Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 187

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13.16 – Sometimes, he wanted to see Su Xuanyan

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Every step the competitors took would be enlarged and broadcast live. The other competitors\' techniques had already been seen in previous competitions, so this time most of the crowd\'s attention was on Xue Ling, and the officials in charge also showed more screens of him.

But as a result, the screen was filled with frenzied comments from his fans. If viewers didn\'t make any adjustments, they wouldn\'t be able to see Xue Ling\'s face at all, let alone his methods.

Of course, other than those coming to lick his face, there was also another group of fans who were there to see his technique. They could analyze whether his methods were superior or not based on his movements, but in the end there was nothing they could criticize. After all, Xue Ling\'s movements were too accurate and effective, and they could not pick out any flaws. Eventually, they could only shut up and express their admiration for Xue Ling.

After studying for half a month, Xue Ling could not possibly be more clear about how to sculpt a SSS Grade energy crystal. Every step he took seemed to have been measured precisely as Xue Ling purified the energy in the crystal to exactly match with the pattern of the ring he wanted to create, ensuring the energy was condensed in the parts that he would need, while the sections he planned to chip away had no energy left.

The audience could see every small action that Xue Ling took during the sculpting process through the zoomed-in lens. One after another, they turned into Xue Ling\'s fans, and for many people, how loudly they had shouted \'this shady piece of trash should get lost\' was directly proportional to how much it hurt to be figuratively slapped in the face.

Of course, it was not that there was no competition at all, but their opponent had a SSS Grade energy crystal and the ability to make perfect use of the stone. Victory or defeat was no longer full of suspense.

Xue Ling successfully obtained the Senior Sculptor\'s qualification certificate, and at the same time, announced to the entire Star Net that another Senior Sculptor was now on the rise.

Once again, his past and present identity was pulled out and dissected by others. How miserable his past was, and how his spiritual powers had originally been damaged by his damned stepmother. But he was still able to become so strong now, which showed how hard he worked and how high his original potential had been.

This was a world where strength ruled supreme. As long as he proved his ability, no matter how fast he got ahead or how short the events leading up to his promotion were, his brainless fans and some experts and scholars would always be able to find a way to help him convince others of his strength.

The strong would not be doubted. After all, their strength was there for everyone to see, and any doubt would become simple and fragile in the face of absolute strength.

When the competition and award ceremonies were over, Xue Ling stepped down from the stage and was almost blocked by frenzied fans. Fortunately, Yin Jia had already been on guard against this and called over his personal escort to bring them out into the aircraft.

Nobody dared to confront the Marshal at this moment. Everyone also had to re-evaluate the Marshal\'s Palace, and think about how they could get close to Xue Ling. After all, the Marshal\'s Palace was not an easy place to enter. If Xue Ling stayed there all day long, they would really have no way to get in.

Mu Xi had already prepared a celebration banquet for them back at the mansion. Yin Jia even let the guards stay behind to eat. Xue Ling had not returned to the Marshal\'s Palace for a long time now and had really missed the food there. He ate a little too much, and only felt a little more comfortable after going back upstairs to shower. He brought out today\'s work and prepared to make a move on Yin Jia.

He had already been in this world for over half a year. It was about time for a breakthrough in his relationship with Yin Jia. Xue Ling did not intend to slowly grind away the time until adulthood with Yin Jia; right now, he particularly wanted to let everyone else who was thinking those messy things, who wanted him to be their son, to stop dreaming.

It wasn\'t that he was anxious, but everything he needed to achieve had already been done. Xue Ling only needed to consider himself now, and wanted to properly settle into a relationship.

Simply based on his and Yin Jia\'s identities, if they really started a relationship, based on identity alone it would be a very big problem. But this world did not stipulate that an adoptive son cannot be with their adoptive father, and he believed that Yin Jia would not care about these things either, so he was ready to let loose and clear these things up with his Lord Father.

