Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 53

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5.14 - Why is it \'Empress\'?

“This is my palace. I can return anytime I choose." Luther spoke indifferently.

Xue Ling couldn’t help laughing. He looked curiously at his Highness the Prince, who seemed to be in control of everything. He asked, “Although I don’t know where His Highness the Prince got his confidence from, thank you for making me laugh.”

Luther looked at him, his gaze deep. “Ashley, you don\'t have to act in front of me." He spoke lightly, "I know what you\'ve always wanted. You can\'t possibly agree to a divorce with me, Ashley. Even if you took a step back in order to move forwards, this step is going to go terribly wrong.”

“Oh?” Xue Ling did not interrupt, and only responded with some amusement.

“Ever since childhood, your only ambition was to be Queen.” Luther sneered. “You are a maniac. You don’t care about what I\'m like. No matter who is in the position of Prince, you will marry them, because being Princess and then Queen was the path you decided to take. Ashley, I know you. You would never cut off your own path of retreat."

Xue Ling looked at Luther strangely and wondered how his brain could be full of so many strange ideas.

But he was also right, the original owner of this body did have this mentality. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have played and lost so badly even with such a good hand of cards. "I haven\'t cut off my own path. On the contrary, divorcing you is the signal that my plan is about to begin."

Xue Ling was smiling, and he was calm and relaxed. It made Luther, who firmly believed that he had been holding him in the palm of his hand, feel somewhat uneasy, but he pushed aside the chill that came out of nowhere and looked at the smiling youth with a cold expression. “Throughout the stars, you won\'t be able to find a second man who is better suited to be King than I am.”

“So what? What\'s your point?" Xue Ling was a little curious. “You didn\'t stay in your own residence in order to comfort your omega that has been scared as soon as he arrived, and didn\'t go to take a look at how much you control you actually have right now. Instead, you came to the palace to say something like this. Why is Your Highness the Prince so adamant about not wanting to divorce me?"

The Prince\'s expression remained cold and he did not speak.

It\'s true that he could not divorce Ashley right now. Although he felt that he had everything under control, their divorce shouldn’t happen now. If he and Ashley were divorced, the Rhine family would become biased against him, and would be more guarded against him. People who were already originally not on his side would then be completely pushed against him, and it would be even more difficult for him to make a move.

Seeing his tight face, Xue Ling laughed loudly. His Highness left him with no words.

“My Highness.” He was laughing so hard that he was bent over, his cheeks were red, and he was particularly attractive. “Were you always so naïve? Do you still think you are free to deal with the Rhine family? Have you not discovered what\'s actually going on yet?"

“What do you mean?!”

“Do you know what place this is?" Xue Ling looked at him with a smile. “It is the imperial palace.” The word \'imperial\' was purposefully stressed, and Xue Ling spoke it clearly. “Your Highness, I suggest you go and read the history books. Maybe you\'ll understand the situation better then.”

Luther frowned.

“But since you\'ve already come, you can sign the divorce papers while you\'re here." In this interstellar world, marriage was easy but divorce was extremely serious. As long as the materials and evidence needed for divorce were submitted to the Star Net main server through the nano-computer, the main server would automatically judge who was responsible for the divorce according to the information provided, and then provide a divorce agreement for both parties to sign.

Xue Ling had already submitted videos of Luther’s cheating along with other materials and received the divorce letter. The main server\'s master was Augustine, and this divorce letter was of great benefit to him. It was no accident that even if Luther were to be the one submitting materials, he would receive the same divorce agreement terms.

“There\'s no point in being stubborn about this. I don\'t want to keep this relationship with you anymore either. Seriously, it’s nauseating.” Xue Ling frowned and handed him the divorce letter. He placed a hand on the sofa beside him, and his expression was a little strange.

Luther read the divorce letter carefully. The more he read, the uglier his expression became, and he did not feel good at all. Because he was the guilty party, he had to transfer most of his property to Ashley, and most of it was his private property that even his deputies had not known clearly about. But somehow, they were now all listed here by the Star Net\'s main server.

Luther gritted his teeth and looked up at Xue Ling viciously, as though wanting to tear him apart, but soon after, a strange look also appeared on his face.

There is a light fragrance in the air, very much like the fragrance of some flower. It smelled very pleasant, and made people\'s expressions change to look like they were in a trance.

After having experienced it once before, Luther knew what it was.

That was an omega’s pheromone. Russell\'s scent was like the lotus that he most favored, and could always make him emotional, wanting to indulge in him. As for the youth in front of him, he currently seemed like a plum blossom in full bloom. That cold and crisp fragrance paired with the flush on his face held a peculiar attraction.

Luther had known from childhood that his fiancée was beautiful, the type that was like smoke from a fire that one couldn\'t eat, high and distant, like a god from up above. But he had never liked Ashley\'s face, because it always gave him the feeling of being gazed at from a distance along with everything else, and he felt that he was also being looked down on.

Even if it was his future omega, Luther could not bring himself to like him at all. But now, facing this person, he felt like he was burning.

According to the regulations, an alpha could only mark one omega, but this was only a rule, and did not mean that an alpha could not physically mark a second omega. An idea came to Luther’s mind.

If he marked him now, then Ashley would never be able to divorce him.

After alphas and omegas have been marked, it was extremely difficult to separate them unless the marks were forcibly removed, but this was very harmful to both sides and was likely to destroy both of them.

If he marked Ashley, he would no longer be able to stand in his way.

He would no longer be able to use that kind of gaze when looking at him.

And he would no longer be able to stand on high ground and look down on everyone with disdain.

Such thoughts kept rolling around in Luther’s mind, and his eyes became more and more red. When he finally met Xue Ling\'s eyes, it seemed like he was looking at prey that already belonged to him.

