Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 85

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6.14 – I\'ll lay out a bed in the Devil World and wait for baby to come and kill me

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBug

What did it mean for the entire real world to be destroyed? It meant that that the game world and the reality became completely independent from each other. The main computer no longer worked, and players lost all of the unique advantages they had been given. Although they could still control their own game inventories, they could only use their skills by mastering them themselves.

The game system was completely paralyzed. Although chat channels could still be used, the transaction system could not, and most system functions were also crossed out. The main computer completely stopped performing maintenance on the game world, but the players had no choice. If they did not integrate fully into this world, they would die. The bodies that they had left in the real world had already vanished along with the destruction of the outside world, and the only thing that remained was their spiritual selves. These spirits no longer had any chance of resurrection. Once they died, they would really lose their lives.

Listening to Rain on a Bridge powerlessly clasped his own hands. Within the sea of blood, it was difficult to separate his own blood from the others\'.

Thunder sounded from far away, and rain was beating on his body, but he felt nothing.

The heavy rain had been falling constantly. Although he had died many times in the game before, none of them was as real as this one.

Listening to Rain on a Bridge could not understand why he would die so uselessly. In this kind of chaotic times, this kind of flourishing age, he should have become a magnificent hero that thrived in such troubled times, a person that stood above ten thousand people. Why did he have to die in this kind of mass grave?

Blood flowed like a river, and there were corpses everywhere; both NPCs and gamers like him. The only difference between him and them was that they were already dead, while he still had one last breath left.

He also didn’t know why he still had one last breath. Perhaps it was because he was unwilling, or because he was expecting something, but all around him, there was no sound except for the sound of the falling rain. No one would come to collect their bodies, and no one would even remember who died in the war.

Listening to Rain on a Bridge was truly reluctant. He had obviously already died once, and he had worked hard in order to be reborn again, but why was it that he still couldn\'t achieve anything, and could do nothing? Clearly his luck stat had been maxed out in this game, and even though his level was low, he was still very popular. Why was it that the more they got closer to the later stages, the more difficult it became for him to level up? The big golden thigh that he had set his eyes on had left him a long time ago, and towards the end, even not even a single person in his sect had been willing to step forward to save him.

Did he do something wrong?

No, he hadn\'t. He had never done anything wrong. He only wanted to have the best for himself, because he deserved to have the best. All of these changes had all occurred due to the appearance of that person. It was all because of him that nothing went smoothly for him, and in the end, even the martial-brother that had been friendly to him at first gradually drifted away and no longer stayed in touch.

When his thoughts came to this point, the hatred in his heart became stronger. Listening to Rain on a Bridge struggled to open his eyes, his gaze filled with anger, with indignation against a certain person, resentment towards this life, and that kind of unwillingness seemed to have appealed to someone as a voice laughed quietly. “Do you want to continue to live?”

Listening to Rain on a Bridge was stunned. That last breath that had been held in his chest almost came out, and he almost died right then and there.

“Live on, and make those people who looked down on you sit up and taken notice, make those who despised you submit under your feet, make this entire world tremble for you?" That voice was seductive as it continued, "Letting me see your **, that kind of wonderful, beautiful black is especially easy to indulge in."

Listening to Rain on a Bridge struggled, and reached out his hand that had been dyed red with fresh blood to tightly hold onto the man\'s foot.

His eyes were completely dark, and he did not see the smile on the man’s face. It was slight, and seemed somewhat strange and abrupt on the face that was as cold as ice.

His entire body turned patchy as it dissolved into specks of black light that were completely inhaled by the man.

The man sneered, as though laughing at his unwillingness, at his appetite that was so difficult to satisfy. Listening to Rain on a Bridge had already completely disappeared. Regardless of whether it was in this world, or the real world, he would no longer appear in front of anyone.

Han Wuzheng waved his hand, and the vast scene of corpses and blood disappeared. It took only a short time to rewind the data, as retrieving data was still especially easy to do with his current level of ability. He had not helped the other players because he was too lazy to talk with them anymore. Without the real world, this world became real, and he no longer had any obligation to take care of the gamers because he had already become completely free and was no longer the so-called \'main computer\' that needed to be constantly on alert for any errors that crop up in the world.

