Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 36

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3.13 - If I ever see you show up in front of my younger brother again…

“Why!” Lin Yi suddenly stood up. His voice was quite loud and earned him some surprised looks from the people around them. He quickly sat down again and looked at Xue Ling sadly, like he had been wronged. “Don’t rush to reject me. Liking a man is no big deal; I promise I’ll treat you well. As long as it\'s something you want, I can give it to you."

Xue Ling looked at him strangely. “I can get what I want by myself. Why would I need you to give it to me?"

These words were frequently used to coax Sun Jianan, and so they came out automatically when he was facing Xue Ling. He only realized now that the person in front of him was not like Sun Jianan, who came from nothing and could only rely on him. His facial expression changed for a second, but the thought was soon thrown to the back of his head.

Bai Yue was the person he had always been chasing. Regardless of whether Sun Jianan was even more considerate, he still could not be compared with him. Besides, Bai Yue did not need to rely on him; this showed that him and Bai Yue were equal. With this thought in mind, Lin Yi\'s face once again carried a smile.

Xue Ling had no idea what thoughts were floating around in his mind, but he was sure that they were dirty thoughts that he would want to kill him over, and he wasn\'t really interested in trying to understand them. “I know it’s not a big deal to like a man, but is your way of expressing your \'like\' of me to find someone that looks quite similar to me to keep by your side?"

Lin Yi quickly waved his hand, “Little Yue, don\'t misunderstand. The relationship between Sun Jianan is not what you think it is."

Xue Ling raised his chin slightly, and the small pampered and arrogant movement was extremely compelling. His slightly lowered eyelids covered his pair of shining and beautiful fox\'s eyes with their slightly uplifted corners. The more he acted high and mighty, the more he made others want to pull him down from the platform and bully him wantonly. It would be even better to have that pair of beautiful eyes be filled with tears - slightly reddened at the corners and glittering. It would be very enchanting.

“I don’t care about you and Sun Jianan. I just don\'t want to receive your roses any more." He frowned and said somewhat impatiently, "Having me see it is just dirtying my eyes. Asking my elder brother to throw them out every day is dirtying his hands."

Lin Yi was stunned. He had never thought that Xue Ling would use those kinds of words in response to his confession. The Bai Yue in his heart was so beautiful; how would he say such vicious words to him?

Xue Ling was committed to shattering his dream. “I would pick anyone over you, Lin Yi. Sitting together with you to drink coffee already makes me feel dirty."

He stood up and continued, “Did you look at yourself before you went out? You should look for a small mirror and see the red mark on your neck." His laughter was cold, making Lin Yi a little confused. "Coming from Sun Jianan\'s house to confess to me. Lin Yi, how big is your ego for you to think that the two of us should revolve around you."

By the time Lin Yi pulled himself together, he had already left. He threw down some money on the table in a hurry and ran after Xue Ling. The cafe was not situated by the roadside but rather was in a small square. Lin Yi\'s car was stopped by the side.

He ran a couple steps to catch up with Xue Ling, and then reached out to grab Xue Ling by the wrist, pulling him over and tossing him against the car before pressing his whole body up against him.

Lunch break was over and there was nobody outside at this time. Xue Ling had been caught off guard, and was unable to react in time to defend himself as his waist was knocked painfully against the car. He had spent this life as a little young master who had been valued and protected, and his body was very delicate. With such a direct collision, his back would most likely be covered in a large patch of black and blue.

He stared at Lin Yi with an ugly face and said angrily, “What are you doing?”

Lin Yi was also agitated, and had no idea that he had hurt him so badly. He gave Xue Ling an imploring look. "Little Yue, why don\'t you give me a chance, and give yourself a chance. I love you so much."

Xue Ling sneered and said angrily, “You love me? How do you love me? By getting a stand-in to pretend that you\'re sleeping with me?!"

Linyi heard him mention this again and his brain turned; it was not known what he was thinking as he said, "If you didn\'t like me, then why do you care so much about Sun Jianan? Why don\'t you agree to go out with me and promise not to be angry anymore… as long as you agree, I will break up with Sun Jianan at once!"

Xue Ling was disgusted by his words. “You want me to like you? That\'s too funny. Lin Yi, who do you think you are? Do you think you\'re like money, and everyone has to like you?"

“Why do I care about Sun Jianan? It\'s because I hate him, and he makes me sick. He is a person who imitated me and looks like me, and even climbed into another man\'s bed and acts like a white lotus all day long in front of me looking for death. Why shouldn\'t I care about him? But, compared to him, I despise you even more." He enunciated every word clearly. "Lin Yi, you disgust me."

