Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 197

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14.9 – They were lovers that had been entangled together for several lifetimes

translator: xiin

editor: BlueBug

Because Xue Ling’s filming passed by very quickly, he soon returned home from the set.

Shen Yue mentioned that there was a new script for him to look at, but it might take another couple of days before it came out. He told him to get some rest, so Xue Ling naturally packed his things and went home. But unexpectedly at the door to his home, he ran into Su Xuanyan whose head was lowered, deep in thought.

Xue Ling stopped his steps as he looked at the sign on the door. He hadn\'t come to the wrong place… This was his home, right? Why would Su Xuanyan be here, in this kind of state? Had he known that he would be coming back and had waited here on purpose?

Xue Ling pulled his suitcase forward and came two steps closer. Su Xuanyan lifted head and looked towards him, his gaze enigmatic.

Xue Ling was stunned by his complicated gaze and dared not go forward. For a moment, he even felt as though he had abandoned a big doggy, and it had now come back to look for him, standing at his door with a face full of grievance.

He turned away and coughed before awkwardly saying, "Um… What a coincidence.”

Su Xuanyan calmly said, “Not a coincidence. I specifically came here to wait for you."

Xue Ling rather incredulously lifted his finger and pointed to himself, "Me? President Su and I aren\'t involved in any way… ah…" He suddenly remembered that he had accepted his alcohol and hurriedly went over to open the door. "If you\'re here for the wine, I\'ll just go and bring it out for you now."

Su Xuanyan watched his movements, but made no move to stop him. He merely curved his lips slightly and showed a rare trace of a smile. "Are you so anxious to distance yourself from me? You were quite fearless at the bar that day."

Xue Ling\'s movements stalled, then he rolled his eyes at him and opened the door, pulling his luggage into the house. Su Xuanyan must know his password from last time, and he was pretty amazing for still waiting for him by the elevator. Xue Ling did not have the habit of making his big boss discuss things by the door, so he invited him in and spoke casually, "It wasn\'t fearless. After all, you are my superior, and it won\'t sound pleasant if something happens and gets leaked out. I remember that President Su did not involve himself in Tianxuan\'s matters. How come you\'re suddenly so interested in coming to a little newcomer like me and waiting at the door?"

Although it was phrased as a question, both the words and the intention behind it were both filled with disdain for Su Xuanyan.

Su Xuanyan didn\'t quite know whether to laugh or cry. Although he was unable to recall much, this person was indeed as proud as he remembered, and just as difficult to talk to. He hadn\'t left a good impression on him, and it was no wonder he was being treated like this. "Our relationship is not as simple as the one between the boss and employee of a company."

Xue Ling was just about to bring the alcohol out for him. He hesitated when he heard these words, and frowned as he said, "Other than meeting each other in the bar that day, President Su and I have never been involved before."

“No.” Su Xuanyan laughed a little mysteriously. “There are many, many more bonds between us than you realize."

Xue Ling didn’t know what he intended to do by creating a relationship with him here, but when he saw Su Xuanyan\'s bland smile and expression as he looked at him, he always felt that he was in the weaker position. "I think President Su\'s thoughts have gone somewhat off-track. I don\'t want to establish a relationship with you. Wearing the same clothes as you that day was an accident, and I don\'t plan to develop any other relationship with you. I can do very well with my own abilities."

Su Xuanyan spoke helplessly, “I really don’t plan to be your keeper either."

“Then why are you speaking so many ambiguous words?” Xue Ling couldn\'t figure it out. Hadn\'t they just worn the same thing? Why did he have to insist that they had a relationship?

“If my words sound ambiguous, then your words were much more ambiguous than mine.”

“What does President Su mean?" Xue Ling\'s expression was now thoroughly cold. He did not like to have chaotic, messy relationships in the entertainment circle. He had originally thought that Su Liunian was not bad, but unexpectedly, his elder brother was this kind of person.

Su Xuanyan no longer spoke any more nonsense. He simply beckoned, and gave him a smile.

Xue Ling didn\'t know why, but a good portion of the hostility he felt in his heart disappeared when he saw this smile. When he discovered that his attitude was softening, Xue Ling was shocked, and looked towards Su Xuanyan rather uncertainly, as though afraid that Su Xuanyan would eat him.

Su Xuanyan could only soften his voice and suggest gently, “Come over. We\'ll watch something together."

