Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 73

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6.2 – The players laid flat on the ground one after another to bask in the moonlight

This story did not have many turning points. The original string of data had a very low sense of existence in the original story. Although he had indeed been one of the main players in the protagonist gong\'s team, most of the time he was quiet and a little gloomy, and few people noticed him. Besides remembering that his skills weren\'t bad, the others probably could not recall anything else, and nobody cared overmuch when he disappeared from the game.

After all, this was a game. There were too many people who have left and disappeared. If there was nobody who cared about you, even if you went AFK for eight or ten years, nobody would notice.

Xue Ling roughly understood the plot - it would be easier to change the protagonists\' fate this time as their story had always depended on their high luck, up until the point where they finally became true existences in the game world and basically achieved eternal life.

The game\'s story was based on the youth who appeared in the opening chapter and prologue. The youth from back then now ruled over half the continent and could single handedly destroy the Divine Land. But, in order to make the gods suffer, he chose another way – polluting the land that the gods attached great importance to.

The name of the Venerable Sealed Devil was a name that could make crying children quiet at night in the land of Jiuzhou. His prestige made people on the righteous path\'s teeth itch while those on the devil\'s path trembled in fear, because he was a genuine madman.

A created devil and a crazy devil were only one word apart.

It was impossible to reason with a person who could single handedly destroy the entire Jiuzhou continent. After all, in his eyes, the entire world was a game that belonged to him; as long as he wanted, he could destroy these ordinary beings with one hand. He was the game\'s biggest boss, and he was a boss that could not be killed no matter what.

As the protagonists followed the game\'s plotline, they would come to learn more about the boss\' life, and during the course of learning about him, would choose to stand on the boss\' side and fall into the devil\'s path. In the final battle between the righteous and devil\'s factions, they would become opponents against the players who had come to kill the boss. They would ultimately achieve a victory, and His Majesty the Devil King would make them into true devils.

It was only then that the two protagonists realized that this world was not just a simple game. The longer they stayed here, the more they became assimilated into the world, eventually becoming a true member of the world. At the same time, in the real world outside of the game, the whole galaxy had collapsed and their reality no longer existed, leaving only the game.

As an original inhabitant of the game, the string of data was clearly a big golden finger, but it had been eliminated by the human-controlled main computer because it had been exposed too early.

Towards the end of the game\'s storyline, it was no longer merely a game between players, but a battle between the main computer and the Sealed Devil. The main computer, as a creation under human control, was the leader of the immortal cultivators and aimed to kill the Sealed Devil. But, the Devil was not so easy to deal with, and even at the end of the story when the two protagonists were living happily together, the Sealed Devil was still existing and living well.

The main storyline of the game had to be done, but it could not be done by the protagonists alone.

Based on to Xue Ling’s understanding, this was still a love story, and the game\'s storyline was secondary. If that was the case, then what Xue Ling needed to was to prevent the two of them from falling in love, and then prevent them from winning the battle and turning into devils.

Yes, cultivating the devil\'s path and becoming a devil were two different concepts, just like how cultivating the immortal\'s path and becoming an immortal were also different.

Now that he had an approximate plan, the only thing left was to wait.

Xue Ling joined the game as soon as it started. Although he was not used to life as a string of data, he wasn\'t picky as he at least had a body. Anything that data could achieve, the system could also do, and could get it done more covertly. Even if it was better not to go against the main computer as it was related to the will of the world, the system could still help Xue Ling make some minor modifications.

The system believed that with how intrepid its host was, he would have no problem squeezing the protagonist gong out of the player rankings by himself.

In order to ensure that there would be no problems with his identity, Xue Ling also followed the proper process and registered an account with the system\'s guidance.

He skipped past the grand opening scene, and directly went to create his character.

Right from the start, there were only two options for race in Seal the Devil: the human race and the demon race. Each race had different professions, and could chose different factions. Later on in the game, there were chances to obtain more specialized professions.

The human race was the most well suited for cultivation. They were clever and skilful, and had their own opinions on many things. Even the battle between immortals could not cause them to go extinct, showing that they were tough. The demon race was different. Their character selection required some luck. If they were a demon from a powerful clan, such as the wolf or tiger clan, it would be easier for them to play in the future, but it might not be the same for other clans.

Both the demon and human race could choose between the righteous or the devil\'s path. This was probably the two factions available in the game, and although the lines between the two factions were not obvious at the beginning of the game, the difference between the two groups became very big in the later stages.

Xue Ling currently only had information on the protagonists and their people. In order to make sure the will of the world would not perceive any anomaly, he followed the string of data\'s original choice and chose the demon race. He then thought about it, and downgraded his appearance somewhat to make himself less astonishingly gorgeous before clicking accept and entering the game.

At the same time, countless people were also registering for the game through the game\'s reception platform. Because the technology was powerful, the server did not freeze even when tens of thousands of players flooded into the same server. Magically, everything still functioned normally.

Yes, this game\'s design was very strange. There were no national boundaries. Regardless of where one was in real life, they would all land in the Jiuzhou continent. The continent was divided into nine territories, which were ruled together by both human and demon race leaders. Each character\'s birthplace was random, and there were many teleportation arrays between the nine territories that made it easy for players to go anywhere, anytime they wanted.

But in fact, these maps did not encompass the whole of the Jiuzhou continent. Jiuzhou was divided into three planes. Above them, there was the Divine Realm, and below, there was the Demon Realm as well as the hidden and mysterious Devil\'s Realm.

Since there was still no genuine devil race in the world yet, the Abyss of Buried Gods that the Devil King had sealed was now known as the devils\' territory, and contained nobody other than the great Devil King for now.