He was tired of all the guessing back and forth.

Yin Jia seemed to have some official business to deal with. He was busy with his work when Xue Ling came to him wearing a bathrobe. Xue Ling didn\'t say anything else, and simply dropped his entire body onto the sofa in Yin Jia’s study. His movements were incredibly gorgeous, and seemed to accidentally expose his long, slender legs. He put on his nano-computer in the form of a pair of virtual glasses, and then jumped into the virtual world to play games.

Yin Jia’s gaze lingered on him for a good while before he finally turned his head and meditated to calm down.

But he capitulated in the end. After being stuck at a stalemate for half an hour, Yin Jia pulled the person on the sofa into his embrace.

Xue Ling felt that someone outside was touching him, so he quit the game and removed his glasses. He raised his gaze to look up at Yin Jia, who had covered his legs with the bathrobe. "You shouldn\'t dress like this no matter how high the temperature is. What if you catch a cold?”

Xue Ling blinked, then his lips curved as he laughed and asked, "Is this all father has to say?" He lifted himself up and pretended to leave Yin Jia’s arms. “If that’s all, we have nothing to talk about."

Yin Jia tugged on his hand and pulled him back, then bowed his head to kiss Xue Ling on his forehead. He spoke helplessly, "What else can I say when you\'re dressing like this to provoke me?"

Xue Ling spoke cheerfully, "Don\'t say anything, and just do it?"

Yin Jia wanted to, but… “Behave. You\'re not an adult yet. I won’t touch you.” He reached for Xue Ling’s somewhat oversized bathrobe. “No matter what you might be thinking, don\'t do this kind of thing again. I\'ll be angry."

Xue Ling wondered out loud, "Is it bad for me to do this?”

Yin Jia’s face was full of helplessness. “Yun\'er, I don’t know what you\'re doing this for, but I want to let you know that I don\'t despise you. You deserve better; I should offer up the best of everything and hold it up in front of you. You don\'t have to worry that the Marshal\'s Palace will abandon you, and you don\'t need to do this… in order to please me… Even if you don\'t like me, you won\'t be separated from the Marshal\'s Palace in your life. I will protect you under my wings forever.”

Xue Ling didn\'t quite know whether to laugh or cry. Could it be that Yin Jia felt that he was seducing him and making him like him because he was insecure and did not feel reassured, worried that he might be abandoned by the Marshal’s Palace at any time?

The idea was too funny. Xue Ling smiled and bent over, leaning into Yin Jia\'s embrace as he laughed until tears came out.

Yin Jia petted his head, completely not understanding why he was acting like this. He rather anxiously wiped away the tears from the corners of Xue Ling\'s eyes, and patted his back to coax him. Xue Ling laughed for a long time before finally stopping, his cheeks red from the strength of his laughter. He wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, then reached out and grabbed Yin Jia’s neck, leaning up to give him a fleeting dragonfly kiss.

“Father doesn\'t dare to imagine that I would do this because I like you?" He hooked one arm around Yin Jia\'s neck, his other hand coming up to touch his cheek. He lowered his gaze and spoke softly, "As the Marshal of the Empire, is father so insecure about his charm?”

Yin Jia was stunned, and then felt ecstatic as he finally reacted. His gaze was bright as he looked towards Xue Ling. “Yun\'er?”

He seemed to want to confirm something with his words, but in exchange, Xue Ling gave him an affirmative kiss.

Xue Ling kissed him on the lips and laughed, “I thought you had thought things through. I never expected that your thoughts went down the wrong road. Such a simple thing as me liking you, is it really so hard to guess?"

Yin Jia shook his head and laughed in a low tone. "I am much older than you, and Yun\'er\'s thoughts are so difficult to guess. You\'re so mysterious, how could it be easy for me to guess your thoughts?"

Xue Ling blinked, then hooked a finger under his chin. His red lips parted, "Then, does father believe it now?"

