Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 50

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4.11 – My love, my \'husband\' is about to return

Although Xue Ling could let the man handle everything, since Xue Ling had forbidden him from standing on stage, there were some situations where he still had to show himself.

Even though everyone throughout the entire capital star knew about Augustine\'s existence, they did not know how that man would treat Xue Ling, and so they have been anxiously waiting for news from the Princess ever since his return.

The Princess did not make them wait for nothing. That evening, a virtual projection recording appeared on the royal family\'s official page, which attracted the notice of those who always paid special attention to the royal family\'s news.

The youth in the projection seemed to have grown up a lot once again, but that aloof and noble appearance had not changed at all.

Dressed in the Empire\'s military uniform, he stood rigidly upright and began his report.

He slowly reported everything that had occurred during this trip to the front lines; how many times they fought against the Zerg waves and how many Zerg were killed. He gave a basic explanation on the situation in the front lines, and that the Zerg attack had been weakened, and so on.

His voice was very pleasant, and when he spoke, he very concisely covered the important points, so that people who were listening to this military report did not find it boring, but rather felt all kinds of excitement. Although they did not truly understand the meaning behind what the Princess had said, looking at the Princess\' face whetted their appetite, and so they just listened to these words like they were listening to music. In any case, His Highness the Princess\'s voice was very enjoyable.

After making his report on the military situation, Xue Ling\'s face finally showed some change and was no longer so calm. “On this trip to the front lines, in addition to repelling the Zerg, our goal was also to find His Royal Highness the Prince. But from our arrival at the front lines all the way until our return journey, there has been no news from His Highness…”

The expression on his face made others feel very distressed. His eyes had only drooped slightly as he spoke these words, but It made those who watched the projection feel their chests clench, wishing they could go up and hug the youth. “But it doesn’t matter. No matter how long it takes, I will wait until His Highness comes back. I hope you can keep me company as we wait for a miracle." He smiled very gently, but it was particularly heartbreaking.

As soon as the virtual recording was released, it swept through the Star Net. Regardless of where people lived, as long as they saw the projection, they would feel particularly distressed for the Princess. The young man carried the future of an Empire on his tender shoulders. If he hadn’t shown that moment of sadness in the projection, people would not even have remembered that he was only a youth, and an omega that had lost his alpha.

Oh, Heavens, what kind of life does their Princess lead every day?

How did he face life without his Prince? Clearly, his heart was tense, but he still had to calm the masses and go to the front lines for the Empire.

The crowds who were watching were almost moved to the point of tears by their own thoughts. It was really not easy on the Princess, why did His Highness the Prince not appear? The Princess was so pitiful. If the Prince still didn’t come back, the Princess would have nobody to care for him and love him, what could they do?

How could nobody care about him and love him? Someone was spoiling him so much that he had almost reached the sky.

Before Xue Ling came back, Augustine’s men already knew that they had an Empress, but they had not truly prepared themselves psychologically. They only knew that Augustine would never die, and they never expected that they would see a completely different side to Their Majesty.

Back then, His majesty who led them to establish the entire Empire was wise and brilliant, explosive and strong. His principles when dealing with people and things always remained the same; if they did not obey his will, then he would use force. He fought until the entire star galaxy obeyed him, and he had no rivals amongst all the stars.

As long as his name was spoken, even the enemy of the world, the Zerg, would flee with the wind.

Yes, the entire star galaxy had been the Empire\'s territory once. The Alliance split to form their own territory seven hundred years ago for various reasons. But in fact, everything had previously been under Augustine\'s rule. The main server of the Empire\'s Star Network was actually the main server for entire star galaxy\'s Star Net.

Although he slept for seven hundred years, the tactics and means that Their Majesty used when he woke up were still the same. Apart from his command for them to be lower-key than before, those people under him never felt that there was anything different about the Emperor.

But when their Empress returned to the capital, nothing seemed to be right.

If His Majesty couldn\'t be found, then just look for the Empress. The two of them were inseparable, to the point where even their shadows had to stay stuck together. And once you went over, you would discover that Their Majesty was the one who stuck himself to the Empress, and the Empress was all kinds of unwilling.

Xue Ling couldn\'t figure out why, but the man was somewhat sticky in this world. Xue Ling was not used to bringing him around everywhere, but he could go nowhere without him. The man was willing to get nothing else done as long as he was stuck to him.