Because the world no longer belonged to him. Ever since the game broke away from the real world, this world had already become independent. Even if he was the main computer who helped create the world, what was left behind was only an artificial intelligence who had the ability to modify and tamper with data.

He rather liked this version of himself. If this world did not have those other two people, he would be even happier.

Because he would then become the god of this world. The kind that was unique and had no equal.

Han Wuzheng stepped on his sword and left, flying away until he was only a small shadow on the horizon. The land was quiet when a black hole suddenly opened here, and the conversation between the two men that had originally hidden in the dark could be heard. “What is he doing?”

“Gathering grievances.” Su Xuanyan’s voice held amusement. “Presumably because he has understood that the chance of success is very low if he makes a move against you, so he has chosen a different way to grow."

“Can\'t he cultivate according the way of this world?”

“Ha-ha.” Su Xuanyan found this even more amusing. “He can, but there\'s not much use."


“According to this world\'s settings, I am the strongest person in the world. Those people who work hard and strive for success are ultimately still only demons that I have created.” Speaking of this, Su Xuanyan felt that he should go and thank the people who created this world and designed him. "Even if they become immortals, become gods, so what? I can break into the god realm and kill any ancient god." He sneered coldly, "If he does not find a way to fundamentally upgrade his computing power, the he has no chance of defeating me."

“So? Does absorbing the resentment and unwillingness of those people help him? No matter how you look at it, it just makes his programming messier. Does he want the system to crash?"

“There can be no construction without destruction; if he doesn\'t try, how would he know which path he can take?" Su Xuanyan kneaded Xue Ling\'s hand as he spoke, "Don\'t worry so much. He is someone who will die in any case. Let him toss and turn as he pleases."

“Raising a tiger is bringing trouble to oneself. As villains, we definitely should not look down on our enemies. If one day he really succeeds, we will be caught off guard and die.”

“Fine then. Find an opportunity to kill him first and use it to help you evolve.” Su Xuanyan didn\'t care much about Han Wuzheng because after all, there was not much time left for him. He had looked down on Han Wuzheng even back when he had been the main computer of this world, and had just circled around him for so long because he wanted to toy with him for a while. Now that Han Wuzheng wasn\'t even the main computer anymore, he was even less scared of him. "Stop changing the subject." Su Xuanyan narrowed his eyes as his raised his hand, withdrawing an invitation straight from Xue Ling\'s inventory. "Baby, how about you explain this thing to me?"

“What thing?” Xue Ling also looked at him with a deep smile on his face, completely unconcerned about the thing the other party was holding. "Aren\'t you the clearest about this? After all, you are the other leading character involved."


Although the NPC and players had been fighting fiercely during this period of time, it had only been one chaotic battle. Once some people died, the world had once again regained its balance, and the people who were left did not care about the differences between NPCs and players. They could accept both players and NPCs, and as long as they did not threaten their interests, everyone was willing make slight compromises and accept each other’s differences.

Only people like these were suited to survive on this land.

In fact, most of the sects that had not participated in the big battle this time had been preparing for something else.

If things had proceeded normally, the war between the righteous and devil\'s path would only take place after the main storyline had been opened up to the end. But the plot was now a mess, and more people had come into contact with the main plot, causing the contradictions between the righteous path and the devil’s path to become more and more intense. The battle this time between the NPCs and players was in fact a precursor to the major war between the righteous and devil\'s path. The invitation card that Xue Ling had been given to him by his brother disciples in the sect to deliver to other sects - an invitation to the devil slaughtering conference.

Since they were slaughtering devils, which devil they were referring to was naturally very obvious. This world\'s devil\'s path practitioners all worshipped the Venerable Sealed Devil.

Right now, the Lord Devil was in the midst of curiously opening up the invitation, holding back a smile as he said, "Didn\'t your Ten Thousand Sword Sect only ever focus on sword cultivation? Why would they be involved in these muddy waters this time?"

