Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 78

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Although he had become aware of some things, based on the current situation, Xue Ling could guess that it would take some time before he could remember anything. He very naturally placed this matter on his list for further consideration later on, and then coldly refused the person in front of him’s invitation.

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“There’s no need. I’m just looking for materials, and there are no advantages for you.” These words of refusal sounded particularly pleasant when coming from his mouth, as though he was being considerate towards of the other party.

Su Xuanyan shrugged and did not respond to Xue Ling’s words. He just followed behind Xue Ling as he continued on his way.

Since they had not yet reached the stage where they could fight in the sky or use their swords to fly, whenever they needed to go somewhere, they still had to walk to the teleportation arrays. Fortunately, the one thing that absolutely Jiuzhou did not lack were teleportation points. In order to facilitate travel across the continent, there were many such arrays everywhere.

Su Xuanyan wanted to follow, and Xue Ling did not prevent him from doing so. Once they had left the novice village, there was no way to go back unless they received a quest that was related to it and so far, he had never heard of such a quest. So, even though the protagonist shou had already arrived, Xue Ling still chose to go and do the things he needed for himself.

After all, the protagonist gong and shou only came into contact after the protagonist shou was unexpectedly accepted as a disciple by an elder of Tianxuan Gate. As his only martial-brother, the protagonist gong was told to take good care of his younger martial-brother, and over the course of taking care of him, they ended up in bed.

Plots like these were very popular, but Xue Ling would not let it happen so smoothly.

His priority now was not to worry about the protagonists, but to make himself a good sword. Although the system could help him find high quality materials, he still needed to go and kill the monsters in order to obtain the things that he wanted.

While they chatted, the two of them had already arrived at the place where Xue Ling wanted to go. There was a vast ocean before their eyes, and Xue Ling’s final destination was underwater, so without a second thought, he dived directly into the water.

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Although somewhat surprised by his actions, Su Xuanyan, who was following behind him, also quickly jumped in. After jumping in, he saw a certain someone’s long hair glide across the water in front of him, white clothing floating up as the soaked garments completely outlined the person’s figure. He was currently holding his breath and swimming to a cave under the sea.

Su Xuanyan frowned slightly, and pulled up information about the cave. Only then did he learn that there was a rare piece of frozen cloud iron in the cave, the kind that only showed up once in a thousand years. It was a good material for forging swords, and would definitely be able to make a sword that suited Xue Ling’s attributes.

Only, Xue Ling was currently level 17, while the monster who protected the frozen cloud iron was level 40.

This was a hidden instance that had already been set up, but had not yet been opened up for players. Normally, players would only learn the location of the cave by completing a prerequisite quest chain, and the quests would definitely have a level requirement.

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For Xue Ling to be so clear about the existence of the place, it looked as though he had been well-prepared before coming here.

Su Xuanyan laughed lightly. He just knew that the person that he liked would absolutely not be ordinary. No wonder the main computer was also watching him; it was probably because he was just like them, a ‘strange being’ that existed in this world. Only, he had sneaked in so quietly. Was the fox here to take something from the main computer, or had he simply been born because of the game and therefore chose to live here?

As his ‘senior’ in various ways, Su Xuanyan felt it necessary to properly teach him not expose everything in front of others. If it had been the main computer here instead of him, by now, this fox would probably be trapped with no chance to win.

Following Xue Ling as he swam through the water, the two finally arrived at a platform. Other than the stream of sea water in the middle that had brought them here, the surrounding area was a flat and dry. It was illogical for such a place to exist in the middle of the ocean, and even more unreasonable for a person to appear here at this point in time.

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In fact, Xue Ling had not hacked into the main computer in order to find the information. He knew about the cave because the protagonists had completed a series of quests later on in the original plot and obtained a piece of frozen cloud iron. After that, Thousand Miles Without Leave had crafted a sword for Xiaoqiao Tingyu as proof of the feelings between the two.

Xue Ling had no second thoughts about taking the frozen cloud iron and preventing them from obtaining it. In any case, they only received this quest chain because the original string of data had modified some data for them. Now that he was not foolish enough to expose himself for those two, why not make good use of something so useful?

As for fighting a level 40 monster whose level was far above his?

Ha-ha, levels were nothing in Xue Ling’s eyes. His strength came from his own power and abilities, and although he needed a teacher to learn skills on the surface, in fact, as soon as those skills were unlocked, he could already use them perfectly.

After all, Xue Ling had been a fox demon for thousands of years. Since he was a fox demon again in this world, he would at the very least have some measure of control.

As for a certain person behind him?

Since he unexpectedly was able to safely follow him over, there was obviously no need to worry about him. That person would definitely not be some simple character that would casually die. He still didn’t know why, but it seemed that his lover’s status in every world was always much higher than his, and he was really a godly assistant and big golden thigh. If he really was unable to deal with the monster, then he could just look towards Su Xuanyan. If that guy was genuinely a lower levelled weakling that couldn’t even deal with one little monster, then Xue Ling would change his surname to his.

The system had a cold expression on its face as it interjected, “If you want to use your husband’s surname, nobody will stop you.”

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“Shut up.”

“Tsk.” Its host’s arrogance was getting worse and worse, getting angry even though it hadn’t said anything wrong.

The monster that protected the frozen cloud iron was a level 40 rabbit monster. Xue Ling had no idea how rabbits could exist under water, even though there was no water in this cave. The rabbit’s attack also made Xue Ling not know whether to laugh or cry, because its attacks were carrots that were launched everywhere in the air.

Carrots fell down like rain. If they hit, Xue Ling would lose the majority of his health, and if two or three of them hit, then he would end up dead on the ground.

Interestingly, not only did carrots fall from the sky, but vegetables also sprouted from the earth. If he stepped on them, the vegetables would turn into people-eating monsters and bite his feet.

