Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 37

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3.14 - The sky began to brighten

Bai Hao was restless in his heart, but on the surface he still looked like an honest elder brother. He even wanted to continue settling accounts with Xue Ling. “Didn\'t\' we make plans to have dinner together? Weren\'t you purposely trying to anger me when you ran off to see Lin Yi by yourself?"

Although he really had that intention, he definitely couldn\'t admit it! Xue Ling aggrievedly turned over and looked at Bai Hao. "I wasn\'t!"

“Then why did you leave without seeing me first?!”

Xue Ling frowned and sneered, “Didn’t elder brother have a date with a beautiful woman tonight? How could I disturb you!"

Bai Hao frowned too; he seemed puzzled.

Xue Ling brought up everything that he was angry about to express how unhappy he was. “I wanted to go see you after work, but there was a beautiful woman sitting elder brother’s office. I didn\'t want to disturb elder brother\'s appointment, so I thought about meeting with Lin Yi to make it clear that he should not send me any more roses.”

Bai Hao\'s face turned a little ugly. “You saw the roses this morning?”


“I\'ll have the housekeeper throw them away next time so that they don\'t enter the house."

“Why don’t you just make it so that he doesn\'t have time to pester me again?”

“Good.” Now that his younger brother asked for it, Bai Hao was naturally willing. His plan to kill off Lin Yi was immediately moved up on his agenda. But even while he was happy, he did not forget to continue coaxing Xue Ling: “You saw Feng Ceng?”

“Isn\'t she supposed to be my future sister-in-law?” Xue Ling’s words were a bit sour, and the beginnings of an idea began to form in Bai Hao\'s mind, making him feel inexplicably happy.

“How could that be." Xue Ling sat up. His upper body was bare, and now that he was sitting up and facing his elder brother, it was Bai Hao\'s good fortune that he could get a proper eyeful. "Feng family did have the intention of getting married, but I have already refused."

Xue Ling scoffed, and it was unknown whether he believed it or not. His actions made the speculation that was lingering in Bai Hao\'s heart bolder, and he reached out to touch Xue Ling\'s head, but his brother ducked away. The youth glared at him with his pair of moist fox eyes. They were unspeakably beautiful, and made Bai Hao\'s heart itch. His lower body part that was already somewhat swollen became even more excited from that gaze. "You don\'t like Feng Ceng?"

Xue Ling did not reply.

Bai Hao took continued with his speculation, “Or is it that you don\'t want to have a sister-in-law."

Xue Ling stared at Bai Hao and took in the flicker of surprise that appeared on his face, thinking in his heart that this damned stick in the mud could finally be considered hooked. But on the surface, Xue Ling\'s face remained cold. "What is elder brother saying? There will be an elder sister-in-law sooner or later. Regardless of whether I like or not, I can\'t interfere with elder brother\'s decision."

When Bai Hao saw his current expression, he was even more delighted. The sentiments that had been hidden deeply all this time began to leak out as he reached out to hold Xue Ling\'s hand, pushing further, "You don\'t want me to find a sister-in-law for you?"

Xue Ling turned his head and ignored him, but his face was full of grievance. He clearly had not replied, but the answer was there anyway. Bai Hao was really happy as he turned Xue Ling\'s face back towards him. "Where did that scum touch you just now?"

Xue Ling hesitated, subconsciously frowning as he wanted to wipe at his lips, but his hand was caught as Bai Hao leaned forward and suddenly kissed him on the mouth.

At first, it was just a brush of the lips, but when Bai Hao saw that Xue Ling did not push him away, he began to take further advantage of him.

Xue Ling was sitting on his bed. Bai Hao nudged one leg forward between his two legs, and using his strength to pick up the youth and embraced him fully within his arms.

The two people\'s positions changed, and Xue Ling came back to his senses. He stretched out his tongue and lightly licked at Bai Hao\'s lips.

Bai Hao\'s eyes darkened as his hand encircled Xue Ling’s waist, lowering his head to deepen the kiss.

Xue Ling opened his mouth, and Bai Hao did not waste any effort as he stretched out his own tongue to tangle with the other\'s smaller one that had teased him earlier. Their kiss became more and more intense, and they were soon panting for breath. Xue Ling felt a hand sliding down his waist and slipping into his jeans, and couldn\'t help but be a little annoyed, giving Bai Hao a glare.

His cheeks were flushed red from the kiss, his pair of fox eyes damp; his glare did not have the desired effect at all, but instead was extremely attractive. Bai Hao cursed him for being such a seductive demon before pinching his chin and bowing his head to kiss him again. This kiss was nothing like the previous tentative kiss. It was forceful and aggressive; Xue Ling had just been about to refuse, but his hand was grasped by Bai Hao, and his whole body was wrapped up in the other side\'s embrace. He was completely unable to move.

This time, his trousers were stripped off by Bai Hao.

Although he had been intentionally seducing Bai Hao, it was not this tsundere Xue Ling\'s style to let him win so easily~

While Bai Hao was still attempting to make his move, Xue Ling tore off his own pants and moved to the other side of the bed. His eyes were somewhat reddened from the kiss, and he looked thoroughly tousled, but he still stared at Bai Hao with his lips pressed together, like a small rabbit watching a big grey wolf who was about to smash the door in.

The system cursed quietly in its heart that city people really knew how to play, and then its little fox body disappeared as it returned to the system space to hide.

The host obviously had plans to do some things that were unsuitable for children to see, and it should probably avoid it.

This was something that he had thought about for so long, and now he finally had a chance to turn it into reality. Bai Hao was not a gentleman. He even dared to make a move on his younger brother; what else was there that he wouldn\'t do? At this moment, the elder Young Master Bai\'s face showed a rare trace of a smile as he crooked his fingers towards the younger brother who was still glaring at him. "Baby, be good and come over here by yourself, okay?"