No alpha could escape the influence of an omega\'s pheromones when they were in heat. Even if they had strong willpower and could control their own actions, it was absolutely impossible for them to control their physiological impulses. Xue Ling felt that everything before of his eyes was becoming more and more blurry as an unknown fragrance filled air.

His body was getting hotter and hotter, and warm waves of ** swept through, making it so that he could barely stand. He could only use both hands to steady himself so that he would not fall to the floor in front of Luther.

But, although he knew what the settings of this world were, he had no real understanding of exactly what kind of scene would occur when an omega went into heat. It was a very dangerous picture; if it had been on a main street, it would definitely cause confusion. If it had been on a battlefield, the battle would probably be lost.

If an omega in heat was not helped, they would probably become gang raped to death.

Even if the interstellar world became even more developmentally advanced, it would still be helpless against this kind of heat. Therefore, Xue Ling could only keep himself conscious through force of will. His physical strength had already left him in the wake of the assault of wave after wave of feeling, and he couldn\'t help but want to melt into a puddle in that man\'s arms and indulge in several days and nights of revelry.

Xue Ling could guess why that man would stick so close to him during this period of time. If he had known that his heat would come ahead of schedule, nothing could have convinced him to drive the man away tonight.

Luther had come forward, his eyes glowing red as he reached out to touch Xue Ling. “Ashley, your heat is here.”

His voice was so low and deep that Xue Ling felt himself quiver, and using all the strength that he could muster, managed to keep himself standing. He even managed to take one step back as he frowned.

It was this single step that led to the direct collapse of Luther’s sanity.

Exactly, the reason why he did not like this person, was not only because he was high up and aloof, but also because he had never had never put him in his eyes. Even when they were married, there was not even the slightest sign that he had been moved. What he needed was an omega that would depend on him, and not one that was like an ornament who could remain a perfect Princess in front of anybody.

Ashley would never understand his heart, nor would he be willing to learn to understand his heart.

The path that he took was unemotional, and everyone was equal before him. Even though he was the Prince of the Empire and his fiancé, in Ashley\'s eyes he was no different from those who regularly surrounded and pursued him.

Luther reached out and grabbed his hand, and was just about to pull him towards himself when a force hit him directly from behind. Someone kicked him in the back, and the Prince who had not put up any defense collapsed straight onto the floor.

The means of the newcomer were straightforward and sharp. The next second, he had stepped on the hand that had reached out to grab Xue Ling, and the kick after that was aimed towards his lower body, and directly rendered him impotent.

Luther was curled up in pain, and his miserable scream tore through the sky, bringing the silent palace to life in an instant.

Everyone was in a panic, and because the Emperor was emitting his pressuring aura throughout the palace, everyone, regardless of whether they knew the situation or not, could only light candles silently for the person who had provoked him.

One must know that it was the first time that the Emperor had become mad since his awakening.

When the Emperor was angry, it was definitely the innocent crowds who had to suffer. Many people in the palace did not even dare to breathe too loudly, fearing that the Emperor would suddenly pull everyone out and kill them.

In fact, the Emperor had no time to pay attention to these things at all. After he had maimed a certain part of Luther\'s anatomy with a single kick, he directly stepped on his body, went to Xue Ling\'s side, and reached out to pick him up.

Xue Ling struggled at first, but when he recovered his consciousness and looked up at the face of the person before him, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and trustingly grabbed at his clothes to rub his face into his chest.

This kind of movement was very cute and lovely, but at this moment, it seemed extraordinarily bewitching to Augustine.

He no longer cared about Luther, who was laying on the floor. He carried Xue Ling in his arms, went straight into the Princess\' rooms, and closed the door. It was left to the people who had hurried over after the Emperor and had watched blankly as the Emperor completed this series of actions to finally pull themselves together and begin to deal with the rather terrible situation here.

The Empress\' heat arrived early, and this person called Luther almost made a move on him.

The Emperor\'s temper could be considered mild for not kicking him to death in one move. If it had been them, they would probably have directly beat to death anyone who dared touch their partner.

But since the Emperor did not kill him, it meant that he was still useful. They should first drag him down to the underground palace so as to not dirty the floor of the Empress\' rooms.

Luther was already half dead from pain, but still clearly saw the scene of that man bringing Ashley into their rooms. The tall and broad man had the curled up, seemingly small omega in his arm in his arms, and the two had been so close there had basically been no gap between them as they left.

The scene made Luther extremely angry, raging to the point where he almost lost control of his emotions, but his body had just been trampled by that man to the point of becoming useless, and he had no way to stand up and follow them into the room at all.

“Slut!" He gritted his teeth, his expression fierce as he spat the word out. And then, he found himself on the receiving end of a curious look as the person who was responsible for dragging him out squatted down to look at him.

It was a young man with a baby face. He had a deep smile on his face as he asked, “What did you say just now?”

Luther fearlessly repeated himself. “Slut!” Clearly, Ashley had been fooling around with that man, but said that he was the one cheating. How ridiculous! If it hadn\'t been for Russell’s early heat, the first person to cheat would have been that slut!

He had done nothing wrong! He was just one step behind!

He thought there was something terrible about him, but it turned out that he had just clung on to another man.

Ha-ha, slut!

“Ah-ha. Such a mouth does not seem to come from the imperial family.” The young man slapped him across the face so hard his face swelled up. “You have to remember, if you use those kinds of words to talk about our Empress, your fate will only be even worse than it is now, understood?”

Luther was beaten into a daze and he was completely stunned on the spot. He still had not recovered even after he had been pulled out of the palace.


Why was it \'Empress\'?

Shouldn’t it be \'Queen\'?

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