Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 163

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12.6 – This world would be done for sooner or later, okay!!!

translator: xiin

editor: BlueBug

When Xi came back with food, the wolf cub was obediently curled up inside his little nest. Only a small tail could be seen outside, swishing listlessly, making him appear very pitiful.

He frowned, suppressed the sense of wrongness in his heart, and placed the food he had brought next to the little house. “Come out and eat.” This is the first time that he had ever wanted to keep a pet, so he paid special attention to the lifestyle of ordinary demonic beasts. He knew that his wolf pup was different from those legendary demonic beasts who lived outside his palace and couldn\'t rely on the world\'s spiritual energy to maintain his physical strength. So, the great lord god had condescended to find out what was most suitable for Ink Flame Wolves to eat, and then went out personally to obtain it for him.

Xue Ling ignored him. He kept his head inside the little house and didn\'t even glance outside, using his actions to express his rejection.

But, in fact, he was asking the system in his mind, “What did he bring for me to eat?”

The system steeled itself and silently helped its host take a look. "It should be a Meteorite Bird egg."

Xue Ling: “… This was a real turn of events. That huge bird probably never thought that it would want to use me as food for its children yesterday, but today, its child was made into egg custard for me to eat."

“It probably never expected that the Beast God would be so…" The system found it hard to describe. “Ungrateful. In fact, your man should have been the one responsible for arranging for you to enter the central layer so quickly. As the Beast God, it\'s not a problem for him to hint to the Meteorite Bird that it should go outside and bring you back… The Meteorite Bird was used and tossed away… Does he have to be so insensitive?"

The meat of the Ink Flame Wolf would help the Meteorite Birds grow wings. Similarly, Meteorite Bird meat was very good for Ink Flame Wolves. If there are no birds, the eggs can do the job too. "After all, without the Ink Flame Wolf, those little birds would die when they were born. If I eat them, well… it can be considered their good fortune."

Xue Ling was still unwilling to hear the system say anything bad about the man. Although the man was rather strange in this world, even if he had turned into a bad person, he wouldn\'t allow others to pass judgement on them. This was Xue Ling\'s way of faking it until they made it.

"Host is going to eat?" The system was rather curious. Didn\'t he say, they would mutually harm each other? Was making its host compromise so easy?

Xue Ling sneered, "How could that be. I\'d rather die of hunger than eat. I\'ll throw it up even if I\'m forced to eat it. If he has the guts, he can try to stuff it into my mouth!"

The small movements from the wolf pop\'s little buttocks proved that he was not asleep, and simply did not want to move or pay attention to Xi.

No changes of expression could be seen on the lord god\'s face as he simply placed the egg custard in front of Xue Ling\'s little house and turned to sit on his bed. He immediately started to read some unknown book.

Xue Ling couldn\'t read minds and did not know what the other side was thinking. He has never been one to tolerate being wronged by himself, but he wanted to have the other party feel hurt over him. Fighting would not solve anything at all, he had to make the other party understand exactly how firm his will was, and what his attitude was. Otherwise, in the future, how would he gain the right to speak? He might even end up carried everywhere in Xi\'s arms as he wandered.

He recalled that the protagonist shou would make his way here. What if Ivan came into the room and asked Xi what he was, and Xi told him that he was his pet?!

Perhaps the topic would turn to, \'You also raised up an Ink Flame Wolf? What a coincidence, I used to have one too. It’s just like yours.\' \'What a coincidence.\' … just like that.

That scene in his head was too terrible. Xue Ling really didn\'t want to spend his days living like that. So he ignored what Xi might be thinking in his head, and laid down on his own paws to cultivate. Soon after, he unconsciously fell asleep.

While he was asleep, his whole body rose and fell with his stuttered breaths. The sound was very weak, but it could not escape Xi\'s ears.

Xi looked towards the nest where the wolf cub had originally stuck his butt out sulkily. Now that he was sleeping, he had curled up in a ball, and Xi could feel his entire heart soften up.

