Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 180

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13.9 – Some things were now thoroughly different

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & Macabre

After a few seconds of silence, Xue Ling stood up and cried out, “Father…”

Yin Jia nodded and his expression turned a little softer. He beckoned to him and said, "Come here.”

Xue Ling was a good child and went over very obediently. He stood beside Yin Jia, and the other party stretched out his hand to rub his head, asking, "Did you get hurt?"

“No, it’s just a bit of a hassle talking to them. One or two of them seem unable to understand the human language."

Yin Jia\'s lips curved. He patted his head, and motioned for Xue Ling to stand behind him. “Yun\'er is still young and has gone through a lot during this period. I don\'t want to have him worry too much, so I will deal with all the matters that you want to have resolved. Do any of you have any opinions on the way I handle things?"

The Royal Family had one very obvious feature. The Milky Way Dragon\'s skin was silver, so the members of the royal family would all have silver hair. And as of now, the only member of the Royal Family who had long, silver hair, was Prince Yin Jia.

Everyone knew who he was as soon as he came in. After all he was the First God of War in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The Star Net would choose a new God of War every year, but he always topped the list. Let alone, the Speaker spent a lot of time dealing with Yin Jia on official matters and knew him personally. He felt embarrassed all of a sudden, and felt that although Hao Yuanliang seemed useful, he hadn\'t expected to provoke someone who could absolutely not be provoked as soon as something happened.

“Marshal.” The Speaker held out his hand, but Yin Jia had no intention of returning the gesture. "Ha-ha. I didn\'t expect that this was the new Young Master of the Marshal\'s Palace. Just now, my people have given offense, and I represent my wife and son to apologize. This matter should be a misunderstanding. I was just about to say this to the Young Master, but Marshal had already come in."

Yin Jia glanced at him. He had no expression on his face, and his tone was flat as he said, "Misunderstanding?"

“Yes, misunderstanding, misunderstanding.” The Speaker spoke somewhat helplessly, “At the end of the day, it\'s a quarrel between children. As parents, we shouldn\'t jump into the fray and continue the matter. I think that we can just let today\'s matter drop."

“Drop?” Yin Jia\'s gaze swept over everyone present as he said, “Some things cannot be reconciled just because you want them to be resolved, or dropped simply because you want them to be. People of the Marshal\'s Palace cannot be casually bullied, or beat up and scolded at will."


“You might be able to regard today\'s incident as a children\'s quarrel, but I won\'t." Yin Jia wanted to step up to the line today. Even if the person who had made the first move today was his ward, even if the people who had gotten hit today were the other party\'s people, and it seemed as though they were not actually in the right, he still had no intention of letting the other party off easily today. "I have already sent people to catch Hao Yuanling. Ms. Song Yin, who is here today, does not need to return. We\'ve already obtained preliminary evidence of you poisoning Yun\'er. You will soon face a substantial lawsuit."

Song Yin was stunned. She didn’t know how the other party had managed to find evidence, and was panicked in an instant.

The Speaker wanted to say more, but when he met with Yin Jia\'s meaningful gaze, he was sent into a state of shock and inexplicable panic.

“The Speaker also doesn’t need to go back and forth over Hao Yuanliang’s affairs. Look after your own position instead. The official document of impeachment might be issued tomorrow. If you have the time to chat with me here, why don’t you go back and see what else hasn\'t been dealt with and prepare for the handover?”

Yin Jia had just stopped speaking when the Speaker’s nano-computer rang with a communication. He picked up the call, and then his entire face turned grey. The people Yin Jia brought seized Song Yin immediately. Hao Songle held on to Song Yin and refused to let go, so they simply seized Hao Songle along with her.

People could also be detained for hindering law enforcement.

The office was emptied out very soon. Yin Jia turned to the Dean and said, "Since these things have been settled, I think we can discuss the matter of my baby\'s transfer now."

The Dean had watched on as he dealt with the group as quickly and efficiently as a major storm, and felt somewhat bad all over. He froze for a long time, then finally said, "Marshal, It\'s not impossible to change classes, but the College has its own set of regulations. Based on the Young Master\'s talent, changing classes won’t be very helpful for him."

