Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 143

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10.10 – If you dare, send a photo! Send a photo of your whole face!

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBug

Xue Ling had arranged to meet with the singers and other people from the channel attending the festival pretty late. They agreed to meet behind the stalls behind their channel\'s booth in the area set aside for the vendor staff. Some of the singers were very famous, and had many fans. They had finally decided to meet there to prevent the group from being recognized and gather a crowd. There were also some extra goods that the vendors had placed there for storage.

Everyone here was involved in the circle in some way. In fact, most of them had common topics, so Xue Ling and Mu Sichao quickly joined the conversation. The two of them had been discussing each other\'s preferences and hobbies through the whole trip and discovered that they truly were brothers. Regardless of whether it was the singers they liked, or equipment they preferred, or even the artists they used—they were all similar. As brothers, the two of them truly felt a bit of joy and regret in this moment.

Su Wenjun had a cold expression on his face throughout the whole journey. He had no way to cut into their conversation. Wen Ruoyi also attempted to speak several times, but was blocked by Xue Ling even before he could speak. Finally, he settled for concentrating on driving and no longer tried to disturb the youth and his elder brother\'s budding relationship.

A City was relatively big, even in the scope of the entire country. There was a full scale stadium with so many stalls that one glance was not enough to take them all in. The line to enter was also really long. Although—compared to early in the morning—the line was a bit shorter by the time Xue Ling and his group arrived, the queue was still quite long.

Xue Ling woke up late, and had only drunk a glass of water before going out so that he wouldn\'t be late. Now that he had to queue up, he rubbed his stomach aggrievedly as he felt a little hungry.

Right then, Wen Ruoyi was just like an angel as he handed a box over. "I guessed that you would skip breakfast, so I brought this for you." He opened the box. It contained several different flavors of steamed buns. “I brought it with me when I left the house. Hurry up and eat, or it\'ll get cold."

Xue Ling obediently took a bite out of the steamed bun, and drank a mouthful of milk from the drink the man handed over. He narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

Mu Sichao came up to Su Wenjun and whispered in his ear. “I told you earlier. Wen Ruoyi doesn\'t like me. If he liked me, I wouldn\'t have to worry about food and clothing since he would definitely help me with everything.”

Su Wenjun had already taken all of this in. He grasped Mu Sichao\'s hand and asked, "Does professor want me to do the same? I can also learn how to cook…"

Mu Sichao turned his head to look at him. When he met with his gaze that was full of anticipation, he thought about what Su Wenjun had cooked last time. He smiled slightly and said, "No need. Your professor can do things like cooking for us."

Su Wenjun was a little dissatisfied. "Is professor saying that the things that I make are inedible?"

“You also know it\'s inedible. Be good and stop making a fuss. Your professor is someone with independent life experience. I don\'t need you keep me in your embrace and lavish care on me." Mu Sichao smiled as he touched his student\'s head.

“…” Su Wenjun raised his hand and pointed silently to the two men in front of him. One was feeding, and the other was eating, and they looked like they were in a state of love and bliss. "According to professor\'s words, your brother will soon… become unable to take care of himself?"

Mu Sichao glanced at the two men in front of him and spoke calmly, “One will only know the joys and sorrows of experiences they have gone through themselves. I\'m not Simu, and I don\'t have the right to make decisions for him. He seems to be comfortable this way, and there\'s no need for me to say much. Let alone, I know what kind of person Ruoyi is. As soon as he has decided on a person, he will treat them wholeheartedly. Since they chose each other, I respect their choice."

Although he was Ning Simu\'s elder brother, at the end of the day, he was only a brother.

They had only just begun to get to know each other. He could sense that Ning Simu was tentatively feeling him out. He had not asked too much about how Ning Simu had lived these years out of fear of accidentally touching upon things that Ning Simu did not want to recall. Fortunately, even though Ning Simu seemed to have grown up alone, he had come out quite well. Since he was already doing so well, Mu Sichao, as a person who had not been involved in his developmental years, was not qualified to judge his emotional life.

That was the most private thing between the two of them. He could only silently support them from the background. If there was anything he had to do, it would be to simply keep quiet.

Su Wenjun looked at Ning Simu who had just finished eating and was now giving Wen Ruoyi all kinds of attitude, and quietly thought to himself that it was a good thing the person he liked was his professor, and not Ning Simu. He wouldn\'t be able to stand Ning Simu\'s strange temper…

However, if he wanted to be a qualified lover, he absolutely could not make his professor have to pay out any price or endure anything he didn\'t want to. He also wanted to help his professor, and also wanted to let him show such a carefree expression…

It would be better to be like those two in front of him. He also wanted to be tied together with professor online, and make it so that the fans who liked to root for various CPs would shut up…

Alas… If only his professor wasn\'t so good at flirting…

But if his professor didn\'t flirt, he wouldn\'t be his professor… And perhaps they would not have met and ended up together…

The two couples were immersed in each other, and time passed especially quickly. Very soon, it was the four\'s turn to have their tickets checked and they officially entered the festival area. Xue Ling opened up his cell phone and signed into QQ. The people involved in today\'s meet had already sent many photos into the group chat. Xue Ling found the booth number they had mentioned before and began to look for the booth based on the guide map in the entrance area.

