Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 206

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14.18 – How wonderful to have met each other

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBug

The helicopter’s propeller whirled through the air, creating gusts of wind. It seemed that even the shining lights also followed the direction of the wind. Su Xuanyan stood in front of the helicopter, a slight distance away from the theatre, and watched as the back door suddenly opened.

Countless beams of light rushed out like they were trying to escape from the doorway. The silhouette of a man appeared in the light coming from the back door.

Su Xuanyan didn\'t need to see him clearly to know that he was the one he was waiting for.

The figure opened the door and looked towards Su Xuanyan as though seeking to confirm something, then picked up his feet and ran towards him.

Su Xuanyan couldn\'t just stand there and wait. When he saw Xue Ling running towards him, his heart and mind had no way to remain calm, so he took two steps forward, and tightly embraced the person who ran straight into his arms.

Xue Ling opened his arms and gave him a big, big hug, then wrapped his arms tightly around his waist, and stood on tiptoes to give him a kiss.

There were too many emotions, too many complicated and mixed feelings, too many words he wanted to say, so ultimately he remained silent, and poured it all into a kiss, conveying all of his feelings to Su Xuanyan.

Su Xuanyan cupped the back of his head, his features gentling as he bowed his head to meet Xue Ling\'s kiss, brushing lightly against his lips, earnest and pious as he celebrated his return to this world.

They hugged and kissed for a long time before separating on a gasp. Xue Ling stuffed the trophies in his hand into Su Xuanyan\'s arms, then pulled him along, and said, "Let\'s go and board the helicopter. We can put the place you\'ve been preparing for so long to good use."

Su Xuanyan looked at the trophies in his hands. There were two of them. One was the Best Newcomer Award, and one was the Best Male Actor Award. Although he had guessed the result, he was still happy from the bottom of his heart when Xue Ling genuinely managed to win the two trophies.

“What about Liunian?” He asked.

“I don’t know. We won the prize together. I spoke about how I felt winning the trophy first, and ran out to come find you after I finished." Xue Ling pulled him aboard the helicopter, then pinched his face. "Relax, I didn\'t rob your younger brother of his trophy~"

“You both have the strength to win. I wasn\'t worried about him not getting the prize." He strapped Xue Ling in, and the helicopter took off immediately after. Su Xuanyan held his hand tightly and asked, "Is everything alright now?"

“The system already returned the last tail to me when I won the prize." Xue Ling shook his own finger, his gaze full of stars. When he looked over slowly, his expression was filled with affection, and one glance was enough to make others lose themselves in his eyes. "Although it\'s a bit urgent, it\'s still better to solve the problems that need to be faced sooner or later a bit earlier."

“Let\'s go, then. It isn\'t far from here." Su Xuanyan rested his forehead against Xue Ling\'s head, then reached out to tidy his hair that had been blown into a mess by the wind.

Xue Ling shook his head, smiled and leaned his head against Su Xuanyan’s shoulder. He asked, "When did you recall everything?"

“The second week after moving into your house. One morning when I woke up, all the memories had come back. I secretly gave you a kiss back then. But you slept really deeply, and didn\'t realize." There was a difference between a memoryless Xue Ling and a Xue Ling who had recovered his memories. Su Xuanyan very naturally wrapped an arm around his waist, the two of them stuck so close together that they seemed to become one. The pilot at the front pretended to see nothing, and completely refused to look at what his boss and the new film emperor were doing in the back.

Xue Ling glanced at him, his teasing gaze filled with \'never thought you were this kind of Su Xuanyan\' as he grinned widely. He took Su Xuanyan\'s hand and interlaced their ten fingers tightly.

He said, "The feeling of remembering everything is great. There\'s no layer of mist blocking everything in front of me. I know the truth about everything, I know who I am, and who you are. I know who you are to me."

It started a year ago. His soul could finally leave the body of the child he shared a body with and coalesce on its own again. He obtained information about Su Xuanyan from that child, and planned to go to the Su Family to find him.

But he was one step too late. Su Xuanyan had already gone abroad for a vacation.

As a spirit unfamiliar with the world, Xue Ling travelled alone across the ocean and found Su Xuanyan in a small villa overseas.

This world\'s Boundary Master.

