Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 186

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13.15 – Now, he could thoroughly tie him to his side

translator: xiin

editors: BlueBug & Macabre

Xue Ling obtained an SSS Grade ore, and he could be very certain that there was no other stone of this grade in the entire stadium, so he was very relaxed when he obtained the official exemption letter that allowed him to go directly to the finals and avoid all the middle sections of the competition that were filled with all kinds of fancy matchups.

Many people commented on this matter, but this was a rule that had been set by the official management of the competition right from the start, and nobody could say anything about it. Xue Ling didn’t concern himself over this gossip, and began to look into the stone he had picked up at home.

This energy crystal was his stepping stone to success as well as his prop for the final competition. The final competition required him to purify the stone and carve it on the spot.

Because of this requirement, some people who envied Xue Ling were waiting for him to mess up. After all, those who were able to sculpt SSS Grade stones were all Master Sculptors, and some Senior Sculptors still wouldn\'t easily start on SSS Grade stones. There was only half a month until the finals, and it was definitely not enough time for Xue Ling to master the ability to carve SSS Grade energy crystals.

Many people were of this opinion. [ He Yanyan: Don\'t think that he will win the competition just because he obtained the best quality stone. Having a good stone still requires one to have good technical control. Him? Ha-ha. ]

Mu Xi was very dissatisfied with these opinions, and almost wanted to go online to go up against these people, but Xue Ling stopped him.

As a professional face slapper who had done it for over a hundred years, Xue Ling didn\'t mind group slapping a whole bunch of people all at once. They could say whatever they wanted; everything would naturally become clear during the competition. There was no need to argue on the internet.

In addition to these envious and jealous people, in fact, more people were concerned about other aspects. Their focus was strange, and Xue Ling held some admiration for these people’s minds and how they could always pay attention to strange points that made others not know whether to laugh or cry.

For example, someone picked up on Xue Ling’s entrance and departure time, proving that he came out of the venue in less than half a day. They carefully analyzed the whole venue, and then concluded that Xue Ling had merely walked around the venue, chosen the stone he came out with, and then left.

With this analysis, he came to three possible conclusions. First was that Xue Ling cheated, and knew where the stone was right from the start so that he only needed to enter the venue and pick it up before exiting. The second was that Xue Ling had good luck, and a blind cat met a dead mouse and obtained a SSS Grade ore. The third was that Xue Ling\'s spiritual strength was super powerful, and he could tell what level the energy crystal contained within the ore was just by touching them.

After arriving at three conclusions, the original poster analyzed the possibility of these three conclusions for the public.

[ The host for this contest is the Association of Sculptors, who are noble and hard to please. Even the royal family cannot influence them, so the possibility of cheating is zero. Even the Royal Family\'s little nurturer didn\'t receive this kind of treatment when they participated in the competition. Therefore, it was impossible for him to cheat through the Association of Sculptors just because he is the adoptive son Marshal\'s Palace. So the first conclusion is a pass.

Was it possible for an even luckier person to pick an SSS Grade stone out of a vast sea of ores?

If you can, go up and do it. If you can really pick one out through luck, this original poster will kneel down and call you father.

The second hypothesis is simply there for the sake of increasing word count. Anyone with even the tiniest bit of brain would know that this competition is not held for fun. The Young Master was together with the Lord Marshal, and this kind of thing is simply a hoax that normal people could not do. If anyone believes that this kind of stone could be picked out by casually selecting an ore, they should probably read less fiction.

That left only the third point, which this original poster personally agrees with. It was not for the purpose of holding the youth\'s big thighs, but rather using a valid list of data and facts to hit the sceptics in the face. As long as anyone studied the three scenes where the Young Master selected stones, they would be able to see one thing in common. The Young Master selected stones very quickly. He did not even touch the stones, but could still select the one with the highest energy by looking at them with his eyes. I’ve edited these three videos of him choosing stones. You can study them carefully. [Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3]

Even if you enter the holographic mode of the video and stand beside the Young Master, you\'ll be unable to figure out how he can choose the ores so accurately. He only needs to look for a while, and then will unhesitatingly reach out his hands to pick up the stones he\'s selected. The entire process only takes a few blinks and he has no hesitation at all. What does this mean?