Xi first noticed this little fellow was after catching a startling glimpse of him. The entire Demonic Beast Forest was actually under his control, and it was all his territory. Although he didn\'t concern himself over it too much, he had set those boundaries and opened those entrances in order not to let even more people come to bother him and disturb the whole forest\'s ecosystem. Those responsible for guarding the entrances were dead now, disappearing into the Sacred Pool along with his secrets. So, Xi would occasionally take a look at the entrances himself when he was bored.

There weren\'t that many entrances in the old days, either. There was only one abandoned one, and the Academy that the God of Light looked over was responsible for guarding it. But something had happened that year, so it was completely blocked, and nobody had entered through there in many years. Then, a small demonic beast had made its way over in such a grand way, and directly entered the forest.

Normal boundary crossing incidents naturally wouldn\'t attract Xi\'s attention, but that entrance had its own distinct features. It had been locked by Xi himself back then, and without his permission, nobody could pass through. However, the wolf pup had somehow made his way through very naturally.

Just that mere glance made Xi feel as though he had found something interesting.

He couldn\'t remember how long he had lived for. Only, his dull days had gone by day after day, and he had gotten used to it. Suddenly, something came that could make him feel amused and interested; how could he not pay attention to it?

So his gaze moved with the wolf cub as he made his way along. He watched as he used his four short legs to move through the Demonic Beast Forest at night, escaping from the pursuit of all kinds of demonic plants. Xi found it entertaining, and casually warmed the lake up a little when he wanted to wash his face, not wanting him to freeze from the cold.

This kind of thought was very strange. Xi had lived for so many years, but it was the first time he had gotten the idea to help a person, or a wolf. As the last remaining god, he controlled the strongest power in the world, and had been lonely and empty for many years. For the first time, he became interested in a wolf with a broken demonic core.

Xi didn\'t know what had caused this, but he turned his gaze to the outside world for a little look. He discovered that people outside called the animals they loved \'pets\', so Xi privately labelled this wolf cub as his own pet. Since he was now favored, there was naturally no need for the wolf cub to make its own way across thousands of miles to reach the central layer. Xi knew the uses of the Sacred Pool, so he could guess why Xue Ling wanted to come to the central layer. He simply arranged for the Meteorite Bird to bring the little fellow over, and watching the little fellow as he struggled to escape was very cute.

He was a god. The pet that he wanted to raise naturally couldn\'t be any ordinary demonic beast. And a three-star beast who had had his demonic core destroyed due to the termination of a contract with a human being at that…

Xi\'s eyes filled with killing intent as he recalled this. That was his pet! How could he have signed a contract with a human? Even if he has already broken the contract, he still can\'t allow it. What if he still has thoughts about his master in his heart?

Unfortunately, an equal contract could only be signed if both sides agree. He currently had no way to control the wolf pup\'s thoughts. Even if he could force him to stay, he still couldn\'t make him agree to sign a contract with himself… He also didn\'t want to sign a master-slave contract with him, feeling that he would definitely regret it in the future…

As countless thoughts passed through Xi\'s mind, it had already become dark in the twinkling of an eye. He stood up, his gaze revealing his dissatisfaction as he glanced at the cold egg custard, but he did not open his mouth to criticize Xue Ling.

The wolf rolled, knocked his head on the edge of the little house and woke up in an instant. He was still in a daze as his legs kicked out, his head turned, and his nose almost hit the bowl of custard. Xi’s eyes softened a little, “It’s already night. You should go to the Sacred Pool."

Xue Ling looked up at him fiercely. Although his big, watery eyes were still dazed from sleep, he still managed a glare before running out with his four short legs.

Xi didn\'t know why, but he inexplicably had the urge to laugh. In fact, he was not really angry; very few people would go against him, and he felt that it was very interesting. But while he could accept the wolf pup going against him or getting angry at him, he could not allow Xue Ling to treat his body so carelessly.

If he still refused to eat the custard when he returned tonight, he would have to take some other measures.

He had observed a lot of ordinary people, and they seemed to have their own way of disciplining pets. Although he did not want to use those means to train the wolf pup, punishment was still possible.

The door had already been opened for Xue Ling, so he naturally ran outside without turning back. However, he had short legs, and his few running steps could only match up to two of Xi\'s normal strides, so he was soon picked up and pressed against Xi\'s chest again.

