Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 177

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13.6 – I\'m certain it\'s him

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl, BlueBug & Macabre

Xue Ling couldn\'t explain why he had a subconscious fear of Yin Jia. In fact, it couldn\'t be considered fear, but more of a subconscious sense of acknowledging allegiance to the other party. After transmigrating through so many worlds, this was the first time he\'d had such a reaction. It made Xue Ling very curious; he pulled the system out to inquire about it, but the system had no way to explain it. It only said that this was a reaction caused by Xue Ling himself.

Xue Ling found it very strange. What kind of problem could he have? What kind of problem could it be that would make him want to hug the other party\'s thighs when they met?!

Although he was a little indignant, by the time he arrived at the third floor and met Yin Jia\'s gaze, he instantly became stifled. His footsteps paused, and he didn\'t dare to go up any further, standing on the stairs as he raised his head to look at the Marshal.

The two of them silently looked at each other, and the atmosphere turned awkward. Xue Ling stood there for a long time before finally scratching his head and asking, “Marshal… Is something wrong…"

Yin Jia frowned and emphasized again, "Call me father.”

Xue Ling choked, the corner of his lips twitching slightly. He really wanted to beat this person up, but his power level was absolutely not a match for this person. He could only bow his head and call out again, "Father, what\'s wrong?"

Yin Jia was finally satisfied. Although it was impossible to tell if he was satisfied or not from his icy face, he told Xue Ling, "Follow me," and turned to lead the way. Xue Ling was dazed for a while before hurriedly catching up.

The third floor covered a very large area. Other than the reception room that could be seen from the stairs, the rest of the floor was actually Yin Jia’s private space. Xue Ling was like a small insect who had accidentally wandered into his private quarters, and could only make his way forward carefully, afraid that any small mistake would upset this big Lord, causing him to lift his hand and squish him to death.

Personally, he didn\'t really want to go to prison, escape and then become a star pirate. If his man was not that pirate boss, wouldn\'t he be making a big loss…?

And Yin Jia was not someone he could escape from just by becoming a pirate! He had only let them off because he hadn\'t concerned himself over them. If he really wanted to kill those pirates, ten of those pirate bosses would not be enough for him to slaughter…

System: “Haven\'t you considered the possibility that this person might be your man?"

Xue Ling: “…” Oh, that would be rather terrible. He didn\'t like this feeling of being pressured and crushed to bits at all! And this time, they had an adoptive father and son relationship!!! It was too shameful to try and implement a strategy for seduction in a setting like this!!!

System: “… So you also understand what \'shameful\' means…"

Xue Ling: “… Get lost.”

This round of conversation went nowhere, and Yin Jia probably had no idea about what was going on in the brain theatre of the little nurturer who was following behind him. He brought Xue Ling into the study, and then motioned for him to sit down.

Yin Jia was born to the Royal Family and was very accustomed to luxury. Looking at the décor of the entire Marshal\'s Palace, it was evident that his taste was simple but luxurious, noble and elegant, but not extravagant. All the facilities and furnishings in the main house tended towards comfort. His study was the place he used the most often for work, but even if it was used for work, he did not skimp on any of the luxuries that would the study more comfortable. When Xue Ling sat down, he almost stood straight up again. The chair was too soft, and he felt like he would sink into it if he sat down fully.

Seeing that he almost jumped up before slowly sitting back down again, thinking that his movements were secret but totally unaware that every movement of his had been noticed, the hints of a smile flashed across Yin Jia\'s eyes. He poured Xue Ling a glass of milk and handed it to him, saying, "Let\'s have a proper talk."

Xue Ling was somewhat overwhelmed by his gesture as he accepted the glass of milk. Although he did not mean to drink it, he still held it, treating it as a hand warmer. "What does Father want to talk to me about?”

Yin Jia seemed very satisfied with how he addressed him and his self-awareness, and no longer stared at him until he panicked. He said, "I am your guardian now. From today onward, I will be your father." His first sentence served to emphasize the relationship between them.

Xue Ling nodded.

“I already know about the situation between you and the Hao family. I’ll help you deal with their affairs. You won’t have to worry about them in the future. I will help you get back all the companies and houses that once belonged to your mother\'s family, and put them under your name." Yin Jia spoke as though tidying up the Hao family was as simple as crushing an ant. Xue Ling blinked, and wondered in his heart if he really need to be so aggressive, cool and dazzling…

“In addition, if you feel that your previous school was not suitable for you, let me know. I can have you transferred to the Royal College. There aren\'t as many chaotic things happening there." Yin Jia tapped his fingers on the table as he slowly listed out solutions to all the problems Xue Ling had previously encountered in an orderly manner. "I\'ve instructed the Royal Family\'s exclusive physician to analyse the remnants of the drug in your body, and they should have come up with a targeted recovery program in the next couple of days. Your treatment will be handed over to them; you can rest assured about cooperating with their treatment program."

