Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 81

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5.10 – So… was he going to come and kill him?

translator: xiin

editor: alamerysl & BlueBug

Despite being slammed against the wall, Xue Ling’s expression remained unchanged. He only calmly looked at Su Xuanyan as he asked, “What, did I offend great god Su?”

Su Xuanyan stared into his eyes, as though wanting to find something in his gaze, but no, his eyes were crystal clear, open and unwavering as they reflected his face back to him. He asked, “You’re interested in the person called Thousand Miles Without Pause?” It wasn’t as though the question had come out of nowhere.

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Xue Ling never expressed much interest in the game. Although he had always been killing monsters that were higher levelled than him in order to level up, it seemed that this had merely been a means with which to improve his strength, and it was a way to avoid being too noticeable. He always thought that Xue Ling’s reason for coming to this game was either for him, or the main computer, but it now it seemed that maybe his guess had been wrong, and Xue Ling’s target was the man called Thousand Miles Without Pause…

Xue Ling really wanted to roll his eyes, but managed to resist. He stretched out a hand to pat Su Xuanyan on the shoulder and asked, “How did you come up with that conclusion?”

“Joining the instance is out of character for you.” Su Xuanyan frowned. The more he looked at him, the more dissatisfied he was with the indifferent gaze that the other party was using to look at him. He should have been the only thing in this person’s eyes. “Not to mention suggesting a long-term cooperation with them.”

“Oh?” Xue Ling curved his lips, and finally showed a smile on his face. “So great god Su knows me so well? After being with me for these few days, you already know exactly what my personality is like?”

Su Xuanyan pressed his lips together and did not reply.

Xue Ling locked gazes with him for a long time, and finally could not keep his face straight anymore. He laughed out loud.

When he laughed, his eyes curved and his gorgeousness retreated a little, making people who saw him feel fond. “God Su, let me ask you a question.”

Su Xuanyan, “Ask.”

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“Do you like me?” He stretched out his hand and pushed down the hand that Su Xuanyan had pressed against the wall next to him, turning and stepping out of his entrapment. He had a smile on his face the whole time, and he looked completely calm and unperturbed. “Using the frozen cloud iron to become friends with me, following after me all day long and staying by my side, are you trying to cook a frog in warm water with me?”

Su Xuanyan: “…”

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Xue Ling gathered up his sword and continued, “Do you not have the guts to admit it?”

Su Xuanyan’s gaze was following his movements the whole time. When he heard Xue Ling’s words, his mouth raised in an imperceptible smile. “Then, can I ask if this frog is done?”

“What kind of efficiency is that? It’s only been a few days.” Xue Ling responded leisurely, “It has to cook for a least three to five years. Maybe one day the frog will be in a good mood and be ready by itself.”

Su Xuanyan saw that he sat down on his own after detouring for a while without showing any angry embarrassment or intent to alienate himself. Rather, Xue Ling even seemed to be calmly and casually flirting back. His eyes narrowed slightly as a ray of violet flashed across them. “Can anyone cook this frog?” He sat down beside Xue Ling and turned his head to look at his side profile.

He really couldn’t get enough of him no matter how much he looked. If someone had told him before that he would become mesmerised by a beauty to the point of being unable to extricate himself, he would have sneered at them, but now he was really stuck in this situation, and he was perfectly willing to be there.

Xue Ling opened up his quest panel, heard his words and tilted his head to glance back at him. They were very close, and Xue Ling seemed not to notice the tiny bit of safe distance that was left between them as he leaned up and rubbed his lips against Su Xuanyan’s cheek, his breath as soft as an orchid. “If they wanted to start cooking, would you agree to it?”

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They had already reached this point; Su Xuanyan would be an idiot if he continued to hold himself back. He used one hand to encircle Xue Ling’s waist, pulling his entire body into his arms as his other hand came up to cup the back of his head. He exerted some force, and the two of them were directly pressed together, his lips sliding across Xue Ling’s snow white skin. When he looked down, his long eyelashes swept across his skin, and the mild ticklish sensation made Xue Ling blink. “If you knew what I was trying to do right from the beginning, why did you let me approach you?”

