Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 151

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11.7 – Gongzi, were you separated from your family?

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Chen Jingzhen\'s manor was within Zhanjing\'s most prosperous area. It was not far away from the royal palace, but if nothing important was happening, he usually remained at home and only occasionally went out to enjoy poetry readings and take in the scenery. As long as the Zhennan Prince was not at war, his life was really quite leisurely.

The New Year was only one day away. Logically speaking, the Zhennan Prince had no reason to come to his manor in person. Although he was full of doubts, Chen Jingzhen still went and greeted him at the door.

Ying Sheng didn’t bring many people with him. He was only followed by a single servant, and when Chen Jingzhen saw them, he realized that this visit must be about Ying Sheng\'s private matters. From the time he had begun to work for him until present, the number of times that Ying Sheng had been to his manor could be counted on one hand. Most of the time, he was summoned to the royal palace when there were matters to be discussed. Instead, his deputy generals had been here quite often, seeking him out in order to discuss their Royal Highness\' mind.

Chen Jingzhen did not have those kinds of thoughts towards Ying Sheng, so he seldom participated in their discussions. The deputies gradually realized that Chen Jingzhen was not interested in their general in that way, so they stopped coming over so frequently.

“Your Royal Highness.” He executed a most respectful salute. After all, this was his immediate superior. Chen Jingzhen noticed that the servant following behind him had brought a gift, and said with some surprise, "The New Year hasn\'t arrived yet. Did Your Royal Highness come ahead of time?"

“There are some things to discuss.” Ying Sheng smiled as he forced himself to keep his gaze away from the courtyard across from them. "Let\'s go inside to talk. I had some gifts brought over for you, consider them New Year gifts from benwang."

Chen Jingzhen found this to be rather unusual, but he nodded and invited Ying Sheng inside. His gaze slid across the entrance to the courtyard opposite his - it was a pity he would only be able to visit Xue gongzi after New Year.

There had been a round of snowfall early in the morning. The heater in the room had been lit, and looking outside, one could see patches of white snow in the courtyard interspersed with a couple red plum trees. Their petals landed like stars amidst the patches of white snow.

Ying Sheng looked at the two plum trees and spoke in admiration, "So our military advisor enjoys the kinds of flowers that bloom in winter. Truly unique."

“It’s just a little decoration for the courtyard.” Chen Jingzhen did not know what his purpose was, and could only follow his chosen topic of conversation. "Did Your Royal Highness come for any particular purpose today?"

Ying Sheng\'s expression turned serious. “I shouldn’t be bothering our military advisor for such a trifle, but I’ve been wondering about something."

“Your Royal Highness is welcome to speak.”

“The situation in the Capital is the same as what we deduced back then, but why do I always have doubts in my mind? Also, my subordinates have been unable to locate the little Emperor. My intuition tells me that he will be a great obstacle."

“Back then, I told Your Royal Highness that Xian Prince turning traitor was set in stone, and it was only a matter of time. Once he has done so, Your Royal Highness\' influence and power will inevitably become obstacles to his hegemony over the entire kingdom. Empress Li will come up with a plan for the kingdom, but the Xian Prince will refuse to use it…" Chen Jingzhen combined his knowledge from the history books with his current understanding of this era and provided this analysis for Ying Sheng. "Other than the two of them, the others are nothing to worry about. As long as Your Royal Highness allows our people to accelerate and intensify the conflicts between the Xian Prince and Empress Li, the alliance between the two of them should be resolved within a year\'s time. As for the little Emperor…"

Regarding this Emperor that was barely recorded in the history books, Chen Jingzhen could not understand why Ying Sheng paid so much attention to him. "Perhaps he really managed to escape. If he did, the heavens are so high and the sea is so vast, he will be free to do as he likes. Your Royal Highness will have difficulty finding him, unless he purposely delivers himself to your door."

“But what worth does he have?" Chen Jingzhen just couldn’t figure it out. Ying Sheng kept insisting that the little Emperor was a problem, but they did not know what kind of problem it was.

“He has the imperial jade seal and tiger insignia in his hands." Ying Sheng curved his lips. "Ji Ronghan thought that those two objects were in Deng Shi’s hands, but in fact, Deng Shi fled even before he received word from the palace. Although he attended to court affairs from behind a screen, it\'s impossible for him to keep those two objects by his side. The little Emperor was his chess piece. In his rush to escape, he even forgot to bring his chess piece with him. How would he have thought to bring along the imperial jade seal and tiger insignia?"

“Jade seal…” In ancient times, that object was really necessary in order to become the true Emperor. Anyone who ascended the throne would want to obtain that object, because otherwise, they would always be regarded as a false Emperor. It was enough that the little Emperor had escaped – how had he managed to even bring the imperial jade seal with him? Was he looking for an opportunity to turn the tables?

