Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 40

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4.1 - Regardless of who the King is, he must be the Queen

When he was born, the sky was full of sunshine, the flowers blossomed for him, and even the birds sang for him.

The Empire’s prime ministers embraced him and sang the most beautiful hymns for him, the Empire’s prophets baptized him and divined his fate for him, even the stars glittered for him.

He was the Empress of the Empire in the sacrificial prophecy.

He was the last Princess of the Empire.

He was Ashley Joan Rhine.

Unfortunately, he was not the protagonist, so he died miserably in the end.

When Xue Ling woke up, he was lying on a huge double bed, and the bedroom was covered in a layer of pink. One only needed to glance over the decor to guess that it was intended as a bridal room.

But the space beside him was untouched, and it was clear that nobody had lain beside him.

This saved Xue Ling some trouble. If a person really had been there, he may have directly killed them.

Xue Ling rolled around on the bed, and had no intention of getting up. He looked around to make sure that there was no one else in the room before calling out the system and asking it to pass on this world\'s plot.

Uh… No wonder the system said that this world was somewhat special. So this was the legendary ABO world with six sexes that was originally created as a way to write smut. Xue Ling took a brief look at the introduction to this world, and learned that it should be categorized as an interstellar ABO story where the Empire was enemies with the Alliance, and there were also the Zerg.

Common settings for this kind of world.

Xue Ling continued to read the story.

The original host\'s name was Ashley Joan Rhine. He was born into the oldest family in the empire, the Rhine family. His father was a general of the Empire, his grandfather was the old Prime Minister, and his mother was a gentle female omega who was also a diplomat for the Empire.

As for him, he was the only omega of the Rhine family in this generation.

Xue Ling looked down at his own body and found that it was delicate and frail. He probably looked like a boy toy that was easy to push around.

When Ashley was born, the whole world celebrated with him. Flowers bloomed, birds were singing and the sky was glowing. The prophets predicted his future through divination, and proclaimed that in the future, he would be the Emperor\'s Empress.

As a result, this omega that was already well beloved by thousands of people had his life trajectory decided upon just like this. He was engaged to the direct bloodline inheritor of the Royal family; the Prince who was most likely to become the strongest alpha in the Empire in the future. When he was about to come of age, a grand wedding was held and he was married to the Prince, becoming the princess of the Empire.

As long as the Prince ascended the throne, Ashley would be Queen.

Unfortunately, he was not the protagonist, but the Prince was. So on the night of their wedding, the Prince left his bride and went to the front line to fight against the Zerg. Unluckily, the army was ambushed and the Prince disappeared.

Like every standard interstellar plot, the missing Prince lost his memory and landed on an ordinary planet. He was picked up by an omega disguised as beta, and after many days spent together, they developed deep feelings for each other.

All sorts of accidents and events happened around them, and finally, in an accident that threatened the hero’s life, His Highness recovered his memory, saved the omega, exposed his identity and marked him all in one go.

It was an ABO world, but the genders were not as unequal as in many ABO worlds. Omegas could go to school and take part in combat training, but due to their weaker bodies and the potential influence of pheromones during estrus, the government did not encourage them to become fighters, to the point where strict controls were put into place. After all, they could not let a single omega affect the entire alpha army. Terrible things may occur on the battlefield with even one accidental heat. Therefore, the government hoped that they would do civilian work. For example, Ashley\'s mother became a diplomat.

Inevitably, the protagonist shou had to be different. He was an orphan and believed from childhood that his parents had died on the battlefield against the Zerg as heroes of the Empire, and he also wanted to become a hero just like them. In order to hide his identity as omega, he has been trying to make money to buy inhibitors to disguise himself as a beta so that he could fulfill his dream of killing enemies on the battlefield. Betas had a higher probability of acceptance by the military academy, and he yearned to join the army and fight. It was precisely that drive and perseverance that made the Prince appreciate him more and more.

Omegas were scarce, so each alpha was only allowed to mark one omega. Once the Prince had marked the protagonist shou, the Princess that he had left behind in the palace could not be kept around.

Furthermore, the Prince had not liked him and his family from an early age.

The Prince had great ambition and wanted to centralize power, so he made a lot of moves behind the scene. He killed Ashley\'s parents and brother and made it look like an accident, framed his grandfather, and destroyed the family that had existed since the beginning of the empire. Finally, he left Ashley to his bodyguards when he went into heat and watched as he was raped and marked, even going so far as to film the scene.

Finally, he released a video of the Princess \'cheating\', announced his divorce, ascended the throne and married the protagonist shou.

The two fought together in the army, killing everywhere they went, and for a time they were the epitome of the perfect couple.

While traveling to his place of exile, the original body\'s owner died in the turbulence of a space storm, and not even his bones were left behind. This was probably the result of the Prince\'s handiwork, as the protagonist shou was always jealous due to their previous engagement. The Prince did not want anything to come between him and his lover, and so he simply killed Ashley off.

After his death, the Rhine family was completely exterminated. The Zerg went completely berserk, and began a desperate attack.

The Empire and the Alliance joined forces and started a century-long war, but ultimately, the human race was destroyed, and space turned completely desolate.

So, he was the last Princess of the Empire.

Xue Ling found it a little strange. He grabbed the system\'s ears and asked, “Why did the Zerg go mad and fight without any scruples after the Rhine family collapsed?"

The system shook its head and said, “That\'s unknown. The story ended right after the two protagonists got married, and the information about what happened after was provided separately. There must be some settings that we are unaware of. But, as long as you don\'t die, things shouldn\'t be able to develop to that point."

Xue Ling rubbed his chin. “What was the original owner\'s wish? What does he want me to do for him? Though, if he wants me to be with the prince, I refuse to do it."