“I don’t know.” They were clearly locked in an ambiguous situation right now, but Xue Ling’s expression was very clear and innocent. “Perhaps it was love at first sight, or perhaps you are particularly suited for to my tastes, or perhaps I just wanted to tease you for fun.”

“Is it fun?”

“Very fun.” After all, the man was one of the main motivators for him to cross through so many worlds. Every world was different, but he still managed to always fall in love with him alone. How could it not be fun?

“I also think it’s very fun.” Su Xuanyan’s voice became deeper and deeper. His mouth caught Xue Ling’s, his tongue licking lightly across the slightly dampened lower lip. His action was very suggestive, but Xue Ling completely ignored it.

Xue Ling turned his head. His arms were still wrapped around Su Xuanyan’s neck, but his gaze was directed outwards.

They were currently located in Xuexing Hall at Chi Jianfang. He had placed a formation here a long time ago that would alert him if anyone came close, and someone had just appeared at the boundary of the formation. And this person was another person that Xue Ling had taken notice of. He took a teleportation talisman out from his inventory, slapped it onto Su Xuanyan’s body, wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled his head down for a kiss, and then directly sent him away. “My master has come to catch us in the act. In order to prevent him from breaking your legs for being the devil’s path’s senior disciple, you better go first.” Even as Xue Ling’s voice fell, Su Xuanyan was being sent away with a dark expression on his face.

Xue Ling straightened his robes and licked her lips as a flash of amusement flashed through his eyes. But when Han Wuzheng entered, all he saw was his cold faced disciple with his head lowered as he sharpened his sword.

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The ugly look on his face softened a little as he opened his mouth to greet, “Dong Er.”

Xue Ling was still for a moment. He had almost forgotten that this was the dao name that this person had given him, Xing Dong. Now that he’s calling out ‘Dong Er’, he should be referring to himself.

The system, who was now the sword in Xue Ling’s hand, quietly rolled its eyes at its host’s master even though it knew that he wouldn’t be able to see it. There were too many points to be contemptuous about, and he really didn’t want to bother commenting on Han Wuzheng’s ability to inspire dislike.

Xue Ling calmly put away his sword, his expression unchanging and as cold and indifferent as usual. “Master.” Although it was fun and amusing to tease Su Xuanyan, in fact, he didn’t want to see this cheap master at all. After all, although the other party had hidden it deeply, his eyes still revealed something of his inner thoughts. The thing Xue Ling did not want to see most was that kind of gaze, obsessive, and with a hint of greed, as though wanting to eat him whole.

If the one looking at him that way was his man, perhaps he would tease him a few times and let it pass after the man had no temper left. But this person was not that man, and so Xue Ling had to do more than just that.

Obviously, the other person was coveting something on him, or more simply, he wanted a ‘person’ like him. Once he had reached such a conclusion, after extrapolating, one could more or less guess the identity of this ‘Han Wuzheng’.

But now, they were still in the early stages of the game, and there was no benefit to going against him now, so Xue Ling had to endure it temporarily.

“Your master heard that you have been mixing together with a person from Tianmo Gate these days?”

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Xue Ling sneered in his heart as he said, “Nonsense. It was nothing but a random encounter during the path of cultivation where we happened to be killing the same kind of monsters.” He always deliberately hid his whereabouts when he left to do quests. Even the main computer had no right to monitor the players’ daily lives all day long, so he was sure that Han Wuzheng did not know the details about his relationship with Su Xuanyan.

“That is for the best.” It was unclear if Han Wuzheng believed him, but he took a glance at Xue Ling’s sword and continued with some surprise, “My disciple has already forged his life bonded sword?”

“Yes.” Xue Ling nodded and said, “I used the exact spirit stone that master told me to choose.”

“That’s good. You are extremely clever, and you don’t need your master to give many pointers on your cultivation. As long as you know that the righteous path and the devil’s path are different. For some things, it is better to avoid them if you know perfectly well that you should not do them.”

“Yes, your disciple understands.”