Xue Ling was not a hesitant person. He sneered, dissatisfied with how mysterious Su Xuanyan was acting. He was still cautious as he went over to his side step by step, and then watched as Su Xuanyan opened up a digital screen, displaying the events from the night he was drunk.

Xue Ling stared open-mouthed at the scene of him splaying himself on Su Xuanyan\'s body, and saying some confusing things as he demanded that he bring him home.

Originally, he had planned to drive Su Xuanyan out of his home after figuring out what kind of weirdness he was trying to do, but after watching the entire video, the flush that had started on Xue Ling\'s face had already spread to his neck. He was at a loss, but when Su Xuanyan turned off the screen, he took the initiative and preempted him, "It was you who knocked me out that day! The back of my neck hurt for days! And you still dare to show me this!"

Su Xuanyan was pointed at, and shrugged rather helplessly. “That’s my fault?”

Xue Ling lowered his hand, nodded, and offered generously, "I\'ll forgive you. Now take your alcohol and go away."

"The alcohol is a gift for you. Even if you can\'t drink it, there\'s no reason to give it back."

His words stabbed straight at Xue Ling\'s sore spot, and the gaze that he used to look at Su Xuanyan became even more unhappy. "What on earth are you trying to do?"

“It’s very simple.” Su Xuanyan pointed to the video. In order to prevent any accidents, he had started the recording function of his nano-computer as soon as Xue Ling started to hang on him. This was one of the great accomplishments of technology; regardless of whether it was Xue Ling\'s facial expressions or the tone of his voice, it was all very clear. During this period of time, Su Xuanyan had watched this recording countless times, and some sporadic fragments of memories had appeared in his mind. Only, it was not enough. If he didn\'t come into contact with this person personally, he would never know how important the memories that he had lost were.

He very much disliked it when things were out of his control. "Based on your reaction to me when drunk, I inferred that we should know each other, and that the relationship between us is not simple. But neither you nor I seem to have any recollection of this."

Xue Ling pursed his lips. Although he didn\'t appear to believe it on the surface, he was actually inclined to agree with Su Xuanyan\'s speculations. Ever since he woke up and discovered that there was a system inside his brain, he had felt that he had lost something, and there was something wrong with him. But no matter how hard he tried to recall it, he could not come up with anything, nor could he figure out what it was that used to exist by his side.

Su Xuanyan stood up and reached out to shake his hand. “Perhaps you\'re able to open your mouth and deny having any relationship with me, but that does not prevent from remembering some things. In fact, I already have some vague memories, but the amount of information contained in the memories is too large, and I haven\'t been able to sort them out clearly and figure out what these memories are all about."

Xue Ling muttered, “How could there be so many memories in just a year\'s time? Unless you\'re talking about a previous life."

Su Xuanyan squeezed his hand tightly and suddenly laughed, saying, "That\'s also possible." He looked at Xue Ling\'s face, and his gaze was full of tender attachment, “Perhaps they are from many lifetimes of entanglement. Otherwise, how could there be so, so many memories? In the fragments that I can remember, they are all full of you."

Xue Ling couldn\'t help himself from blushing due to his unexpected confession. He quickly broke away from Su Xuanyan\'s hold and waved to cover it up, "What previous life, what amnesia?! I\'m very certain that a person like you has never appeared in my memories!"

He opened his mouth to say these words, but what flashed across his eyes were a series of strange scenes. His movements stilled, and he frowned slightly as some strange words rang in his ears.

—— "I love you. Could you love me back?"

—— “I can love you, but you have to promise me that you will only ever love me in this life."

—— “You should know, I am someone who was born to be an Empress.”

—— “That\'s perfect then. I was born an Emperor.”

—— “But… I am a man.”

—— “I know. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, I like you.”

The words were chaotic, but full of the lingering sentiment between lovers. Regardless of the circumstances, or what kind of identities they had, the people who had spoken these words had always had the same soul. Xue Ling clutched at his head, and shook himself forcefully, using a lot of effort to finally clear these strange things out of his thoughts. Only then did he raise his head to look at Su Xuanyan, who was rather anxious as he reached out to support him.

“Su Xuanyan?” His tone was a little uncertain and questioning, and Su Xuanyan patted his back as he pulled him into his embrace before casually bowing his head to kiss him on the forehead in a familiar manner.

“It’s me.” He answered.

Xue Ling took a deep breath and finally recovered a bit. Su Xuanyan released him at an appropriate moment, took in the complicated look on his face, and said, “It seems that you remember something too.”

