Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 208

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Extra 2 – We\'ll slowly grow old together

translator: xiin

editor: BlueBug

9. Regarding going home

After the press conference, Su Xuanyan paid off the remaining loan for Xue Ling\'s little apartment. The two of them packed up and prepared to move into the Su Family mansion.

The Su Family mansion did not cover a huge area. It was a simple three-storey villa, but the surrounding grounds were very vast. The stretch of hills all belonged to Su Family, and the road that led there was somewhat remote. They had to rely on hovercraft for access to the mansion.

There weren\'t many people in the villa; the two brothers Su Liunian and Su Xuanqing, and an old housekeeper. Most of the cleaning and other such work were done by robots and would mostly never appear in front of their masters.

Su Liunian was waiting for them outside by the time they arrived and got out of the car with their things.

It was the first time that Xue Ling had seen Su Liunian ever since the two of them won the film emperor trophy together and Xue Ling recovered his memories.

He was wearing a simple set of household clothing and wrapped up in a big loose coat. He smiled cheerfuly and waved at Xue Ling, "Hello, sister-in-law."

Xue Ling rolled his eyes at him and refused this method of address.

Su Xuanyan followed behind Xue Ling with their things, slapped his youngest brother\'s head lightly and said, "Stop messing around. Just call him by name."

Su Liunian shrugged to express that it was fine as long as this pair of husbands was happy~

The second floor of the old house belonged to Su Liunian and Su Xuanqing. Su Xuanyan used to live on the third floor in a single person room, but after he remembered everything, he renovated the entire floor. Now, the room in the third floor had become a double room, and the rest of the floor had been newly redecorated.

Xue Ling tossed aside their luggage, then jumped up and flopped onto the bed. He squinted at Su Xuanyan and crooked his finger, "Come here, and show me the stretch of rivers and mountains that you\'ve won over for me~"

Su Xuanyan rubbed his head helplessly. “Don’t seduce me. We still have to go down and eat dinner together tonight."

Xue Ling: “…” Was it his fault that his appearance was seductive? He\'d just wanted him to come up and sit on the bed! How did it turn into him seducing him?!

10. Regarding their honeymoon

“Eldest brother, where are you and Xuexue going to spend your honeymoon?" After dinner, Su Liunian came out of the kitchen with fruit, stuffed a strawberry at Su Xuanqing, who was watching the news, and curiously asked Su Xuanyan.

Xue Ling was also curious about this topic. He wanted to go out to play, but Su Xuanyan said he had a better suggestion, so he just needed to let Su Xuanyan do the planning.

“To a place you don’t know.” Su Xuanyan\'s words seemed placating.

Su Liunian was blocked, and froze for a moment. He had originally planned to hand the fruit tray in his hands to Xue Ling, but he now turned around to stuff another strawberry at Su Xuanqing instead. "Hmph. Aren\'t you just bullying me and elder brother with the fact that we can\'t go on a honeymoon?! We can go out and play, too! We\'ll go tomorrow! And travel around the world!"

Su Xuanqing had been given a good many strawberries. He helplessly set them down, then set the tray Su Liuanan was holding and placed it on the table. "If we go, we\'ll be handing all the work over to our eldest brother."

“Didn’t he take that long vacation?” Su Liunian automatically, unconsciously nested into Su Xuanqing’s arms. Su Xuanqing placed the strawberries at his lips, and he ate them obediently. Xue Ling discreetly turned his head. Weren\'t they just doing public displays of affection? Everyone could do that!

“Where exactly are we going?” Xue Ling asked.

The hand that Su Xuanyan was using to handle some documents stopped. He pulled Xue Ling into his arms and quietly said, "I\'ll tell you tomorrow. We\'ll go to whichever place you like."

Xue Ling was still a little confused.

The housekeeper watched as the four of them nestled into the two corners of the sofa and entered their own worlds, and was silently gratified.

It was great that the Eldest Young Master was no longer being blinded by other people\'s love all day long.

11. Regarding the choices

“ABO, sentinel and guide, ger, beastman…” Xue Ling looked at the options silently, then asked Su Xuanyan, “These are the choices you were talking about?”

As a small system who had been tossed over to Su Xuanyan by the Ten Directions World after successfully completing its task, its current job was to serve this pair of husbands and provide them help with shuttling through different worlds. "These worlds aren\'t the only ones available. Since it\'s host\'s honeymoon, I just selected some worlds that were more suited for certain acts~ They are more suited for you two to mess around in."

Su Xuanyan hugged Xue Ling from behind, placed his head on his shoulder, and rubbed their cheeks together. "You choose. We\'ll go to whichever one you like. Different worlds move at different speeds in relation to our original world. If you like, we can even go through all of them. But it will take a bit longer that way."

