Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 198

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14.10 – Meeting, loving and getting to know each other again and again

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBug

Inexplicably living together was a little difficult for Xue Ling to get used to. They two of them were living under the same roof, and previously he had only regarded Su Xuanyan as an ordinary person. But now the system had said that they were lovers who had been together for several lifetimes and it just felt wrong whenever he looked at Su Xuanyan.

Xue Ling had never thought about what the person he loved would be like, so he had no comparisons to make in this respect. In addition, this was a country that recognized gay marriage, and Su Xuanyan’s gender would not bring Xue Ling any problems; even so, Xue Ling felt that there was something odd about this scenario.

If he simply considered Su Xuanyan by himself, there was no real problem. Although he was occasionally icy and cold, after recovering some of his memories, he seemed to have classified Xue Ling as one of his own, and would show normal expressions instead of acting like an iceberg when dealing with Xue Ling. For example, xadhis actions were very natural when he called out that it was time to eat after the takeout arrived. It was almost as though Xue Ling was the guest, and he was the owner of the house.

Xue Ling had just been given a lot of information by the system and was too caught up in processing it to even respond. Su Xuanyan did not force him to accept his new reality, and instead put out all the dishes before calling Xue Ling over for dinner.

There was no difference between takeout and restaurant meals in this world. Su Xuanyan had ordered food from the restaurant they had both gone to that day. He filled up the table, and there seemed to be a lot of food, but the portions were quite moderate. It wouldn\'t be much a problem for the two of them to finish everything.

Xue Ling was manoeuvred in front of the table. Watching as Su Xuanyan placed food in front of him, he finally recovered his wits and raised his hands in embarrassment, "I\'ll help myself."

Su Xuanyan had a smile in his eyes as he looked him over, "Of course. Were you expecting me to feed you?"

Xue Ling was being flirted with, and was a little annoyed as he bowed his head to select some food, pushing the words the system had told him earlier a hundred and eighty thousand miles away in his heart. Who cared how many lifetimes they had been lovers for? He didn\'t remember it right now, and if both of them didn\'t remember, that meant they were strangers. If a stranger flirted with him, then he needed to flirt back!

He was not the kind of person who would blush and lower his head without responding when he was being flirted with.

Perhaps it was the determination to fight a hard battle with Su Xuanyan that finally allowed Xue Ling to recover his equilibrium; he slowly began to eat.

Su Xuanyan caught a glimpse of his rather careless actions and held back his amusement. He thought to himself that it was really pointless to look at the photos alone. The photos didn\'t make him nearly as happy as looking at the actual person did. There were really too many interesting and doubtful things about this person; he definitely had to figure out what was going on.

What was his would definitely be unable to escape his grasp. Even if he wasn\'t his, since he had aroused his interest, he should naturally also give up any thoughts of getting away.

Xue Ling had just returned from the film set, but the apartment manager had been helping him keep things in order every day, so there wasn\'t much of a problem. He simply pulled open his suitcase and put everything back where it belonged. He returned back to his room after eating while Su Xuanyan arranged for the delivery robot to bring everything back. Both of them were at peace as they minded their own business for a while.

But the calm was temporary. This period of harmony disappeared completely when Su Xuanyan brought his own suitcase into Xue Ling Master’s bedroom. Xue Ling had his closet open, and almost everything had been tidied up. He had been just about to put away the suitcase when he turned his head and saw Su Xuanyan place his suitcase next to his, squatting down to open it up. He was clearly planning to put his own things away.

Xue Ling quickly stopped him and said, “Wait a minute! What are you trying to do?

Su Xuanyan expression was innocent. "Didn\'t you say I could live here?"

Xue Ling pointed to his suitcase and said, “You\'re just staying for a while! Can\'t you just leave your things in your suitcase? You can take it out when you need it! There\'s no need to sort your things out now!" He puffed up his chest and raised his head as he spoke, his entire body full of arrogance, but it somehow came across as tsundere and awkward as he forcibly disagreed. "And there\'s no room in my closet for your things!"

Su Xuanyan’s eyes turned to the closet. Because Xue Ling was a performer, his bedroom was matched with a walk-in closet function. The entire wall was covered in shelving, and the functions were very complete, but there weren\'t many clothes in the closet and most of the shelving was empty. Xue Ling had cleared out much of the clothing that he found to be strange and inexplicable that did not conform to his aesthetic. He couldn\'t understand why he had bought those things back then, but since looking at it made him feel ashamed, he simply got rid of it all.