“His spiritual power was affected by some external factors that caused it to lower. It will recover after a period of recovery, and he will have to change classes then. If you are unwilling to allow him to change classes now, I can simply switch schools."

Xue Ling tugged at Yin Jia’s sleeve from behind him. Yin Jia had only spoken halfway, but he still turned his head back to look at him.

Xue Ling said, “Father, I don’t want to transfer schools. Longyue College is my mother’s alma mater and the best choice for Sculptors in the Capital Star."

Yin Jia frowned and seemed to have no choice but to accept Xue Ling’s stubbornness.

“Mr. Dean.” Xue Ling made a solemn bow to the Dean. “If I remember correctly, transferring classes requires a series of tests. I\'m willing to take the tests. Please help me transfer if I succeed."

The principal hadn\'t expected him to be so willing to follow the rules. It was not impossible to change classes in Longyue College, but the procedure to arrange the transfer was complicated and very difficult.

Take Xue Ling as an example. If he wanted to transfer to Class S, which was the highest ranked class in the school, he would need to pass three rounds of test. Each round was necessary, and could not be skipped. Moreover, the difficulty level of each round of test would be increased each time, and the topic would be something that even the students in Class S might not necessarily be able to pass.

That was to say, it was necessary to have already reached peak level in order to enter the top ranked class.

And in the entire Milky Way Galaxy, the number of peak level Sculptors could be counted on two hands. They were all at the Master Level, and none of them had reached this stage while still at school.

Such harsh transfer conditions was also the reason why Yin Jia wanted to skip the rules and have Xue Ling transfer classes directly. He didn\'t want to make his little lovely one so tired. This kind of test that had to be passed all in one go must be prepared for with utmost effort.

Xue Ling did not mind this at all. He had originally planned to apply for this transfer test, and it was not advisable for him to rely on Yin Jia’s power alone for promotion. In this world where strength crushed everything, he could only avoid criticism when he had enough strength to make these people look up to him.

Because of Xue Ling’s insistence, the Dean agreed to his application for a transfer test, and then because of the cold aura that was coming out of Yin Jia, the Dean set the date of the test to one month later, giving Xue Ling enough time to regain his spiritual strength.

Even so, he did not think that Xue Ling would be able to successfully pass the transfer test.

Having settled everything, Xue Ling planned to go back to class, but Yin Jia brought him away instead. He told him that he would invite special teachers for him over the course of the next month, and he would not need to come to school during this period. Learning in class would only disturb his studies and give him no benefits.

Xue Ling couldn\'t exactly laugh evilly and tell him, \'dear, you are still too naive, I have a plug-in\', and could only let himself be brought away.

What he didn’t know was that someone put together a post about what happened at school that very night and posted it on the Star Net.

This post was originally written by a poster in the College forums, but someone sent it out from the College\'s internal network and shared it on the Star Net. The Lord Marshal\'s public appearances were pitifully few, and the dazzled fangirls never expected that they would one day be able to see their Marshal at their very own school dealing with his child\'s problems.

Wasn\'t this too damaging to his image???

That wasn\'t right!!! The Marshal wasn\'t married, where had this child come from!!!

That night, the fans on Star Net stayed up all night, and dug up everything about Xue Ling\'s identity and past history as well as what had happened in recent days, and his success in becoming the Young Master of the Marshal\'s Palace.

Countless nurturers howled online, asking if the Nurturer Protection Association needed to be so fierce, directly making someone into the Young Master of the Marshal\'s Palace?! They wanted that to happen to them too!!! They were also unhappy at home!!! Marshal, please adopt them!!! Marshal, please send them to school!!! Let them also hug that big thigh!!!

Photos of Xue Ling getting off the airship and getting brought away by Yin Jia blew up over the internet. Even in places far away from the Capital Star, there were countless people who had seen his appearance and knew about his good fortune. While they sympathized with his terrible past, they were more envious and jealous of his new identity.

Many people expressed that they also wanted to be adopted by the Marshal. Could their mom and dad please give them a slap in the face!

Some ambitious people expressed, "What are you all crying for? There\'s such a good opportunity, don\'t you guys understand how to grasp it? The Lord Marshal seems to really care about this little nurturer. If you can please this little nurturer, you\'ll be pleasing the Marshal!!! You fools, your goals should be to become this little nurturer\'s other parent!"

