Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 51

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4.12 – Luther only felt a chill running up his back

During an omega\'s heat will be followed by several days of intense ** after they have been marked. If they were disturbed during that time, the alpha would go absolutely insane. So, even though the guard\'s heart was tense, he could only keep quiet and set everything in order on the spaceship, then wait for His Highness the Prince to emerge from the room.

Three days of waiting passed by quickly.

Three days later, the guard once again met with his Highness, whom they had lost contact with for a long time. The initial joy had already been exhausted by three days of emotional turmoil, and the guard had no choice but to keep his face blank so that His Highness would not be able to see that his mood was not right.

His Royal Highness, whose face was full of satisfaction naturally would not notice that something was wrong with his guard captain. After he came out, he casually began to give orders, "My nano-computer and all my things broke down in the accident. Help me put together a set of equipment. Also, bring out my spare mecha."


“And bring over a few more sets of my clothing. And prepare several sets of military uniforms. The standard size is fine.” His Royal Highness\'s gaze turned soft. It seemed that the person in the room already had a place in his heart. "Organize the events that happened during the period I was missing. I need to get first-hand information right away."

The guard opened his mouth and finally found an opportunity to ask, “Your Highness, shall we go back to the capital star first?”

“Yes.” His Royal Highness thought of the Zerg wave on the front line and his expression turned cold. “Why was this Zerg wave so intense? Have you ascertained the cause of the Zerg\'s madness?” His steps paused as he asked seriously, "How was the battle situation in the southern front during my disappearance?"

The guard paused and looked down. “The Zerg tide on the southern front has subsided.”

His Royal Highness nodded and did not ask too much about who had achieved it. There were only a few generals in the Empire, and it wouldn\'t be anyone other than them.

“Is there a dietitian on your ship? Have them prepare some nutrients.” Speaking of this, he finally had a little smile on his face. “Suitable for omegas.”

The guard captain shivered all over. He knew that the Prince was his liege, and he should not oppose him in any way, not even in his thoughts.

But there was one thing that he really needed to ask for the sake of that person. “Your Highness.” He bent down and made a deep salute. “Although it is somewhat inappropriate, please allow your subordinate to ask a question.”

His Royal Highness frowned, apparently not sure why his guard captain wanted to speak with him in such a solemn and proper way. It was rare to see him so serious. “Say it, then.” The Prince had never been strict with his own people.

“The omega in there…”

As soon as he opened his mouth, His Highness the Prince interrupted him. His expression was gentle as he said softly, “He is my lover.”

The guard turned pale and continued to ask, “What about His Royal Highness the Princess? What are you going to do about him?”

When he mentioned this, His Highness Prince finally remembered that he had married a princess in accordance with his Father-King’s wishes prior to his departure from the capital star. He wrinkled his brow and said to the guard, “Don’t worry about that. I naturally have my own way to deal with it. You just have to remember." He pointed to the room. “That is my real lover. I will only acknowledge this person in my life.”

The guard bowed his head and answered yes, but his hands were clenched tightly, as though he was enduring something.

When Xue Ling saw this scene, he laughed until his stomach hurt. He wrapped his arms around Augustine\'s neck, buried his head against his shoulder, and laughed so hard his body shook.

Augustine’s big hand slid down his back, again and again, as though wanting to help him catch his breath.

Xue Ling became interested when he learned that Augustine was the master of the Star Net\'s main server consciousness and could watch anyone at will. He naturally remembered that there had been a period where he had always felt that he was being watched, and based on the timeframe, it should mean that Augustine had been watching him ever since he woke up.

But he had not been bothered by it. Augustine originally thought that he would be angry, but in fact, this youth of his only hugged his neck and asked him, “Are you particularly fond of looking at me through the nano-computer?”

Augustine shook his head decisively. “Not really, but back then I didn\'t have a complete grasp of the situation. I did not want to appear in front of you before everything was ready, and make it so that your impression of me turned bad, so…" I monitored you, and only dared to watch you through a screen.

“Oh, I thought you liked to watch me through the screen.”

“If so, then what?”

“Then from now on, you\'ll only be able to see me through a screen." Xue Ling smiled sweetly as he touched his face."

Augustine: “…” That would be an extremely bad thing.

XUe Ling naturally would not waste the convenience that Augustine could provide. He even directly asked Augustine to link with the civilian spaceship and activate the monitoring equipment there in order to record videos and pictures of His Highness the Prince and Russell rolling on the sheets together.

Since His Royal Highness could have others rape Ashley and send those videos to ask for a divorce, he could also use the same means to crush him.

Augustine spent some time to soothe his ruffled fur, and said to him, “In fact, you don\'t have to do this." As long as Xue Ling wanted, he could do it for him. It was a waste of brain cells to plot against the Prince this way. Augustine felt that it was really unnecessary.

Xue Ling ignored him and waved his hand at him to tell him to stop meddling.

Since His Royal Highness was in true love, then let him and his true love be together forever. As long as his love was deep and true, he should not be that disappointed even if he lost the throne, right?

The next day, Xue Ling went to see the old King that had been imprisoned by Augustine. The old King did not know that Xue Ling had already sided with a certain person, and felt particularly sorry for him. He felt his choice in picking a son-in-law was very good, since Xue Ling could still do so well for himself even under such a tyrannical Emperor.