It was as though he was afraid that Xue Ling would learn the way to get out of here. Xi kept a hand over his eyes the whole way.

Xue Ling was left speechless. Although he was a demonic beast, he could already take on human form. Couldn\'t he treat him like a person?

Later, he thought about being treated as a pet after he took on human form… wouldn\'t that be even more terrible? So he silently confirmed his intention to continue his cold war with the man. If he wouldn\'t let him see, then he\'ll simply close his eyes. In any case, he would go against him however he could, and make him angry whenever he got the chance.

He needed a chance to negotiate. It would be better to confront him after he had soaked in the Sacred Pool a few times and had something to back up his courage.

The Sacred Pool that night was just as dreamlike as it had been the previous night. After Xue Ling was sent into the water, the water once again pushed him to the center of the pool. Xi seemed to have left the lakeside, so Xue Ling took on human shape and silently sank underwater. Although he could also cultivate while floating on the surface, he inexplicably felt that he would be taken advantage of that way.

The Sacred Pool\'s water constantly washed over Xue Ling\'s body and thoroughly change his physique from inside to outside. His hair gradually began to grow longer, and that was the ultimate proof that his strength was beginning to increase.

Perhaps he had really been angered by a certain man; Xue Ling was extremely diligent about cultivating, so when Xi picked up the wet wolf cub from the Sacred Pool the next day, he was passed out on the shore and didn\'t even notice Xi\'s approach.

Xi somewhat helplessly dried his fur, and then lifted the wolf cub into his arms. He thought about it, then lowered his head and pressed a kiss on the wolf cub\'s furry forehead.

He brought Xue Ling back into the room, then poked the wolf pup\'s cheek. He poked him until Xue Ling was filled with all kinds of impatience and finally opened his eyes, indignantly trying to bite his finger. Xi took advantage of his opened mouth and stuffed a spoon of custard straight inside.

The wolf pup hadn\'t gathered his wits together yet - he was stunned for a tiny moment, then foolishly swallowed the custard down. Finally, his eyes opened incredulously as he glared at the man, then turned around and tried to spit out what he had just eaten.

Xi spoke indifferently from behind him, "If you don\'t eat, I\'ll crush your demonic core so that even the Sacred Pool can\'t repair the damage. That way, you will become an ordinary demonic beast."

The wolf cub froze for a while. After half a beat, Xi sighed helplessly and lifted him up by the scruff of his neck to bring him back against his chest. "Isn\'t being my pet a good thing? I can give you strength and make you stronger. As long as it\'s something you want, I can give it to you."

Xue Ling did not open his mouth, and simply let the other party move him at will, his body stiff and motionless.

Xi looked down at him helplessly, only to find that the wolf pup’s eyes were empty, tears threatening in his damp eyes, his appearance pitiful. He could not possibly look more desolate. "You\'re crying?" He was now in a state of panic. He really liked this little thing, and he liked it to an incredible extent. His previous indifferent attitude had all been a sham; now that the little guy was crying, how could he continue to be unmoved?

“I can’t stay here forever.” Xue Ling’s voice was full of suppressed crying, it sounded tragic, and made others\' hearts hurt. "I can’t be your pet. I still have things to do. If you don\'t let me accomplish them, even if I turn into an ordinary beast, I\'m still going to leave here and get revenge."

Xi petted his head, and was silent for a moment. He compromised and said, “I can bring you out and help you get revenge, but on the premise that you agree to sign an equal contract with me. Also, even if you want to leave, it has to be half a month from now."

System: “…” What happened to his cruel, black means? The Beast God compromised as soon as Xue Ling cried! How could he be the last god in the world? If goes were all as soft and kind as he was, this world would be done for sooner or later, okay!!!

Xue Ling turned his head away. He was no longer crying, but he apparently had no intention of accepting Xi’s request.

After so many worlds, he had long grasped the man’s weakness, which was himself. The best way to achieve what he wanted was to abuse himself; if all it took was to act pitiful, appear tragic, and cry dramatically in order to win during negotiations, he didn\'t mind doing it again.