Although he knew the histories, Chen Jingzhen was even more aware of how terrifying the butterfly effect could be. He had travelled back in time in order to change history, and naturally even the tiniest change could affect how the future would form. This kind of cause and effect was not something that Chen Jingzhen could explain, and he could no longer be sure if the history contained in his head would be of any use in the future. Fortunately, he still had some useful ideas to fall back on. If it had been anyone else who time travelled back to this era, they would probably be shocked silly by now.

“Does Your Royal Highness want the imperial jade seal?"

“You also know that I\'m not very interested in that position." Ying Sheng waved his hand and continued, "Being the Emperor is not necessarily the proudest position in the world. I do not want to have to consider so many things for everyone under the heavens. If I were really to be given that position, I would probably never be able to enjoy a leisurely day again."

Chen Jingzhen: “…” Wasn\'t that just being lazy? But he understood regardless. Otherwise, why would he only rule over the South despite having such strong forces? It was completely because there was nothing that aroused his interest in plunder…

“By the way, when I first came in, I saw that the courtyard across the street has changed its plaques. Do you have a new neighbor?" Now that they had discussed to this point, Ying Sheng tried to chance the topic naturally, but in fact the conversation shift was so stiff that the conversation almost died. "That courtyard has been empty for a long time.”

Chen Jingzhen raised his eyebrows in some surprise and said, "It has indeed been empty long time. Some renovation work was done a few days ago, and the plaques changed. A little ger moved in."

“Oh? It\'s rare to see a little ger choose to live alone quietly like you. Are they also a talented individual like you?"

“They are indeed a wonderful person." Now that they were discussing his neighbor, Chen Jingzhen\'s face brightened up. He continued, "He came for a visit yesterday and even gifted me with a painting. Would Your Royal Highness care to appreciate it?"

Ying Sheng had not received news regarding Xue Ling\'s visit to Chen Jingzhen. Unexpectedly, he had not expected to be able to obtain an understanding of him just by bringing the other party up in conversation. He was naturally willing to appreciate his painting, and followed Chen Jingzhen into the room in order to see the painting that he had placed there.

“…” Would he end up at odds with Chen Jingzhen if he opened his mouth and asked for it? … As a Prince, he really did not have any reason to take things away from his subordinates…. But he really wanted that painting…

Seeing him staring at the painting, Chen Jingzhen couldn’t help but laugh as he said, "Your Royal highness seems to also like the painting very much. I plan to find a master in the craft to frame it after the New Year. It can be considered as one of the best works in my collection."

“With such a superb level of attainment in painting, he must be as Jingzhen said, a true talent that was brought forth by the prosperity of the region." Ying Sheng lowered his gaze and ultimately resisted the urge to shamelessly open his mouth ask for the painting from Chen Jingzhen. "If there is time in the future, perhaps Jingzhen can introduce this person to me?"

Chen Jingchen was overwhelmed now that the conversation had turned towards the topic of interpersonal relationships and communication, but Ying Sheng\'s purpose was so obvious that even he began to have some inkling about what he wanted.

He had thought that His Royal Highness had come all the way for some important matter. After dragging it out for so long, it appeared that he had made the trip because he was interested in the little gongzi next door…

How curious. Even someone like Ying Sheng could become moved by things like emotions. He had previously thought that Ying Sheng was a rock who would not be receptive to feelings or attraction in his life. But if his object of interest was the little ger next door… Chen Jingzhen thought in his heart that if His Royal Highness\' standards were set so high, it was no wonder he had never been interested in himself…

“Yes.” Chen Jingzhen could not keep the smile off his face, and there was all kinds of subtleties in his expression. Ying Sheng saw that he had understood his intention, and coughed. "Can Jingzhen tell me a bit about what kind of person he is?"

Chen Jingzhen finally laughed out loud. There were tears in his eyes and he didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry as he said, "Your Royal Highness doesn\'t even know what kind of person he is, but ran over in such a hurry anyway?"

“I want him to have a good first impression of me, and don\'t want to rashly rush over to see him." Ying Sheng sighed. "Since we are now talking about it, perhaps I do require Jingzhen\'s help."

“Your Royal Highness only needs to ask. Only, I also don\'t know much about Xue gongzi. I only saw him once yesterday and was thinking of returning the visit, but I have not done so yet."

“Can you invite him out for the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the New Year?"

Chen Jingzhen was astonished and his gaze as he looked at Ying Sheng was filled with surprise, but he nodded and said, "That should be all right. Does Your Royal Highness need me to do anything else?"

“No need.” If he could be invited out, then his plan would already be half complete.

Ying Sheng left soon after resolving his own matters. Chen Jingzhen accompanied him to the entrance, and was rather surprised as his gaze met with that of the man who had just exited from the entrance opposite his.

Now that Ying Sheng was meeting this person again, he found this man\'s aura even more strange. His subordinates had mentioned this person before, saying that he was a skilled martial artist. It was impossible for an ordinary household to have someone of this level, and it was unknown if he used to travel through the jianghu or had done other things, but this man always made Ying Sheng somewhat cautious.

Mu Ge also noticed the two people who were looking at him from across the street. Sparks flew as his gaze clashed with Ying Sheng\'s.

