Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 54

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4.15 - As long as he wanted, he could make anyone crazy for him

The scent of pheromones filled the room. Xue Ling held tightly onto Augustine’s hand, hung himself on his body, rubbed against his chest and asked, "How did you get here so quickly?"

Augustine didn\'t reply. Instead, he pulled him off his body and placed him on the bed before unfastening his own clothes and tossing them side.

Although Xue Ling had an exceptional physique for an omega, he was not particularly robust. On the contrary, because he had not yet reached maturity, his entire person seemed to be quite petite. On normal days, he always puffed his chest out, walked with a decisive air, and held his head up, which made him seem a lot larger than life, but now that he was pressed down under Augustine, he realized that this body was really…

Rather small.

It had not been so bad with Bai Yue\'s body in the previous life, but Xue Ling felt that he had no hope of recovering from this.

Xue Ling was wearing casual home wear, but it was more \'royal\', meaning that it was probably made out of special materials only suitable for royalty. It was slippery and smooth, very easy to wear, and very easy to take off.

His body had become extraordinarily sensitive because of his heat, and Xue Ling had a strong impulse to embrace the person above him and climb on directly, but fortunately he still retained a small bit of rationality. Otherwise, even if his body\'s state was even better than it was now, he would not be able to withstand Augustine\'s means.

“Be good, you\'re in heat.” Augustine kissed the tip of his nose and comforted him. “Just follow your own thoughts and do what you want to do. Don’t resist.”

Xue Ling grabbed the hand that was undressing him and asked, "Why is your expression still so calm?" Just now, he had clearly seen that Luther\'s eyes had turned red, but the man in front of him was terribly calm, to the point where he seemed to have entered a strange state.

Augustine lowered his head to look at him.

The youth lay under him with his clothes half undressed, a pair of beautiful fox eyes were fixed on him with a gaze full of charm, like the fiercest **. Just one glance was enough to completely collapse his rationality.

His cheeks were flushed a beautiful red, and the tear moles at the corners of his eyes added a touch of brilliant color on that gorgeous face.

On regular days, it always seemed like a god\'s noble face, but at this moment it was enchanting like a demon\'s.

Augustine slowly matched the face of the youth under him with that of the boy in his seven-hundred-year dream, and then, in front of his eyes, there appeared a face that was completely different from those two faces. He still had a pair of fox eyes and tear moles, and was still just as beautiful, but there no longer was that sense of uncertainty and violation that made Augustine feel confused.

That face together with that pair of eyes, was the real him.

Augustine seemed to have made up his mind about something, and lowered his head to kiss him on the lips. He laughed, “How crazy do you want me to be? Hmm?"

Xue Ling turned soft all over at his low "hmm". Wrapping both arms around his neck, he used a bit of effort to raise himself up, slowly rubbing his lips against Augustine\'s face. "Are you so indifferent because I hold no attraction for you at all, or is it because you can\'t do it? Huh?"

Augustine’s eyes darkened completely. A wild storm seemed to be brewing in that deep ocean of darkness as his hands gently caressed Xue Ling\'s back, and he pressed his uncomfortably hard lower body against him. "Baby, you\'ll soon know exactly whether or not I can do it."

This was originally the Prince and Princess\' wedding room, but Augustine didn’t care too much about that right now. He removed his top, then bowed his head to kiss the youth who was trying desperately to cling onto him. This person seemed to be born for him; his every action, every word, could make him delighted enough to lose himself. At this time, he was lying beneath him, and pheromones from his heat filled the room, making Augustine\'s body burn hot.

He used to sneer at alphas and omegas because he considered himself to be immune to the influence of pheromones and therefore become a slave of **, but he could only blame the person under him for being too attractive. Even without that wonderful smelling pheromone, he could still drive Augustine mad for him.

More precisely, as long as he wanted to, he could make anyone crazy for him.

It wasn\'t as though they had never done these kinds of things in their previous life, so Xue Ling was not shy at all. Because he was in heat, the empty feeling in his body tormented him to the point of madness, and he could only use his entire body to cling onto Augustine\'s, his pair of slender, white legs wrapped tightly around the man\'s waist as he used both arms around his neck to reach up and kiss him.

The tip of his tongue licked against slightly moist lips, swept across a set of opened teeth, and then, like a king visiting his territory, swept through his entire mouth to finally tangle with another tongue, chasing it and unwilling to let it go.

Augustine’s kiss was so fierce that it was as though he wanted to swallow Xue Ling completely into his stomach. The anger that he felt when he had encountered Luther outside was now vented here in another way.

He tore off Xue Ling’s top, pulled the sleeves down to Xue Ling\'s wrists, and used them to tie up the youth\'s hands.

Xue Ling licked his lips, feeling that he had not yet played enough. "Playing with bondage?"

Augustine kissed his ear and said, “Behave, I won’t hurt you.”

This was an instinct that belonged to alphas and omegas, and had a kind of natural and wonderful truth that was so beautiful, people could become addicted to it.

The door to the Princess\' rooms remained closed for five days, and anyone who could think for themselves all knew what was going on in there, but nobody dared to bring it up, only doing what they were supposed to do every day in order to ensure that the capital star was still running smoothly.

The number of days they spent \'building cars\' behind doors, was the number of days that His Highness the Prince remained hungry. His once handsome face became thin from imprisonment, and because he couldn’t take care of himself, his appearance became gaunt and haggard.

The wounds on his body had not been treated for various reasons, and Luther only felt that everything he had, had been crushed mercilessly by that person. He sat in a trance in the middle of his cell, to the point where he did not even know what day it was, his mind filled with the gaze of that man as he looked back at him with Ashley curled up in his arms.

