Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 82

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6.11 – Put him in a place where only he could see him

translator: xiin

editor: BlueBug

The knight NPC that triggered the main storyline quest chain was easy to find, but it was precisely because it was too ordinary and basic that it was not easy for the players doing daily quests to trigger him.

The requirements to trigger him were very strange, and the things that needed to be done to complete his quest was not something a single party could accomplish by themselves. Players could compete over the main storyline quest chain because no distinctions between territories or world boundaries were made. As long as anyone triggered the start of the main storyline, countless teams would compete, which would also make it more convenient for Xue Ling to achieve his goals later on.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Listening to Rain on a Bridge had been killing monsters with the other cute newcomers from the same sect. Presumably because his identity was special, and he was good-looking and likeable, people were always willing to party with him. Even without Thousand Miles Without Pause, there was still others willing to look out for him. He could also get along with the brothers in Thousand Miles Without Pause’s party; the protagonist’s halo was not so easy to take down.

Because the protagonist shou was low levelled, the places where he levelled up were all places where newcomers often went. This made it easy for Xue Ling to grasp where they would be. Very quickly, as their levels went up, the level-farming party entered a new town, which just so happened to be one where the trigger point for the storyline quest was located. Xue Ling ordered the system to revise their quest list, adding to their quests, and simultaneously reaching the requirements needed to trigger the main storyline.

The main storyline centred around the Sealed Devil’s life experience. The Sealed Devil was a devil that originally came into existence from the grievances that were sealed in the Abyss of Buried Gods. Despite his origins, he could feel emotions, and could relate to the world. The grievances that had given birth to him used up a large amount of its power in order to allow him to come into contact with the outside world, sending the newly born devil to a human village.

This was not done out of love for him, but rather to hone him into the sharpest sword. And in the world, the most dangerous, the most filthy place, was amongst humans.

Barren hills and turbulent rivers gave birth to unruly people, and the viciousness of humankind was the most terrible nourishment. In such an environment, it would be impossible for the Sealed Devil who did not have father or mother nor anyone to depend on, to find joy and happiness in the world. What he would experience, would not only be the pain of **, but also a spiritual torture.

He was abused by the family that adopted him from childhood, raised like an animal, his life devoid of any bit of beauty or goodness. In his eyes, the world was all evil. That kind of filth made one disgusted, but it was necessary for his growth. The Sealed Devil had known from an early age that he was not human, but because the greatest malice against him could make him stronger, he had always been tolerating it all.

He would endure until he had enough power to slaughter the entire village, tolerate it until he could thoroughly destroy these these dirty and disgusting things.

Unfortunately, if his life wasn’t miserable enough, he would not become the ultimate boss. Nobody would choose to exterminate everything right from the start. There naturally needed to be a reason for the Sealed Devil to choose to stand on the opposite side of the gods, and following the traditional routine, this reason was nothing other than love.

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The main plot followed the Sealed Devil’s life. Players would visit the village that he had destroyed in order to understand the girl that he had been willing to challenge the heavens and change his fate for, yet still was unable to save. It was impossible for those who had experienced the Sealed Devil’s life story to steel their hearts, stay true to their beliefs and choose to fight against him, and finally kill him.

Because his life was too miserable. It was as if all the bad luck in the world had fallen on him. He did not experience childhood as a child, lost his loved one in his youth, was betrayed by his comrades as a young man; he had experienced all the saddest and most painful things in the world, all the evils of human nature. It was also because these things had made him time and again see hope, but ultimately let him down. When he had chosen to believe for the last time but was rewarded with a dagger piercing his heart, the part of the Sealed Devil that could be considered human thoroughly died.

What was left behind was infinite evil – the Venerable Sealed Devil that dared to kill his way into the heavens and destroy all the gods.

What he did was absolutely not as simple as destroying gods. He also absorbed all the grievances that had created him. When he left the Abyss of Buried Gods, he separated the Abyss from the land of Jiuzhou and turned it into a new land, called the Devil World. This was also when he became known as the Venerable Sealed Devil, and became the ultimate boss that dominated the game after the virtual world became disconnected from reality.

He wanted all living beings in Jiuzhou to taste the bitterness he had suffered.

Normally speaking, such a boss would have to die even if the protagonist pitied him for having such a miserable life. But because the author had set him up to be too powerful, it seemed that there was no way to defeat him, and finally, the protagonist gong and shou chose to stand on the boss’ side. But they firmly believed that their love could influence others, and they could influence the Sealed Devil and make it so that he would not turn the entirety of Jiuzhou into an empty wasteland like the Devil World

They had thought too much. Nobody had succeeded even by the end of the story.

Xue Ling didn’t really care what the land of Jiuzhou would eventually look like, but if it became a completely barren place like the Devil World, he would probably choose to commit suicide to leave the world after he has completed his regular task of dealing with the protagonists.

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As he thought of this, Xue Ling noticed a problem. He directly pulled the system out of the sword and asked, “I am made out of data in this world, and it is impossible for me to die. How do I leave this world?”

The system had not thought that it would suddenly be pulled out. It was stunned for a moment before saying, “Oh yeah…”

Xue Ling felt a headache coming on as he looked at the system’s slack face. “It can’t be that you’ve never actually considered this question, right?”

“No way.” It wasn’t as though the system did nothing but fish all day long. Although its host didn’t use it much, as a golden finger, it had constantly been working hard at selecting worlds for its host and preparing all kinds of things… Even though there were many things that its host didn’t need since everything would be dealt with as long as he had that man… “When host wants to leave, let me know, and I will take the host away directly.”

“Didn’t you say that I have to stand in for the original owners and live until their natural death?”

