Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 44

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4.5 – Everyone, please grant me glory

The prince’s accident on the front lines happened half a month after he left the capital star on his wedding night. It should have occurred just after he arrived at the front lines.

This could probably be called starting off on the wrong foot?

Xue Ling didn\'t think too deeply into it; he has waited for more than half a month for this day. He first spent some time in bed laughing, and then contacted Warren.

He still had a smile on his face when Warren appeared on the communicator. Warren had no idea why his younger brother was so happy – although he was in a high ranking position, he wasn\'t authorized to receive reports of things like the Prince\'s accident.

“Brother, please send in your application to stay in the capital. The Prince has had an accident on the front line, and all his authority will be handed to me. I can approve your application very quickly."

Warren was somewhat surprised, asking stupidly, “What happened to the Prince?” He saw his younger brother’s smile and wondered, “Was it something you did?"

Xue Ling laughed and felt that his eldest brother in this life was a bit silly and cute. “Of course not, but whether or not he can return will depend on my mood."

Warren nodded his head to show his understanding. It was too inconvenient for them to communicate through the nano-computer, so he set a time with Xue Ling and prepared to enter the palace to see him.

Xue Ling contacted Honoria again and asked her to come with her team, then dressed himself in white. He put a sad, anxious look on his face and went straight to the old King’s palace.

The road was a little long, but he insisted on running over by himself.

At this time, the old King had just received the news and was both angry at his son and upset over his misfortune. When he was informed by people in the palace that the Princess had run over as soon as he had learned the news regardless of the distance, he once again felt somewhat comforted.

His son was unreliable, but his son-in-law seemed to be very good. The old King\'s expression relaxed, and he went to receive Xue Ling.

Xue Ling was panting when he came in, and because he had run at full speed the whole way, his eyes were slightly reddened. Such an omega could touch anyone\'s heart, and the old King once again scolded his son for being useless.

He ordered people to come seat Xue Ling, and comforted him by saying, “Luther will be alright. Don’t worry too much now, sit down and rest a bit first.”

Xue Ling stood still. It seemed that he still hadn\'t recovered from his extended run, his face turning redder and redder as his eyes continued to dampen. "Father-King, I\'m going to the front lines to find him!"

The old King\'s hands stilled for a moment. He thought to himself that this child must really have deep feelings for Luther, and somewhat helplessly said, “Child, don’t be so anxious. Luther is my son, and I know his ability. Although he was ambushed, he will be fine.”

Xue Ling clenched his fists and looked uneasy. "But Father-King, I\'ll really be anxious if I can\'t go to the front lines to look into it. Something happened to him right after he arrived, what if the Zerg had people in the front lines?!"

The old King’s expression also changed slightly. In recent years, the Zerg had become more and more rampant, and it wasn\'t impossible for them to have infiltrated the army. “Child, don\'t be in such a hurry. Originally, the Prince oversaw the running of the country. Now that something has happened to him, these things will all fall to you, and you cannot be too busy worrying. Even if there really was a problem in the front lines, you can\'t act on impulse."

Xue Ling’s clenched fists loosened slightly. He could tell that the old King was not on guard against him at all and obviously did think that his son-in-law would have plans to betray his son.

That wasn\'t surprising. The Empire has existed for so many years, and there had never been any alpha and omega pairing that divorced because they couldn\'t get along with each other. Alphas were always very good towards their omegas, and omegas were generally very affectionate towards their alpha. Unfortunately, that was under the premise that they developed mutual feelings for each other and marked each other. But if they were like Xue Ling, who had not even seen the Prince after their marriage, it was not impossible for him to say he wanted to kill him and then take action to turn himself into a widow.

Xue Ling seemed to have calmed down, but his eyes were still red. “Father-King, these days I have only been responsible for things around the Empire. If I also have to take over the front lines, I\'m worried that I won\'t be able to handle it all myself."

The old King squinted. It was not that a situation where the reigning King had run into an accident and the Queen had to take over had never happened before. Besides, Ashley received the best education the Rhine family could provide, and he still trusted him. It was just that the location where the army was stationed on the front lines was a little far away. With the Prince’s accident, the army’s morale would be unstable and somewhat difficult to deal with.

At this time, the palace servants came and reported that Honoria and General Warren were both requesting an audience.