“With Han Wuzheng there, these muddied waters cannot be avoided.” Xue Ling had no intention of hiding this matter from Su Xuanyan, regardless of whether he was the Venerable Sealed Devil or the lead disciple of Tianmo Gate, Su Xuanyan, as he would definitely be involved. “In fact, although they call it devil slaughtering, they don\'t dare fight their way to your doorstep. At most they will make a move against the devil\'s path cultivators, and there will be another great battle. Who wins and who loses will depend on ability."

“And you?”


“If I remember correctly.” Su Xuanyan’s deep eyes stared at Xue Ling, making a chill run down his back. He couldn’t help turning his head. “You entered the righteous path?” Su Xuanyan touched his chin and spoke with some interest, “Although, after spending so much time with my baby, I\'ve really never seen even the slightest shadow of the righteous path on your body. Why were you so adamant about choosing the righteous path in the first place?"

“I was thinking.” Xue Ling tilted his head and did not look at him as he said, “If I really end up going up against the Sealed Devil, it would make more sense to kill him as a member of the righteous path."

“So my baby had such lofty thoughts?” Su Xuanyan stretched an arm around Xue Ling\'s shoulder, his other palm sliding down along his slender waist. “Now that this world is totally independent, there are no longer any restrictions~” His tone of voice was teasing, and his hand movements were very improper.

Xue Ling knocked his shameless hands away and said primly, “There is no good reason or excuse to rashly switch sides right now, so I will stay in the righteous path and act as a planted spy first.”

“Okay.” Su Xuanyan laughed affectionately. “I\'ll lay out a bed in the Devil World and wait for baby to come and kill me."

Xue Ling: “…” Can we shift the topic away from the bed???

Whatever the righteous path wanted to do needed to be laid out in the open and spread widely. Thanks to the main storyline, everyone knew the story behind the Sealed Devil. Most of the things this Sealed Devil had done could create a stir; there were many who called him evil, and many who hated him. This kind of person could make those who were fond of evil revere it even more, and could also allow those on the righteous path to seize all kinds of pretences in order to fight against the devil\'s path cultivators in the world.

They did not dare to fight directly against that person from the Devil World, but they could still kill devil\'s path cultivators. After all, their relationship with the Venerable Devil was one of one-sided worship, and the righteous cultivators could guarantee that the Venerable Devil did not care about these people\'s life or death at all since he had always been on his own.

But Su Xuanyan did not plan to let them do what they wanted this time. After all, if the disparity in strength was too big, it would not be very interesting. So, he appropriately promoted the abilities of several leaders in the devil\'s path. These people became strong enough to shake the world after they received their powers, and news that the Devil had appeared in the world quickly spread.

The devil’s way was given a big boost by this news, and morale was strengthened as cultivators of the devil\'s path began to face this so called \'devil slaughtering conference\' with more disdain and disgust.

After all, in the eyes of those following the devil\'s path, those on the righteous path had always been hypocrites.

Following the original plot development, Thousand Miles Without Pause ultimately still chose the devil\'s path, becoming the leader of the devil\'s path players. Due to Xue Ling\'s meddling, he had no chance to fall in love at all, so his level was particularly high amongst the players, and even compared to NPCs, he was also an unstoppable powerhouse.

Before the start of the devil slaughtering conference, Thousand Miles Without Pause met with Xue Ling, and the two talked about some things, but eventually split up unhappily. Xue Ling refused to agree to the other party\'s invitation to betray the righteous path, and Thousand Miles Without Pause was determined to follow the devil\'s path. Knowing in their hearts that they would both thoroughly refuse the other, they finally separated and went their own way.

Xue Ling had always been relentless in breaking relationships with people for whom there was no longer a need to maintain contact with.

Of course, all this delighted the man, so that when Thousand Miles Without Leave opened his mouth to ask Su Xuanyan why he didn\'t try to make Xue Ling stay behind, his smile was affectionate to the extreme.

“Loving him, means letting him do as he wants." He said it very simply, and appeared to be very open-minded, but in fact, the joy in his heart was something nobody else knew.