“Yes, but right now you are not the original owner. Your data and his is different, and the original has already been erased from the world. This is a game world – even when it gets disconnected from the real world, the settings are somewhat still inconsistent since it’s a mix of both cultivation ** and ascending to become gods. If it was just cultivation **, you would only need to ascend in order to leave, but right now there’s nothing else we can do now.” The system asked around, and said to Xue Ling, “The Ten Directions World already has news about another one of your tails. We will go there for the next world, so you should leave here soon after you’ve dealt with the protagonists since you’ll meet with that man again in the next world even if you separate now.”

“…” Xue Ling was silent for a moment before nodding. It was rare for him to be with the man using his true face; he hadn’t expected that they would not be able to spend a long time together.

He had already succeeded in introducing the protagonist to the main storyline, and parties should be gearing up one after another to start the quest chains. The progress for the main storyline should proceed very quickly; as long as they hurried and reached the point where the righteous path and the devil’s path cultivators held their great war, killed the Sealed Devil, or ensured that the Sealed Devil did not notice the two protagonists, Xue Ling could consider the task of changing their fates completed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After all, having given the two protagonists a long life to live, they could fall accidentally fall in love with each other in the later days. What Xue Ling had to do was to stand on the righteous path during the great war and make sure he didn’t catch the Sealed Devil’s interest.

“With your current abilities,” Xue Ling asked the system, “could you kill the Sealed Devil?”

“The Sealed Devil?” The system quivered, shook its head and said, “The halo on the Sealed Devil is even stronger than the protagonists’. Host, it’s enough that you want to look for trouble, don’t purposely go and die.”

Xue Ling waved his hand, his thoughts turning in his head. If the protagonists were not made into devils by the Sealed Devil, then the only person who had the potential to arouse the Sealed Devil’s interest and who followed the devil’s path was Su Xuanyan. Although Su Xuanyan was a useless character in the original plot, Xue Ling was very clear about Su Xuanyan’s level of power and ability. If he was serious, he would definitely be the most dazzling star during the upcoming war.

Xue Ling once again wavered over whether or not he should choose the righteous path. Perhaps the characters that existed in the story did not know, but Xue Ling knew very well that the Sealed Devil was the existence that the main computer had labelled as a virus. The original owner’s death back then had something to do with him. After all, the original owner had only changed the protagonists’ and their party’s luck, while the existence who had made big changes to the game and disturbed the game world was the Sealed Devil.

It wasn’t hard to guess. As a person who had lived a miserable life, who had finally killed off everyone who made him unhappy with much effort, to suddenly discover that all of his misery and misfortune was because someone else had set it up that way, and that his life was completely not under his own control but instead run by the creator of a game, the feelings that he had felt, the grievances he had endured, were all artificially bestowed.

What kind of reaction could a big devil have after learning such news?

Xue Ling felt that it wouldn’t be overboard even if he destroyed the entire game. But the boss seemed to be able to endure, holding on until the game and reality had completely disconnected, until the game world became a real world, and finally, until he could completely turn this world into a play thing in his own hands.

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Xue Ling was not the slightest bit worried about the protagonist gong and shou. What Xue Ling worried about the most was this boss.

He was not the main computer, and did not know when the boss actually realized that he was a character in the game, so he could only make guesses from all sides. But nothing unusual had happened in the game up till now, and if there was, they had been caused by him…

This Sealed Devil could really endure…

It was not that the Sealed Devil was enduring, but rather that he was already completely uninterested in destroying the world, even finding trouble for the main computer or the creator of the game had become uninteresting. He had realized he was only data much earlier than Xue Ling had guessed. As early as when he was set up to fall in love with a girl, he had already noticed that something was wrong.

Because he had no feelings for the girl, but there had always been a voice telling him that he liked her, liked her to the point of insanity, liked her to the point where he was willing to fight against the heavens for her.

Towards this, the Sealed Devil could only express: Ha-ha.

He did in fact want to go against the heavens, but it would absolutely not be for such an ordinary human being. He was also not so pathetic that whenever anyone smiled at him, or was kind to him, or was willing to open their heart an accept him, he would be willing to take his heart out of his chest for them. He didn’t feel the lack of love at all, because he never felt that he needed love.

Oh, he really needed love now, and wanted it terribly. And it was precisely because he really wanted this person now, that the Sealed Devil did not randomly make a move to disrupt the order of the game, instead choosing to regularly destroy data so that the main computer was busy to the point where it was turning in circles, and had no time to concern itself over their romance.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xue Ling was deep in thought when a chat box popped up in front of him.

[ Thousand Miles Without Pause: There is a new quest instance. Do you want to come? ]

Xue Ling pulled himself together instantly. There weren’t many instances in the early stages of the main storyline, and he soon figured out where they were going. After he agreed to join Thousand Miles Without Pause’s parties, Xue Ling brought his sword with him and went out the door.

Su Xuanyan was leaning against the entrance to his Xuexing Hall waiting for him. “Going to do an instance?”


“I just got an invitation, too. Let’s go together.” Su Xuanyan smiled deeply and followed behind Xue Ling. After the incident a few days ago, Xue Ling had ignored him for several days as though purposely letting him hang. Su Xuanyan also was not in any real hurry to lock him down.

He wanted to take advantage of the opening of the main storyline to see what Xue Ling felt about the righteous path and the devil’s path. Although he really hated revisiting the past that others had written for him, if it would make Xue Ling feel some heartache for himself, he could still reluctantly force himself to go along and take a look.

If Xue Ling was able to accept that version of him, then he would tell him openly about his identity as the Sealed Devil. If he insisted on destroying the devil’s path and killing the Sealed Devil, then he could only go against his wishes and bring this person back to the Devil World, putting him in a place where only he could see him, and watch over him well.

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