Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 169

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12.12 – There\'s no room to talk about love

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & Misogi

Xue Ling caught Xi\'s hand and took advantage of his brief daze to turn him over and straddle him. He sat on the other party\'s waist, bent over, and lowered his head so that his forehead rested against Xi\'s, their noses rubbing together. His gaze had the power to make the man crazy. "When you\'re clear about what exactly it is you want, we can continue looking into what the relationship between us is."

Xi placed one hand against Xue Ling\'s back, resting the other on his waist. "You’re not going to teach me?” His breathing was unsteady. Xue Ling sat on him and could clearly feel that certain parts of his body had markedly changed. "You don\'t want to know what the consequences are of allowing me to learn by myself."

They stared at each other for a long time, then Xue Ling suddenly laughed and said, “There\'s no harm in teaching you. You\'ve helped me a lot, and obtaining some benefits is only natural."

His fingertips slid along the man\'s neck. His touch was light, but his every action was extremely provocative. "But after this time, things will be clear between us. Anything I agreed to before, or whatever you\'ve done, will all be void after this."

Xi\'s gaze darkened. "You want to get rid of me just like this? You\'re willing to sacrifice something just for the sake of leaving me?"

Xue Ling shook his head. He was amused as he said, "Where did your thoughts go? Even if I throw you off, where would I go? Would you agree to separate from me?"

Xi shook his head.

Xue Ling licked his lips: “I just want to clear up the accounts between us so that we can treat our relationship more simply from today on." As he spoke, he reached out to pull off Xi\'s clothes.

Xi’s robe looked very complicated, which always highlighted the abstinence on his face, as though he was completely separate from certain base desires.

That was true. After all, when could one ever see a god turn bewildered by **? He had always been a cold, calm god standing high up above. Xue Ling quite liked seeing his face stretched taut. Being able to tease someone like this to the point where they were flushed all over brought Xue Ling great pleasure.

In fact, he really enjoyed that there were little differences in the man\'s temperament in every world. It meant that he could always experience something fresh and new every time he seduced him, and other than the fact that the other party always forgot about him, Xue Ling was exceptionally satisfied about everything else.

Of course, this did not make him give up his intention of recalling who this person was. After all, if they had been involved with each other from the beginning, remembering everything was the only way to balance out their relationship. Perhaps this was also why the man had always refused to tell him, and insisted that he learn everything himself. His strength was slowly recovering, and it wouldn\'t be long before the memories of what existed between them were no longer secret.

Xue Ling tugged, thinking that he would be able to remove a layer of Xi\'s clothing, but unexpectedly, his hand came up empty after his action as Xi\'s clothing disappeared. He narrowed his eyes, and gave the man beneath his body a profound look. “You know what I want to do?”

“You wanted to take off my clothes, right?” The man\'s response was calm. Despite the fact that the roots of his ears had already turned red, his tone and expression still appeared to be completely under his control. "The clothing of a god is not something that just anyone can remove."

Xue Ling made an \'oh\' sound, then raised his eyebrows. "Since it\'s like that…" He smirked, "Then I\'ll take off my own clothes. Does that count as returning the favor for you?"

He held Xi\'s hand in his own and brought it with him to pull off the tie holding his sleep robe together. Xue Ling smiled as he slowly, little by little, allowed the robe he was wearing to fall from his shoulders. This action was particularly provocative; he was nude under the robe, and his slender but strong body was slowly exposed to Xi\'s gaze bit by bit, revealing smooth lines of muscle and attractive white skin bathed in the glow from the flickering fireplace flames. As his robe slowly slid downwards, Xi\'s breathing turned ragged.

Xue Ling slowly withdrew his arms from the sleeves of the robe, and the opened robe draped loosely on his body, half concealing, half revealing his nakedness. He was still seated on Xi\'s body, and he could feel the reaction from his lower body pressing against him from behind, but Xi was not the least bit shy or embarrassed as he simply watched Xue Ling. Although he was breathing rapidly, he seemed to have no intention to make a move on his own.

Xue Ling leaned down, and the two of them were pressed skin to skin. He lowered his voice, and whispered into Xi\'s ear, "Then let me teach this god about exactly what it is that you want."

It snowed in Buspoka that night. It drifted down and covered the entire city as the palace issued a search warrant, and hotels in the Capital were all searched, but no one was caught. In the morning of the next day, there was a lot of talk in the city. Rumors said that the palace\'s treasure vault collapsed last night, and His Highness the Crown Prince had been unable to catch the thieves. People were in an uproar, and for some reason, they all began to worry about their own homes.

If these thieves could come and go freely from the palace, what would they do if they were targeted?

At this time, Kent was arguing with his mother, who was also the Queen of this country. "If we don\'t search the entire city now, nobody will be able to catch them after they escape!"

The Queen appeared to be in a bad mood. She spoke angrily, "I handed over the entire palace to you last night but you were still unable to catch them. What\'s the point in looking for them now? Would you be able to catch them even if you found them? What if it causes a riot?! Her Highness Murphy is not their opponent, so what do you want to do?! Toss your life away?!"

Kent became even angrier. He didn\'t think things would be like this either. Who knew what happened to that Ink Flame Wolf after he terminated the contract with Ivan?! He became so powerful! "If mother hadn\'t poisoned Ivan behind my back, he would not have come all this way to the palace! Exactly whose fault was this! Mother, how can you still sit here so calmly!"

“Ha. Compared to Ivan, that person is more concerned about you killing his parents and causing his entire race to be destroyed." The Queen sneered, "They can even come and go freely in my palace; is there any use being anxious? If they want to kill me, I wouldn\'t be able to escape no matter where I go. Only, I\'m merely the recipient of the gift, and he is likely to be more focused on your death. This has nothing to do with me."