Lin Yi’s eyes turned red at once, probably due to Xue Ling\'s constant stimulation. He grabbed Xue Ling’s hand and pressed him down on the car once again, lowering his head and aiming to bite ate Xue Ling\'s lips, wanting to kiss him. But just as he touched those red lips, a fist punched him directly in the face. He was worthy of being the protagonist of this story - he dodged to one side, but was forced to let go of Xue Ling.

Xue Ling painfully touched his back, and then began to use his hands to rub at his lips with a face full of disgust.

In front of him, Bai Hao whose first punch missed, threw another one that hit Lin Yi directly in the stomach. Lin Yi was laid flat on the ground with one punch, and his face was scrunched up in pain. Bai Hao obviously did not want to let him go, and was about to kick him with his feet, but Xue Ling used a hand to pull him back.

He had lowered his head and his expression was unclear, one hand holding tightly to Bai Hao\'s, one hand still wiping at the lips that had been touched by the scum just now. Bai Hao could not see the look on his face, but it did not prevent him from understanding Xue Ling\'s intention. He glared fiercely at Lin Yi and said, "If I ever see you show up in front of my younger brother again, I will make sure you are impotent for the rest of your life!"

Xue Ling thought to himself that it was a good idea, but kept his head bowed. After Bai Hao had finished his threat, Xue Ling walked even faster than he did and rushed to enter the Bai family car.

The driver looked at his little young master with some distress, and then looked at the elder young master who came in after with a face as dark as a thundercloud, and knew that this time, the Lin family would most likely be made miserable with Lin Yi as the cause.

For a scum like Lin Yi to dare covet their little young master… Their little young master was as beautiful as crown jade, just like the moon in the sky, and every move was similar those of immortals. Lin Yi searching for a substitute was already blasphemous to their little young master, but he even dared to lay a hand on him; he was simply begging for death!

Xue Ling had been continuously rubbing at his lips with his hands. His head was still lowered and Bai Hao could not see his expression, but he could guess how disgusted his younger brother was. However… he couldn\'t let him continuously wipe at it, so he reached out and grasped Xue Ling\'s hand.

Xue Ling stilled, and did not try to regain control of his hand.

Although he deliberately stimulated Lin Yi, he had not expected the other party to touch him. He was a little obsessive about cleanliness, and he couldn\'t stand being touched by scum like Lin Yi, so he constantly subconsciously wanted to wipe at his lips. Those originally pink lips were rubbed a brilliant red, and appeared extraordinarily tender and fragile, making one\'s mouth water.

Both brothers were silent on the way home, and it seemed as though a storm was approaching. The driver also did not dare to speak, and could only pray silently for the little young master, hoping that the elder young master would not do anything to him this time. After all, the little young master was also a victim.

Old Master Bai and his old friends had gone out hiking in the past two days. Only the housekeeper stayed behind to look after the house. Xue Ling was dragged straight into Bai Hao\'s room, and nobody saw them along the way.

Xue Ling was pressed onto the bed by Bai Hao, but even before he had sat down properly, he had already jumped up and run into the bathroom. Bai Hao\'s gaze was unreadable as he watched him go, and seeing him wash his face over and over again with water, it seemed that all the rubbing from before had not been enough to make him feel better - he had to wash his face to get rid of that feeling.

Bai Hao finally couldn\'t take it anymore after watching Xue Ling wash for a long time. He went into the bathroom and dragged the person inside out, pressing him back onto the bed. Xue Ling was still restless, but was pinned by Bai Hao\'s eyes. That gaze was devilish and fierce, as though he wanted to pounce and do him at the slightest provocation.

Xue Ling thought in his heart that if he really had the ability to do him on the spot, then he\'d really frighten others.

After settling a reluctant Xue Ling onto the bed, Bai Hao went out for a moment and brought back a medicine box. He closed and locked the door, and finally opened his mouth to speak: “Take off your clothes.”

Xue Ling knew what he wanted to do and was a little unwilling, but still lifted up the clothes on his upper body.

His back had been hit so hard that it had turned black and blue, and looked particularly ugly now.

The man’s face was completely black, and there was no room for discussion in his tone: “Take it off.”

Xue Ling pouted, feeling that he had already taken off enough, but in order not to have to confront the man who was clearly in a temper, still obediently removed the clothes from his upper body.

And then Bai Hao pushed him down to lie flat on the bed. He was pressed so hard his chin hurt.

“Elder brother, take it easy.” He called out and twisted his waist to make himself appear more like himself and a little less dismal.