Mu Ge\'s forehead wrinkled slightly. He blinked, but his expression remained blank.

Ying Sheng broke the deadlock first. He shifted his gaze, and made his goodbyes to Chen Jingzhen who was still standing beside him.

The two of them passed by each other. Although neither of them turned their heads to look back, they were very clear in their hearts regarding the danger level the other person represented.

Meanwhile, Xue Ling was in the courtyard basking in the sun. Over the past few days, he had recovered a lot from his illness, but if he tried to go out, Mu Ge and Shu Heng would wrap him up like a ball. It was rare for him to have a moment of ease, and he still really enjoyed these days of lazing around in the sun like this.

Mu Ge returned from the front yard and saw him with his eyes at half mast, looking as though he would doze off at any moment. "Gongzi, it\'s cold outside. If you really want to sleep, you should return to your room."

Xue Ling was startled awake by his words and glanced over rather in dissatisfaction. "You\'ve just returned, right? What\'s the news outside?"

“The New year is coming, and the Zhennan Prince\'s Palace has been busy with preparations. The soldiers are mostly on holiday. There has not been any news of note." After Mu Ge finished speaking, he recalled another point. "I just saw the Zhennan Prince outside. He probably visited Chen Jingzhen."

Xue Ling found it a little curious. "It will be New Year\'s Eve tomorrow. Why would he come to visit Chen Jingzhen today?"

“Based on the rumors I\'ve heard before, perhaps there really is something going on between the two of them." Mu Ge conveniently threw the Zhennan Prince into the mud. He didn\'t know why, but it made him a little happy.

Xue Ling nodded, but didn’t take it too seriously. “You shouldn\'t go out tomorrow. Take a few days off during the New Year. We may become busy after that."


Although Xue Ling did not spend this New Year in an atmosphere as lively as how it had been in the palace, his character was quite realistic, and he remained calm and unbothered by it. Rather, it was Shu Heng who felt distressed on his behalf, feeling that His Majesty had been wronged.

For a while after that, Shu Heng spent a lot of effort trying to find delicious things for Xue Ling to eat. He was determined to help him recover the weight that he had previously lost during his illness on the boat.

They had only just arrived here, so nobody came to visit them for New Years. But Chen Jingzhen came a few times, and soon became good friends with Xue Ling. Chen Jingzhen felt that it was very regretful that they had not met sooner, and almost wished that he could live in his manor so that he could converse with him day and night. Only, he was a little vexed that Mu Ge always acted rather rudely, using the excuse that Xue Ling needed rest in order to send him away.

Chen Jingzhen might not be good for much, but he was extremely thick-skinned whenever he encountered such situations. It was unknown what he was thinking, but he spent the next three days running back and forth between the two courtyards, and even invited Xue Ling to attend a poetry reading, from which the two of them only returned after thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Because of these previous occurrences, Xue Ling nodded and agreed to the invitation to attend the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month after the New Year.

“Having been at the Capital before, although there were also Lantern Festivals there, I rarely visited them. I wonder what Zhanjing\'s Lantern Festival will be like.”

“You’ll enjoy it.” Saying so, Chen Jingzhen brought Xue Ling with him and went outside.

Mu Ge had said that he wanted to follow along, and Xue Ling did not express any opinions on it. He was very clear about many things in his heart - Mu Ge had probably discovered some minor problems with Chen Jingzhen, and was therefore unwilling to allow him to take him out alone. Xue Ling could also tell that Chen Jingzhen was trying to get so close to him for a reason, but he was unclear about what the final purpose was, so he followed his steps and continued on.

As they walked deeper and deeper into the crowd, Xue Ling gradually noticed that he was being slowly drawn away from Mu Ge.

“There are lantern riddlesup ahead~" Chen Jingzhen\'s voice seemed to drift over from far away, covered up by the voices of the people around them. The crowd surged, and Xue Ling found himself separated from Chen Jingzhen.

Only now did he realize how peaceful and happy of a place Zhanjing was. In Li Yuan\'s memory, this kingdom was a place where scenes of devastation met one\'s eyes wherever they looked. But in the South, there was such a place that was pure of happiness that made others not want to leave as soon as they arrived. On the way over, everyone\'s faces held expressions of joy and delight. Xue Ling tugged at the mask on his face. It was something that Chen Jingzhen had given him, saying that it would be better for gers to wear a mask - him especially, because he was such a good looking ger.

Another wave of people came, and Xue Ling relaxed his body, letting the tide of people push him along as they moved. He suddenly fell into a very familiar embrace, and his heart, which had been silent for a while, suddenly began to pound like crazy. Xue Ling no longer needed the system to confirm it for him - he already knew that the person in front of him was the person who had followed him into the world. Despite the fact that he had not deliberately tried to seek him out, the man had still managed to find him.

The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but lift, but he still tried to struggle out of the other party\'s arms. However, the press of the crowd shut down his intention before he could even start. He was directly pushed into the other party\'s arms by the stream of people around them, and the other party very naturally held him within his embrace.

“Gongzi, were you separated from your family?"

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