It shows that Young Master is very confident in his ability, and even more confident in his strength. To sum it up, the Young Master chose this SSS Grade stone this time not through other means or luck, but simply because he headed straight for it.

Scum that are hating on the Young Master!!! Are you ready to get slapped in the face by the Young Master in the finals?! ]

This post was forwarded countless times on the Star Net. The analysis that the original poster made was well-founded. What’s more, in the posts, the original poster shook all the haters with all kinds of data analysis and examples to beat up the haters\' faces.

Xue Ling looked at the post and found it interesting. He hadn\'t realized that he had so many fans. After reading it, he was both amused and touched, then forwarded the post on his own homepage that night. His message was: Are you ready to have your face slapped by me during the finals?

He was always a proud and unrestrained person, and had absolutely no intention of being low-key on the internet. This was also what Xue Ling had wanted to do right from the start, but his advance warning on the internet led to a bloody storm on the entire Star Net.

Xue Ling didn’t care much about what happened on the Star Net due to his words, because as soon as the energy crystal arrived, he formally started training with his new teacher and stayed at his teacher\'s home to begin closed door intensive training. Even if it was Yin Jia who wanted to see him, Meng Qian still refused to let him out.

The Marshal who had been suffering from being left outside for a few days was surrounded by low pressure. Mo Xi did not dare to bring up his resignation, fearing that the Marshal would tell him to get lost before he could even finish speaking. He wanted to go to the Military Headquarters, not leave the Capital Star entirely.

Mu Xi seemed to have become aware of some abnormalities during this period. She was generally quite insensitive to these things, but after spending such a long time together, she was quite perceptive regarding Yin Jia\'s emotions. The more time Yin Jia spent in Xue Ling\'s room, the more ups and downs he showed during his daily life, and it made Mu Xi\'s scalp turn increasingly numb.

Exactly what kind of intentions did the Marshal hold towards the little cutie? The more she thought about it, the weirder she felt it was.

Before Mu Xi could figure out what was wrong with the picture, half a month had already passed by quietly. Xue Ling was released from Meng Qian’s home, and the first thing he saw was Yin Jia. Having not seen him for half a month, he found he had really missed the man. Xue Ling cheerfully fell into Yin Jia\'s embrace, and did not think too much about it, wrapping his arms around his neck and leaning up on tiptoes to give him a light kiss.

Yin Jia hugged him around the waist, pressed him into his embrace, and bowed his head to meet him in the middle, kissing Xue Ling squarely on the lips.

This was a hegemonic and passionate kiss, filled with a deep sense of yearning from the past half month as well as some unspeakable **. It was so hot that Xue Ling shivered all over, and even though he knew how to breathe through a kiss, he was still kissed by Yin Jia until he could barely breathe, his entire body turning soft in his arms.

Yin Jia finally let him loose, and carefully held him in his embrace. He turned his head to give Meng Qian, who was standing there with his mouth open, a profound look, then brought Xue Ling onto the aircraft.

Yin Jia\'s guards had already trained themselves to be deaf and dumb to the outside world, concentrating only their duties as guards, and were completely blind to the relationship between their own Master and Young Master. After Yin Jia boarded the ship with Xue Ling in his arms, they saluted Meng Qian and turned around to follow him on board.

When Xue Ling regained his wits, both his ears were red and he struggled to come down from Yin Jia\'s embrace. "I still need to go and compete!" He had come out from his closed door training today for the sake of the competition, and as soon as Yin Jia came out they began to mess about. Why did it give him a feeling that Yin Jia planned to directly bring him back and do him?!

Yin Jia caught him by the waist. His upper body twisted, but he was still dazed and had no way to get out from between Yin Jia\'s arms. It was because of this tossing and turning that a certain part of his body was awakened.

Yin Jia spoke in a low tone, "Behave. I\'ll take you to the competition. Don\'t move about. Otherwise, you can give up on taking part."

Xue Ling was silent for a moment, then quietly shrank himself into Yin Jia\'s embrace, his head bowed as he no longer spoke.