Well, now it was empty, and he felt embarrassed just looking at it. Su Xuanyan also didn\'t say anything, and merely looked at the empty closets before looking back at Xue Ling, whose ears were slowly turning red as he didn\'t know what to say. He suppressed his amusement and then started to tidy up his things.

He knew quite clearly that if he laughed now, Xue Ling might explode immediately. Although it was a lot of fun watching him explode, they were still at the critical point that determined whether or not he could move in and it would be better not to stimulate him in order to prevent himself from getting directly thrown out.

The matter of putting things away was solved, but when two people started living together, it wasn\'t only a matter of where things should be placed. Regardless of whether it was daily necessities or other things, they all needed to be prepared, and there was also the problem of where the two of them would sleep that night. These were all questions that needed to be dealt with one after the other.

Su Xuanyan sorted through the things he had brought over and started to unpack his daily necessities. He naturally wouldn\'t bring the commonly used items with him, so he asked Xue Ling if he had any spares at home. The result was that they ended up with matching cups, towels, and some other things also appeared to match. It looked like they had purposely paired them up, and looking at it made Xue Ling a little depressed…

If he\'d known that this would happen, he wouldn\'t buy so many spares to leave at home! Now, when he looked at Su Xuanyan\'s ambiguous smile as he placed these things on the counter, he really wanted to smack the other party!

As the night deepened, Xue Ling went to bathe and clean up after helping out with finding spare necessities. By the time he came out wearing a bathrobe, Su Xuanyan had already settled into the study to start dealing with his own matters. When Xue Ling passed by, he overheard him telling someone that he would not be returning home for this period of time. He didn\'t concern himself too much about it, and instead carried on barefoot to find a towel for his hair.

His personality was very laid back when it came to daily life. He would place some things in random places, and did not have the habit of drying off completely before coming out after bathing, so he left little watermarks on the ground as he walked past. The sweeper robot had its lights turned on as it busily followed after him like a little tail in order to clean up the water while Xue Ling wandered aimlessly around the house. Su Xuanyan did not know whether he should laugh or cry when he saw this scene.

He recalled where he had previously noticed a towel, and went over to grab it for Xue Ling.

Xue Ling had his hair rubbed dry by Su Xuanyan, and he stopped wandering to wait for him to finish. He stopped rather abruptly, and the sweeper robot bumped into his heel before turning around and quickly moving away. Xue Ling muttered quietly under his breath, telling Su Xuanyan to hurry up and take a bath.

Su Xuanyan somewhat helplessly brought him his slippers, “The weather is getting colder, and walking barefoot at home is not good for you."

Xue Ling answered leisurely, put on his slippers, and ran off to the bedroom. Su Xuanyan followed behind him, sighing powerlessly over his personality. Xue Ling wasn\'t much older than his youngest brother, and they both had childish temperaments, preferring not to wear slippers while at home.

But their second brother had laid out carpeting throughout their home while Xue Ling\'s house hadn\'t done so. Su Xuanyan went to get clothes to change into after his bath while thinking about whether or not it would be better to change more of the décor in this house.

After both of them had finished washing up, they were faced with a new problem. When Xue Ling first purchased this apartment, it was renovated as a single bedroom apartment. There was only one master bedroom; it was relatively large and contained a double bed. It was not a problem when Xue Ling lived here alone, but problems arose now that Su Xuanyan had to be considered.

Where should he sleep?

Xue Ling was very calm regarding this point. He took a quilt from his bed and tossed it onto the sofa, then said, "Sleep on the sofa for now. We\'ll arrange a single bed for the study tomorrow."

There wasn\'t much space in the study. Su Xuanyan had intended to move into the master bedroom right from the start. Since the only other room was a study, if he was reduced to being stuck on the sofa, he would write his name upside down.

Compromising for the moment was very easy. Su Xuanyan quickly took over the matter of buying a bed and said, “Since I am going to sleep in it, I\'ll be responsible for getting another bed. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Xue Ling saw that he understood the situation and merely raised his brows, letting him go back outside before closing the bedroom door and jumping back onto his bed.

In a sense, Su Xuanyan had been expelled from the master bedroom, but he did not give up. He turned and went back to the study. He originally hadn\'t wanted to bother his youngest brother, but some things still had to be done, and the quicker the better.