Yin Jia met his gaze for a long while, then finally opened his mouth and said, "As long as you say it, I believe it."

Xue Ling sighed and complained, “Ultimately, you don\'t believe me." He harrumphed, then got up and sat down on Yin Jia\'s body, reaching out to pluck at Yin Jia\'s clothing.

Yin Jia caught his hand forcefully, shaking his head as he said, “Yun\'er, no.”

Xue Ling grabbed at his hand and glared at him, then opened his mouth and bit him. “You’re going too far! Hey, you\'ve already gained an inch but you want to take a mile, and you\'re still refusing me so primly. Are you looking for a fight?"

Yin Jia laughed bitterly, "You\'re so naughty. You haven\'t even reached adulthood yet. Who taught you to be like this?"

“You.” Xue Ling began to speak seriously. “I’m fighting a heart-to-heart battle here. I’m certain that you already like me, but I’m not happy about being rejected twice tonight.”

Yin Jia looked at him again for a long time before saying, "It\'s true that I like Yun\'er, but Yun\'er, why do you like me? Thinking back through the process of our acquaintance, unless you fell in love with me at first sight, you can’t explain all the things that you\'ve done to me ever since you entered the Marshal\'s Palace."

Xue Ling rolled his eyes, then gave a quick-witted response, "Why can\'t I fall in love with you at first sight?”

“It’s not that you can\'t, but based on your proud personality, the probability is very low." Yin Jia rubbed his head. "Since you\'re able to make me willingly fall for you bit by bit, you\'re naturally not some silly and sweet person. You are confident that I will like you, and then love you to the point where I cannot extricate myself, which is why you would do these things… Even now, I\'m not very certain why my heart would be moved by you, but I\'m very clear that my entire life will revolve around you. Even if it was calculated, even if you\'ve cheated me, I have no regrets. But what are you doing this for?"

Xue Ling was silent for a while, his entire person lying on Yin Jia\'s body. His movements were natural, as though he had done so countless times, his head rubbing against Yin Jia\'s shoulder, acting like he wanted to be spoiled.

His voice was muffled, “Because you forgot me.”

Yin Jia clenched his fists tightly.

“I don’t believe that you can\'t see the difference me and the original Helan Jiuyun. I’m not him at all. If it weren’t for me, the fate of Helan Jiuyun would not be what it is now. I travelled through so many worlds for you, but how come you always forget me?” He was rather depressed as he hammered a fist against Yin Jia\'s chest. "Even if it\'s a setting, I don\'t like it anymore. I\'m a bit tired of having to fall in love all over again in every world. I want to see you, and let you hold me…" It was rare for him to show weakness, and his pitiful appearance made others feel for him.

His expression of his emotions was so natural that it completely did not require any acting. This time, he seemed to be speaking to Yin Jia with his real emotions. “Hey, I know you’re there. Come out and clear up exactly what kind of relationship we have. How long is this game going to last?"

The arm that Yin Jia had wrapped around his waist tightened. Xue Ling could feel that he had bowed his head and was laughing gently against the crook of his neck. "Are you really unhappy, upset, and don\'t like it? Or did you act out a drama simply because you wanted to lure me out?"

Xue Ling lifted his head up sharply, and looked incredulously at the man.

Yin Jia curved his lips and gave him a kiss, laughing as he said, "Didn\'t you ask me to come out? Now that I\'m here, why are you staring at me like that?"

For a moment, Xue Ling didn\'t know what he should say.

He had genuinely been complaining, because when Yin Jia had asked him, his thoughts had turned and he inexplicably began to feel aggrieved. Although it was fun and interesting to spend his days pursuing each other like this, it was impossible not to get tired of it as it went on.

Sometimes he wanted to see Su Xuanyan, and learn about what he was really thinking…

But he hadn\'t expected that he would be able to call the man out just by saying those words!!!

In that case, why the hell did he work so hard to seduce him?!!

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