can serve as a witness."

“The righteous path, the devil\'s path?” Xue Ling sneered as a huge shadow rose up behind him while an elegant nine-tailed fox gently waved its nine tails. It was both noble and imposing, and Xue Ling\'s fox was the only spot of white in the dark battlefield, a pure figure that seemed not to belong to this world. “Why can one only walk along the righteous path or the devil\'s path? What I choose is a path that does not belong to anyone, but rather my own path." A mighty demonic aura spread out, and on the battlefield, regardless of whether they were on the righteous path or the devil\'s path, everyone\'s knees all went soft and they dropped to their knees. "I am the leader of a hundred demons, the king of ten thousand, and the path that I follow, is the demonic path that belongs to me alone!"

This speech was really second to none, and when he raised his head, his aura domineering and haughty, that beautiful face no longer had the coldness from before. Instead, he was arrogant and gorgeous, and even though he was still wearing the same white robes, the current him was completely different from before.

Many people were dazed, completely forgetting that they were kneeling before this man as their gazes followed his figure and stared at him as though they were seeing a god from the legends.

It was not until a cold, dissatisfied harrumph rang out that the souls that had been almost sucked away suddenly returned to their bodies. Everyone suddenly collapsed to the ground in a sweat and turned incredulous eyes towards the sky.

“Baby, come up. I’ve never seen you so graceful and imperious. Come here and let me have a proper look.” The Sealed Devil\'s voice woke up everyone who had been subconsciously affected by Xue Ling\'s power. All of them suffered internal injuries, but he was still unhappy as he used an indifferent, apathetic gaze to sweep over the crowd. Although the words coming from his mouth were gentle, his expression was fierce.

Xue Ling did not even bother to raise his head and only said calmly, "Come down yourself if you want to see."

Many people at the scene had not expected him to speak this way to the Sealed Devil. Although the pressure that Xue Ling gave them was great, it was still within a range that they could bear. The Venerable Devil had been famous for so many years, and could even slaughter his way into the world of gods. Their identities were not equal; how could Xue Ling have the courage to talk to the Lord Devil like this?

But to their surprise, the Lord Devil was actually obedient and came down by from the sky.

Xue Ling snorted coldly, showing his disdain for the way he had been putting on airs by staying up in the heavens.

The Sealed Devil had his lips curved upwards as he looked at him. The more he looked, the more he liked him, and the more he looked, the happier he became. How could the person that he liked be so cute? When he was acting like an iceberg before, or when he was proud and cocky interacting with him, or even now, when he showed his true fox self and wantonly publicized his appearance, each and every aspect of his personality appealed directly to his heart. Each and every version of him made Su Xuanyan want to hide him in the Devil World so that others could not see.

“When the nine-tailed fox is born into the world, the world will inevitably be chaotic. For us to arrive at this day, it indeed had a great connection to you." The sect leader of Tianxuan Gate, Xuan Jizi had a long, gloomy expression on his face as he opened his mouth to say these words.

Xue Ling laughed coldly, and said, “It’s really strange. You all started the war yourselves, and chose to die by yourselves. But now, sect leader Xuan Jizi wants to put the blame on me?"

“The Ten Thousand Sword Sect can do a thousand, ten thousand things, but it really should never have hidden the fact that you are a nine-tailed fox." Xuen Jizi looked coldly at Xue Ling. "The matters of today must be the will of Heaven."

“Will of Heaven?” Now, it was the Sealed Devil\'s turn to laugh. He looked at Xuan Jizi while using a hand to toy with the ends of Xue Ling\'s hair. "There is no will of Heaven in this world, and even if there was, it would be my will. The rise of the devil’s path and the decline of the righteous path were the pledges that I made after I once again regained control over my own strength. You are doomed to have no opportunity to overturn your fates in this life, and the land of Jiuzhou is also doomed to fall into darkness."

He said, “The words of I, the Sealed Devil, have never been taken back or altered.”

Xuan Jizi was still meticulously scheming and creating plans, but when the Sealed Devil spoke his piece, he coughed up blood with a \'wa\' sound, seeming to have received a grievous wound as he stared incredulously at the Sealed Devil. "You have acted against the Heavens! Ignoring the Will of Heaven and forcibly reversing Heaven\'s Laws!"

“Hahahahaha, the Will of Heaven follows my intent!" The Sealed Devil felt that it was all rather dull and let go of Xue Ling\'s long hair, wrapping an arm around his waist instead as he continued, "I\'ve said it before, I am the law."

This was probably the most unsuccessful demon slaughtering conference in history.

In this war, Tianxuan Gate lost countless practitioners, their lives taken away by the Sealed Devil, their souls literally frightened to death and scattering as they no longer existed in Jiuzhou. Ten Thousand Sword Sect\'s sword cultivators all retreated behind their doors and never emerged again, no longer involving themselves in world matters. It was mostly because of their previous relationship with the Demon Lord that the Sealed Devil had not made a move against them.

The new generation of cultivators called the long years after the devil slaughtering conference the Dark Era. During this era, cultivators belonging to the devil\'s path were rampant, and those from the righteous path dared not face against them at all. With the Venerable Devil of the devil\'s path and the Venerable Demon of the demon\'s path as backers, the land of Jiuzhou was reduced to being the devil\'s path\'s paradise, and children did not even know what righteous path sects were, let alone join them.

This world\'s history still followed its original trajectory, but Thousand Miles Without Pause did not become a devil. To be precise, the Sealed Devil did not make anyone into a devil.

