Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 202

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14.14 – He was even jealous of little children

translator: xiin

editor: alamerysl

After finishing the first half of his solo filming, Xue Ling was given ten days of rest. After that, he would have to go abroad to continue shooting and begin working together with Su Liunian. The first part of the film only showed the two people\'s personal experiences and their encounters.

Once these two people who had nothing crossed over mountains and rivers to meet each other during the lowest points in their lives, the first film would come to an abrupt end.

When the two of them met, all the darkness they had experienced would be left behind them, and the sky would slowly begin to brighten.

The two of them were going to film at a film and television city abroad that could provide the black forest backdrop that had been described in the novel that Fan Yueze wanted to portray, but Su Liunian\'s part was longer than Xue Ling\'s, so Xue Ling had ten days of leisure time.

What should he do with the time? Su Xuanyan suggested that they go on a vacation.

“Travel? Now? Me? Where to?” Xue Ling asked a series of questions once this suggestion was brought up. What he really wanted to express was, \'I\'m so popular right now, where do you want to take me? Where would I not get chased to the point of having to run away?\'

Su Xuanyan ruffled his hair and messed up his newly combed hairstyle, then said, "You aren\'t popular enough to be known all around the world, relax."

Xue Ling was dissatisfied with his words. He frowned, and had been just about to counterattack when Su Xuanyan pinched his cheek and said, "Be good, don\'t be angry. I\'ll take you to play somewhere good. You definitely won\'t get bothered there. That place hasn\'t been open to the public recently, and only the owners are present. We can play there at ease."


“Seabed City.” Su Xuanyan took out the pieces of chicken that had already finished frying from the oil. There were some relatively cooled pieces of popcorn chicken to the side, and he conveniently picked one up to feed it to Xue Ling, who was leaning near him to watch him cook. The kitchen in Xue Ling\'s house was not big, and two adult men crowding into the space made it seem a bit full, but Xue Ling particularly enjoyed watching Su Xuanyan cook. Perhaps it was because he enjoyed the feeling of watching the big president personally cook for him alone.

“Wu…” Although it had been put aside for a while, the fried chicken was still a little hot. Xue Ling chewed it for a good while before swallowing it down, blinked, then said, "The Shaochuan City that\'s at the bottom of the sea?"

“Yes.” Everything had already come out of the pot. Su Xuanyan turned off the heat, turned around, and brought the plate outside. "They calculated the time, and in order to host the one-month celebrations for Yuan Family\'s newborn children, Seabed City was closed this month. They finished the celebrations two days ago, and the city is empty now, so it\'s a perfect time to take you there to play."

“But you have to make a booking one year in advance to go there…" Xue Ling followed behind him, grabbing some food from the plate and squinting at it. "Let\'s go then~ I\'ve never been there!"

Seabed City was located not far from City X. It was a city that existed at the bottom of the sea, and the entire structure was as beautiful as a giant crystal ball. Xue Ling searched the information that the system had put together for him, and there was indeed some information about the city.

The property rights to the Seabed City belonged to the two families that ranked first and second amongst the seven great families, the Bai Family and the Yuan Family. The two largest shareholders were a married couple, and that had been the place where they held their wedding. After the wedding, the underwater city opened to the public as a recreational underwater palace, but the people who could book a space had always been rich or noble, and there were time limits on the reservations. Being able to go there and play was completely dependent on one\'s ability to snatch a spot or their personality.

After the two of them sat down and finished lunch, Su Xuanyan asked Xue Ling to pack up their things, and Xue Ling searched through the internet to see what they could do in the city. Only then did he learn that the city was divided into two parts.

One part consisted of the group of resort islands that were above sea level. They had all sorts of facilities, and every recreational facility one could think of were all there. It also held the road that led to the underground city. The Seabed City, otherwise known as Shaochuan City, which existed at the bottom of the sea, did not offer many tourist facilities, but what it could offer were not the traditional means of entertainment.

It was an extremely romantic place where humans could live in the sea like fish did. They didn\'t need to put on any diving equipment, and only needed a single device in order to perform all actions that humans could do on land in the water. They could walk along the ocean floor, play with the fish, and enjoy the seaview from the bottom of the sea. Shaochuan City had a lot of services that allowed visitors to enjoy life under the sea.

Xue Ling was rather excited as he looked. Although he didn\'t know why he always subconsciously felt that he had once been a fish, it was irrelevant, and it was great as long as they had a place to go and play. Xue Ling didn\'t know what kind of person the original him had been like, but ever based on the memories that the system had given it, he had never properly relaxed and played.