Luther had been born in the limelight because he was the royal family\'s only heir, and because the King had suffered grievous wounds battling the Zerg, he had also been hailed as the future leader of the Empire.

From his birth, he had been destined to become the glory of the Empire.

But when he was three years old, everything changed.

Because Ashley appeared.

Luther did not like him at first because the day when Ashley was born was the day when he entered the royal academy to study and receive his initiation. But everyone had been attracted by Ashley\'s birth, and his Father-King did not even participate in his enrollment. This made Luther, who was used to being the center of attention from birth, feel dissatisfied and jealous for the first time.

Then, he was told that he had a fiancée, and that it was the newborn baby.

The feeling that his future had been decided for him was horrible. As he grew up, and as Ashley grew up, he became more and more certain of one truth.

Ashley had not been born to marry him, he had been born to surpass him. Although he was an omega, his studies in theory and other aspects were all better than his. He clearly was a powerful alpha, but the one that his Father-King praised the most was Ashley, an omega.

Gradually, Luther became disgusted with the entire Rhine family. Once he began to use tinted glasses to look at people, everything seemed different. He began to feel that the Rhine family had too much control, and that the royal family should not let them continue to grow. After he noticed the Rhine family, he began to look with bias towards more people, and as his vision widened, his ambition also began to expand.

He wanted to centralize power and hold everything in his hands like the Emperor from seven hundred years ago.

As a result, Ashley became different in his eyes. He was the easiest route towards destroying the Rhine Family. As long as he had Ashley in his grasp, the Rhine family would promise anything.

So, although he was extremely disgusted with Ashley, he was still willing to enter an engagement and hold a wedding with him.

Then, on the night of the wedding, he left the capital star directly without even stepping foot into their new rooms.

He did this in order to humiliate Ashley.

It was a great insult to an omega for his husband to not even enter his room on the night of their wedding. Luther felt a burst of cheerfulness as he thought about it now.

But the joy of humiliating others was quickly destroyed by his perception that no matter how Ashley was, he was still his nominal wife. They had not divorced yet; how could that slut go to bed with another man in his own rooms, in his own place?

The guard on watch looked on as Luther\'s eyes turned red again, sneered, brought a basin of water and tossed it over.

"Your Highness the Prince, wake up. Don\'t go crazy in here, otherwise if we accidentally let you die, and the Empress is unhappy, His Majesty will kill us."

When he heard the word Empress, both of Luther\'s hands clenched into fists.

Did that man think that anyone could be called Emperor in this world? Who did he think he was, claiming to be the Empress?

He began to laugh to himself. The laughter was a bit harsh, and made the guards frown and call him a madman.

When Xue Ling woke up, it was the morning of the sixth day. He obviously should have felt like he had just been run over by a car, but he strangely felt that there was no part of him that was uncomfortable, and he was only somewhat tired both mentally and physically.

On second thought, this was a world setting created for writing smut. In that case, it was no wonder that he was still alive after being eaten for five days and five nights…

He lifted his hand and rubbed his waist, then lowered his head to look at the marks left on his body. Xue Ling cursed softly, thinking in his heart that he would kill the system if it ever found another world like this for him again.

The system that would hide as long as he met with that man and play mute: "…" QAQ Host, you are becoming more and more ferocious! Isn\'t it a bit unfair to kill me because of this kind of reason?

As soon as he pulled on his clothes, Xue Ling\'s nano-computer flashed. Xue Ling looked down at his communicator, lazily accepted the connection, and a virtual screen popped out. The gorgeous woman showcased within had eyes full of surprise, seeming somewhat shocked that he had woken up.

“What, why are you looking at me with that kind of gaze?" Xue Ling pulled over a pillow that was beside him, propped it behind his waist, and asked lazily.

“Um… I’ve been trying to get in touch with you since five days ago, but your nano-computer always responded with \'In the middle of a heat, please call back later.\'" Antalya\'s expression was odd as she spoke. "What happened? I remember that your heat was not at this time. And that cheating bastard Luther has found himself a little lover; who did you find to mark you?"

Xue Ling’s face turned red, then black, then white, and he managed to pull out a smile, forcibly repressing the urge to destroy his nano-computer. "Don\'t worry, it\'s not Luther."

Antalya said somewhat regretfully, “I’m not in the Empire anymore, or else I would be the first to sign up for such a good thing."

Xue Ling: “…” Hush, you. Be careful that that man who loves to monitor him through the nano-computer doesn\'t follow your trail and track you down to smash your nest and kill you.

“Let\'s not discuss that anymore. I have the results from the investigation for the person you asked me to look up a while back.” Antalya looked down and sent a series of reports to Xue Ling, adding, “You’re really amazing. If you hadn\'t spoken, there would have been no way that I would have doubts about an orphan with a background like that. I feel like my worldview has been changed by this investigation. It\'s fortunate that I\'ve already left the Empire, otherwise I would have felt humiliated on its behalf."

Xue Ling ignored her scattered thoughts and bowed his head to glance through the reports. He discovered that they were very detailed, and thanked Antalya. He also took the chance to warn, "Considering our friendship, and your help, I\'ll give you a small warning." He smiled and squinted, "The Empire will soon change, and won\'t be the original Empire any longer. You can either bring your people over to surrender, or you can tidy up your nest and wait for the Empire\'s army to kill its way over."

Antalya frowned and wondered why he would say such things.

Xue Ling did not feel the need to enlighten her either. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “You will soon understand.”

Antalya was still somewhat confused when she closed the communicator, but with her knowledge of Ashley, she felt that she had better make some preparations in order to avoid being overwhelmed.

Xue Ling shut off the communicator and sneered at his nano-computer.

The little fox that was hiding in the nano-computer felt all its fur puff up and stand on end.

The host\'s laugh was very horrible QAQ.

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