Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 74

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6.3 – That person was the reason why he existed here

“It seems my lord has already gathered all the materials.” After finishing the scripted conversation for other players, the red fox bent down slightly and continued to show its respect for Xue Ling as it spoke. “Please follow me, my lord."

Xue Ling nodded once, and followed the red fox into the village chief’s cabin.

Outside the cabin, players began to talk one after another on the chat channel.

[ Leave One: ??? Just now, was that the great god of our village? The first to leave the novice village! ]

[ After You Left: Don’t you know? While we were still on the ground struggling to move, great god was already running and jumping, completing one quest after another. I was just wondering when he would be able to leave the village. ]

[ Next Journey: ⊙▽⊙ The great god is already preparing to leave? I\'ve arrived a little late. Was the transformation successful? ]

[ Accompanying You to Eternity: He hasn\'t come out yet, we don\'t know. QAQ I don\'t even know what materials to collect for the transformation. ]

[ Man with a Companion: (⊙0⊙) Other than in our village, is there anyone else who can leave their village?! ]

[ Sliced Candied Haws: Dunno, The game just started… and it\'s so difficult to level up. We\'re all still learning how to walk… I wonder how it\'s going for the human race (>﹏<) If I\'d known earlier that the demon race would have to start off as small animals, I would have insisted on being choosing the human race! ]

[ Qing Chuanchuan: Others say that the quests in the human race\'s novice village are all very weird and strange. There still hasn\'t been any news of anyone leaving the novice villages. You should be glad that our quests are not that difficult~ ]

Xue Ling did not know what was happening outside. He followed the red fox into the village chief’s cabin and stepped through a mirrored wall to arrive at a very large open space.

The ground was covered with dense spell work that all gave off a dim glow. The red fox village chief turned around in front of Xue Ling, and transformed into a gorgeous woman dressed in red who curved her lips as she introduced the place to Xue Ling. “This is the transformation array. When we of the demon race make our transformation, we need to borrow the power of these spells. There are nine times nine, eighty-one spells here. The more spells that light up in the process of transformation, the stronger one\'s potential and strength will be after they have changed into human form. My lord is the light of the demon race, and I believe that you can light up the most spells."

Xue Ling did not answer her. Instead, the small white ball of fur stepped forward on its little legs and entered the array. If these words had been heard by those who did not have true strength, they would be overpraised to death.

He brought out all the materials that he had collected, placed them around him, and recited the spell that the system provided.

The village chief stood guard to one side, looking on in amazement as the array inside the cabin burst out in the most dazzling colors instantaneously.

Nine times nine combined into eighty-one spells; none were left behind as they all stretched out and lit up with lights that then flew out of the array and rushed to the person in the center. It was so bright that the village chief could not see anything at all.

This phenomenon lasted for more than ten seconds before the light slowly dispersed, and a white figure appeared in the middle of the room.

There were still some glimmers of light that had not completely disappeared, lingering around him and landing on his body. His clothes seemed to ripple in an invisible wind, and the village chief, in a trance, had an illusion that she could see nine tails waving behind Xue Ling.

But when she looked again, there was nothing there.

The man in front of her was no longer the original white ball of fur. His long silver hair was spread behind him, and he was wearing white robes. His garments were really too luxurious – the outer robe was embroidered with silver thread, and the edges around the collar were rimmed with fur, making his face seem rather small and delicate.

This was a very beautiful face. There was a small red mark on his forehead, which was proof that he belonged to the demon race. The tear moles on the corners of his long and slender fox eyes were even more attractive than the red mark, and when his sparkling eyes moved, they seemed to bring people\'s souls with them. His lips were rather pale, and his upper lip was full - even if when he was doing nothing, they seemed to be asking for a kiss. His eyelashes were long and dense, and the red fox felt dizzy from just a glance.

Entranced, she thought to herself that a person like this could truly bear the weight of being a nine-tailed fox.

Xue Ling moved his hands and feet, confirmed that there was nothing extra on his body, and then turned around to look at the red fox.

The red fox clung to the doorframe leading outside, her legs somewhat soft as she smiled at Xue Ling. "My lord, you really live up to your name."

Perhaps because he also knew that his appearance was somewhat lethal, Xue Ling\'s face was expressionless as he simply nodded and asked, "Can I leave the village now?"

The red fox nodded and hurried to say, "Yes, definitely. My lord, please follow me. I\'ll open the portal for you."

The system was wrapped around Xue Ling’s neck. It was rather surprised as it commented, "Is it that effective? But lord host has already downgraded his looks…"

“He was overwhelmed by a superior demon\'s aura." Xue Ling explained, and then dispelled the demonic aura ability that he had gained during his transformation. The red fox instantly looked a little better and turned around to give him another bow.

The two of them left the village chief\'s cabin, and the players around the area once again began stir up like oil in a frying pan.

The teleportation array was right next to the village chief\'s cabin, and they arrived there with a couple steps.

The teleportation array here was always sealed. The village chief followed the game rules and collected some copper coins from Xue Ling before opening the teleportation portal and directly sending him away.

The players\' general chat channel was still boiling, but their village chief had already turned back into a red fox and once again crouched down in its original spot.

By now, the more lecherous players had finally realized that they were facing a charming and ravishingly beautiful NPC. The level of resentment that they had shown to it before, was directly proportional to how flattering they were now, and many people rushed forward.

