Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 48

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4.9 - How could there be a silent airport?!

Zerg waves. The Zerg came from all directions, blotting up the sky and covering the earth. Anywhere the eye could reach were all occupied by these disgusting insects.

That silver mecha held a long knife in one hand, and a particle gun in the other.

One slice, and the Zerg were all split apart. One blast, and there were no more living creatures within the radius of his attack.

He was the most dazzling thing within in the dark universe, and even in the midst of the Zerg waves, he was more than equal to the task of holding them back.

If the scene had to be described, it would approximately be that kind of \'ten steps to kill one person, nobody could prevent his journey\' natural and unrestrained image. His figure was very beautiful, and it was unknown whether it was due to his superior spiritual strength, but his each and every movement was very precise. This allowed him to kill the Zergs like they were nothing. As long as he wanted, he could perform any maneuver.

This was all thanks to Warren\'s training. He had never thought that his younger brother\'s insight would be so high that he was a true killing machine, but he could be certain that the Prince was no match for him. As his teacher, he knew that Xue Ling was able to win against him once he mastered mecha training. The Prince could fight him to a standstill, but definitely could not pressure him down.

Now, on the battlefield, the ferociousness of His Highness the Princess was even more vividly and delicately portrayed. The people who remained at the space station stared blankly at the screen as their commander cut the Zerg like cabbage from within the Zerg wave. The Zerg also did not seem to care about anything else, and did not even notice the other attackers, rushing towards Xue Ling and sending themselves straight towards his knife.

This Zerg wave had been easier to repel than any of the previous ones. Fewer people were injured, and the number of deaths could be counted on one hand.

To build prestige on the battlefield, killing was the easiest way. Xue Ling killed away cheerfully; every time he killed a Zerg, his internal power increased. He slowly collected the energy spilled out from his tail bit by bit, and at the same time called out to his tail.

Perhaps because he was the source of their power, the Zergs loved to rush to his side, and he was a large mobile attractor. Even if they knew they would die, the Zerg still insisted on rushing forward.

After the end of the wave, according to the observations of the generals stationed on the front lines, the attacks should stop for two days and give them a chance to rest. After hearing his report, Xue Ling nodded and asked the Prince’s guard to leave first to find out where the Prince had gone.

Xue Ling knew what planet His Highness the Prince was on, but he couldn\'t tell them. If the Prince had not yet marked the protagonist shou by the time the guards arrived, he didn\'t know what he would do. He had no intention of spending his life under the title of his Princess.

After leaving the meeting room and returning to his room, Xue Ling thought for a while and opened his nano-computer to ask the system to help him contact a person he had previously thought was unnecessary.

The call was answered very quickly, and a screen popped up in front of Xue Ling. The handsome and gorgeous woman holding the camera in one hand seemed to be almost be pressing him up against the wall. The corners of her lips curved. "Baby, did you need me for something?"

Xue Ling: “…” Although there were things related to this person in his memory, he still could not help but sigh with emotion when he finally met the person. Sometimes, a woman\'s ability to flirt was really outstanding. “Antalya, long time no see.” That woman was the original body\'s \'girl friend\' that the system spoke of at the start.

“Long time no see, my little baby.” The woman smiled, put down her hand and asked, “You were angry with me back then when I didn\'t attend your wedding. Now that you need something, you think of me?"

Xue Ling had a helpless expression on his face, “Don’t be like that, Antalya.”

“Like what? I just found your husband the Prince to be very displeasing to the eyes. If you ask me, marrying me would have been better than marrying him, who looks like a complete scum." Antalya seemed disgusted as she spoke.

“I agree that he is scum, but that person is also recognized by all stars as a beautiful man, you don’t need to slander his face.”

“I just knew that you liked a pretty face!" Antalya snorted coldly, but then her brain turned and she caught up. “Wait a minute, you said he was scum? What happened? News about him is so annoying that I don’t even look at it. What did that scum do to you?"

“He hasn\'t done anything yet, but he\'s about to." Xue Ling looked down slightly and then showed a gentle smile to Antalya. “Antalya, would you do me a favor?”

In the face of such a smile, even Augustine would be encouraged by him, let alone Antalya. She nodded, “I can do anything else for you, as long as it’s not to save that useless scum or help the two of you improve your relationship.” She raised an eyebrow at Xue Ling and said, “Baby, you know this. I would be willing to sacrifice the whole universe for you.”

Xue Ling\'s lips twitched. He felt deeply that the people the original owner had attracted the attention of were very strange, but even more strange was that he had still lost this game despite having such good cards in his hand. “Help me investigate a person.” He let out an extended sigh, then wrote a name and sent over a file. “Your band of star pirates wander between the Empire and the Alliance all year round, making it relatively more convenient to investigate both sides. Help me find this person’s identity. I always felt that there was something not right about it.”

By this time Antalya had already finished reading Russell Johnson’s files. She raised her eyebrows and said somewhat curiously: “A little beta? Are you interested in him?

Xue Ling shook his head and said, “He’s an omega.”


“Isn’t it strange? An orphan omega can somehow deceive the main server of the Star Net and be raised as a beta despite being registered as an omega. Some people want to cover up the fact that he is an omega, but he himself does not know that there are people helping him behind his back." Xue Ling knocked on the table. “The year he was born was the time when the fighting between Empire and the Alliance was the fiercest. Orphans left on the battlefield could be soldiers from the Empire or the Alliance."

His words stopped here, but Antalya understood what he meant. The corners of her mouth curved, and she looked with some amusement at the file in her hand. “Don’t worry. This is the first time that baby has ever asked me to do anything. I\'ll definitely get it done."

“Well, thank you.”

“But, can I ask another question?” Antalya was curious. “Why did you notice such an ordinary child? Looking at his life, it doesn’t seem to intersect with yours."

