Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 86

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6.15 – Whether or not it is righteous or evil, what does that have to do with you?

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBug

Devil slaughtering conferences were something that would probably happen in every world where there were both righteous and evil paths. In addition, this was originally a game world, and the players had just experienced a catastrophe, so people from both the righteous and devil\'s path very much looked forward to this war.

At this point in time, they needed a legitimate war in order to ease the relationships between the NPC and players, and this was a very tactful way of solving such a crisis.

As the leader of the devil\'s path players, Thousand Miles Without Pause led a large number of players. Su Xuanyan was also very powerful, but he was more suited for individual combat and was not grouped with the players that seemed ready to lay a siege.

On the other hand, the righteous cultivators were currently arguing about who their leaders should be. Normally speaking, since the leader on the other side was the first on the rankings, and they also had a player on the top of the rankings, Xue Ling being the leader would be just perfect since each side had a player from the top. Although the two had previously been on good terms, once it became related to the path that they chose to take, the two of them could only kill each other despite their mutual affections. However, Xue Ling was too lazy to take on such a task.

Then it became awkward.

Because the chief disciple of Tianxuan Gate had betrayed the righteous path, they no longer had the right to preside over the convention, so the initiator this time became the Ten Thousand Sword Sect. In the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, other than Xue Ling, the other person who could lead the players was the chief disciple of Ten Thousand Sword Sect, the disciple who would forever be second, Yuan Chuan.

At this moment, Yuan Chuan was facing a dilemma between his master and his martial-uncle.

Although there had not been many opportunities for them to meet and interact, Yuan Chuan still understood his martial-uncle\'s character. After all, the other party had been the famous number one beauty of Jiuzhou back then, and this beauty\'s temper had always been extremely cold. Asking him to lead soldiers was very unlikely to happen, but his own master and his martial-great-uncle were very persistent, and he was stuck between the three when he took the position as leader. The circumstances that he found himself in were not very favourable.

After careful consideration, Yuan Chuan still planned to have Xue Ling battle on his own. As long as he appeared on the battlefield, the morale of the righteous cultivators would still increase.

Although his martial-uncle was a high mountain snow lotus, icy cold all day long, he still needed to make the trip, so Yuan Chuan also invited his own master as extra help in order to bolster himself before going for a visit. Even then, they received a cold reception and were forced to wait at Xuexing Hall for the time it took to burn half a column of incense before they were invited inside.

It was not that Xue Ling wanted to put on airs, but rather that he had really been trapped by Su Xuanyan. Although the man had agreed to let him stay on the righteous path, he was extremely dissatisfied with having to see him stand on the opposing side during the battle. Xue Ling had to explain to him for a long time that it was all just for fun before the man finally said that if making war was also like **, then they should just fight right now.

Then he dallied and flirted with the man for half a column of incense\'s worth of time, making the sect leader and Yuan Chuan wait.

“Martial-brother sect leader.” Because he had played around with the man, Xue Ling\'s white robes were a little messy, and his face was a little red. Although he looked cold, just one glance would be enough for others to be shaken by his flirtatious appearance. Yuan Chuan looked once, and his entire face turned red as he bowed his head, not daring to look up at him again.

Unable to look on when faced with his disciple\'s useless appearance, the sect leader coughed and said, "Martial-brother Xing Dong, we came this time because of the devil slaughtering conference."

Xue Ling wondered why they subconsciously felt that he was unwilling to take part in the convention simply because he had refused to be a leader. But since they had already opened their mouth to speak, he naturally answered without any hesitation. "I understand martial-brother\'s meaning. Since it is the demon slaughtering conference, as a disciple of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, I will naturally also step forward."

Yuan Chuan had not thought that his beautiful martial-uncle would be so easy to speak to, and was stunned in place until his master knocked him on the head. "You child, once you arrive at some strange new place, your brain stops working. Your martial-uncle is cold-tempered, but he is a person on the righteous path. Just because he doesn\'t like to lead, it does not mean that he would be unwilling to take part. If you don\'t even have the courage to say some words to your martial-uncle, then what can you achieve on the battlefield?”

Yuan Chuan was disgraced in front of Xue Ling, and rather shamefully bowed his head. He felt in his heart that it wasn\'t his fault; his beautiful martial-uncle\'s momentum was too strong. Clearly their levels weren\'t that far apart, but he had a feeling that he could not afford to provoke him. As long as he was looking at his martial-uncle, he always felt that there was a chill running up the back of his neck. That feeling was too cold and terrible, and intuition told him not to pry too much, so he naturally did not dare to talk say too much to his martial-uncle.

Xue Ling just glanced at Yuan Chuan before shaking his head. “Don’t blame him. I was in a bad mood when he came to me last time and scared him. If there is nothing else, martial-brother and martial-nephew can go back. I will appear on my own on the day of the conference."