The relationship between mother and son had always been very tense. The Queen has been in power for a long time, but she didn’t look old and could still live for a long time. However, Kent’s growth was too fast, and made the Queen feel threatened, which was why the Queen was very willing to do anything that would hinder Kent. The relationship between mother and son had already turned tenuous due to their personal interests and the pursuit of power. On the surface, it appeared as though the matter regarding Ivan was caused by the Queen not wanting her son to be associated with a civilian, but in fact, the main reason was that the Queen was concerned about the purity of the light power contained in Ivan\'s body. The stronger Ivan was, the more he would be able to help Kent, and the greater the threat they would be to her position as Queen.

The incident this time simply served as the spark that ignited the conflict between mother and son. The entire room had been filled with the scent of gunpowder from this morning, and many of the servants kept their heads lowered and dared not speak. Rather, it was Murphy who had been sitting silently to one side the entire morning that finally chose to speak, "If they really wanted, nobody here would be able to live. For the sake of our future, the only person we can apply leverage is Ivan…"

Once Ivan was brought up, everyone in the room turned silent. Murphy watched as their expressions turned odd, and her own expression gradually turned ugly. "What is Ivan like, exactly? Kent, what kind of relationship do you have with him? And what kind of relationship does that person you call Oliver have with him?"

Kent was silent for a moment, then said, “Oliver used to be Ivan\'s contractual beast. But a month ago, he forcibly broke his contract with Ivan and severely injured himself. Ivan is my lover. I met him at the Elder God Academy… He is a healer, and is very close to the power of light."

“Forcibly terminated?” Murphy frowned and said, “That causes very great damage to the demonic beasts, and their demonic core may even break down. How could he have changed so much in such a short period of time?"

“I don’t know. Ivan hasn’t seen him again since then. I\'m also unclear about how he got so strong.”

“What about Ivan? The Fallen Heaven that he mentioned before… Is not the Fallen Heaven that I know, is it?"

“What exactly is Fallen Heaven… Your Majesty the Queen, can\'t you tell us now?" Kent\'s expression was gloomy. Although he now had his own doubts about Ivan, he was still more concerned about what kind of poison Ivan had been given. Although he was the Crown Prince, there were still many secrets that would not be made known to him until he reached the throne.

The Queen took a deep breath and finally nodded her head. "It\'s precisely that Fallen Heaven. Legend had it that long ago, Fallen Heaven could corrupt the God of Light and make gods lose their power."

Murphy stood up. Her face was flushed red in anger. “That’s a forbidden drug!! How could you just casually bring it out!!! Even the royal family is not allowed to touch that! How dare you!”

Kent asked in a panic, "Your Highness Murphy! What kind of drug is that? Can Ivan be saved?"

Murphy sneered and walked to the door. “Ha. That\'s a ** that even the God of Light had no resistance against. How could Ivan be saved? I can no longer protect you two. For the sake of the future, I can only hope that his hatred is focused on the two of you, and not on the entire royal family. Otherwise, this country will really reach its end."

Kent and the Queen were left speechless, and could only watch as Murphy walked out of the room.

At that moment, they seemed to lose all their strength. Even Murphy was unwilling to protect them; their future had completely turned into darkness.

Kent gave the Queen a deep look, then turned around and left, slamming the door behind him.

He still wanted to test out whether or not Ivan really no longer trusted him. He wanted to know if he had already changed. Oliver used to listen so closely to Ivan\'s words, and even after he forcibly broke the contract, he ultimately still chose to return to Ivan\'s side. If Ivan still loved him, then Oliver would not be able to do too much to him.

In the final analysis, that was precisely the reason why Kent dared to speak to Xue Ling like that yesterday. Since he was still willing to obey Ivan, Kent was sure that he held the upper hand.

Oliver wouldn\'t kill him. He told himself this as he walked.

On the other side, Xue Ling slept deeply until afternoon before finally waking up. It was the first time doing it with this body, and he had started with that kind of position before being pressed down for several more rounds. He was really very tired and slept in a daze until mid-afternoon before waking up.

After waking up, he was still surrounded in Xi\'s embrace. As a god, Xi basically did not need to sleep at all, but the kind of things they had done yesterday were too enjoyable. After having a good night\'s sleep, he used his divine power to give Xue Ling a massage and felt Xue Ling up all over again. The other party hadn\'t woken up, so Xi knew that the other party was truly tired, and had simply enveloped him in his embrace, lowering his head to watch him until he woke up.

So, after Xue Ling woke up and focused his gaze, he met Xi\'s incredibly gentle eyes. He blinked, then stretched and tilted his head, moving into a comfortable position. “Good morning.”

Xi bowed his head to drop a kiss on his head, and said, "I\'ve thought through what our relationship should be.”

“Huh?” The sound vibrated out of his throat, and sounded especially relaxed. Xue Ling\'s fox eyes glanced over lazily, and the spot of red at the corner of his eyes brought back memories of his flirtatious appearance last night. It made Xi unable to help but lower his head to kiss him again in the corner of his eye.

“We are in the kind of relationship that people have when they do the kind of things we did yesterday."

“That is called a carnal relationship." Xue Ling smiled widely and stuck to the facts. "You want to be sex friends?"

Even though Xi was unclear about his words and didn\'t quite understand, he shook his head. "In the word of ordinary people, they call this relationship that is closer than lovers \'husband and wife\'?"

Xue Ling looked disgusted: “Who wants to be husband and wife with you.” He sneered arrogantly, and prepared to get up. "I haven\'t even said I like you. I was just paying off my debts last night. You\'re not qualified enough to get into my bed in the future~"

He grabbed the clothes that were lying to the side and pulled them on, ignoring Xi\'s gaze. "My revenge isn\'t even over yet. There\'s no room to talk about love."

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