This overwhelming and dense offensive made it impossible to approach the rabbit, let alone kill it.

However, Xue Ling was unconcerned. Su Xuanyan behind him asked if he needed help, but was smoothly rejected.

Because he did not have a sword yet, his sword abilities were not very lethal, and it would probably take a long time to kill the rabbit that way. So, Xue Ling could only use his warlock skills; although he did not have a sword, he still had the bone fan.

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The warlock profession was very broad. They could be proficient at all kinds of magic, and could also have the ability to destroy the world. But the key lay in how powerful their magical powers were. Xue Ling did not make his golden finger too bright. In order to match with the sword that he planned to make, he chose the ice element as the basis of his ‘powers’.

As a result, ice covered the whole space, and Su Xuanyan even had to step away from the wall he was leaning against and suspend himself in mid-air in order to prevent being attacked indiscriminately by the monster or frozen into an ice sculpture. After all, they were not in a team together.

Because the ground was frozen, the ferocious vegetables could not open their mouths to bite. The rabbit kept beating at the ground, trying to shatter the ice, but it was completely useless.

Enraged, the boss crazily threw a whole bunch of carrots at Xue Ling. Countless ice swords shot forward, and cut the carrots in half.

This boss was a type that attacked indiscriminately. As long as anyone came close, regardless of their level, it would use the same skill. When it saw that its carrots and vegetables were all gone, the rabbit became extremely anxious, and fully entered its enraged state. Both eyes turned red, and it rushed towards Xue Ling in a frenzy. He took a step back and planned to dodge, but he had not expected that the boss would make a twist in the air and come straight after him.

With his current HP level, if he gets bitten, he’ll definitely be laid flat on the ground!

Xue Ling was just about to make an ice wall or something to block the attack head on when a gust of wind blew from behind him, carrying a thick black fog that hit the rabbit and directly slapped it to death.

Xue Ling: “…” This was ** blatant robbery!

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He turned his head and glared at the idle man who still had his arms crossed over his cheat and was now half leaning against the ice covered wall. “What do you mean by this?”

Su Xuanyan smiled and said, “Is that how you talk to someone who saved your life?”

“… I hadn’t even made my move yet, how could you know that I would die?” His somewhat indifferent gaze swept across Su Xuanyan before he angrily sat down to meditate and restore some mana. Since the cave behind the boss could only be accessed by those who killed the rabbit, and he had not formed a team with Su Xuanyan, he could not go in.

Just because he couldn’t go in, it didn’t mean that Su Xuanyan could not go in. The man had the audacity to go into the cave and directly bring out his ‘prize’.

There was only one frozen cloud iron. After he took it, Xue Ling would not be able to obtain it. With that in mind, the smile on his face became somewhat disgusted.

Xue Ling opened his chat interface and found that he had received a friend application from Su Xuanyan. He frowned and looked at the man who was walking towards him, watching as he shook the frozen cloud iron that he held in his hand. “One piece of frozen cloud iron in exchange for adding me as a friend, and the right to form a team with you in the future. What do you think?”

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows and said, “So that’s the kind of business that boss Su is involved in? This kind of pick-up skill is not bad, if I was a girl, I would definitely agree.” Although he knew that this was his lover in this world, Xue Ling was not the type to start depending on him just because he knew it was him. Even if he did not care much about who chased who in every world, as long as he was upset, the man would also have to suffer.

In the past, when the man still had his damned repressed personality, he always criticized him for not speaking things out loud. Now that this man had maxed out his ability to sweet talk and flirt with him, he also felt that it was too irresponsible; it was fine if he only flirts with him, but what if he ended up picking up some little flirt?

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“You won’t accept because you’re not a girl?” Su Xuanyan set the frozen cloud iron in front of Xue Ling. “Although I don’t know how you discovered that this thing is here, it’s the best forging material that you can find at the moment. You would really give it up?”

“What do you see in me?” Unspoken was the question underneath, why would you approach me for no reason?

“Because you are good looking.” Su Xuanyan sighed quietly, “So attractive that I could fall in love at first sight, become completely enamored by the second glance, and by the third, want to shut you up in a place where nobody else can see, all the time, so that I’m the only one who can look at you.”

Xue Ling: “…” Oh, had his true nature awoken in this world? “So, it’s just because of my face?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“What if I had falsely upgraded my appearance?” Although he didn’t mind that the man liked his face, it was inacceptable if he was only attracted because of his looks.

“Regardless of how much you downgrade your appearance, it is still deeply engraved in my heart.” Su Xuanyan reached out and grasped his chin. He leaned over, narrowed his eyes, and gazed quietly at Xue Ling. “But, the premise is that this face belongs to me alone.”

Xue Ling slapped his hand away and laughed as he spoke, “Sorry, my face is on my body, and belongs to me. If you want to peel it off, I will be unhappy.” Xue Ling stood up, smoothly picking up Su Xuanyan’s piece of frozen cloud iron. He opened his mouth and spoke very shamelessly, “Becoming friends and teaming up together in exchange for a piece of frozen cloud iron is a great deal that I won’t pass up. But if your level can’t keep up and you’re unable to help me out, I have the right to rescind such a tyrannical teaming up clause.”

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“I think you will soon know whether I can help you or not.” Su Xuanyan smiled somewhat enigmatically and did not try to follow Xue Ling anymore, standing there and watching as Xue Ling left. After he had gone, he conveniently tore up the data in this space, adding more confusion for the main computer to sort out.

Alas, if his wife was unwilling to clean up the mess, then he would have to do it for him.

And yet his wife was still ungrateful, nit-picking with him about whether or not he was attracted to him because of his looks.

They were all made up of data. If looks weren’t important, then what was? Their soul?

Do they even have that thing?~