Some people in the group had already gotten impatient with him several times, calling for him to get out of bed and attend the festival. Xue Ling handed the task of finding the booth to Wen Ruoyi, held his hand to let him lead him along, and then bowed his head to continue answering people in the group.

[ Twilight Darling: I’ve arrived. I’m looking for the booth. Don’t rush me~ ╮(╯▽╰)╭ ]

[ Don\'t Leave In April: Darling, hurry hurry~ We secretly withheld the little gifts from the boss (*^__^*) and saved you several copies~ ]

[ Dark Clouds: I\'m hurt. Sister April, why didn\'t you leave a few for me… QAQ ]

[ Don\'t Leave In April: Go away, I\'m gifting them to Darling! ]

[ Twilight Darling: Is it a gift for our first meeting? I guess you\'ll need more copies. I have three people with me. Is it okay to bring family members? ]

[ Suzaku: Did Darling bring Gentleman over? ]

[ Time-lapse: ∑(っ°Д°;)っ!!! You\'re bringing family members! Isn\'t enough that you\'re showing off your love normally? You even bringing him here to show off in front of us (>﹏<) How will the single dogs live! ]

[ Malt Candy: Darling, you\'ve changed! We agreed that we would be best friends for the rest of our lives, and the first to enter a relationship would be a dog!! ]

[ Don\'t Leave In April: Darling wants to say that it\'s fine to be a dog as long as he has Gentleman. Who wants to be best friends with you ~o( ̄ヘ ̄o#) ]

[ Twilight Darling: Well, Gentleman was brought along as an afterthought. I brought His Majesty here. Everyone should prepare to kneel down and shout \'long live\'! ]

[ Cool Wind: Sure enough, Gentleman came… Although His Majesty also came… Darling, I never thought that you were this kind of person ⊙▽⊙ ]

[ Red Dust: Is His Majesty the one who has a performance tonight? ╰(*°▽°*)╯ Thoughtful Dawn! It\'s a great god! ]

[ Moonlight: If I remember correctly, Gentleman\'s Twilight is also a great god… ]

[ Back to the Past: There are suddenly so many gods. ]

[ Twilight Darling: We\'re here~ Someone should come out to greet us~ ]

Most of the people in the group were singers from the channel or some of the management staff. Basically everyone who had showed up today were part of the group. There were over a dozen people in the group, and they looked quite impressive when they all gathered together. Xue Ling gave the password to the girl at the front, and then brought everyone inside. After going in, they found that many people in the tent were looking at them expectantly.

Xue Ling did not feel any stage fright at all. He raised his hand and greeted everyone, “Good morning~”

Some people in the crowd raised their hands in return and asked, "Darling?"

Xue Ling curved his lips and nodded. "It’s me. Weren\'t we chatting just now? How come nobody\'s talking now that I\'ve shown up?"

As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, the silence in the room was broken. A large crowd of people suddenly crowded around him as their voices rang out chaotically. "Ahhhhhh Darling has a beautiful voice and is also so beautiful in person!" "Darling, muah~!!" "Darling, let me pinch your face!" "Darling\'s so pretty wuwuwu!" "Darling even brought along three handsome men!" "Ohhhh, it\'s a whole bunch of beauties!" "Beautiful Darling, I\'ll support you for a lifetime!"

Xue Ling was very calm, and even had time to introduce the people behind him, “This is Thoughtful Dawn, and Gentleman\'s Twilight, eh… And this…" He pointed to Su Wenjun and said, “I don’t know where this little nobody came from. He was brought over by His Majesty, and you guys can just ignore him."

Su Wenjun\'s lips twitched. He thought to himself that he really disliked Ning Simu. He really didn\'t understand why that person liked to diss him so much…

Everyone was lively and excited as they gathered together. Most of them had interacted before, and Xue Ling was very happy talking with them. He got along really well with the people in the channel, and had dealt with some of the people in the audio drama group before as well. Both Wen Ruoyi and Mu Sichao had worked together with singers from the channel before, so it was not awkward for them to join in. Su Wenjun was unhappy that his professor had left him behind at first, but managed to blend in later on.

Lunch time arrived. They had already booked a restaurant, so everyone left in batches, ready to go out and have fun~

After lunch, they would go to a KTV that had also been pre-booked. The group of them mostly consisted of singers anyway, and had prepared to go out and play a long time ago.