Yin Jia held him in his arms, carefully looking down and him and discovering that other than his ears being red, the little nurturer had no intention of resisting. A trace of laughter flashed across his eyes. It seemed that his guess had not been wrong, but… "We\'ll have a good talk after the competition, hm?" His mouth was close enough to bite Xue Ling\'s ear as he spoke this sentence, his deep voice stimulating his ear, and making it so that Xue Ling could only silently cover his face with his hands.

It looked like he was being shy, but in fact he was actually chatting with the system.

“Fine, host won. I thought he would at least be able to hold on until host reached adulthood… I didn\'t expect him to be so repressed…" The system had some objections to this Lord Marshal. He was still unable to escape its host\'s clutches despite losing his memories and feelings, and was still firmly in the host\'s grip. It was clear to everyone how much of a frenzied slave to his wife he would be in the future.

Xue Ling lazily and proudly replied to the system, "This is not becoming frenzied. Although he\'s very repressed, he\'s still very capable of taking the initiative. He hasn\'t seen me for half a month; how could he not make a move~ Let alone when there was something he wanted to say before we parted. Being able to endure for half a month was already the limit."

The system lamented that Su Xuanyan would not be able to escape from its host for several lifetimes. Unexpectedly, Xue Ling shook his head as his lips curved up into a very gentle smile. “Not only is he inseparable from me, I’m afraid I also can’t do without him.” After entangling together for so many years, their relationship was deeper than that thing they called three generations of fate. In fact, Xue Ling\'s attachment to the man was no less than the man\'s deep love towards him.

Love was mutually reinforcing. A one sided love would have been unable to support them to this day. Although he liked to tease the man and play tricks on him, in fact, Xue Ling was very clear about the position the man held in his own heart.

He had really fallen hard this time. After so many years together, he would probably still forgive the other party even if the man had approached him with ulterior motives…

As long as he recovered his last tail, he would be able to return to that world and recover his memories… What kind of scene had his first encounter with the man been like?

He wanted to know what kind of person Su Xuanyan was in real life…

The audience for the competition was a vast sea of people. There were countless people in the actual audience and the competition also had a live broadcast, meaning that large numbers of viewers could watch and pay attention to the finals over the Star Net from throughout the galaxy.

All the competitors who could reach the finals were very competent participants. Amongst them was Mo Lan and Hao Songle, who had originally greeted Xue Ling at the beginning of the competition. He didn\'t know if it was due to their protagonist halos or not, but they actually managed to reach this point. After interacting for the past couple of weeks, everyone had already become very familiar with the competitors, and they all had their own set of supporters and backers. By contrast, Xue Ling, who had only kicked up a fuss at the very start of the competition, was not very popular during these finals.

Despite this, his appearance was also noticed, purely because he was the only unknown at this stage. It was very likely that he was a powerful dark horse. As long as he was able to step onto the stage for the finals, nobody would look down on him. The SSS Grade stone in his hand was a great shadow that weighed on everyone\'s minds.

The quality of the material brought many advantages and some disadvantages to Xue Ling. If he was unable to make perfect use of it, he would be criticized to the extreme.

Xue Ling did not care about this at all. After he came on stage, his eyes swept around to take in the other competitors. Although he had been closed off for a period of time, his opponents’ strength was always in his grasp, and the system had been monitoring the matches for him. Xue Ling was not complacent because of the golden finger he had in hand. Being proud and complacent was something only a foolish cannon fodder would do.

The first part of the competition was to purify their own energy crystal. During the past half month, Xue Ling had purified countless SSS Grade crystals under Meng Qian\'s tutelage, and couldn\'t possibly be more familiar with the process. The laughter of those who had wanted to see him make a fool of himself because his spiritual power was lacking was forced to die down.

When Xue Ling concentrated, he was able to block out all the chaos at the scene. His attention was wholly focused on the energy crystal in front of him, which had already been cut into two parts before he arrived. What Xue Ling wanted to make this time was a pair of rings.

He had originally planned to make a three-piece set, but Yin Jia\'s reaction this morning made him feel like the rings would come in handy soon.

The previous ring was to stake his claim over the man. Now, he could thoroughly bind him to his side.