After all, he was the Sealed Devil of Seal the Devil, and it appeared that the boss wanted it that way. The great boss seemed to be extremely wilful, and respected no one.

Xue Ling emerged from the vertigo of entering the game and looked at the scene before him stupidly.

He was currently in a dense forest. Xue Ling had appeared in a small tree burrow where space was very limited. There was luxuriant grass at the entrance to the burrow that blocked his line of sight while also preventing others from looking in.

Xue Ling moved a little. His paws were small, he only had one tail, and his ears felt odd. It seemed that he had gotten into a strange situation. Thinking of the original string of data\'s chosen race, Xue Ling opened up the character interface.

His little paw flexed, and a panel appeared in front of him. In the place where the character image should be was a very small, soft and white ball of fur. The attributes panel was not much different from how it had been when he entered the game; his charm stat was full, and various other powerful stats were unchanged. Rather, it was the words that were written under his race that made Xue Ling wrinkle his eyebrows.

“Nine-tailed fox? The fox clan also has a nine-tailed fox lineage?"

The system appeared in front of its host. For once, it was as big as its host, and the system could not help being delighted, laughing as it said, “I haven’t made any changes. This was something the main computer automatically assigned for you. Perhaps this is because your original data was too attractive? Even if you downgraded your appearance, there won\'t be a second face like yours in the game. Isn\'t it a good thing to be a fox?"

Race and clan had an impact on all aspects of cultivation, but Xue Ling couldn\'t tell if his final plan would follow his original intentions. It was too late to modify his clan now as it was safer to do less things that could attract the main computer\'s attention.

Xue Ling closed the panel, slightly adjusted his mentality to adapt to the current situation, pulled apart the grass, and emerged from his tree burrow.

After he came out, he met with a red fox that had been crouching by his den. When the fox saw that he had finally come out, it seemed a little awed as it bowed its head and said, “My lord, you\'ve finally awoken."

Xue Ling thought for a moment, then sat up straight and nodded proudly.

He did not speak, but the NPC still continued on. “We have been waiting for you to wake up for many years. With your leadership, the demon race will definitely be able to surpass the inexhaustible human race that is still around after two great wars in one leap."

Xue Ling was just a small furball at the moment. It was unknown how the red fox could say things like as revitalizing the demon race to such a cute little face.

The red fox was the village chief. It didn\'t say much else; Xue Ling was also unclear about whether every other demon that had been born here was given such as grand of a mission as his. After receiving his first quest, he strode forward and set out with his little short legs.

The system was still behind him. As always, nobody else could see it, but it could touch and look after Xue Ling. “Just now, I entered the main computer\'s database and found information about host\'s lineage."

“Oh. What kind of lineage is it?”

“When the nine-tailed fox is born into the world, the world will inevitably be chaotic." The system laughed at these words. "There aren\'t many related records. All I could find in the database was this clan and lineage\'s introduction. I didn\'t delve deeper in case the main computer finds out."

Xue Ling had already fully accepted the fact that he had become a fox. At the end of the day, this was also his origin, so it did not take him much time to master his control over this body and it was very simple for him to do the quests. Perhaps it was because of his noble status, but the village chief not only gave him some relatively difficult tasks; those quests also gave a lot of experience. Within half a day, he had been promoted to level three. Although his level did not sound very high, most of the players in the novice village were still repeatedly falling over while trying to walk on four legs at this time, and had not even accepted a single quest. It was already enough that they had not fallen to a negative level, let alone level up.

Players were cursing and swearing at the system while they tried hard to learn how to walk with their new animal bodies. Each novice village was filled with quite a few novices, and probably because some of them cursed too soundly, they would be directly sent into a small black room by the system in order to learn to clean up their potty mouths.

Time in the game flowed differently from reality. One day in reality was fifteen days in game, which meant that by the time the protagonist shou entered the game, Seal the Devil had already been open for a month.

The land of Jiuzhou was extremely fantastical; the sun and moon was the same sphere in the sky. During the day, sunlight from the sphere spread through and shone on the entire Jiuzhou, and when it was night-time, it would automatically change into a moon. Night was a good time for the demon race to cultivate as moonlight was very beneficial for these newly born demons. Exposure to moonlight would also increase their experience, and although the process was minimal and barely discernible, no matter what, it was still rising!

The players laid flat on the ground one after another to bask in the moonlight.

By this time, Xue Ling had already obtained his first weapon, a beautiful bone fan made of white bone. It was not gloomy and horrible; on the contrary, it was elaborate, and even somewhat glittering and translucent. Xue Ling did not know what kind of bone it was made of, but it was unexpectedly useful.

This was something that he had pulled out from the den where he had been \'born\'. The attributes were fascinating - all the equipment information was displayed as a string of question marks. Xue Ling guessed that this was probably some sort of peak level artifact that would grow stronger over time.

In any case, it was easy to use, so he picked it up and kept it.

After completing another quest, Xue Ling saw that he had already reached the level that was required to leave the novice village. After he contentedly had the system pick up and organize the things that had been scattered all over the ground before placing them into his inventory, Xue Ling was ready to visit the village head and complete his transformation ceremony.

Demons needed to collect enough materials before leaving the novice village in order to perform their transformation ceremony. Xue Ling spent a week in order to finally obtain all the materials, and his level had also risen up to meet the requirements. He prepared to prepare a bit, and then go to find the protagonist gong.

As for the man who he had already tossed to the back of his brain and forgotten about?

Xue Ling wanted to explain that since the continent was so big, there was no way for him to look for him everywhere. It was much easier if he just waited for the man to come and find him instead.

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