Then, Xue Ling figuratively slapped him in the face. He did not pretend to be pitiful, nor did he solicitously inquire after his health. He waved the guards back as soon as he arrived, and showed the old King the videos that Augustine had recorded of His Highness the Prince and Russell.

This colorful scene stimulated the old King’s to the point where his eyes turned red, and he gritted his teeth and cursed his Highness Prince as an unfilial son. When he heard the Prince promise Russell that he would treat him well, that there would be only him in his lifetime, and he would only have one omega, the old King was angry enough to vomit blood.

Xue Ling looked on calmly as the old King finished watching this farce, and then opened his mouth to say: “Father-King, this is my husband."

The old King was pale, and was at a loss for words.

“I want to divorce him.” Xue Ling\'s second sentence shocked the old King to the point where his soul returned to his body.

“Little Ashley.” The old king was anxious. “This cannot be. You are the wife that he has married. There is no need to divorce just because he marked another omega!"

“Should I wait for him to come to me with that omega and tell me to get lost before I leave?” Xue Ling looked at the old king expressionlessly and said, “Father-King, you also know that this is not my fault, nor should I have to bear responsibility for such a mistake. I can accept that he does not like me, does not love me, and still be a good Princess, a good Queen. But Father-King, I will never allow him to have a lover outside, let alone allow a man who has marked another omega to be my husband."

The old King looked at his serious face and knew that it was too late for him to say anything. “Ashley, is there really no way?”

“No, Father-King.” He spoke lightly. “This is the last time I will address you this way.”

“It doesn\'t matter if you can\'t become Queen if you get divorced?" The old King asked, “But you were born to be Queen.”

Xue Ling turned to look at him, and the old King was frozen by the look in his eyes. His gaze was too cold, as cold as ice, and there was no emotion in it. He spoke. “I was not born to be Queen, but to be Empress."

His lips suddenly curved as he looked at the old King. "You\'re old now, and may not be able to witness the Empire\'s return to its original glory. This time, there will be more than just the Empire\'s only Emperor, there will also be an Empress."

“And that person is me."

The old King watched him leave. He had calculated and plotted, but in this life he finally lost to a man that had always been in deep sleep…

That man was not their ancestor. The real ancestor of the royal family had been nothing but a man-made person bred from a bit of his genes. With each successive generation, his genes were diluted again and again, and so the royal family became weaker and weaker, and the Empire gradually declined.

Now, was nothing more than that man taking back what originally belonged to him.

And that child was the one he had waited seven hundred years for.

And also the one he made so many plans for, the person he ultimately desired and wished to obtain.

The old King had already lived a long life, and knew what to do and what not to do. He understood that struggling this time was meaningless.

That child was right. He may not live to see the Empire\'s glorious future. His son…

Probably also wouldn’t be able to see it.

The closer they got to the capital star, the faster Russell’s heart beat. Too many things had happened along the way, which left him a little confused.

First, they were robbed by the star pirates, and he was shot protecting Luther, causing his pheromones to go crazy and sending him straight into heat. Then, he was marked by Luther, the two of them confirmed their feelings for each other, and Luther also regained his memories.

And then there was Luther’s identity.

Although it could be seen from his every move and action that Luther was a very outstanding person from the upper echelons of society, Russell had never thought that he would be a Prince, and His Royal Highness the Price of the Empire, at that.

That person was on a level that he had never even dared to think about claiming to know.

Now, this man was holding his hand and assuring him that he would be the only omega in his life. The Princess was someone he had been forced to marry, and he would have a way to pull him down.

Unlike a traditional omega, Russell was a very possessive lover. When he had discovered after being marked that the other party was married, he was angry, but helpless. Luther had to coax him for a few days before he finally relented.

Russell wanted to come to the capital star in order to attend school, but now that Luther was here, he no longer had to worry about anything else. They had spent these days falling further in love, and now that he had reached adulthood and passed his first heat, his originally skinny and small figure had sprouted, slowly changing from a teenager to become a young man. His looks had been delicate and pretty, but over the course of these days, became more good looking. Luther could not bear to be separated from him, and brought him wherever he went. They were so much in love that they never even noticed that the soldiers on the ship along with his own guard captain all had strange looks in their eyes when they saw the couple.

The capital star drew nearer and nearer. Finally, when the spacecraft docked at the airport and the hatch opened, Luther heard a wave of cheers.

He walked out of the airport in some surprise and saw that people were everywhere, shouting and cheering at him. Russell followed behind him, looking about curiously and wondering if the Prince was always this extravagant.

Just as he was thinking, the cheers that could be heard from the crowd got louder. He lifted his head, and saw a youth coming towards them.

He was wearing the same military uniform as they were, but the feeling he gave off was very different.

The belt on his waist emphasized the youth\'s slender waist, and the collar that stood upright covered his slim neck. He was dressed meticulously in his military uniform, and on him, it really gave off an abstinent aesthetic. He was very good-looking, a kind of indescribable beauty. Even with just a glance, Russell felt that he had seen a god from the legends, because only god would have such a beautiful appearance.

He was a little stunned, but Luther was not. The corners of his mouth taut as he looked at the person who appeared in front of him.

This was the wife that he had never seen ever since they got married.

His Princess.

The youth bowed and saluted him. When he stood up, he showed a good looking smile, and said, “Welcome back, Your Highness.”

Luther only felt a chill running up his back, which momentarily made him want to once again return to the ship and leave to go far, far away.

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