At night, in the Princess\' rooms, Xue Ling kicked the man out of bed and asked, “Don’t you have anything else to do? You only know how to stay entangled with me all day long.”

Augustine followed the force of his kick and grabbed his foot, holding that cute white foot in his hand and playing with it as he carelessly answered the question. "I will be no more than a step away from you before your heat comes."

The corners of Xue Ling\'s lips twitched. He couldn\'t even be bothered to make any disparaging remarks to this man.

Indeed, he had been following him around in order to mark him as soon as his heat began. In that man\'s opinion, as long as he had not left his mark, Xue Ling was not really his.

Since Xue Ling refused to let all the stars know that he was his Empress, the only way for the man to be reassured was to mark him completely.

Perhaps because of the seven hundred year difference between the two people, the man always felt that the youth in his arms was particularly untrue. Even if Xue Ling had assured him many times that he truly liked him, the man still held on to his belief that Xue Ling only chose to compromise and be with him because his strength could not match up to his own.

That was why he always kept such a close eye on Xue Ling, as though he was scared that he would disappear one day.

In the past, Augustine used to watch him through the nano-computer, but now that the person is in front of him, he naturally wanted to watch him with his own eyes.

Xue Ling somewhat helplessly pulled his foot out from the man\'s hand and climbed over to sit directly on the man\'s legs. He wrapped both arms around his neck, and tried his best to give the man a sense of security. "Oh, I know that you still feel uneasy, but I\'ll be unhappy if you keep acting like this."

The man pressed his lips together.

Xue Ling leaned in to kiss him on the lips and asked, "In your eyes, am I the kind of person who would compromise with others just because my strength is inferior?"

The man bowed his head, his eyes were a dark blue as they reflected Xue Ling\'s face, as though wanting to pull his entire person into his heart. “No.” Although he knew it wasn\'t the case, the unrest in his heart was not so easy to put down. After all, this youth was still someone else\'s wife.

Seeming to know what he was thinking, Xue Ling didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry as he thumped his fist against him. He laughed and continued, "You\'re uneasy all day long because I have the title of Princess over my head? You have to stick to me because of this?"

“Not uneasy.” The man looked down and kissed him lightly on the face. “Any man who knows that the person he likes is someone else\'s nominal wife would be unhappy."

Xue Ling angrily refuted, “Who\'s the wife? Although I am the Princess! I’m not the Prince\'s wife!"

The man smoothed out his ruffled fur.

“If you care so much about it…” Xue Ling narrowed his eyes and calculated the time, suddenly laughing as he said, “Then I\'ll share some news with you. They’re about to find my nominal husband.”

“Kill him.” Augustine did not hesitate at all when he spoke.

Xue Ling frowned. “I already said, you must not touch him. If he dies, how can I divorce him? Do you still have a brain?”

Augustine snorted coldly.

Xue Ling pinched his face. He didn\'t know why, but he felt that the man in this world was extremely cute.

Probably because he hadn’t encountered his terrible side at all…

“It’s all right.” Xue Ling squinted. “After all, he will bring someone back with him.”

At this time, His Highness the Prince must have already restored his memory.

Within the vastness of space, one could only see a dark, seemingly without bounds, endless emptiness when looking out from the window of the space ship.

At this moment, Luther moved Russell behind him in order to protect him and glared coldly at the star pirates who had boarded their civilian passenger ship. He had a very bad feeling.

“Everyone! Kneel down and wrap your hands around your head!” Someone’s voice called out, accompanied by the sound of the guns in their hands.

Yes, even though there were mecha and spacecraft, close combat still existed. Hot weapons such as guns still existed, but they were definitely not the same as the guns from millions of years ago. They were lethal to betas, dangerous to alphas, but not harmful to omegas at all.

Well, yes, it was a sexist gun.

“Luther, what should we do?" Russell was nervous. Although he was mature and did not act like a teenager his age should, this was still the first time he left the planet he was born on and boarded a civilian spaceship. His view of the world has not been broadened yet, and in the face of this kind of situation, Russell was no different from the people around them.

Only, in Luther’s eyes, when Russell took his hand and asked him with that anxious expression on his face, he felt that it represented Russell\'s special dependence on him. Luther found this to be particularly pleasing.