Xue Ling opened his mouth and choked out a sentence, "…I don\'t want to transfer…"

Yin Jia had only spoken halfway. He paused, and looked up at Xue Ling.

“They can say what they like, and I will do what I want. I have nothing to be embarrassed about that requires me to transfer schools. I hope that I can solve the things that I can deal with by myself." Although he felt a little stifled in front of this person, the trash at school was not something that could be solved by transferring to another school. Xue Ling did not intend to run away, and even if it was the original owner of this body standing here, he would also choose not to run away. Therefore, his tone of voice was particularly firm, and when he looked at Yin Jia, the determination in his eyes did not seem to be fake.

Yin Jia nodded. “Understood. Since you\'ve made up your mind, that\'s perfect. But there are rules that you\'ll need to follow when dealing with the problem."

Xue Ling: “…” Wasn\'t he a block of ice? How come he had so much to say?!

Mu Xi: “…” Hey hey, although the Marshal has an icy face, he\'s not cold at all when he handles things, and he doesn\'t treat his words like gold.~

“I don’t care what you do, you can\'t get hurt in the process. That\'s my bottom line."

Xue Ling was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said, “I understand.”

“You need to understand a lot more than just that.” Yin Jia seemed to find his stunned look amusing. He reached out to rub his head and continued, “There\'s no need to feel restrained, or inferior, or anything else. Even more importantly, you don\'t need to be polite. Since I\'ve promised to adopt you, and add your name to the Yin family tree, I will naturally acknowledge you as a member of the Yin family. You don\'t need to feel pressure when doing anything. You have me as your backer, and behind that, there\'s the entire Yin family, and the entire Royal Family."

Xue Ling: “…Oh, okay.” He was in a daze. He hadn\'t expected that Yin Jia would say such things to him. He had originally thought that he would simply take him in for two years, and everyone would split up when the time came. Or perhaps there would simply be another mouth to feed in the family that he wouldn\'t need to concern himself about. Unexpectedly, Yin Jia added his name into the Royal Family tree… Wasn\'t Yin Family the Royal Family?!!! This sudden change in the script was a little scary… After all, even if a pie was falling from the sky, it shouldn\'t be like this…

Yin Jia gave him a little time to recover, then continued, "I seldom come back during the day. If there\'s anything you need, you can tell Mu Xi. She will bring you to buy some daily necessities tomorrow, and you don\'t need to be polite if there\'s anything you lack."

Xue Ling nodded and spoke very obediently, “Understood. If father is finished, I\'ll go back first."

Yin Jia nodded, which could be counted as agreement. Xue Ling quickly got up and left, then felt that he shouldn\'t be so rude, so he turned around and saluted before leaving, closing the door behind him.

After he closed the door, Yin Jia finally couldn\'t hold back his laughter. He raised his hand and looked at the hand he had used to rub the child\'s head, thinking that this child was really too cute. But when he recalled Xue Ling\'s tiny body, he once again felt that he was too thin. He only ate such a small amount every day.

Xue Ling had no idea that the Marshal had the intention of bringing him up to be chubby and white. He shut the door behind him, then told the system with confidence, "I\'m certain it\'s him."

The system was rather puzzled, “Why? What made you decide this so suddenly?"

“I feel it.”

“…Alright, then. ” Xue Ling had given such a vague explanation, and successfully managed to confuse the system, but the system was too lazy to concern itself over this matter. After all, it was its host\'s man, and if it recognized the wrong person, it would be the one who got into trouble. It was only a small system, and it knew nothing; none of this had anything to do with him.

Xue Ling was quite certain. After all, the way the man rubbed his head had been so familiar; his technique had not changed at all. Although in this world, the man\'s aura inexplicably made his legs go soft, Xue Ling believed that this was merely something caused by their racial differences. After all, he was facing a dragon~ Having his legs go a little weak wasn\'t much of a problem at all.~

Xue Ling happily attributed his inexplicable reaction to this world\'s racial settings, and then shifted his thoughts to thinking about his man\'s identity in this world. What did he need to do in order to successfully make him fall in love with himself?

Uh… Adoptive father and son… Somehow, he felt that it was a little taboo…

He simply couldn\'t come up with a way to start, so Xue Ling resolutely brought the matter of dealing with the scum to the front. He had successfully been recognized as the master of the pendant, and after he became its true owner, Xue Ling went into the space to take a look. He had to acknowledge that the cultivation methods and all sorts of good things were enough to shock people\'s eyes. Xue Ling looked around, then finally chose a cultivation method and decided to start training by first improving his eyes.