Xue Ling shook his head and said, “There are indeed some memories, but they are all scattered and can\'t be recalled, because a moment after they surface, they disappear again at a speed that makes me doubt their authenticity…” He raised his hand and pressed it against his temple before continuing, "Maybe it\'s as you said, and we\'ve both forgotten something."

“Then work with me.” Su Xuanyan finally stated his purpose for coming today. "It\'s obvious that a single person working alone won\'t recall any clues. I started to slowly recover some memories after getting into contact with you. I think that as long as I can stay with you for a little while longer, I\'ll be able to recall more things."

Xue Ling looked at him hesitantly. Although he believed that he had some form of amnesia, he would prefer to drag the system out and ask it some questions. He didn\'t really want a stranger to come and stay in his home.

But the flashes of those sentimental words from just now unexpectedly made him nod his head.

Su Xuanyan was not surprised by this answer. He stood up and said, "My things are in the car downstairs. I\'ll go and move them up now."

Xue Ling had not yet gathered his wits, but he found that he had already input Su Xuanyan\'s fingerprints into his home security system and registered him as a guest. The man himself had already gone downstairs to get his things.

Xue Ling was confused for a long time before he incredulously realized what he had just agreed to. Everything that happened today felt like it was out of his control. It was as though they had been driving, but the car suddenly went up to heaven. The amount of information contained in the things that had happened just now was too much, and Xue Ling had no way to grasp it all. He stood in place for a long time in confusion until the system helpfully opened its mouth to ask him, "Does host have any questions?"

This caused him to suddenly come back to himself. He stared at the system, then turned around to jump onto the sofa and sit cross-legged, his expression solemn and serious as though he was about to have a meeting. "You still have the courage to ask me this? It looks like you\'ve hidden a lot from me!"

The system was quick to express that it was but a small system, and it was also helpless about some matters and had no way to tell Xue Ling.

Xue Ling crossed his arms over his chest and spoke arrogantly, "Then tell me, what exactly can you share with me?"

The system raised both paws and confessed, "What the two of you have determined is already pretty good. Both of you have lost your memories. He may have remembered some of it, but for host to recall it, you will need to finish the task that I gave you and dominate the entertainment industry."

Xue Ling narrowed his eyes and spoke menacingly, "Really? But your words are no longer credible. How can you prove that you aren\'t something that he sent over?"

Events have already taken this plot in such a fantasy-like direction. The system thought in its heart that the man didn\'t have the power to create the system out of nothing~ Let alone a system who was so cute and lovable~ It flattered itself in its heart a few times, and then modestly said, "Every time I hide things from host, there\'s always a reason. This isn\'t the first time you\'ve lost your memories. The last time it happened, you managed to recover everything, so it shouldn\'t be a problem this time, either."

“Then, how come he said that he lost a year\'s worth of memories, but I don\'t even feel that way at all!" Xue Ling pressed.

The system regretfully told its host, “Because he’s human, and you’re not.”

Xue Ling: “Who are you cursing for being inhuman?”

The system cried out pitifully, “Wuwuwu, I\'m not cursing at host. I mean, his memories are real, but yours are false. The first twenty or so years of your life were all false. Host only began to exist in this world when you woke up and discovered that I existed in your head. That is your starting point. Everything else is based on the body that I selected for you, and the life trajectory that this body originally had."

Xue Ling was confused.

Whoever suddenly discovered that the first half of his life was fake would also be confused. He had lived for so long, but only the past few months of time were real. The fact that Xue Ling hadn\'t gone crazy only went to show how superior his state of mind was; he even sat there calmly as he asked the system to confirm, "Your meaning is that I\'m not human. In that case, what am I? What was I before you filled my memories with this false life?"

“Host will need to explore and investigate this on your own. I\'ve already done as much as I can today to try and resolve host\'s confusion."

A long time later, when the system thought that its host had already turned silly from shock, Xue Ling opened his mouth to ask, “… Then Su Xuanyan… What kind of relationship does he have with me?"

"If we really have to label your relationship…" The system thought about it, then said, "You guys should be considered lovers that have been entangled together for several lifetimes…"

As soon as it finished speaking, Su Xuanyan opened the door and walked in. He looked over at Xue Ling, who had a blank expression on his face, and laughed gently, "I ordered takeout. No matter what you\'ve forgotten, you still need to eat."

Xue Ling: “…” Lovers that have been entangled together for several lifetimes?

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