So Su Liunian was forced to work overnight for his eldest brother in order to complete the final draft for the script. Every time he recalled his incident, he would almost burst into tears; he would never concern himself over his eldest brother\'s matters in the future! It wasn\'t his business if he was courting someone, why did he have to hurt him so much?! (〒_〒)

Xue Ling had planned to rest properly and stay home for these two days, but unfortunately Shen Yue asked him to go to the company early the next morning, saying that there was a script he wanted him to see that was very suitable for him. So he had no choice but to go out after eating the breakfast Su Xuanyan had brought with him when he returned from his morning exercise.

He left in a bit of a hurry, and naturally didn\'t notice that Su Xuanyan had taken advantage of him leaving the house in order to find someone to bring up the bed he had ordered last night and install it in the master bedroom.

The master bedroom was spacious, and Xue Ling hadn\'t placed many things in it. His bed was placed there on its own, and Su Xuanyan picked out a bed that doubled as a sofa, which could be left there without looking out of place when it wasn\'t being used. It matched well with the style of the rest of the room, and it could definitely be seen that Su Xuanyan did not plan to be sleeping on it for long.

He had only been in contact with Xue Ling for one night, and the memories in his mind had cleared up a lot. It seemed that the memories were somewhat chaotic because they spanned so many worlds, but Su Xuanyan had basically sorted it out. He was a Boundary Master and naturally understood that the relationship between them wasn\'t in some previous life, but rather the experiences they had obtained through many worlds; meeting, loving and getting to know each other again and again.

Only, in those memories it seemed that Xue Ling always knew clearly what the relationship between them should be, while his memories and awareness were always blocked when he entered the world.

Remembering these things was already enough to make Su Xuanyan feel guilt and pity for Xue Ling.

He could vaguely guess what these matters were related to, but Su Xuanyan did not intend to go and look for the Ten Directions World before he had recalled all of it.

He would not have lost his memories for no reason. Understanding why he had lost these memories was the most important thing right now.

No, the most important thing was to make Xue Ling fall in love with him again. Even without their memories, he still believed that they would be drawn to each other. They had managed to come together in so many worlds; there was no reason why he couldn\'t settle a lover who had lost his memory.

Xue Ling did not know that someone had invaded his private space. After he hurried to the company, he received a thick script.

Normally, the full script would not be handed over to the actors, because if they choose to change actors later on, it would be a problem if the script leaked from their hands, so many crews would only provide the script after actors have been confirmed. It was very strange for Xue Ling to have been given the script now.

Seeing that Xue Ling seemed to want to say something, Shen Yue raised his hand to stop him. “This script has two protagonists. This year, our company invested the most into this project, which is adapted from Liunian\'s <Asking Heaven>. Liunian rushed to finish the script last night, and other than the main script, there are some extras. Take a look first, and then tell me your thoughts.”

Xue Ling was dazed for a moment, then nodded.

He was being given such a big production right away; Shen Yue\'s words meant that his role in this film had probably already been decided, and he would definitely be chosen. Xue Ling frowned slightly, but soon his eyebrows smoothed out. There was nothing much to say; if it was a good script, he would take it. If…

Well, Su Liunian was a writer who was regarded as a god by the World Literature Network. How could anything that came out of his hands be bad?

<Asking Heaven> was a fantasy novel. From the introduction at the start of the script, Tianxuan seemed to be planning to divide it into four parts for filming and broadcasting. This was a relatively long-term shooting project; everything would be shot in one go, but after going through production, it would be divided into four separate films.

It was a risky investment, because no one would be able to judge how the revenue from this series would change. All films that were set up like this would first set up a tentative plan and make a pilot to test the waters. If the audience didn\'t buy into it, they would either modify the plot or stop investing in it immediately. This action of investing so much in one go and then reaping the revenue in sections showed that the company had great confidence in this series.

<Asking Heaven> was a cultivation story, but the protagonist of this story was not one of those children who had started from nothing and worked their way up. The protagonist of the novel was a demi-god named Qing Xi.

He was the only person who had the opportunity to become a god in this world. There were others who could become immortals in the world, but amongst the heavens and the earth, he was the only one qualified to become a god.

<Asking Heaven> was a novel was about Qing Xi and his quest to become a god.