After he had seen off the two men, Han Wuzheng came again. It was obvious that he had been idle recently, so he liked to come over and speak with Xue Ling and improve their relationship. Although his disciple had never given him any proper respect, and Han Wuzheng was unhappy about being ignored every time, he still had to pretend he was a good master in order to get close enough to absorb his strength.

“Did your martial-brother come to see you?” He asked even though he already knew. Han Wuzheng had not participated in this demon slaughtering conference on the surface, but in fact he had been the organizer behind the scenes. He wanted the world to be more chaotic so that he could enhance his strength and find another way of strengthening himself other than Xue Ling, and that force who made him feel both fearful and fascinated. "Was it for the demon slaughtering conference?"

If he could obtain that power, he would become a true God. Although he had suspicions about the Sealed Devil, he had investigated with his authority and found that the Sealed Devil had always been located in the Devil World, so although he had suspicions, he did not act.

This demon slaughtering conference was also just a means to make the Sealed Demon reveal his hand.

“Yes.” Because there was no longer any need to deal with him, Xue Ling\'s attitude towards Han Wuzheng had also become more and more indifferent.

“Weren\'t you friends with that devil\'s path disciple from Tianmo Gate?"

Xue Ling knew that the person he was referring to was Su Xuanyan. He turned his head and coldly glanced at him before saying, "Our paths are different. We have already agreed to part ways."

Han Wuzheng seemed satisfied with his attitude, smiling as he asked him if he had encountered any bottlenecks in his practice. He also gave him some artifacts that he said would be useful on the battlefield, and left.

As soon as he left, all the things on the table were destroyed by Su Xuanyan. Su Xuanyan had been upstairs the entire time, and when he came downstairs, he wrecked everything Han Wuzheng left behind with a glance, and even gave a cold snort, extremely unhappy about Xue Ling calling the other party his master. But he could not even make Xue Ling betray his sect as the other party insisted on killing Han Wuzheng himself. Su Xuanyan had always been unable to win against him, and therefore could only take out his anger on the things that Han Wuzheng had left behind.

Xue Ling had just battled with him earlier, and did not want to talk to him right now, so he turned around and began to study his own system.

The system had recently been urging to finish up in this world as soon as possible because it had news regarding Xue Ling\'s tail in the next world, and the system was more excited about it than Xue Ling was. Xue Ling\'s attitude now was already completely different from his previous anxiousness to retrieve his tail, because finding all his tails would mean that his travels through one world after another would end. He currently did not want to end his relationship with the man at all, so he was also not as eager to find and retrieve all his tails.

No one knew why the land of Jiuzhou was holding a demon slaughtering conference for the first time, but everyone\'s enthusiasm for the event was practically overflowing. Battle was a very interesting thing for the players who used to be ordinary people but had now all become cultivators. They only needed a reason to fight until the world became a place of chaos and darkness, so when this grand demon slaughtering battle began, it quickly went out of control. By the time everyone came back to their senses, there was already no way to stop this war. Too many people had already died, and too many people had made a name for themselves in battle.

Nobody expected that this war would really be able to make the Venerable Devil show himself, so when the gate to the Devil World opened in front of them, people from both the devil and righteous factions both stopped their actions.

When cultivators fought, it was the mortals that suffered. The land of Jiuzhou had already become a wasteland due to the war between cultivators, and more and more people fell into the devil\'s path because they were dissatisfied with the righteous path. Just like in the original plot, more and more people were bestowed power by the Venerable Devil, and the devil\'s path cultivators had already overwhelmed the righteous cultivators by more than just a bit. Even those like Han Wuzheng who only commanded from the back had come out to fight and kill. This time, the gate to the Devil World opened because he threatened the devil\'s path cultivators\' dominance.

Han Wuzheng watched the gate as it opened, a light in his eyes shining brilliantly as he sensed a trace of that familiar power that he had set himself against for so long.

Yes, it was this person who had toyed with him when he was still the main computer and then completely ignored him after he had lost the power of the main computer.

He had been very angry, but there was nothing he could do because there was ultimately still a gap in their powers. The gap was still there, but now he could really see this person and finally knew how to get ahead of him.

This was probably the first time that the Venerable Devil had appeared in front of the world. Anyone who had seen him before, regardless of whether they were god, or human, had already all died. At this moment, the gate to the Devil World was finally open, and endless darkness surged out. Except for Xue Ling, who had his gaze lowered as he slowly pulled out his sword, the battlefield fell into unprecedented silence as everyone looked up at the gate.