Honoria\'s arrival had been expected. After all, she had to liaise with the royal family every day and her appearance after receiving the news did not alarm the old King. Rather, it was Warren\'s arrival that seemed to come out of the blue.

The ugly look on Xue Ling’s face finally improved. He looked up at the old King and explained, “My brother has been providing me with special training recently. Earlier, I rushed over as soon as I received the news and forgot to tell him that I was not training today. He should have come here because he was worried about me."

The old King was rather slow to react, smiling as he asked, “What special training is Little Ashley doing?”

Xue Ling looked down, blushed and pressed his lips together. “I found that my fitness had improved after that fever from few days ago, so I thought that if I could learn to fly mecha and fight in space, I could help the Prince a little, and maybe he would not leave me alone in the palace anymore.”

The old King was stunned. He had not thought that Ashley would say such a thing. When he had asked Xue Ling the other day about his son’s departure, his answer had been very mild. The old King had thought that he hadn\'t cared too much about his son leaving him.

Did he think that the Prince left him because he was not strong enough?

What a lovely child.

The old King’s heart softened at once, and if not for the distance between them, he would have reached out to touch Xue Ling’s head. “That\'s good then. Let General Warren come in, and I can inquire about the results of your special training.” There was a smile in his eyes as he looked kindly at Xue Ling.

Xue Ling was quite satisfied. He did not want to have to imprison the old King before he had achieved his goals. It was better if the other party did not defend against himself at all so as to facilitate his plans.

Warren and Honoria came in together. They were not acquainted, and did not greet each other. After saluting, Warren was summoned up by the old king. Honoria curtsied to the old King, and then to Xue Ling before efficiently taking out her nano-computer and preparing to start recording. “Your Highness, I have just heard some very bad news. I want to know how your Highness plans to deal with it.”

Xue Ling’s eyes were red. He looked at the old king and asked, “Father-King, news that the Prince is missing is not good news for the royal family, and we should hide it. But there are numerous reporters on the front line, and our own media can\'t block everyone\'s mouth…" He was a little worried. “If this is not handled properly, I\'m afraid it will threaten the royal family\'s image."

The old king waved his hand. “The royal family\'s public image has always been the Queen\'s responsibility. You are now the Princess, and it\'s up to you to make these decisions. Father-King believes in you."

Xue Ling curved his lips, nodded to Honoria and said, “Since we can’t stop the news from spreading, then let\'s take the lead."

Honoria frowned, “But Your Highness, if it was simply announced that His Highness the Prince has met with an accident, it would cause panic among the people.” After all, the Prince was known as the top alpha of the Empire.

Xue Ling knocked his hand on the table and said, “Then we should announce it another way. In a while, I\'ll go back and record a video for you to release to the public."

If he used his identity as the Princess to make the announcement and added some words, the public\'s reaction should be less intense.

This was probably the best way. Honoria thought for a while, and could find nothing wrong with this suggestion, so she began to prepare a script for Xue Ling to read later.

She understood her Princess\' character very well. Although he looked like a pitiful princess now, heaven knows what kind of upheaval he could stir up with the royal family\'s image. She\'d better provide a draft first, so that the Princess didn’t reveal too much that wasn\'t convenient for the public to know.

The old King had already talked with Warren about Xue Ling for a while, often looking over at Xue Ling with a surprised gaze that gradually turned relieved. Xue Ling always had a feeling that something strange and heavy was on his shoulders, like he was carrying a substantial burden. It seemed that the old King was now aware of his training results, and this point was something that Xue Ling wanted to make use of. He still needed the old King to agree if he wanted to go to the battlefield.

In fact, the old King did not have much time left; his body was aging fast. After talking to them for a while, he was already exhausted. He gave Xue Ling the power to deal with this matter directly, expressing that since he was so outstanding, he would definitely be able to resolve everything well.

Xue Ling smiled as he accepted, and then turned around and scolded the old King for his shamelessness.

Even if the old King wanted to shirk responsibility, it shouldn\'t be done like this. Nevertheless, Xue Ling really did want the authority to deal with everything.

After returning to his own palace, Xue Ling straightforwardly began to discuss things with Warren. Warren\'s idea was for Xue Ling to stay in the capital star while he went to the front lines in Xue Ling\'s stead. Xue Ling\'s idea was for him to go to the front lines while Warren stayed in the Empire to hold down the fort.

