Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 71

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5.15 – Su Xuanyan’s eyes were full of amusement

There was chaos during morning court when General Zhan proposed to impeach the Prince, citing misconduct and bad moral code as reasons why he was not worthy of the Eastern Palace.

The ministers were in an uproar, but General Zhan presented evidence following his proposal, which forced the ministers to open their eyes and see things clearly.

The Emperor was furious, and the Prince was removed from his post on the spot. Morning court was like a grand play, and the ministers were terrified when they returned home.

After all, the thing the Emperor considered most taboo was internal conflict. Once all the things he had done were revealed, the Crown Prince was immediately sent into house arrest and could not come out without the Emperor’s permission.

General Zhan, who was at the center of the storm, was the calmest person in the play. He accepted everything quietly, regardless of whether it was the Emperor throwing things in anger, or the Prince\'s hateful gaze. However, when the Emperor asked him to follow him into the imperial study, he looked reluctant.

The Emperor already knew these things beforehand, and his anger had been vented long ago. Today, he had only been acting. He even made fun of Zhan Shaoxi when they entered the imperial study, “Showing such a disgruntled expression on your face when called into the imperial study, later on, will you not even attend morning court?"

Zhan Shaoxi quickly knelt down and said, “This minister would not dare!"

The Emperor was not really angry with him, and spoke with some amusement, “Before marrying my royal sister to you, I was worried that she would not be happy with a cold ice cube like you. Unexpectedly, she really had some means and was able to turn a piece of steel that has been tempered a hundred times into soft putty. You look like you would be happy to go back and accompany her all day if I remove you from your post."

Zhan Shaoxi was still kneeling. Only, he had a smile on his face. “That’s not possible. The Princess would be unhappy with my low salary. If the Emperor dismisses me, the Princess will drive me out of the house.”

The Emperor laughed loudly. He had known about the way the two were stuck together and in love from a long time ago. "Alright. Things are winding up here, and you can spare more time to accompany my royal sister."


The Emperor never liked to talk to Zhan Shaoxi about state affairs, and would always just order him to do things. Even though he showed great trust in him, he was actually still on guard, but Zhan Shaoxi did not care about this. Although he had the blood of the Zhan family flowing through his veins, he had always felt at odds with the idea of continuing the Zhan family bloodline, not to mention that he had no respect for the heavenly imperial family.

A few days later, Zhan Shaoxi received a message from an informant. The Mingyue Princess had made her move, escaping from the marriage procession and coincidentally finding an injured man by a stream.

Xue Ling, who had been using the system to monitor the heroine, really felt that plot inertia was really amazing. He had already changed the plot to this point, and yet the Sect Leader of the Demonic Sect still managed to show up so conveniently??

But, the meeting between the heroine and the Sect Leader was different from how it was supposed to be. In the original plot, when the Heroine met with the Sect Leader, he had been a beggar with no memory who had lost his martial arts. He had been very naive and ignorant, and easy to get close to. The heroine kindly brought him back, and took him along with her after discovering he was a beautiful man under all that grime.

Later, the Demonic Sect\'s people came to find them, and the Sect Leader’s martial arts were restored. His feelings for the woman were sincere and touched her heart, so they smoothly got together and the Sect Leader also recovered his memory.

His memories from the time when he had amnesia ensured that he could not view the heroine as an insignificant person. He had also developed feelings for her, so he paid special attention to her even after telling her that he was leaving, staying silently by the heroine\'s side, too proud to back down.

Now, the Sect Leader was a wounded man who still had the ability to resist. He was also running for his life, and was constantly plotting deep in his heart.

The heroine\'s mind was also not shallow. The two of them met and teamed up, but while they seemed get along quite harmoniously on the surface, in fact, they were constantly on guard with each other and made moves to counter each other.

In the end, the Sect Leader was ambushed and encircled, and blamed it on the heroine, believing that she was indeed a traitor who had followed him. He rushed over and beat the female protagonist to death.

Xue Ling expressionlessly watched the live stream through the system, unblinking as the Sect Leader killed the female protagonist with one move and brought her dead body with him to jump off a cliff. He hit his head, lost his memory, and when he woke up, he thought the heroine was a friend of his who had died, sadly burying her in a hole in the ground. Throughout the entire process, Xue Ling did not say a single word.

The system saw that he had been silent for a while, and rubbed its head against its host. “Host, don’t be angry. People\'s fate is as uncertain as the weather, and even that woman can come across something unexpected. It\'s extremely unusual that she died like this."

Xue Ling lowered his head. “I had already planned out how to agitate her before arranging for someone to kill her. But now, she was directly killed off?!"

“It\'s a good thing. This way, it will have nothing to do with the host, and you can smoothly spend the rest of your time in this world on holiday."

“Don\'t we need to change the fates of the male protagonists?”

“Without the heroine, the men\'s fates will naturally change.” The system wagged its tail. “The Prince will be imprisoned in the palace for the rest of his life. Bai Changyan has become the Prime Minister of Xi Country and his fame will be recorded in the history books. His path and achievements are different from the original plot, and he is no longer sharing a lover with his Emperor."

“Without the heroine\'s help, the child in Xia Country might not necessarily win the battle for the throne, and it’s hard to say whether he can survive or not. The Emperor of Lin Country will become a wise ruler, and although cruel and tyrannical, he will meet a lover who can cure him. The Sect Leader of the Demonic Sect will be brought back to his Sect, but because of his experiences, he will have great achievements and fall in love with the little girl who took care of him during his amnesia. As for the famous businessman, his companion is money. He will earn a lot of money in his life, but have no offspring."