As for the chat channel, it had still not calmed down. Many people were chatting on it, and the topic was very simple.

[ African Yin Yang Teacher: Will we all be that hot and attractive when we transform?! ]

[ Not Seeking Opposition: Haha, you\'re too naive. If you could really transform to look like that, then there would be no point in setting up your appearance before entering the game. ]

[ Krypton Of The Same Fate: I think that is god\'s real face. QAQ Mortals like us can only get a glimpse of him as he leaves the village. Wonder when we\'ll have another chance to meet with god in the future. ]

[ Long Way To Go: Help! (ˉ﹃ˉ) I think I’m in love! That’s dish is definitely to my taste! ]

[ Round-faced Beauty: Haha, that dish probably suits the vast majority of people\'s tastes, okay?! ]

[ 10,000 Miles of Prosperity: But the great god seemed very cold, he didn\'t care much about the village chief… village chief is also a beauty… ]

[ Summer Is A Little Cold: Are you joking, how could one beauty be taken in by another beauty? A beauty should belong to everyone! ]

[ Mr. Rabbit: How shameless. ]

Xue Ling was clueless to the chaos he left behind. After entering the teleportation portal, he appeared outside a major city, and the sounds of system alerts rang out as successive notifications popped up. They were all chat channel notifications.

There was no access to the world channel from the novice village - the novice village only had the novice village channel, which Xue Ling had kept blocked. After leaving the village, the world communication channels, or more accurately, the Jiuzhou channels, would finally open up.

The Jiuzhou channels included the Jiuzhou notifications channel, the world chat channel, the team system and a series of other tools that allowed players to cooperate with others. There were also alerts to help them understand the game world\'s layout and other things.

As of right now, the world channel was empty. Nobody was chatting, and it was unknown if that was because he was the only one who had left the novice village, or if other great gods who have come out first were not speaking.

Xue Ling was also not keen to talk on the world channel, planning to quietly observe instead. In fact, because of his own appearance, he has already given himself a personality profile to follow that he absolutely would not allow himself to deviate from.

A beauty could be glamorous and open, or a cold and remote snow lotus. Xue Ling was only willing to play and flirt with his own man, so he chose to position himself as a snow lotus and was currently busy trying to transform himself from a wicked devil to a cold beauty.

The guard at the entrance required an identity jade to allow access into the city. Xue Ling searched through his inventory, found an identity jade in the package that the village chief had given him, and tied it to his waist. The guard had already been friendly with him, but became even more respectful after seeing his jade token and invited him to enter the city.

At the same time, a man who had become aware of the strange movements in the large array stretched lazily and opened his purple eyes. He reached out, and slowly made a swiping movement with his palm, causing a virtual screen to appear in front of him.

The screen was surrounded by a series of moving code. It was a temporary creation that could play scenes, and was not a real-time monitor. He could adjust the timing to see exactly what he wanted to see, regardless of whenever and wherever it happened.

The man propped his cheek on his hand, tapped on the demon race players who were falling over and struggling around the demon array, and clicked his tongue.

He had thought that there was movement from the large ancient array, but he suddenly realized that it was actually the demon\'s most basic transformation array. Although eighty-one spells was a large number, that thing was actually quite unreliable. The man was just about to turn off the monitor when a small figure attracted his attention.

It was a very small ball of fur, very white, rather similar to a little snowball, and extremely cute.

The man raised his eyebrows and spoke with some surprise, “Nine-tailed fox?”

It had been many years since this species had emerged in the demon race. No wonder it would have a great impact on the transformation array, to the point where even he was affected.

The nine-tailed fox lineage did not only have the characteristic of bringing chaos to the world. They were also heaven\'s favourite. Aside from their good looks, and having the best luck, anyone who saw him would like him, and countless people would fall for him. But ever since ancient times, people who fell in love with a fox demon never came to a good end. Perhaps it was because they were fighting with the heavens over heaven\'s favourite that they all ended up in desperate situations.

Heaven’s love and bias for this race had really reached the extreme.

To the point where even the man could not help but be jealous.

But, the more an existence was like this, the more enjoyment there was in destroying it.

The man who had been bored for a very long time finally had his interest piqued. He had found a new amusement, so he waited patiently for the fox\'s transformation to be completed.

However, when the bright glow faded away, he could not help but stand up from his seat in surprise.

He reached out, wanting to touch the person through the screen, but when his hand met with the image and the figure disappeared, he was abruptly brought back to reality.

Too beautiful. It was not a simple beauty, moreover, it was not a simple charm. The man was very clear about his own ** and requirements, and from the beginning of his existence until now, there was only one person who could make him lose his mind, and who could make his heart beat.

There was only one reason why he existed here in this world of nothingness, one reason why he had not yet completely destroyed this place. That reason was this one person.

In a bright, snow-white space, there was also another person who was carefully staring at that face. The person portrayed on the screen was not Xue Ling\'s appearance after he had downgraded his looks, but rather his original appearance.

Unlike the man\'s astonishment, this man seemed almost obsessed as he used his hand to trace that face. The words that came out of his mouth were low whispers of love.

in chinese gaming culture, people tend to refer to players at the peak or players worthy of respect as gods, or great gods. just keep that in mind when you read – most likely they’re not referring to cultivation gods~

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