Xue Ling still had his cell phone in his hand. He bowed his head to play with it, making Wen Ruoyi pull him along as they walked. Wen Ruoyi finally shook his hand in front of his face several times and told him to stop playing on his cell phone, but was directly batted away, so he had no choice but to act as a navigator for him.

And then, he found that this feeling was quite good. At least, most of the gazes that landed on him and Xue Ling seemed to be full of wishful thinking and envy.

Xue Ling refreshed his home page and discovered a new photo from the channel\'s planner \'Don\'t Leave In April\', the elder sister who had prepared a meeting gift for him. She was the big sister in charge of planning events in the channel, and was one of the people who had pioneered the channel as well as one of the leaders. Twilight Darling had not been close with her before, but after Xue Ling came into this world, the two of them became more familiar, and she was particularly caring towards Xue Ling.

Don\'t Leave In April had shared a photo showing the two of them\'s backs. The shorter teenager was being pulled along by the man beside him, and the two of them were very close together. The teenager was looking at his cell phone, while the man was responsible for guiding him as they walked.

This picture was ridiculously harmonious. Don\'t Leave In April\'s accompanying message was:

[ April: (-i_-`) This story tells us that when you don\'t have a boyfriend, don\'t look at your cellphone when you walk! [photo]]

Xue Ling: “…”

He silently clicked on the photo’s comments. A lot of fangirls were wondering who this person was. Many of them were from the channel and knew that there was an offline meet today, but they could not see the face of the two in the photo, and the two of them didn\'t seem to be anyone from the photos they had sent out into the group earlier on. None of them had ever seen this kind of display of love before, and were all crying and begging for April to give them an answer. If they were going to die, they wanted to die of cuteness, not frustration!

But April’s Weibo remained silent.

Xue Ling thought for a moment, turned on the front camera of his cell phone, and grabbed Wen Ruoyi who was still pulling him along. He said, "Stop. Let\'s take a photo."

Wen Ruoyi looked at him somewhat helplessly. “Stop messing around. We\'re walking, why do you want to take a photo now?"

Xue Ling didn\'t care about that at all. His temper had gotten a lot worse in this world. Since this world was originally intended as a holiday, he really did as he pleased and was unwilling to suffer even the least bit of unhappiness. Seeing his expression, Wen Ruoyi somewhat helplessly slowed his steps, and really accompanied him to snap a photo. Although his expression carried traces of helplessness, it seemed more indulgent than anything else.

The angle that Xue Ling chose was quite strange. Although he captured both of them, only the bottom half of their face and their entire bodies were in the photos. Xue Ling tweaked the perspectives, and then spent a good while picking the best one out of many before sending it out on Weibo.

[ Twilight Darling: On the way to lunch. I pulled a certain someone to a stop so that we could take a photo~ [photo] ]

As soon as his photo was sent out, Don\'t Leave In April immediately forwarded it. She even turned her head in real life to gesture to Xue Ling that she had helped him distribute this wave of dog food.

So, this Weibo post really sent the fangirls into a frenzy.

[ April: Here\'s the answer you guys wanted. He even brought his partner to the group meet. Alas, I really want to kick over this bowl of dog food with my foot. // Twilight Darling: On the way to lunch. I pulled a certain someone to a stop so that we could take a photo~ [photo]]

[ Fallen Fog and Clouds: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ I kicked over the bowl of dog food with one foot, and then was helplessly forced to pick it up and eat it QAQ wuwuwu are Gentleman and Darling really not just playing around?! Hope they have a happy ever after! ]

[ Ruthless Sword: So handsome. Although only half of their faces are shown, the smaller one should be Darling, right? He looks so cute… ]

[ Lots of Homework: Why is it that crouching to watch the news about an animation festival turned into being rewarded with dog food? Can this world be friendlier to single dogs? ]

[ My Neck Hurts: I\'ve already seen through our Darling. He probably saw us crying and begging to see his real appearance, so he intentionally sent this photo for us! If you dare, send a photo! Send a photo of your entire face! ]

[ It\'s Better To Miss: (-i_-`) This couple has been showing us their drama while secretly enjoying their time together for a long time now. They\'ve finally shown us some sweetness today. I don\'t know why I still find this bowl of dog food a little delicious. ]

[ Jingo: (__)ノ|I can only say that I wish them a happy ever after. Hope Gentleman will properly spoil and indulge our Darling! ]

Xue Ling finished reading the comments from those who had been forced to eat dog food, put away his cell phone in satisfaction and followed the crowd into the restaurant they had decided on earlier.

(-i_-`) < i don’t know why this has an ‘i’ in it, but the author *always* uses it…