Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 173

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13.2 – Just watch and see if I don\'t beat him to death today!

translator: xiin

editor: alamerysl

In fact, the original body should not have appeared in such a warm story, because his existence and a story like this were rather incompatible. In the description of the plot, he was an ungrateful scum who was always thinking about how to harm the protagonist shou, jealous of the fact that the protagonist, despite being a sub-beastman, still had greater spiritual strength and talent than himself, who was a nurturer. Because of this, he did everything he could to make a move against his younger brother. The protagonist had not done anything in retaliation at first, but he finally had enough and made his own move.

Except for him, there were very few other people in this story who were extremely evil, and the protagonist shou\'s parents were both incredibly good. He simply couldn\'t understand why the original body had been so dissatisfied with this family, to the point where he constantly tried to make trouble.

But this was all presented from the perspective of the protagonist. If the story was written from the perspective of the original owner of this body, the situation would appear completely different.

The father of the original body had married into his mother\'s family. After his mother and grandparents died in an accident, his father naturally stepped in, and everything became his.

Even before his mother\'s remains had turned cold, he had already brought his true love, the protagonist\'s mother, and their son, into the house.

The protagonist also had another beastman older brother, who was older than the original owner. It could be seen that his father had been cheating all throughout their marriage, and while the sub-beastman stepmother that had been brought into the family seemed very friendly to the original owner on the surface, buying him things to eat and drink, and not shorting him on any clothing or necessities, behind his back, her means were vicious as she slowly destroyed the original owner\'s spiritual power bit by bit.

Nurturers in this world would begin to awaken their spiritual power while they were still young. This period was very crucial for nurturers, and if anything happened, it would affect them for a lifetime. According to the original owner\'s mother\'s talent, his spiritual power would never be below average. The original owner had been on guard against everything he could, but unfortunately he lived in this house, and his spiritual power still became damaged. He was very certain that his stepmother was behind this.

It appeared on the surface that the original owner was living well, but in fact, he was faced with all kinds of cold violence, discrimination, and abuse. He was a nurturer, but his spiritual power and fertility value were not high, so his father would occasionally gaze at him with disgust, and curse at him for being a waste, garbage that he had lost money on, and other, similarly harsh words. At this point, his stepmother would intervene, seemingly consoling his father on the surface, but in fact only driving the knife deeper with her words as she expressed her contempt for the original body.

His stepmother was a sub-beastman, and was naturally unable to give birth to a nurturer. But the sub-beastman son she had given birth to was spoiled and cherished up to the sky; this small sub-beastman could see how his mother treated the original owner with contempt on a regular basis, so he also liked to say negative, damaging things about the original owner outside. Although his fighting capabilities were not as high as his mother\'s, he still appeared to be a little white lotus and was very good at acting pitiful. After being tormented thus by him several times, the original body\'s reputation at school turned very negative. He was a proper, decent nurturer, but everyone pointed and whispered behind his back wherever he went.

At first, the original body ignored it. After all, they were no longer children. But that little brother of his could say whatever he wanted, yet still chose to bring up his mother to mock him, saying that she had been useless despite being a nurturer, and despite her high spiritual power, she had somehow still managed to give birth to a useless waste of money like him. Perhaps he had been born to be an unlucky star, which was why his mother and grandparents would die in an accident.

Nobody would be able to hold themselves back after hearing such words. The original body pushed his vulgar-mouthed little brother down the stairs from the second floor. The little sub-beastman knocked his head on the way down, and entered the hospital on the spot.

When he returned, someone had transmigrated into the little sub-beastman\'s body. He turned into the protagonist shou, became lively and cute, turned on the protagonist\'s halo, and people everyone loved him even more when they saw him.

Because he pushed his younger brother, the original owner and his father had a huge fight, and he was grounded. News of this incident spread to his school, and many people began to look at him as though he was a murderer.

After that, the stage was left open for the protagonist. He received a pendant from his father, and an unexpected event led him to learn the secret contained within the pendant. There was a mysterious space inside, and not only was there a spiritual spring inside, there were also all kinds of inheritances from different Sculptors. The protagonist shou cultivated inside, and his spiritual power that originally couldn\'t rise up due to the limitation of a sub-beastman body, began to rise up steadily. After nourishing his eyes with water from the spiritual spring, and practicing a specific cultivation method, he began to be able to see the energy crystals contained within ores with the naked eye.

It had to be said that using spiritual power to examine an ore could only allow people to judge whether or not there were energy crystals in the ores. Judging the grade and size of the energy crystal relied on knowledge and experience, but the protagonist shou\'s golden finger was simply the same as cheating. It was still a little hazy when he first began to train, but the more he practiced, the more amazing he became later on. It was precisely this pendant that allowed the protagonist to walk the path of a Senior Energy Sculptor and go all the way to the peak of life.