So when Su Xuanyan brought Xue Ling out on their trip, he behaved like a little student who was going out on their spring outing for the first time.

Su Xuanyan felt rather helpless. He never knew that Xue Ling was such an easily satisfied person. His entire person was very lively just because he was being taken out to play. There was a smile on his face, and he was humming a song, stopping just short of jumping and dancing to express his joy.

Seeing him so happy, Su Xuanyan couldn’t help laughing along with him. Looking at how he couldn\'t stop smiling, he was finally given a glare by Xue Ling before recovering slightly. Su Xuanyan reached out a hand and wrapped an arm around the other party\'s shoulders, drawing Xue Ling, who had been seated in the co-driver\'s seat, closer to him, and bowed his head to give him a kiss.

Xue Ling was kissed, and quickly retreated back to his seat. Su Xuanyan once again stretched out a hand to rub his head, and then turned back to focus on entering the route directions into their hovercraft.

Xue Ling paused for a moment, and in order not to embarrass both sides, or perhaps because he himself felt embarrassed, started a conversation topic. “We… How do we go out onto the sea?"

“I have a yacht.” Su Xuanyan calmly responded with this sentence.

Xue Ling made an \'oh\' sound, then turned to bury his head against his knees. Of course they were going to use a boat to go out to sea! The other party was the head of the Su Family! Let alone yachts, he could probably call over a cruise ship if he wanted to! Why did he have to ask! This was even more embarrassing!

Su Xuanyan finished inputting the route, and noticed that Xue Ling\'s ears were a little red as he solemnly stared outside. He curved his lips and said, "How nice. You\'re still shy."

Xue Ling glared at him and complained, “I\'m such a pure person. So what if I turn shy after a kiss?!"

Su Xuanyan propped up his cheek as he looked at him meaningfully, "Nothing. I just feel that it\'s really cute when someone who has done everything that can be done, and knows more than a dozen different positions, suddenly turns shy after a brief kiss."

Xue Ling looked for something to cover his face with. In any case, the hovercraft had been set up to drive itself automatically.

Su Xuanyan took in his frustrated, teeth-gnashing appearance, and couldn\'t help but laugh. "You can\'t blame me for laughing. You would also find it very cute and funny if you saw yourself like this."

Xue Ling: “…” If he hadn\'t needed Su Xuanyan to lead the way or use his yacht, he would really want to kill him right now!

The sea was a beautiful place. City X faced the sea, but the coast was unpolluted and extremely stunning. It had always been a very beautiful view, let alone when there were a series of islands strung together in the distance. There were both big and small islands, most of which were privately owned.

The hovercraft shuttled between the private islands, and Su Xuanyan explained that most of the islands here already had owners. Some people had bought large ones all in one go; for example, the one out there in the distance belonged to the Su Family, and was also his.

Xue Ling was preparing to push him into the sea. It was fine if he drowned.

How could anyone be so annoying?! Even if he was whispering to him that the island was also his, it was still annoying!

Seabed City was a really extraordinary city. Because they had nothing going on this month other than the one-month celebration banquet, the entire underwater city was empty, and it was a very different scene from the hustle and bustle in the islands up above. Su Xuanyan appeared to have been in touch with someone; after they landed, they went straight to the elevator that led to the Seabed City. On the way down, all they could see was blue.

Shaochuan City’s buildings tended to be Western-style castles, but the materials were very special. There were bricks that looked like ice, glittering at the bottom of the sea like a crystal castle in a little girl\'s crystal ball. It was very surreal.

“We can live higher up so that you can overlook the whole city.” Su Xuanyan noticed that his gaze was fixed on the tallest castle, and his heart turned incredibly soft. Although Xue Ling boasted that he was an old demon who had lived for thousands of years, in fact, he had not seen much during his years of cultivation. And there were all kinds of miraculous places that they could visit while they transmigrated through the various worlds, Su Xuanyan always kept him tied to his side due to his possessive desires. In the merfolk world, Xue Ling had very rarely returned to the ocean.

Perhaps they could treat travelling through the different worlds as different trips in the future. Based on Xue Ling\'s personality, he would probably enjoy this way of playing quite a lot.

“Good.” Xue Ling stuck the small sticker that the assistants had provided on the back of his hand, then excitedly tugged Su Xuanyan\'s hand, pulled him through the protective screen, and into the sea.