Many people in later generations speculated, but they still could not understand why the Sealed Devil did not fulfil his original promise to create devils. Those who knew the reason were all silent on the matter since it was related to Venerable Devil and the Venerable Demon, and those who had seen them personally back then had long been cursed, making them unable to divulge even the tiniest bit of what they knew to their descendants.

When Xue Ling returned to that dark space, he felt more tired than ever before. Because he and his lover had been data in the previous world, strictly speaking, something like \'the end of one’s life\' did not exist for them. He had to spend a lot of earnest effort in order to pacify the Sealed Devil who was unwilling to leave him for even just a moment before he could leave, and when he returned to the space, he was both physically and mentally exhausted.

The system ran around Xue Ling several times as it said, “Does host want to rest a bit? Actually, it\'s not that urgent for us to go to the next world right away."

Xue Ling: “…” Not that urgent? Who was it that had been urging him to hurry back then?

“No.” Xue Ling sighed helplessly. In the last life, he had promised the man when he left the world that he would return to his side very quickly in the next life. It was not really necessary to delay and rest here - he could still find some time to rest after he entered the next world.

His awakening this time was different from the feeling of awakening from sleep that had occurred before. Xue Ling\'s consciousness had just entered this body when everything before his eyes became instantly clear. He sat there for a moment, his eyes full of confusion, but with a simple blink of his eyes, the confusion disappeared.

Xue Ling’s gaze slowly focused on a beautiful woman sitting opposite him.

She was a middle-aged woman, and she had two tall bodyguards beside her. Her face held an expression of worry and guilt, and when Xue Ling could see everything clearly, he only sensed that there was a layer of falseness on her face, as though the person opposite him would pull out a stack of cheques from her purse at any time and ask him how much money he needed in order to leave his son.

In fact, that was not far from the plot.

Xue Ling had no opportunity to receive the plot right now. He didn\'t even know what his current identity was, whether he was a man or a woman, or a gender that was neither male or female. The number of times that the system had played such tricks on him was not limited to one or two times; Xue Ling lowered his head and glanced at the fishtail skirt covering the lower half of his body, moved slightly, and found that he was sitting in a wheelchair.

Xue Ling placed himself in the category of being neither male nor female.

The madam opposite of him was also a mermaid. Her fishtail skirt was very simple, and her entire person seemed full of dignity as she pressed her lips together and did not speak. It made people feel especially sympathetic.

She opened her mouth to say, “Wenwen, now that my family\'s Lou Cen is like this, asking you to get married to him would definitely be wronging you. I also can\'t bear to have a beautiful and lovely little merperson like you marry into my family to suffer, not even having a husband to keep you company while receiving the ridicule of everyone all around. Wenwen is still young, and there will be better mates waiting for you in the future. There is absolutely no need to hang yourself on a tree."

Xue Ling shifted his eyes. The screen in his mind was full of the words \'it really is another marriage agreement\'. The system seemed particularly fond of finding trouble for him, preparing a huge pile of strange situations for him to resolve every time.

He pressed his lips together and lowered his gaze, somewhat unwillingly opening his mouth to say, "Aunt\'s meaning is… asking me to break off the engagement?"

The madame nodded, not having expected that he would be so easy to persuade. She sighed again and said, "Cen\'er might not wake up from his sleep for three or five years. The two of you have a marriage agreement, and the person who would be held up is you. How many three to five years can a little merperson afford? You and Cen\'er have only met once by chance, and your aunt just wants to persuade you to let go, and see the bigger picture."

Xue Ling said in his heart that he could see the bigger picture, he could really see clearly. It was rare for him to have an opportunity to refuse an engagement that had been placed in front of him - he naturally would reject it 100%. Only, it\'s not right for you to ask me to leave without giving me a check.

From listening to this madame words, Xue Ling could tell that his own family background should be very good. At least, it was a family that the other party could not easily provoke. Otherwise, she would have to try so hard and use such well-meaning words to convince him and ask him to withdraw from the engagement.

But, who cares? He\'ll first pull out and then go from there. Regardless of whether or not this was the original body owner\'s real love, Xue Ling would not easily agree to things like an engagement.

“Good.” Just like that, Xue Ling opened his mouth and spoke. "I agree to cancel the engagement."

Obviously, the madame had not thought that he would really be so agreeable, looking at Xue Ling in surprise. When she saw that he had his head lowered, quiet as he pressed his lips together and frowned as though thinking deeply, she was afraid that he would take back his words, so she hurriedly pressed on, "If that\'s the case, we can speak to your mother and make it clear now, and then dissolve your engagement to Cen\'er today. Since we have not hosted an engagement banquet and have only verbally agreed, the impact on Wenwen can also be kept to a minimum."

Xue Ling saw that she had immediately opened up something that looked like a wristwatch from her wrist, bringing up a virtual screen, and guessed that it was probably something like a nano-computer. Sure enough, another beautiful woman appeared on the virtual screen soon after. Xue Ling was just thinking that this person was somewhat familiar to him when he heard the madame that was sitting across from him open her mouth to say, "Wenwen, you should confirm this with your mother.”

Xue Ling nodded, looked at the person on the screen and said, “Mother, I want to break my engagement with Lou Cen.”

The woman’s face changed slightly, and the expression on her face was somewhat strange as she looked at Xue Ling. "Since you\'ve now thought it through, I will accept it. But after today, even if you cry and cause a stir claiming that you will never marry anyone but him after Lou Cen wakes up, I will not agree to it again."

Xue Ling nodded, “Yes.”

Were they joking? Even if it was the man, he would need to come to his home to request a marriage. Asking him to roll around on the ground wailing and begging to marry him? Ha-ha.

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