Tension began to spread among the confused passengers of the civilian spacecraft, and nearby, the captain of the Prince\'s royal guard was just reporting to Xue Ling with the their latest update. Although he was somewhat tired, he still felt relieved when he received the Princess\' comforting words.

His Royal Highness the Princess was so gentle that he would consider things from their perspective, not putting on any airs at all. He obviously missed the Prince more than they did, but he did not urge them and had been comforting them all along, telling them not to be too depressed as the Prince would definitely be found.

The guard did not know how many times he had already envied His Royal Highness the Prince for his good fortune. He was about to heave another sigh when he suddenly heard a report. “Sir! A civilian spaceship has requested for help! They have been hijacked by star pirates!"

The guard who had finally begun to relax once again tensed up. Although this was not part of their mission, they were soldiers, and saving people was an urgent matter. The guard stood up and found that the call with His Royal Highness the Princess had not yet been disconnected.

He was about to salute and report when he heard His Highness the Princess say, “Something happened over there, didn’t it? Hurry up and deal with it quickly. They are all people of the Empire, you should try your best to save more people."

The guard captain made a standard military salute and respectfully replied, "We will not betray His Highness\' trust!"

He had no idea that once His Highness the Princess who had just solemnly comforted him with a serious expression closed the connection, he would straddle the man beside him and pull the man\'s head down by his collar ito kiss him on the mouth. "My love, my \'husband\' is about to return."

The man had never been the type to remain unmoved when temptation was dropped on his lap. He had only been enduring all this time because his lover was still underage, and doing those kind of things would be bad for his health. Now, his eyes darkened as he listened to the youth. He held his chin, lowered his head and kissed him back.

This was a very passionate kiss. The two people\'s bodies were entangled together, not allowing even the slightest gap between them. The young man was kissed until his entire body became like a puddle of water, teasing and pressing close to him for more.

But the man managed to hold himself back perfectly. He rubbed his head and said, “By the time you\'re done with your \'husband\', you should be an adult.” His eyes seemed to hold a fierce beast within them, imprisoned, but constantly trying to break out in order to tear apart the person in front of him and swallow him up.

Because the taste of the youth was truly too wonderful.

Xue Ling hid his head within his embrace, and laughed so hard that his shoulders shook. There was no other reason, only that the way the man bit out the word \'husband\' was enough for him to laugh for a long time.

While laughing at him, he still had enough energy left over to mock the man: “Who told you to sleep for so long? If I hadn\'t \'married\' into the royal family, how would I be able to see the place where you slept? What if you had never seen me in this life, and never woke up? Would I have to spend my life as a widow?"

Augustine couldn’t bear to hear him say these words. He bowed his head and sealed his lips again.

The two men were very busy being passionate, and His Highness the was no better than them. The pheromones from an omega\'s heat had filled the whole civilian spaceship. Luther could only temporarily send Russell into a room and keep him isolated.

Just now, Russell had rushed out in order to block a gun blast that had been meant for him. Although the gun was harmless to omegas, it still stimulated Russell\'s pheromones and pushed him directly into an early heat as he reached maturity ahead of time. Fortunately, there were very few alphas on the spaceship. Luther\'s eyes turned red as he thought about what fate Russell would have met with if he hadn\'t been there.

The scene of Russell taking a shot meant for him has been replaying over and over in his mind, intertwined with his memories of the past and his current memories from this period of amnesia, making Luther\'s memories extremely confusing. He had killed all the star pirates who boarded the spaceship before placing Russell in a room with the highest security settings. Finally, he let the guards who had come to the rescue onboard the spaceship.

The guard captain who had just boarded the ship had no time to even express his feelings to his Prince before the guards were ordered by His Highness to take care of all the people on the ship and arrest the star pirates.

They were not to let any of them go.

He watched helplessly as His Highness finished giving orders and then went straight into a room and locked the door.

The guard was somewhat confused, but he still hastened to call for people to bring over the crew members who knew what had happened for questioning.

When he learned that the room held an omega that was in heat who had come on board the spaceship with His Highness the Prince, the guard captain felt cold all over. The figure of His Highness the Princess appeared in front of him, and the guard realized a very serious issue.

The Empire was going to become chaotic.

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