The system shook its head. “Ashley didn\'t really love the prince. After all, the prince never wanted to spend time with him. He only had one obsession…”


“He wanted to be the Queen.” The system said, “Regardless of who the King is, he must be the Queen."

Xue Ling frowned slightly, finally finding this rather interesting. “What else?”

“He wishes to protect his family, his brother and the Empire he grew up in.”

Xue Ling felt that this youth was still a good patriot at heart. “He doesn\'t want revenge?”

“Oh, that wish was not as strong as the others. He just wants those two to have a miserable death." The system added this almost as an afterthought. “I’m sure that host would help him get revenge even if he didn\'t wish for it."

Xue Ling laughed and stretched out lazily. “Is it the day after my wedding right now?"

“Yes, last night was your wedding night. Your groom, who should be accompanying you today, has already left to join the battle." The system had Xue Ling bring over the nano-computer that was to one side. It dove inside, and the screen flashed before showing a little fox icon. "All set. I’m now connected to the world’s network, and in the future I\'ll stay within the nano-computer."

“This is your body\'s current stats. I’ll help you adjust and strengthen your body now.” A series of data flashed out of the nano-computer and hung suspended in mid-air for Xue Ling to view. “These genes are really outstanding, I believe that if it weren\'t for the plot\'s momentum, the original body would not have lost to that orphan protagonist."

“There\'s nothing we can do about it. Cannon fodders have no human rights. After all, they don\'t have the protagonist\'s aura." Xue Ling shrugged his shoulders, pushed aside his body\'s data and opened the mirror function of the nano-computer and carefully looked at the features of the person reflected in the mirror.

How should he put it… the original owner\'s temperament was extremely noble. His face was somewhat different from those of the previous lifetimes. Just from a glance, Xue Ling already felt that he was glowing.

He was undoubtedly born with great beauty, and an inherent noble and elegant temperament. It was set off by an aura of unattainability, like a distant god that looked upon the most humble of mortals. It should have been a very compassionate face, but the addition of those unexpected—though not contrary—fox eyes, his face suddenly changed and inexplicably carried a sense of wickedness.

Xue Ling was a demon, and even if he were to be a god, he would be a demon god. It was impossible for him to be compassionate towards all of mankind, let alone become the salvation of all living things.

This appearance… Xue Ling licked his lips, and thought in his heart that it was really asking to be abused.

The Prince left behind such a beautiful person in the palace. Don\'t blame him when he came back to find that the palace and the people within were no longer his.

The current King and father of the Prince had often gone to battle when he was young, but now his strength had gradually been used up. The old Queen had a difficult birth when she gave birth to the Prince, and passed away early due to poor health. The most important thing the King did every day was to think about his dead wife, and the governing of the Empire had already been passed down to the Prince. He was only waiting for the Prince to return from the battlefield before having him ascend the throne. According the plot, the Prince would soon go missing, and as his princess, Xue Ling would be able to take over everything under the Prince\'s hands.

In the Empire, the Queen and King had equal power, and the Princess was naturally able to do anything the Prince could.

What Xue Ling had to do was to ensure the power of the country was firmly grasped in his own hands.

Wasn\'t the Prince always suspecting that his family was going to rebel? Then he would rebel for him to see. When all the power was in his hands, what could the Prince do even if he came back with the protagonist shou?

Xue Ling was planning to divorce the Prince when he came back, and then make that man the King when he found him. After that, he would be a proper Queen, which could be regarded as fulfilling the original body owner\'s wish.

Only, he had no way to sense the presence of that man, and right now he had no idea where to look to find him.

If he couldn\'t find that man, then he could also casually find a King. In any case, he didn\'t really care who was King as long as he was the Queen.

Finally, after organizing the data to find what he needed, Xue Ling called for servants to come in to help him get dressed. He picked out a white uniform and was ready to go and pay respects to the King, his father-in-law.

Even though the Prince had already left, as a new son-in-law, he should still abide by the customs and do what he should do in order to gain goodwill with the King. It would also make it easier for him to put aside the old alpha King and control the palace in the future.

Early this morning, news that His Highness the Prince had left for a military expedition on the night of his wedding had already been spread throughout the palace. Many people were waiting to see how the new Princess would react. The original Ashley had been arrogant and sacred to the people; the Prince\'s behavior made him feel humiliated and so he had claimed to be sick for a day in order to protest his treatment. However, Xue Ling chose not to do this. He changed his clothes, sent word to the old King, and prepared to meet this elder.

The old King got up in the morning and had already been angry for a good while after he learned of his son\'s actions. When he heard that his new son-in-law was coming to see him, he felt somewhat powerless and scolded his son in his heart again even as he told people to tidy up the things he\'d thrown onto the ground in his temper. He put a smile on his face before welcoming: “Princess, please come in.”

Ashley had not yet reached adulthood; there was still a year before he officially entered the estrus phase and was abandoned by the Prince and tossed to the guards. Right now, he was still a teenager wearing a white military uniform, and carrying a smile on his face. It seemed that he had been unaffected by the Prince\'s unreasonable disappearance last night.

Such a smile instantly made the old King feel even more apologetic towards him.

He had decreed that this youth would become his son-in-law, and even from childhood Ashley had been smart, clever, and capable. He had really wronged him by marrying him to his son.

Only, other than his son, he could not allow Ashley to marry anyone else.

The old King kept a smile on his face as he kindly said to Xue Ling, "Rise, child."

Xue Ling obediently paid his respects and answered with a smile, “Thank you, Father-King."

The smile on his face did not seem false at all. He was still the same omega that was noble but dear to the people, every move amiable and courteous, whom people could not help but want to be closer to, and yet stayed at a distance due to his appearance; the omega that every Alpha in the entire Empire regarded as their dream lover.

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