Neither of them could agree on who should go and who should stay. Finally, Xue Ling said one thing, “Elder brother, you know I can do this. If you still don’t agree, I’ll start crying in front of you."

Warren: “…” It was the first time he\'d encountered such a strange threat, but why was it so effective…

“Brother, what’s the point of you going to the front lines? Everyone knows that you are a general of the Empire, and half of the people on the front lines are loyal to you. Following you is the same as following the Prince, and I will just be seen as a Princess who depends on you." Xue Ling felt that he had already expressed himself very clearly. "My strength and ability is something you\'ve already tested for yourself these two days. Elder brother, even though I haven\'t graduated, my major was in command, and my results have always been very good. I\'m certain that I can win over the front lines and even the Prince’s personal guard."

Warren remained in a stalemate with him for a long time, but finally backed down.

When his younger brother was being so stubborn, he really couldn\'t win an argument with him, and couldn\'t bear to beat him up, and could only let him do as he wanted in the end. “Fine, you can go to the front lines, but you must bring extra people with you.”

Xue Ling smiled and nodded. Then he drove Warren out and called Honoria in.

Honoria had the script that she had prepared in hand. Xue Ling felt that the lines were a bit sorrowful, as though his husband had just died. But it wasn\'t a big problem; sooner or later his husband would need to die anyway. It was more important to put on an act and pretend to be pitiful.

Xue Ling changed into a simple, plain colored military uniform, and raked his hand through his hair. His eyes turned red, and he pressed his lips together to make himself appear particularly stubborn before asking Honoria, "Do I look okay like this?"

Honoria was completely indifferent to his perfect acting skills. She just praised him as the most amazing Princess, and then turned on the camera function of her nano-computer.

Xue Ling had long become used to his spokesperson\'s indifference. After half a month of interaction, he still really liked Honoria\'s character. Although these thoughts were wandering around in his mind, his acting in front of the camera was absolutely faultless.

His mouth was tight and his eyes were red, but he was very serious and proper. “His Royal Highness the Prince of the Empire, my husband, has been ambushed by the Zerg on the front line and was seriously injured. His whereabouts are currently unknown."

His fist clenched, and it was clear that he was holding back his grief. “This was a premeditated attack, an attack against the heir of the royal family. We don’t know what kind of conspiracy was behind this, but the royal family will never be afraid.”

“I firmly believe that my husband is still alive and that he will come back to me. But I do not plan to be confused and helpless while we wait. The royal family is the Empire’s backbone. The Prince is not here now, but there is still the Princess. As the Princess of the Empire, I have enjoyed the benefits of the Empire, and now I must also perform for the sake of the Empire."

“Three days later, I will go to the front lines. My brother, General Warren, will be stationed in the capital star, and the capital star will remain absolutely safe. As for the front line, I will do my utmost to stabilize it as quickly as possible."

“I know that there is no point in empty words, but I can use my identity as Ashley Joan Rhine to swear to the greatest Emperor of the Empire."

“We will bring the Empire to its most glorious heights, and the whole universe will remember the name of the Empire.” He did not specify whom he referred to when he said \'we\', and so it could only be assumed that it referred to His Royal Highness the Prince, but it was only an assumption.

“The light of the Empire will shine across all galaxies. Regardless of whether it is the Zerg, or the Alliance." His face that had an appearance akin to a god seemed to glow as he swore solemnly. “Everyone, please grant me glory.”

Anyone who saw this broadcast felt their blood boiling. Some amongst them had blessed the wedding held half a month ago, while some had cursed, but their impression of Ashley at the time had not been very deep. All they knew was that he was very beautiful and had been predicted to be the future Queen of the Empire from birth.

The video had been released publicly, and the Star Net was in a frenzy. Some were busy licking the Princess\' face, some had become particularly hot-blooded from his speech, and there were also some that focused on how the Prince was useless for needing the Princess to make a move, but the amount of people mocking the royal family that Honoria had originally been worried about turned out to be very few.

The common people had always been curious about the royal family. As long as the royal family could make them feel safe, they didn\'t actually care so much about what happened within the royal family.

Everything was good as long as everyone had food on the table, could sing and play, and had access to the Star Net.

Who cared where His Highness had ended up?

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