Xue Ling fiddled with the nano-computer on his wrist, looked up slowly, and gave a bright and gorgeous smile to Antalya who was on the other side. There seemed to be a vast starry sky in his eyes, shining brilliantly, too beautiful to be taken in all at once. That saintly atmosphere intensified, and Antalya almost drooled. Far away in the capital star, a certain someone immediately became hard.

“Ah, that\'s because he’ll soon be my husband’s omega.” He paused before adding, “Unlike me who is a spouse in name only, the relationship between him and Russell will be the type where they\'ve really \'done it\'~"

Having said that, he hung up the communicator and allowed Antalya, who had finally gathered her wits back together, to curse Luther as she liked.

He was now standing on the moral high ground. If he didn\'t make good use of it, he would be a fool.

Although these two people had only developed mutual feelings for each other right now, and had not yet reached that point, Xue Ling did not care about when it would be appropriate to speak out about things that would happen sooner or later.

In fact, he had very little spare time. The Zerg tide on the front had become more and more intense. Xue Ling also took advantage of these continuous waves of Zergs to completely win over both the troops that had originally been stationed on the front line as well as the troops he had brought with him.

Whenever His Royal Highness the Princess was brought up, these people all had stars in their eyes, and barely restrained themselves from directly calling him \'war god\' to express their worship.

Slowly, there were fewer and fewer frenzied Zerg, and half a month later, Xue Ling no longer needed to go into battle with every Zerg wave. The soldiers alone were enough to deal with them thoroughly. After routinely updating the Star Net with the latest battle situation, Xue Ling began to pack up and prepared to return to the capital star.

The purpose of his trip had been achieved. All the people who he wanted to win over had been won over, and all the things that needed to be dealt with have been handled. Now, he needed to rush back and take control of the palace and capital star before the Prince returned.

Fortunately, without Xue Ling’s hint, the Prince\'s guards\' journey to find the Prince had not gone smoothly. Even though they had gone to planet 7-818, they naturally missed the Prince because they did not go to the slums.

But it was not a big deal that they had missed each other. In another month and a half, on the day when the protagonist shou had finally rounded up enough money to go to the capital star, they would encounter space pirates while on the starship. The stimulated Russell would enter adulthood ahead of time and begin his heat. In order to protect him, the memory that His Highness Prince had been resisting would quickly return. He would unhesitatingly mark Russell, and then coincidentally reunite with the guards who had come over in order to rescue the civilian spaceship.

See, the protagonists\' world was full of absurdities and excitement. Supporting characters like him were still better off following their own plans and proceeding step by step.

People on the Star Net knew that the Princess was coming back, and they all left messages cheering for him on his blog. How warm the messages were, reflected exactly how worried they were for him.

The princess was so pitiful. He didn\'t even know that the capital star was now being ruled by the Emperor. If he came back, it would sending the sheep into the tiger\'s mouth. They didn\'t even know how to properly express their dissatisfaction with this chaotic and complicated situation. Some people even hoped that the Princess would stay at the front lines with the Zerg; they believed that facing the Zerg was definitely better than facing the terrifying Emperor.

One must know that when he became angry, the entire capital star would feel pressure from his aura, and it would even affect the weather. Although the life of these people was no different from how it had been in the past, they always felt that something was weighing down on their hearts, making them feel heavy and uncomfortable.

If the Princess did not return, you would all remain miserable to death.

This was the main server of the Star Net\'s unspoken thought after it learned how the people felt.

Xue Ling did not realize that some people were strong enough to the point where they could control even the most insignificant of personal remarks. He waved goodbye the soldiers stationed on the front lines, stepped onto the starship and began his journey back.

The warriors on the starship were full of excitement. How careless and inattentive they were when they set out, was exactly how lively and full of momentum they were now as they revisited their memories of the front lines. They had thought that the royal family had gone just to show their face, but the Princess had really gone to kill the Zerg.

Had it not been for the fact that the Empire\'s situation was currently unclear and therefore made it unsuitable for him to stay on the front lines for a long time, now would have been the best time to kill their way into Zerg territory and recapture the planets that had been occupied by the Zerg.

This half month\'s journey passed by extremely quickly. Xue Ling also slowly discovered some errors that he had neglected previously because he had been too busy. These strange issues showed up more and more as he neared the capital star, and Xue Ling even had the feeling that there was some sort of monster staring at him from the direction of the capital star.

That kind of feeling like one was being watched like prey made chills run down one\'s back.

But even if that kind of feeling where goose bumps seemed to erupt all over his body was very strange, he had no choice but to return to the capital star. The journey was particularly smooth, so they also arrived ahead of schedule. By the time the starship landed, the wariness in Xue Ling\'s heart had already reached its peak.

They docked, opened the airlock doors, and the officers and men began to disembark. In the airport, nothing seemed to be wrong at all. Even the royal guard that came to welcome him back were unprecedentedly neat and well presented.

Xue Ling frowned and stepped onto the red carpet at the airport.

He wore the Empire\'s black military uniform, and the white decorative lines outlined the fit of his military wear. The classic combination of black and white made the uniform look more handsome. Worn on Xue Ling\'s body, there was a kind of indescribable temptation.

Well, at least, it was so for Augustine.

Da. Da. Da. The sound of military boots walking across the red carpet could be clearly heard, and Xue Ling suddenly realized what was wrong with this scene.

How could there be a silent airport?!

Just as he became aware of this point, the royal guards around him who were standing on both sides of the red carpet, bowed down and gave him a big salute. “Welcome back, Empress!"

Their voices were loud and clear, very distinct, and the sudden greeting shocked Xue Ling silly.


Xue Ling believed that this was the first time he had shown such an expression despite having been in this world for so long.

Yes, it was a look of confusion.

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