In fact, this pendant was the legacy left behind by the original body\'s mother. According to her will, it was supposed to be handed over to the original body during his adulthood, but it was given directly to the protagonist shou by his father instead as a compensation for the injury he had caused.

While the protagonist shou was making waves and heading on the path to success, their father made plans to send the original body to marry into another family, in order to ensure that he would be able to smoothly climb up to the next step along the political ladder.

The original body tried to talk to his father after learning such news, but only received a few sentences in return. "Nobody wants you in any case, and it\'s already great that you can be useful to your father. It\'s very difficult for a nurturer like you with low spiritual power and low fertility value to find anyone else who would want you outside."

What kind of biological father would say such heartless words? The original body finally understood that he couldn\'t expect anything from this family, and began to plan a way to escape his marriage. But unexpectedly, when this matter reached its most pivotal moment, he was thwarted by the protagonist.

The protagonist did not like this elder brother of his supposed malice in the memories of the body he now inhabited. He would occasionally make things difficult for him subconsciously, and some beastmen who were pursuing the protagonist at school who knew that he didn\'t like his elder brother. They would humiliate the original body in order to make the protagonist happy.

The protagonist told him that he was his father\'s son, and accused him of being selfish for running away from the marriage and wrecking his plan. After all, their father had brought him up for so many years!

The original body sneered then, and told the protagonist shou to be a good son and take his place. Wasn\'t he the most obedient child in the family?

This sentence stimulated the protagonist, so he simply exposed the matter of the original body wanting to escape marriage, and the original body was immediately locked up. He was cut off from all contact with the outside world, and then forcibly married to an impotent waste. Because of reasons related to his new husband\'s own body, his husband had an explosive temper and liked to beat him up every now and then, scolding him for being useless, having low fertility, and being unable to bear his child.

The original body had never been someone who could tolerate such things. He always insisted on getting his own revenge, and after careful planning, he killed his husband.

And then, he was arrested, sentenced, and sent to prison.

Prison was not a good place to be. Although the Nurturer Protection Act existed, his husband\'s family had power, and ensured that his sentence was not mitigated at all. He was sent into a beastman prison and was almost raped.

Fortunately, he got on with the prison boss, and managed to rely on his own wits and intelligence to escape. He really managed to succeed, and went on to become an interstellar fugitive along with the prison boss who had helped him break out of prison. Later on, the protagonist shou lost track of him, and there was no more news of his whereabouts.

According to the memories the system gave to Xue Ling, that boss helped the original body find a way to restore his spiritual strength later on, and they partnered to form a group of interstellar pirates that drifted around the Empire all year round.

Such a life seemed to have more ups and downs than the protagonist. It was colourful and wonderful, and he finally managed to achieve his own happiness. He spent the rest of his life crossing wits and courage with that prison boss, and the two of them were together until the end. Xue Ling really appreciated the original owner of this body, and asked the system about what his wish was.

Perhaps the only regret of the original body’s life was that he could not get back what his mother had left him, nor retaliate against the scum in his family and instead had allowed them to happily live out the rest of their lives. Xue Ling thought about it, got out of bed, opened the wardrobe and picked out a suit of clothing for himself.

The original body\'s personality quite suited his tastes, and he was interested in helping him obtain his revenge. The system had gobbled up the original body\'s nano-computer and entered the network. At Xue Ling\'s command, it helped Xue Ling go through the Nurturer Protection Act, and Xue Ling snapped his fingers as an idea came to him.

The protagonist was returning today. After he spoke up about the original owner pushing him down the stairs, their father would definitely scold him fiercely. Xue Ling prepared to grasp this opportunity and break away completely from this terrible family.

It was stated in the Nurturer Protection Act that nurturers who failed to adequate protection and proper treatment in their original families could apply for separation from their families and sever their relationship. The Nurturer Protection Association would then choose another guardian for them, fully protecting his rights and interests.

Xue Ling asked the system to find out how long it would be before this family came back, then calculated the time and got in touch with the Nurturer Protection Association.

After going through so many worlds, putting on a white lotus act was nothing difficult for Xue Ling. It wasn\'t a problem for him to get into character within a second, so he sobbed quietly as he explained his situation and expressed his wish to break off all relationships with his family. He expressed his hope that the Association would send someone to confirm the situation and take him away.

Despite the fact that this Act existed, very few nurturers would choose to leave their original families. The Nurturer Protection Association attached great importance to Xue Ling’s situation and said that they would send someone soon.