Xue Ling turned his head and pinched his face, saying, "What\'s the point in going to so many? We can play our way through them slowly after you die."

Su Xuanyan: “…” He was purposely choking him, right? Otherwise, why would he curse him to death?

Xue Ling sneered. He knew that the system was trying to be clever and had purposely picked these garbage worlds. It had nothing to do with Su Xuanyan, so he dropped the matter. He thought about it, then said, "Since it\'s a honeymoon, we should choose a relatively peaceful and prosperous era~ Let\'s go to the ancient times first~"

The system\'s heart was tired as it set up the coordinates for them.

It was made to do a whole bunch of things when it stayed with the Ten Directions World, and now that it was here with Xue Ling, it was being blinded by shows of love all day long. It was tired! As a small system, what should it do?

12. Regarding the new world

Xue Ling once again experienced that feeling of switching bodies that always caught him off guard as he transmigrated, then subconsciously looked down at his clothing…

“???” A skirt?

Xue Ling hurriedly glanced around. Su Xuanyan was not by his side; they had been separated after transmigrating into this world.

“System! What\'s going on?!"

“Don’t worry, lord host. You\'re just wearing women\'s clothing. It\'s not a big deal." The system quietly popped up. It could tell that its host was about to have a fit based on Xue Ling\'s tone of voice, so it hurriedly reassured him, "Your gender hasn\'t changed. Relax."

Xue Ling didn\'t know what to say, "Then what\'s the meaning of this? Women\'s wear fetish?"

“Basically.” The system spoke unhurriedly. "Find a mirror and take a look. You aren\'t a full crossdresser. This original body likes to cosplay and will wear male or female clothing, but prefers women\'s clothes and will occasionally dress up as a girl to go shopping. They have a lot of clothes at home. You can go and take a look, there are men\'s clothes, too."

Xue Ling was about to go and look for the clothing, but there was a knock at the front door. The other party\'s knocking became more and more urgent, and while Xue Ling was stuck on whether to change clothes or open the door, the other party had already opened the door and come in.

The person who came in was Su Xuanyan.

They were able to accurately recognize each other despite not using their original bodies. After the two of them had recognized and acknowledged each other as a Boundary Master and spiritual object pair, the connection between them had become much stronger.

Su Xuanyan had been standing at the door to Xue Ling\'s house when he came into this world. He could sense that Xue Ling was inside and knocked on the door, but no one answered. He pounded for a long time before discovering that he had the key in his pocket.

The embarrassment he felt at that point was a little subtle.

Xue Ling plucked at the clothing on his body and had originally been anxious to get changed, but after he saw Su Xuanyan, Xue Ling\'s actions stopped, and he propped his head against his cheek as he yelled for the system to get out here! "System, what the hell\'s going on here!"

The system saw that Su Xuanyan had also appeared. It rolled its eyes and explained the plot for them. “Since you two are honeymooning, I chose this world for the two of you. The relationship between the two of you is currently as a pair of husbands, but since host likes to dress up as a woman, most people think that you are a regular husband and wife couple. You just signed the wedding certificate abroad yesterday. The two of you are both rich third generations that don\'t need to worry about any business or household affairs. It\'s no problem for you two to simply eat and live and wait for death. Host\'s main business is cosplay, and you do all kinds of exhibitions. You can also sing some songs, and opened up an online shop. There\'s no need to worry about managing it since Mister Su plays the stock market. He has a company, but he doesn\'t manage it much."

The system shook its head and said, “I really spent a lot of effort to find this honeymoon place for you guys."

Xue Ling was a little suspicious, "Are you so nice? Then, in this world, with such a happy life, what\'s the catch?"

The system smiled widely and continued, "Host really understands me. Two years later, this world will go through an apocalypse~ Host can experience a comfortable life before the apocalypse, and also the thrills and danger during the end of the world. Isn\'t it particularly fun?"

Xue Ling: “…”

“A system like this,” Su Xuanyan spoke calmly, “You won\'t have any objections if I send it back to the Ten Directions World, right?"

Xue Ling: “Nope.”

System: “…” Wahhh, it knew it was wrong! Begging the two big lords to let it off for once (〒_〒) The Ten Directions World was a big pervert!!! Don\'t send it back!!!

13. Regarding the new world 2

Since it was a new world, it was an opportunity to experience a new life. Xue Ling hesitated as he looked at the beautiful girl in the mirror.