This was one amongst the hundreds of millions small worlds, and had also been constructed by a novel, but he had been born as a Boundary Master, which allowed the original plot of the world to be changed and break out of the story\'s shackles, becoming a new, independent world. This was all due to Su Xuanyan\'s efforts, and because he had constantly been trying to change this world\'s trajectory in order to weaken the creator\'s influence which tried to compel the world back to the original plot. Facts have proved that he was very successful, and the will of the world began to weaken.

As a final counterattack before the will of this small world disappeared, it cursed Su Xuanyan so that he and his spiritual object could never be together. A Boundary Master who had lost their spiritual object would not be any stronger than the will of the world, so Xue Ling, as Su Xuanyan\'s spiritual object, was not recognized by this world, and could not exist here.

This kind of curse was not difficult to crack, but at the end of the day, it was the will of the world\'s dying will, and represented the will of the world\'s creator. When Su Xuanyan began to tamper with these things, he would inevitably come up against resistance from this world\'s creator.

Su Xuanyan had been trying to make the creator abandon this world for a long time. In other words, he wanted them to abandon the novel. Afterwards, he revised the events that should have happened in this world. He didn\'t do much, and simply made it so that some souls that should have appeared in this world disappeared while letting some other souls enter. With this kind of butterfly effect, once it began, the so-called plot would be modified completely.

By the time Xue Ling met Su Xuanyan, this world already had complete autonomy. It was no longer subject to the limitations of the plot and could develop freely.

But the curse was still there. It was absolutely impossible for Xue Ling to restore his original cultivation, or even rebuild his own body in this world.

At that time, Xue Ling had been very dissatisfied with the relationship between himself and Su Xuanyan. He had been born proud and arrogant, and was suddenly told that he was another person\'s spiritual object and had been bound at birth. Although he missed the opportunity to grow up with Su Xuanyan for various reasons, and for some inexplicable reason seemed to have lived many more years than the other party, as long as he was in this world, and as long as he was able to recreate his own body, he would still be linked to Su Xuanyan and be affected by the curse against him. But no matter how he felt, he didn\'t have a body, and existing as a mere spirit and floating around was also not a solution.

Unlike Xue Ling, who was particularly resentful of their relationship, Su Xuanyan was very interested in him. So, Su Xuanyan made a deal with Xue Ling.

He contacted the Ten Directions World and sent Xue Ling\'s soul into various small worlds that were attached to the Ten Directions World to gain experience, and allow him to retrieve the energy that had been scattered in those worlds, or otherwise known as Xue Ling\'s tails. After he retrieved all of the tails that been lost in the other worlds, Xue Ling would be able to return to this world.

Before returning, his and Su Xuanyan’s memories will be would be sealed.

If Xue Ling wasn\'t able to remember these things, he wouldn\'t feel any nostalgia, and could slowly complete this life. After dying, he would recall everything, but by then, Su Xuanyan, who did not have his spiritual object beside him, would also have lived to the end of his life and died. In that case, the relationship between Su Xuanyan and Xue Ling would be much weaker, and similarly, the curse would also have weakened. At that time, after forcibly dissolving the relationship between the two of them, Xue Ling would be able to recreate his own body in this world and live on.

If Xue Ling felt strongly enough about wanting to recall everything, then he would be able to remember it. In that case, he would go through the lightning tribulation in this world directly, use the heavenly power to forcibly break the curse, and rebuild his body. But this method meant that he would be bound to Su Xuanyan for life.

As a Boundary Master, there was no way Su Xuanyan would not grow old in this world. But after he died, his powerful soul would enter the realms of the Ten Directions World, where his soul would become eternal, and Xue Ling would accompany him there. The future was endless for them; similar to what Xue Ling had experienced before, they could go through world after world, living happily in each world before moving on to the next. But in this situation, Xue Ling would not be able to separate from Su Xuanyan.

This was a choice that Su Xuanyan had given Xue Ling, and also a choice for himself. He did not want to force Xue Ling to stay by his side, but he also didn\'t want him to leave just like that.

So, he followed Xue Ling into those small worlds.

It was due to the connection between the two of them that he would always notice Xue Ling in those small worlds. Originally, he only wanted the him who had lost his memories to remember that he needed to pay attention to another person, but unexpectedly, that kind of attention changed, and resulted in increasingly deep feelings.