“So, their fate is better without the heroine?"

“It\'s not necessarily better. They just returned to a normal human path, and were not so Mary Sue-like."


“The female protagonist transmigrated and forcibly changed the world\'s history. Because the world was created by an author, the will of the world could only follow the predetermined trajectory, give them luck, and watch as they consume it all. The world will collapse and disappear after the female protagonist\'s death. When we collect the world\'s luck and send it to the Ten Directions World, the Ten Directions World will naturally feed it back the will of the world, and then the world will continue to exist."

“You\'re making me feel like I\'m saving the world.”

“Basically. But not every world is like this.” The system licked its paws. “There will also be worlds where the will of the world will resolutely try to implement the writer’s thinking. That is to say, they will try to follow the plot even if it means they will die. You have not met this yet, but later on, the will of the world may be against you. You\'ll need to be careful."


“When you go to those worlds, your abilities will be suppressed. But, you don’t have to worry too much. After all, your man’s status is rich and powerful every time. He will be able to protect you, and nothing too bad will happen."

“I see.” Xue Ling picked up the little fox by the scruff of its neck and pulled it away from the bed. "Speaking of which, it\'s very curious. Why is it that the bodies I enter are all so strange, while he is always rich and powerful? Is his luck so good?"

“Er…” The system doesn’t know what to say. Should it tell him that it was because the man was so powerful that even if his memories were sealed, they didn\'t want him to wake up and endanger the world? That they did so in order to make sure his life was not too unfortunate so as to prevent accidentally stimulating him to destroy the world??

Because of his identity, every time he entered into a world, the will of the world would subconsciously choose a better body for him as part of its self-protection mechanism. In some worlds with two protagonists where the other protagonist had a larger impact on the world, he would sometimes also be arranged into the identity of a protagonist. This was also why he had been one of the protagonists in the first world.

“Forget it, you don’t look reliable at all. You probably wouldn\'t answer even if I asked."

System: “…” Ha-ha.

The heroine had already met her end, so the remainder of this world was an easy vacation for Xue Ling. He had not forgotten that such a shameful thing as his inability to control his own tail, and so he settled down to cultivate for two years in order to consolidate and manipulate his internal strength within a certain range. Only, he would still need to recreate his own body in order to be able to use his power freely.

This was not an easy thing to do. The system also advised Xue Ling to slow down, telling him that it would find more tutorials for Xue Ling in the next world in order to help him recreate his body, so Xue Ling was not in a hurry.

Although he had the intention of rebuilding his body when he self-destructed back then, it was still an extremely difficult thing to do. He was a demon, and had only experienced a transformation, unlike ghosts, who could create their body through cultivation. It was a great challenge for Xue Ling to recreate his body by himself.

However, he was not panicked. After all, he had plenty of time, and he had already found two of his tails. He had originally been anxious to recover his tails because of his loss of strength, but now that he had a goal and a lover, Xue Ling was no longer as anxious to get things done.

Just like how Zhan Shaoxi had promised - as long as it was something Xue Ling wanted, he would do anything for him.

When Xue Ling turned eighteen, the General\'s Manor held an adulthood ceremony for him. There were no guests, nor were the maids informed of what their mistress was up to. Zhan Shaoxi personally crowned Xue Ling and recorded it for him. That night, he moved into Xue Ling\'s room, and officially spent the night together.

The poor General had been married to his wife for three years before he finally hit a home run.

The next year, Zhan Shaoxi resigned from his official post in court, obtained the Emperor’s permission, and took the Royal Princess to travel and explore the world. Only when it was New Years and they had to return to pay their respects would the courtiers see them. Later, they retreated and lived in seclusion in the mountain forests and never appeared again.

The love between the two people became legendary. Although the Royal Princess was never able to bear a child, General Zhan did not use this reason to marry any others. The Zhenguo General\'s Manor bloodline has been lost since then, but Xi Country had become strong enough to no longer need the Zhan family.

After leaving the Capital, Xue Ling reverted back to wearing men\'s clothing, and the two of them explored the martial arts world, attended the Wulin Assembly, walked through the Southern Regions, and travelled all over the world. Finally, they lived in seclusion on the near the Eastern Sea, and became the most common pair of husbands.

This life was so wonderful that when Xue Ling closed his eyes, he was still holding tightly to Zhan Shaoxi\'s hand, refusing to let go and urging him to find him earlier in the next life.

After he had truly left the world, the blurred eyes of the old man that was holding his hand became clear again. Despite his aged face, the aura that emanated from him at this moment was nothing like an old man on the verge of death.

Su Xuanyan held tightly to the hand clasped in his, the joy in his heart unprecedented. Although it was not as though he did not know his name, it was a great breakthrough that Xue Ling had taken the initiative to share it with him.

Recalling the time when he had first met this person, Su Xuanyan’s eyes were full of amusement.

He was rarely in such great spirits. After he closed his eyes and left the world, he was still in an unprecedented good mood.

When he first entered the world, he had fallen into the Ten Directions World\'s trick, and had not obtained the identity he wanted, leading to a period of misunderstandings between him and Xue Ling. Since he was in a good mood, he would settle this score with the Ten Directions World slowly.

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