The seduction level of this face had risen sharply after his eyes were factored in. He was wearing a short, fluffy skirt, with an off-the-shoulder top and a loose handsome guard jacket that was zipped up half way. His beautiful clavicle was exposed, and he was wearing a thin silver necklace that stopped just short of the clavicle. Their wedding rings hung there, and for some reason, when the two rings were framed by his collarbones, they seemed a little seductive. Long, curly brown hair tumbled down from his wig to his waist, and after fixing it, he had a kind of messy beauty. Even without make-up, he now looked endlessly cool, and if he stepped out onto the street, his looks would instantly attract a group of fawning people, the type that would call him little sister and beg to kiss, hug, and embrace him.

This body had originally appeared androgynous. His forehead gave off the feeling of a male, and if he wore men\'s clothing he would definitely be considered a beautiful man, but there was no feeling of disharmony when he wore women\'s clothing. There was a pair of knee-length black boots in front of the bed that should match with his current outfit.

The system was encouraging him from the side. "Host, quickly put on the boots~ You promised to take some self-portraits for your fans today. You can\'t do things half-heartedly! Also, have you forgotten that you\'re going out with Mister Su to see a new house?"

Xue Ling glared at the system, “Who exactly caused the present situation?”

The system shrunk its neck and didn\'t dare to speak further.

Su Xuanyan had gone out after knowing that he wanted to change. He waited a while, then came back and discovered that Xue Ling was still dressed in the same clothes. He asked in surprise, "Not changing anymore?"

Xue Ling clutched at his head in irritation and said, "Fine! I won\'t change it! There\'s no style that I can\'t master! Isn\'t it just crossdressing?! I\'ll just wear it!"

It was at this point that Su Xuanyan finally noticed his clothing. Before, he had been in a hurry, and when he stepped out, his head was still full of thoughts on how to deal with the apocalypse that would happen in two years. Only now did he discover that Xue Ling was dressed up quite attractively.

Xue Ling noticed that his gaze was on his body, sneered, then said, "What are you looking at? Haven\'t you seen a flat chested person before?!"

Su Xuanyan held back his laughter and didn\'t mind his words.

Xue Ling was too lazy to pay attention to him. He looked through the original body\'s memories and checked the plans for today before putting on the pair of boots that were by the bed.

It was a pair of knee-length boots. They were long enough and warm enough that Xue Ling didn\'t need to wear stockings. He stood up in front of the mirror, then looked at his own reflection again.

… How should he describe it? He had a kind of mesmerizing, punk look?

In many cases, boys’ legs were actually better looking than girls\' legs. The original body had been one of them; he had long legs, and wore a high-waisted short skirt. His legs were white and slender, and contrasted with the pair of black boots.

Su Xuanyan closed the door and casually turned the lock.

Xue Ling had originally planned to study these so-called cosmetics. When he heard the noise, he turned his head and asked curiously, "What are you doing?"

“Since you can’t take it off, let me help you with it." Su Xuanyan thought about it, then grinned and said, "It\'s not like you definitely have to take photos on the street today~"

That night, the well-known cosplayer disappeared from the fans\' view for a day. He made countless people crouch in front of their computers as they waited for photos before finally sending out a batch of photos that only showed his face. He expressed a sincere apology to everyone and said that because a certain person at home had been stupid, the other parts of him couldn\'t be photographed for the time being.

His fans on Weibo: [ … Waited for half a day only to feed us dog food? ] [ Manually waving goodbye! Do you really have to do this to us? (〒_〒) Can\'t you let our female god out! ] [ Am I the only one who understood male god\'s meaning (///ω///) ] [ Starting the car! Male god didn\'t have enough time to prepare before the car started! ]

14. Regarding the apocalypse

This world was built around the apocalypse. The protagonist\'s experiences were also related to the apocalypse. Su Xuanyan used his authority to identify the cause of the apocalypse, and looked into the cause and invested in a vaccine for the zombie virus one year ahead of time.

He successfully solved the problem before the mass outbreak of zombies could even begin, and simultaneously made a fortune.

System: “Oh my god. Do you need to be so intense? You guys directly got rid of the entire plot!"

“The best way to change the protagonist\'s fate is to get him off track right from the start, right? The apocalypse won\'t happen, so the protagonist won\'t appear, and this world\'s trajectory will have been completely changed, correct?"

System: “… No, you’re right.”

Compared with Xue Ling, Su Xuanyan was even more vicious and insane… The way he changed the plot was so straightforward.

15. Regarding \'The End\'

After their honeymoon ended, the two of them returned to their original world. A week\'s worth of time had passed there, but they had spent an entire lifetime in that world.

Xue Ling stretched, then lazily laid down on Su Xuanyan\'s lap and said, "I thought about it. In order not to get bored in the future, I can continue acting. We will slowly grow old together in this world, and then leave it together."

Su Xuanyan raised his hand and touched his head. He laughed and agreed, “Yes, we\'ll slowly grow old together."

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