Reaching their current stage was thanks to both Xue Ling and Su Xuanyan\'s contributions.

After restoring his memories, Xue Ling needed to face the Nine Heavenly Tribulation. As long as he could survive this lightning tribulation, he would become a Heavenly Nine-Tailed Fox. And once he became immortal, Su Xuanyan, who was the most closely linked to him, would also experience some changes.

"Do you think immortality is a good thing or a bad thing?" The two of them leaned together, the sound of the helicopter ringing in their ears, seeming both distant and near. Xue Ling looked out at the sky outside, and asked Su Xuanyan this question.

“If it\'s with you, it\'s a good thing. If it\'s without you, it\'s a bad thing."

Xue Ling looked over rather helplessly, “Won\'t it hurt to watch your relatives leave you one by one?"

“Life, age, sickness and death, the world is always changing. I can do very little. How can I be sad about it if they die happily in old age?"

Xue Ling stopped asking. It appeared that Su Xuanyan had thought things through more thoroughly than he had. The Boundary Masters born in every generation were immortal; even if their flesh aged, their souls were still there. It was precisely because of this that the heritage of Boundary Masters could be constantly passed down.

“I’ve already thought about it. It\'s fine to die. After dying, we can choose the small worlds we like, and live in it for another lifetime. There are so many worlds, and we have so much, so much time over many lifetimes. There are so many different lives we can live, and with you accompanying me, immortality, for me, is a good thing." Ever since he liked, then fell in love with Xue Ling, Su Xuanyan had already begun to consider these things. He had considered a lot for many people, but this was the first time he had thought about his own future.

At that time, he couldn\'t be more clear that no matter what the future looked like, Xue Ling would be a part of it.

The helicopter stopped on a high mountain. The wind whistled through the night and travelled across the mountains, howling as it swept through.

Xue Ling grabbed Su Xuanyan\'s tie and pulled on it to make him bow his head, ultimately giving him a kiss. He didn\'t hesitate as he turned around, waving a hand, and went towards the top of the mountain.

Su Xuanyan stood in place and watched him leave. He gathered up the two trophies in his hands as his lips curved. He had decided not to go anywhere, waiting here for Xue Ling to return.

That night, clouds gathered on top of this remote mountain. Thunder pealed, and streaks of lightning struck down one after another. Even the nearby county suffered from rain throughout the night.

Thunder pealed and lightning struck; flashes came down from the dark clouds like how Chen Xiang had split the mountains with his axe to save his mother. Lightning flashed, thunder raged, striking down as though it was free and almost lighting up the nearby county. The topic #what-faction\'s-cultivator-is-going-through-lightning-tribulation trended on Weibo and was bumped up high in an instant as people who had been kept up by the noise of the thunder began to discuss this sudden change in weather that came without warning - the weather networks were really useless!

Su Xuanyan spent the night on the mountain, holding an umbrella and Xue Ling\'s two trophies in his arms. Lightning struck not far from him, but he was magically unaffected. He waited all night before sunrise dispersed the darkness. He watched as the clouds drifted away and the sky cleared up completely.

The sky turned a rather deep blue, and then slowly, slowly began to light up.

The trees on top of the mountain not far from him had all been broken off. Half of the mountain peak was disrupted, and the entire mountain top looked bald.

The first ray of sunlight fell on the young man who stood on the peak, the light outlining his figure from behind. He was wearing a white robe, his head of black hair loose in and waving in sync with the wind. He raised his hand, narrowed his eyes, and looked towards the rising sun.

Su Xuanyan shouted his name, so he slowly turned around.

He hadn\'t escaped unscathed either. He looked a bit dishevelled, but that didn\'t reduce his over the top attractiveness at all, appearing so much like an immortal he could almost fly up to the heavens.

His mouth was curved up slightly as he raised his hand towards Su Xuanyan, waving vigorously before turning fully and running over just like how he had done last night as he emerged from the theatre when he had recalled everything and couldn\'t wait to see Su Xuanyan, recklessly rushing forwards and crashing into him.

They embraced each other in front of the rising sun.

How wonderful. They had travelled across so many worlds together, been together for so many lives. It was wonderful they had been able to come together, and arrive at today.

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