Xue Ling looked at him somewhat resentfully. It was as though he was angrily ignoring his brother’s words.

“Baby, come on, I know what you want. You\'re very uncomfortable right? Why don\'t you come here and let elder brother help you?"

“Are you treating me like a three year old child?”

“Oh.” Bai Hao gave a low laugh, stopped trying to coax him, and went straight over the bed to reach the other side. His movements were quick, and Xue Ling was seized before he could even react. "Clearly you were the one that brought up this topic. Why are you looking at me with eyes that seem to say your elder brother is a beast?"

“Are you not a beast?” Xue Ling did not have any intention to struggle, and let him encircle his waist and press close to his body. "Willing to make a move on your younger brother."

“I never thought of you as my brother.” Bai Hao\'s voice was very pleasant to the ears, particularly when it had a trace of suppressed desire; it was husky and deep, like the warning growl that vibrated from deep within the throat of a carnivore when it was protecting its prey. "Anyway, we are deeply in love and attracted to each other. Why can\'t I make a move?"

“Since when were we deeply in love?"

“Just now.” Bai Hao lowered his head and kissed his way down his spine, his tongue sliding along his back. Xue Ling\'s entire body tightened from the sensation. "My baby agreed to be with me just now."

“I think that at the very start of being deeply in love together, someone first needs to confess their feelings. How could forcefully kissing someone and not saying anything count as being deeply in love? Who do you think you are?" Xue Ling lazily twisted his head to look at him, his lips brushing against Bai Hao\'s face to lock gazes with a pair of deep, black eyes.

A light was flashing deep within, like it wanted to devour him completely.

But after hearing his words, those eyes once again showed a trace of laughter and pampering. Bai Hao rubbed Xue Ling\'s head and softened his tone, his voice full of affection as he said:. "Bai Yue, I love you. Could you love me back?"

Although somewhat unhappy that the name Bai Hao called out was not his own, Xue Ling still narrowed his eyes in satisfaction. He flipped himself and straddled Bai Hao\'s body. "I can love you." His eyes were narrowed as though he was calculating something, arrogantly lifting up his head. "But you have to promise me that you will only ever love me in this life." He reached out his hand to tightly grasp Bai Hao\'s collar. "If you want to be with me, you had better not think about finding me a sister-in-law or making me a small nephew."

He was extremely solemn and serious, to the point where Bai Hao couldn\'t help but want to raise his face and kiss him, block that endlessly chattering mouth and watch as he softened like water in his arms.

“If you dare to betray me.” He bared his teeth in a grin as though wanting to scare Bai Hao and threatened, "I will make sure you are dead."

Bai Hao\'s answer was refreshingly simple, he made a sound of acknowledgement as his hand stroked along Xue Ling\'s back, skillfully pressing him down onto the bed. He smiled as he said, "If I have you, there\'s no need to find a wife or have children. I only want you. From now on, Bai family will only have you and me."

Xue Yi nodded in satisfaction, and let Bai Hao hold and look at himself as he pleased. "What are you looking at me for?"

“Looking at how attractive you are.” Bai Hao\'s hands traced carefully over his features. "When I first saw you, it was like you hooked away my soul."

Xue Ling was also very curious about why Bai Hao\'s feelings towards him would be so strong, but Bai Hao had no idea and Xue Ling also really liked this elder brother of his, so he decided to indulge himself this once.

Anyway, even if the protagonist’s fates had been completely changed and their luck had been drawn away, he would still have to stay in this world and live a full life here.

And it just so happened that there was someone he could spend this life with.

If Bai Hao really dared to betray him, then he would just kill him off, and then make himself head of the Bai family.

As for the Bai family\'s line of inheritance, his father and mother were still young and he could just wait for them to produce some more little people. Or, he could have the system make a move and give this world the technology for two men to have children. At that time, they could have Bai Hao be the one to give birth.

Well, yes. After all, if he wants to be the one on top, then he should have to pay some price.

Bai Hao was completely unaware of the crazy thoughts running through the mind of the person lying beneath him. He kissed slowly across his brow before once again capturing his lips, and that pair of pants that had not been pulled back on properly were once again taken off.

There was a marked contrast between the two people: one only had his underwear left while the other still had all their clothes on. Xue Ling inexplicably felt a little discomfited.

Unwilling to lose, he tried to start taking Bai Hao\'s clothes off.

And then he was left without the strength to care whether or not the other party was wearing clothes by Bai Hao, who was stimulated by a proactive Xue Ling.

This seemed to be a very ordinary night. The moon was hanging brightly in the sky, and the villa was lit up with lights throughout the night. When Lin Yi arrived home, he broke a lot of things, and completely broke up with Sun Jianan. Sun Jianan expressionlessly looked at the man who now refused to recognize him and insisted on splitting up, and was stunned speechless.

He packed up his things and moved into a new place that had no relationship with Lin Yi. It had been paid for with his own paychecks.

He understood Lin Yi, and looking at Lin Yi\'s attitude, he could tell that he had hit a wall where Bai Yue was concerned. Lin Yi would not come and find him in the near future.

Sun Jianan was filled with hatred. He spent the night staring at photos of Bai Yue, his eyes fierce and poisonous.

He would destroy Bai Yue.

Completely and utterly destroy him!

At this time, the sky was slowly suffused with a sliver of grey, and began to brighten.

Xue Ling was tossed about and eaten by Bai Hao multiple times before he was bathed and put back into bed. Dazed and lethargic, he fell into a deep sleep.

Was he supposed to join the crew the next day?


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