Being able to look and judge ores was the first step to becoming a good Sculptor, and the greatest wish of the original owner was actually to become a great Energy Sculptor like his mother. But because his spiritual power had not been up to par, he was unable to achieve this goal. Although Xue Ling could have the system change the stats of his current body, carelessly making changes always carried the possibility of arousing suspicion. He now lived in the Marshal\'s Palace, and his every move and action was restricted. With regards to raising his spiritual strength, it was still better to wait for the doctor that Yin Jia had arranged for him to treat and heal him before he slowly showed his ability.

The next day, Mu Xi actually took Xue Ling out to shop. Xue Ling was dug up from bed early in the morning to accompany Yin Jia for breakfast, and after seeing off the Lord Marshal, he climbed back into bed and went straight back to sleep. He only went out with Mu Xi after he had woken up again.

The entire Capital Star was filled with the elite. If they weren\'t rich or powerful, then they were both rich and powerful. But this group of elites was still split into different districts. The Capital Star was so big that it was divided into five regions. Hao’s area was District C. Being able to live there showed that the master of the family still had a lot of room for promotion. So Hao Yuanliang often took pride in being able to live in this district, despite the fact that they had sold their house in District B in order to move there. But Hao Yuanliang firmly believed that his position in District C was due to his own struggle, which was completely different from his humiliating memories of living off his wife in District B.

The house in District B originally belonged to the Helan family. It was the house that Yin Jia had mentioned last night, saying that he had bought it back and listed it under Xue Ling’s name.

Mu Xi also asked him if he wanted to go to see it, but was refused by Xue Ling. Mu Xi was probably afraid to touch on something that would make him sad, so she simply appeased him with a few sentences before no longer bringing it up.

The Marshal’s Palace was naturally in District A. Although there were no obvious boundaries between the various districts, and there weren\'t many differences between the districts, at the end of the day, District A was at the core of the entire planet. Everything that could be found there would be top quality. Mu Xi intended to bring Xue Ling to the shop that Yin Jia normally went to for his tailored clothing in order to first buy him a few sets of clothes to wear. They would also get Xue Ling measured so that they could get him customized outfits and wouldn\'t have to make the trip over for clothing in the future.

Xue Ling did not have much of an opinion. In any case, that person had told him not to be polite, so he really didn\'t act too reservedly.

After obtaining some clothing and measuring his size, Xue Ling went on to purchase a pile of school supplies with Mu Xi according to the original owner\'s memories. Because the original owner\'s spiritual power had been subpar, although he had constantly worked hard, his craftsmanship had never been very good. When he left Hao family this time, Xue Ling had not brought the original owner\'s tools with him, so as he was purchasing a new set, he also bought a lot of practice materials to train with.

Mu Xi was very supportive, seeing that he was acting very energetic instead of being depressed by his former scum parents. She became more and more fond of him, wanting to cuddle him and never let go.

The two of them spent the entire day shopping, having lunch outside. Finally, Mu Xi bought a whole pile of things for Xue Ling; she had never raised a nurturer before so buying things for Xue Ling this time was like a dream. She completely treated Xue Ling like her own child, spoiling him and getting him a set of everything she saw. If Xue Ling didn\'t occasionally step in to stop her from time to time, she would probably have bought the entire shopping district\'s inventory to bring back with them.

When they returned home, they unexpectedly found that Yin Jia had already returned. Oddly, he felt somewhat relieved seeing the piles of things that the robots were carrying behind them.

“Put everything down for now. We\'ll have dinner first."

“Yes, father.”

Although it had only been two days, Xue Ling had already become accustomed to life at the Marshal\'s Palace. This dinner was more relaxed than yesterday, and Yin Jia was quite happy after he found that Xue Ling seemed a little closer to himself. He would help pick food for Xue Ling, and it was unknown if it was unconsciously done or otherwise, but all the dishes he picked out for him were to Xue Ling’s taste.

On the third day, the Royal Family\'s exclusive doctor that Yin Jia had said would come over finally came to see Xue Ling. The poison in Xue Ling had already been mostly cleared out by the system after he arrived in this world, so it was not difficult for the doctor to deal with the rest. After looking into his situation, the doctor suggested that he recuperate slowly, and that the poison would be cleared out of his system in about a month. Yin Jia and Mu Xi were both relieved to hear this, and they agreed to Xue Ling’s request to return to school on the fourth day.

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