There were some more self-aware people that said it much more simply, "I\'m not asking for anything else, but I\'m begging to become the Marshal\'s adopted son. I\'ll definitely be good and obedient and won\'t make trouble for Marshal daddy. I\'ll indulge and flirt with little boy toys all day. I won\'t need to go to school at all, and won\'t need Marshal daddy to stand up for me at school!"

Xue Ling felt a rather bad after spending time browsing the Star Net that night, because many people had already begun to study his preferences and were ready to become his father or mother.

The system also went around to gather together a bunch of gossip, looking through it as it said to Xue Ling, "Relax. It\'s just a bunch of people that can only talk on the internet. Nobody can actually give you any competition. Work hard, host! First come, first served, and rabbits like to eat grass close to their nests; quickly work to reel your dad in! Let that group of scum understand what it means to be both a lover and a baby!"

Xue Ling: “Get lost.”

System: “… What did I say wrong? …I didn\'t say anything wrong… Isn\'t that your goal?"

Xue Ling snorted coldly. Based on his understanding of the man through so many worlds, the man currently only thought of him as a child. He had a lot of goodwill towards him, but had not thought in that direction at all. It could be seen that the man had none of those emotional intentions towards him, which meant that what those people were saying about becoming another parent for him, was still a possibility.

After all, the Lord Marshal was right there. As long as they had the guts, anyone could come up with a strategy.

Xue Ling had no time to deal with these people right now. What he needed to do was complete the transfer test so they didn\'t start clamouring that he wasn\'t a good match for the Marshal in a few days. Things like public opinion were too easy to sway; Xue Ling had fought too many public opinion wars. Suddenly becoming popular or something like that did not affect his upcoming plans at all.

Yin Jia called him to his study that night for no other reason than because he felt like it was very necessary to have a proper discussion with his little nurturer about today’s affairs.

He was someone who did as he said, and Xue Ling was a person who had his own opinions. Yin Jia was used to speaking without asking others for their opinions, because others were always required to execute his words to the letter. The decisions he made were never wrong, so he never needed to hear other people\'s doubts or objections to his orders.

This was a problem that only someone who had absolute confidence and a good dose of arrogance would have. He had no intention of changing it, but he had now run into Xue Ling. He was not someone who would simply do as he said, and while he didn\'t appear to resist the things that Yin Jia had arranged for him, even going so far as to look cutely obedient and making no rebuttal, in fact, he had his own private thoughts and would say one thing while doing another, completely unafraid of Yin Jia\'s temper.

He appeared to be the wronged character in today\'s play, but when one looked back, they would find that he was the one who caused trouble in the first place.

When Yin Jia adopted him back then, he already had a detailed understanding of his life, but it was unexpected that he still could not figure out what this child had planned.

He looked like a little sheep, but hidden under the sheep\'s skin was a big fox\'s tail.

“Father?” Seeing that Yin Jia had called himself in but didn\'t speak, Xue Ling interrupted his thinking and said, "If father doesn\'t need anything, I\'ll go back to study first."

Yin Jia raised his head, and once again looked the child over carefully from head to foot, but found that he still did not understand what he was thinking. At first, he just thought that this child was on guard against him, and thoughtful, but not a bad child. Now, it seemed that he also schemed deeply and acted nothing like an immature child.

“You already have a good grasp on the recovery of your own spiritual power." He spoke an affirmative sentence. Although the person in front of him did not seem to have any offensive power, Yin Jia subconsciously felt that the person was very capable of making an attack.

Xue Ling narrowed his eyes slightly. His lips curved as he raised his gaze and replied, "How could that be? I just believe that I must have inherited my mother\'s talent. She was such an amazing Sculptor. As her child, I\'ll naturally not lose to her." When he lifted his gaze, the corners of his eyes were slightly uptilted. A fierce light flashed across his gaze for just a moment, so quickly that Yin Jia felt that it must have been an illusion.

The two of them stared at each other, and saw something that should not exist in each other’s eyes. Then, they both looked down, as though nothing had happened during that brief exchange of looks…

But Yin Jia knew very clearly that some things were now thoroughly different.

He was afraid that he could no longer treat this child as an ordinary, simple child.

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