With that sticker as protection, they were able to breathe freely in the water and would not be affected by the sea. It would also allow them to eat and do all kinds of things they might want to do. Xue Ling had originally thought that it was an exaggeration when he saw it online, but now he learned that there really was something this high-tech.

Su Xuanyan seemed to be a frequent visitor here. They proceeded to the castle and went through the registration formalities, then had people bring their luggage to their room.

They could choose whatever room they liked here, so Su Xuanyan chose one that was relatively high up with a view of the sea. As long as they opened it, they would be able to see the sea from all six sides of the room; a 365-degree view of the sea with no dead angles. They could also experience the feeling of sleeping in the sea.

Xue Ling had merely glanced at the registration form, so he didn\'t realize that the other party had ordered a couple\'s room that only one double bed inside.

After settling their luggage, Xue Ling followed Su Xuanyan to meet the owner of this underwater city.

They lived in another castle that wasn\'t too big, but it was clearly separated from the other areas and belonged exclusively to the owners of the Seabed City.

As soon as the door opened, Xue Ling heard the sound of children crying. The man who came to open the door smiled weakly and said, “Sorry, they just woke up hungry, so it\'s a bit noisy."

Su Xuanyan led Xue Ling into the house and said, “It\'s fine. It\'s normal for children to make noise. Didn\'t you say that the child would cry unhappily if they aren\'t able to see your eyes?"

The man who opened the door for them helplessly gave a bitter smile, "You\'re Xue Ling, right? Glad to meet you. I\'m Yuan Chuanbai."

“Hello, I’m Xue Ling. Sorry for disturbing you."

“That’s alright. Xuanyan is a good friend of mine. Just let me know anytime you want to come by and stay here. After all, it\'s a place for people to live." While they were speaking, the child seemed to have been given something to eat, so the sounds of crying gradually weakened. Yuan Chuanbai brought them inside, and spoke powerlessly, "These two are little devils. I really have no way to deal with them, and could only come over to recover some energy."

They went straight to the nursery, and found another man there. He was wearing ordinary home clothes, and held two bottles as he fed the two children. Yuan Chuanbai made the introductions for Xue Ling, "That\'s my lover, Baili Shaojue, and our family\'s two small demons."

Baili Shaojue couldn\'t move at the moment, so he nodded at Xue Ling in greeting.

Su Xuanyan came up to look at the children and laughed in amusement, "Even though they\'re twins, they\'re not alike at all."

“Well, one is like me, one is like Shaojue.” Yuan Chuanbai picked up a child and held him out for Xue Ling to see. The child\'s forehead and brows really resembled Yuan Chuanbai\'s, particularly his pair of eyes. They were almost too beautiful, like black holes that hid an entire starry universe. One glance was enough to move the soul, "Speaking of which, I still need to thank you, Xue Ling. I was really so busy taking care of them that I didn\'t have time to do any recordings and could only look for people to step in. It\'s great that you replaced me. I listened to your audio drama and it\'s done very well."

Xue Ling looked away from the child’s eyes and spoke in some surprise, “You are… God Forgotten?"

“Don’t call me \'god\'. Forgotten is enough." The little child was at the stage where they would just eat and sleep, sleep and eat. He was now sleepy after drinking milk, but seeing that there were strangers, he perked up and reached out to beckon to Xue Ling. Yuan Chuanbai caught his hand, and said weakly, "Here we go again. As long as he sees something better looking than him, he wants to reach out and touch it.”

Xue Ling asked curiously, "Better looking than him?"

“It\'s mainly beautiful eyes. He likes people with good looking eyes. For example, he doesn\'t like people like Xuanyan whose eyes can throw ice daggers." The little fellow looked like a small dumpling, and Xue Ling found the way he was stretching towards him amusing, so he placed a finger into the little one\'s palm. The little fellow immediately held on tight.

The child tugged on his finger, and Xue Ling let him do as he liked. Finally, the little brat kissed his fingertip.

Yuan Chuanbai didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry. "I don\'t know who he gets his character from. He kisses anyone he finds beautiful."

Su Xuanyan opened the little brat\'s hand and retrieved Xue Ling\'s finger, glanced over, then changed Xue Ling\'s posture so that he was facing Yuan Chuanbai directly, casually changing the topic and successfully getting everyone to sit down and chat.

Although the entire process was very natural, he held onto Xue Ling\'s finger, and finally, when he wasn\'t paying attention, even gave it a kiss. Xue Ling felt that there must be a problem with Su Xuanyan.

He was even jealous of little children. There was really no hope for him.