As a sword spirit, the system was somewhat excited at this moment. Xue Ling\'s insistence on killing Han Wuzheng himself had been for the sake of the system - now that the system was the sword spirit of his life bonded sword, once the sword passed through Han Wuzheng\'s body, the system could take the opportunity to invade and eat Han Wuzheng\'s data and promote itself.

Although its host had never used it as a golden finger, he still remembered it, which made the system foolishly happy.

Han Wuzheng probably was unaware that he was already regarded by others as food, and that someone was quietly staring at him in secret. He had his head raised as he looked up at the gate and the person who stepped out from within.

This was also the first time that Xue Ling had ever seen Su Xuanyan as the Sealed Devil. He spent two seconds thinking about it, and felt that Su Xuanyan\'s appearance was more in line with his aesthetic, before turning his head away and no longer looking at the Sealed Devil.

When he noticed that Xue Ling\'s gaze had not fallen on him, the Sealed Devil became even less interested in the righteous path. He looked down at the dense group of people and waved his hand, directly taking away their cultivation. He curved his lips as he opened his mouth to say, "The righteous path cannot tolerate evil, and the devil\'s path cannot be allowed to exist in this world?" The words that he uttered was the slogan of this time\'s devil slaughtering conference. They were very grand, but they were full of irony when coming out of his mouth. "In this world, what is right, and what is evil?"

Han Wuzheng opened his mouth to reply, “We and ours are righteous, you and yours are evil. Cultivating the devil\'s path harms lives, and is an evil way that heaven and earth cannot tolerate. Just like you, it should always be buried in the darkness. Although you are sealed as the Venerable Devil, you are still alone and friendless."

“Alone and friendless.” The Sealed Devil seemed to be savouring the taste of these words. His purple eyes swept over the righteous cultivators, making many people tremble against their will. "I am not a lonely person, and even less a degenerate man who spends his days in endless darkness. But if you want to live like that, I can take you there.”

Han Wuzheng frowned as he said, “Sealed Devil, what you do is forbidden by heaven. Even if you can stand here today and look down on us all, it doesn’t mean you won’t be a prisoner in the future.”

“That is a very good threat, but I think that you won\'t be able to see that day.” The Sealed Devil curved his lips, snapped his fingers, and Han Wuzheng suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Han Wuzheng opened his eyes wide in shock. A long sword had just passed through his chest, and the blood he had just coughed up left a stain of red on his robes. The sword was painted red with his blood, and his own data was being invaded. Han Wuzheng\'s entire system was on the verge of collapse, and Han Wuzheng disbelievingly turned his head to see a cold-faced Xue Ling.

“You…” He had originally thought that this small artificial intelligence would not have the ability to make a move on himself, and had not thought that it would even be able to see through his identity, but the fact that it was relentlessly formatting his data told him clearly that he had been tricked.

“Master, the premise to speak harsh words is that you and the other side are equal, not that you are far inferior to the other side. Where did you get your belief that he would let you go even after you made such threats?" Xue Ling stared at him, and his eyes were cold. It was actually no different from the first time he had looked at him, but Han Wuzheng had always thought that this was just his character and he had been born like this. Xue Ling continued to look at him, and suddenly curved up his lips and laughed. "Or did you think that you would have a chance to run away and then swallow me up to become like him?"

Han Wuzheng made a sound, and spat out another mouthful of blood. The entire battlefield was suddenly in a great uproar, not having expected that such a thing would happen. After all, this kind of disciple betraying the master scene was too great to watch.

The Ten Thousand Sword Sect sect leader was so angry that his beard was almost about to flip up. He pulled out his sword and angrily called out, “Xing Dong! What are you trying to do?! Deceiving your master and destroying the ancestor?!"

“Deceiving my master and destroying the ancestor?” Xue Ling turned his head, and the smile on his face became even more attractive. Perhaps it was because of such a smile that many of the indignant people from the righteous path blushed, hurriedly turning their heads and no longer looking at him. “Does a man like him deserve to be my master?”

“Are you trying to betray your path?!”

“Path?” Xue Ling sneered as he spoke, “It will never be your turn to discuss whether my path is righteous or evil." The sword in his hand whispered softly, and Xue Ling knew that the system had succeeded. He pulled out the sword in one move, and the blood that Han Wuzheng spat out was completely unable to sully his white clothing. He held the blood-stained sword in his hand, and his white robes moved on their own, his elegant style and unsurpassed beauty the same as it had always been. However, there was no longer the ice that would last for a thousand years on his face. What remained was a smile wicked enough to make people blush. “Whether or not it is righteous or evil, what does that have to do with you?”

No one could answer his question. Everyone was frightened by his rising momentum as he no longer hid his strength, and displayed his power that proved his qualifications as the second Sealed Devil.

Under such powerful pressure, no one could speak.

“Oh.” In the sky above the scene, the man looked down as he watched the play and couldn’t help but laugh.

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