So, Xue Ling gave them access to enter their home, expressing that his parents would not necessarily open the door for them, and one again emphasizing his hope that they would come in quickly.

After terminating the communication, sounds of the family entering the house drifted up from downstairs. Xue Ling heard the original owner\'s father yelling, his tone full of rage as he loudly called for him to get the hell downstairs.

Xue Ling had picked out some decent clothing just now. It made him look small, and when he lowered his gaze, his face that carried traces of aggression no longer looked so angry. His eyes and eyebrows were filled with coldness and indifference; Xue Ling took one last glance at the mirror, and made sure that this appearance of his would be able to stimulate that father of his the most, and brought the only thing he needed to take with him as he made his way downstairs.

From now on, he would no longer set foot in this room anymore~

His room was on the second floor. Xue Ling\'s room was at the very back of the second floor, and by the time he appeared on the stairs, the people downstairs had already been ready to rush their way up.

The father of the original owner was a beastman, but his animal shape was not very powerful, so he entered the government as a politician instead. As long as he worked hard, he would be able to climb up step by step. Back then, the original owner\'s mother seemed to have held a very high position in the army. She had been a very powerful Sculptor, but because of their marriage and the birth of the original owner, she had given up her job and chosen to work from home. The original owner\'s grandparents had been the owners of a small company, and although they weren\'t very strong, they still had a good slice of the market. But after they died, his father had sold all these things, changed houses, and poured a lot of money into paving the way for his own future and reach the point they were at today. In fact, his identity was not a shameful thing at all.

The base animal for his sub-beastman stepmother seemed to be a hamster. She had mouse ears over her head, and a short, round tail coming out from behind. The protagonist shou also looked like this, and when the three of them stood together, they truly looked like a real family. Rather, it was the body that Xue Ling now occupied that seemed somewhat incompatible with them.

“You unfilial son! You still have guts to come out!” When Hao Yuanliang saw Xue Ling coming down, he pointed at his nose and shouted angrily.

The original owner had taken his mother’s surname, Helan, which was probably another reason why Hao Yuanling did not like him.

“Didn’t you shout for me to come out?” Xue Ling responded coldly as he raised his head to indifferently meet his gaze. That look made Hao Yuanling even more furious.

“Tell me, what kind of words are those!! A nurturer!! With a heart so vicious that you would even push your own little brother down the stairs!!! Are you trying to kill him??"

Xue Ling pushed aside the hand that was pointing at his nose, and spoke impatiently, “Isn’t he still alive?”

Pa! The sound of a slap rang out, and Xue Ling covered the area where he had just been slapped in the face. He thought to himself that if it weren\'t for the fact that this body was immature, and nurturers\' guardians had too many rights, he would never go out and sacrifice himself so much.

“You shitty thing! What kind of words are those!? What do you mean, isn\'t he still alive! Could it be that you won\'t be happy unless he\'s dead?! How did I raise you up! If your mother knew what kind of thing she\'d given birth to, she would surely be angered back to death by you!!!"

Xue Ling covered his face. There were tears in his eyes as he glared angrily at the man. "How did my mother give birth to me? The whole world knows that I didn\'t have a mother to raise me, and having a father is the same as not having one at all."

Hao Yuanliang’s eyes were red with anger. He was extremely furious, grabbing a glass cup that was near his hand and throwing it at Xue Ling. Although Xue Ling managed to dodge, it still smashed against his head and he started bleeding on the spot.

His stepmother couldn\'t stay back any longer. She stepped forward to hold Hao Yuanliang back, crying as she spoke to Xue Ling, "Enough! Jiuyun! Don\'t talk anymore. Do you really have to torment the entire family and make all of us suffer before you\'re happy?! Your little brother just came out of the hospital, and your father\'s out of control with anger again, but you still refuse to just admit you were wrong!"

Hao Yuanliang broke away from the hand she was using to hold him back and pointed to Xue Ling, "What\'s the point in saying so much? If this kind of money wasting trash went outside, others would say that we didn\'t teach him properly! Just watch and see if I don\'t beat him to death today!"

“I don\'t need to belong to your family. I\'m going to break off all relations with you today!" Xue Ling had just finished saying these words when the sound of the door opening came. Simultaneously, a slap landed on his face, and Xue Ling was thrown back, his body sent flying before finally landing by the door, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The people from the Nurturer Protection Association who had come to investigate were stunned, their mouths dropping open as the watched the little nurturer receive a slap powerful enough to send him flying, even spitting out a mouthful of blood as he landed.

As for the other three people in the house, at the moment, their expressions were all very odd.