After obediently sending away Han Wuzheng, Xue Ling expressionlessly looked up the information that the system had put together for him relating to the game’s main storyline. Although the main computer was already watching him, it was obvious that it could not harm him right now and could only eye him covetously from the side. As long as it was unable to find any weakness, even the main brain couldn’t do anything to him. This was also one of the reasons he kept Listening to Rain on a Bridge and Thousand Miles Without Pause around.

The protagonist and his party would have absolutely no problem doing some of the things that were inconvenient for him to do himself. Although they no longer had the luck factor that the original string of data had brought them, it was the same as long as Xue Ling was around. The main storyline of the game needed to progress in order to move the game forward and someone had to do it. Xue Ling was lazy, and it was perfect if he simply instructed the protagonists to help out. After all, they had the shining protagonists’ halo on their heads.

After he stirred things up today, the fixed party that Listening to Rain on a Bridge and Thousand Miles Without Pause had created to kill mobs would have no way to continue on. Based on Listening to Rain on a Bridge’s personality, he would definitely not allow himself to accept Thousand Miles Without Pause’s help, since if he did so, when he finally tried to get together with Thousand Miles Without Leave, the objections would be a lot higher. So, after he met the outstanding Xue Ling, he would definitely insist on not forming a party with Thousand Miles Without Pause and choose to level up and adventure on his own. Once they would no longer be party mates, Thousand Miles Without Leave would no longer notice his hardworking attitude, his resourcefulness and bravery. He would no longer be affected by his personality and the plotline where the protagonist gong notices the shou and slowly becomes attracted would begin to change.

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That little bit of goodwill had already been lost right from the start, and it would be much more difficult to build up feelings between the two. Not to mention Xue Ling has already locked in a fixed position in their party and would lend them a hand for any major quests. At that time, he would be able to cause even more changes in the two people’s relationship plotline.

If there was no day-to-day interaction, based on Thousand Miles Without Pause’s personality, it would become harder and harder for him to like Listening to Rain on a Bridge.

Wanting to making use of every bit of time in order to plot out the protagonists’ next stumbling block, Xue Ling immediately began to look into how he could ensure that Listening to Rain on a Bridge would pick up the next part of the main quest line and completely forgot about the person he teased and turned on, then sent away.

From within the darkness of the Devil World, the black fog was churning and swirling, making the originally already somewhat frightened white tiger tremble even harder.

His master had not brought him with him when he went out today, so he didn’t know what had occurred. Only, looking at his master’s expression where he wanted to lose his temper but was forcefully holding back, he could be eighty percent certain that it had something to do with that little beauty.

The white tiger had recently fully grasped his master’s temper. If he was in a good mood, it was definitely because that little beauty had also been in a good mood and paid more attention to him, or spoken with him more. If he was in a terrible temper, then it was because the little beauty had not spoken much with him or had talked more with others.

His master was now deeply caught up in the web of love and totally unable to extricate himself. The white tiger felt that it was better for it to just quietly keep its mouth shut. After all, he wasn’t sure about the situation. What if he opened his mouth to speak and accidentally poked the hornet’s nest? By then, even if there was a hundred of him, he would still die.

The Sealed Devil’s purple eyes locked onto a picture shown on the screen for a long time. In reality, he was not very angry. He knew that Xue Ling had sent him away so abruptly because the main computer had been on its way, and even if Xue Ling had not made his move, he would still have had to leave. After all, he had no plans to see the main computer right now. He had no plans to take any unnecessary risks until he was fully assured of success.

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There was no day or night in the Devil World, and before he came, there had been not even a hint of any other people’s existence. But the Sealed Devil especially wanted to bring a person to the Devil World.

How long would he have to wait until the Devil World was properly opened up?

He recalled from the so-called main storyline that it would only occur towards the very end of the story, because opening the Devil World meant that the cultivators and devils were about to start a war.

The war… Another image of a certain person holding a sword showed up in the Sealed Devil’s head.

Only, the picture suddenly stopped and vanished as he suddenly thought of something.

Wait a minute. That was the great war between the devil’s path and the righteous path. Xue Ling was from the righteous path, so… was he going to come and kill him?

The Sealed Devil clenched his fists.