His small waist was black and blue, and Bai Hao felt all kinds of heartache when he saw it, but Xue Ling was clearly ungrateful, twisting back and forth, his slender waist moving beneath his hands. Those two back dimples were shallow, and in his eyes they appeared incredibly cute. Bai Hao\'s eyes were as black as ink, but it seemed as though there were two fires burning within.

Xue Ling glanced sideways at his face and hummed lightly to pull his elder brother’s mind back.

Bai Hao took out the ointment. First, he slapped Xue Ling’s two firm buttocks and shocked him into a daze before scooping up the ointment and rubbing it onto his waist.

Just as Xue Ling wanted to jump up and kill the damned pervert who dared to hit his butt, the cool ointment was swiped across his waist and made his limbs go soft. Bai Hao\'s hand pressed down on his waist and slid down in a strong stroke, making the area that had been heavily bruised begin to throb with pain. Xue Ling could not help it, and let out a low wimper.

Bai Hao\'s hands paused as he looked at the person lying down on his bed, the look in his eyes unreadable.

When his movements stopped, Xue Ling was naturally unsatisfied, turning his head to look back at him with a frown. He called out miserably to Bai Hao and brought him back to his senses. "It hurts."

Bai Hao had no intention of appeasing him at all. He only sneered when he heard Xue Ling\'s cry of pain. "Now you know it hurts. Why didn\'t you think about that when you ran out without a word to go see him?"

Xue Ling pouted and thought to himself that he hadn\'t exactly left without a word, didn\'t he leave him a message? Besides, there was no way this damned pervert wouldn\'t know where he was; hadn\'t he arranged for people to follow him twenty four hours a day? But he finally only said, "I never thought he would try to force it."

Bai Hao sneered again, but his hand did not show any mercy, pressing down until Xue Ling cried out again, feeling all kinds of grievance. "Clearly I was the one who was wronged, but you\'re taking it out on me."

Bai Hao laughed. “If I was taking it out on you, would I be helping you with the medicine?"

Xue Ling laughed awkwardly: “Yes, yes, yes. I know that elder brother treats me the best, and even helped me beat up that scum."

“Why didn’t you let me punch him a few more times for you?”

“I just wanted to get away from him when I saw him, and I wanted to come home and rinse out my mouth." Xue Ling muttered and complained, "Since I was touched by him, I felt really disgusted."

Bai Hao’s face changed slightly. He quietly asked, “Do you hate being touched by men?"

Xue Ling once again complained to himself - wasn\'t he already lying on this damned man\'s bed? And he was still worried about whether he hated men or not. Normally, wouldn\'t you get on the bus first and then pay for the ticket after, embracing the other party as you express that regardless of whether you like it or not, you must like me anyway? Sure enough, he was repressed to the point where no medicine could cure him!

Although he was somewhat exasperated, it was still better if the actions that he made up in his head did not actually happen to him. If the two people were already lovers, it would be fun, but if not, that would be criminal. Xue Ling\'s train of thought went \'round and \'round, but his face remained unchanged. He shook his head and answered, "That\'s not it. I just find Lin Yi disgusting."

That small face appeared extremely innocent, seeming to have no idea what point his elder brother was focused on.

Bai Hao\'s gaze darkened and lingered on Xue Ling\'s back, but he did not forget to press on, "Is it because he is a man and likes you?"

Xue Ling knew what he was suggesting with his roundabout words, and found it amusing. "No, I don\'t discriminate when it comes to this aspect, but the way he likes someone really disgusted me. Finding a substitute and things like that, what kind of overbearing president does he think he is? It\'s really insulting."

It was unclear if Bai Hao understood what he was saying, but he nodded and made a sound of acknowledgement.

His eyes glided down from the beautiful shoulder bones of the young man, slipped over the ridge of his waist, lingered at the back dimples, and then further, looking at the lower half of Xue Ling\'s body that was still covered in pants. His eyes were hot, as though he was anxious to pull those pants down.

Xue Ling was wearing low-waisted jeans today. The fit was not very tight, and when he lay down there was extra space around the waist causing the jeans to slip down. Following the line of his waist, he could just barely see the edge of his white underwear, and further he could see two round and firm buttocks, wrapped in jeans to make a beautiful curve. Bai Hao was somewhat enthralled as he looked, and his breath came a little faster.

The man’s hand movements gradually became irregular. Xue Ling mentally cursed him for being a damned pervert, but did not make any movement. It seemed that he had no intention of stopping the man from doing anything.

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