Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 140

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10.7 – He would settle accounts with the man after he had eaten his fill

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBug

Although he responded with \'dream on\', Xue Ling still unblocked Wen Ruoyi on QQ.

[ Twilight Darling: What are you trying to do!!! (▼皿▼#) ]

[ Gentleman\'s Twilight: I want to change my name. How do you like Darling\'s Twilight? ]

[ Twilight Darling: Not good! ]

[ Gentleman\'s Twilight: Baby, don\'t be angry anymore. I just thought that it would be simpler like this. This way, nobody will hate on you in the future regardless of what happens. You can now scold me on Weibo, and everyone will just think that we\'re having a spat and won’t interfere with us. ]

[ Twilight Darling: Haha. Do you think I\'m a fool that will believe your lies? ]

[ Gentleman\'s Twilight: I think that Darling\'s Twilight sounds really good. ]

[ Twilight Darling: Get lost. Delete those Weibo messages! (▼皿▼#) ]

[ Gentleman\'s Twilight: Baby, deleting it would be like covering it up. The people who should know already know about it. ]

[ Twilight Darling: That\'s fine too. You can stay blacklisted for the rest of your life. ]

[ Gentleman\'s Twilight: Don\'t be like that, baby. I don\'t want to have to get in touch with you through others at all… You said that I could chase you. You can\'t go back on your words, and not even give me a chance! ]

[ Twilight Darling: How can you be so shameless? ]

[ Gentleman\'s Twilight: Once I think about not being able to spend my life with you, I realized that things like self-respect are no longer necessary. ]

[ Twilight Darling: … If you delete the Weibo post, I\'ll unblock you… ]

[ Gentleman\'s Twilight: Deal! I\'ll delete it immediately. ]

Xue Ling covered his face and asked the system, "Did he develop some strange new personality traits…"

The system was currently helping Xue Ling with post-editing his newly recorded song. When it heard Xue Ling\'s words, it raised its head to read the conversation between the two and spoke in a gloomy tone, "He tricked you…"

Xue Ling: “…”

“It seems that even if the two of you have changed worlds, he still knows that you will be soft-hearted towards him. That\'s why he acts so outrageously - you can refresh your Weibo to see how unscrupulous he is.”

Xue Ling pursed his lips and opened Gentleman\'s Twilight\'s Weibo. As expected, the post from earlier was deleted, but a new post had been added.

[ Gentleman\'s Twilight: Baby threatened me and said that he\'ll keep me on his blacklist if I don\'t delete the post. In order for me to obtain happiness in this lifetime, it\'s better if I obediently delete it. Girls, thank you for all your help. ]

Xue Ling\'s expression was dark. The system shrugged its shoulders and said, "You see? This is what it means by giving an inch and taking a mile, or turning into splendour with a touch of sunshine."

Xue Ling gritted his teeth and opened the comments. All he could see were comments like:

\'Gentleman showed his love twice in a day, save us! We\'re going blind!\'

\'Stretching out my leg to kick over that bowl of dog food!\'

\'Enough, we know you have a baby. Next!\'

\'Didn\'t realize Gentleman was so hen-pecked…\'

\'Why is it that it\'s clearly a message that Gentleman sent out, but we still get a sense of Darling\'s tsundere-ness…\'

\'Apparently, just now when Darling was on the mic, he called out Gentleman\'s name in a fit of temper, and then said he needed to go deal with matters. After that, Gentleman deleted his post. Tsk, tsk."

\'The loser that Darling said he broke up with should be Gentleman, right? (-i_-`) Gentleman, what bad things did you do that made you need to kneel on the washing board? Don\'t think that you\'ll be let off so easily!"

Xue Ling rubbed his chin. Everyone\'s comments were along the lines of playfully complaining that they were eating dog food. Although some of the contents were a bit strange, most of the fans were still making rational comments.

Xue Ling\'s fan manager watched this incident, and then directly prodded Xue Ling about it.

[ Bennini: Darling, what\'s going on with you and Gentleman? Is he your ex-boyfriend? ]

Gentleman\'s Twilight was a well known gentleman\'s voice in the audio circles. His voice was clear and gentle, and had already been labelled a god for a very long time. Everyone basically addressed him as \'Gentleman\'.

Bennini was the leader of Twilight Darling\'s fangroup. She was one of Twilight Darling\'s earliest fans, and the two of them had known each other for two years. They met while she was still a college student, but now she was married. When Bennini got married, Twilight Darling attended her wedding. After learning his age, Bennini always regarded him as her brother, and thanks to her, although Twilight Darling\'s fangroup was still small, they had always been well organized.

[ Twilight Darling: …. Uh huh. ] Ex-boyfriend or something was about right.

[ Bennini: You were in a relationship but didn\'t even tell me (w `) Darling, am I no longer your elder sister… [Grievance] ]

[ Twilight Darling: … No… I wanted to tell you, but we already broke up, and it ended up like this, so… ]

[ Bennini: What\'s the matter? You broke up? He treated you badly, didn\'t he! Give your elder sister his address, your elder sister and brother-in-law will go support you and beat him up at his place! ]

[ Twilight Darling: … No, I was the one who broke up with him. ]

[ Bennini: ? ]

[ Twilight Darling: Ah. I don\'t know how to explain it clearly to elder sister. It involves matters between the two of us, and I don\'t really want to talk about it. ]

[ Bennini: But he obviously doesn\'t want to let this matter drive a wedge between the two of you. The cat\'s already been let out of the bag. Although it can help you be popular for a bit, this kind of attention isn\'t good for you and will arouse other people\'s dislike. Your fan count has surged recently, and it\'s difficult to manage them well. I\'m worried that someone will get you in trouble. ]

[ Twilight Darling: It\'s fine, don\'t worry too much about it. We should be getting a lot of new fans in the near future. Just pull together a new group and manage it the same way. We\'ll know after a while if they\'re staying or leaving, and you hold off on training them until later. ]

[ Bennini: Ohhh, Darling\'s meaning is that you\'re going to be popular soon? ]

[ Twilight Darling: Doesn\'t sister Ni think that I should be popular? ]

[ Bennini: Yes, yes yes! The hotter the better! Hahahaha this elder sister has been waiting for so many years, and this day has finally come!!!! I can finally tell them hahaha that I\'ve met Darling in person! ]

[ Bennini: Hey, hey, pretty Darling, come give me a kiss~ ]

[ Twilight Darling: Brother-in-law is calling you home for dinner. ]

[ Bennini: You brat! Don’t play like that! ]

After dealing with his own manager, Xue Ling received a message from an event planner. Although he had joined the singing channel for a while now, Twilight Darling\'s air time had previously been quite short. Because he was busy with his internship, moving, and various other matters, he didn\'t always participate in these activates. Now that he had more time, the planners would naturally come to find him.

[ Game Over: Darling~ Will you join a concert? _(:3)∠]_ Once a year CP concert, come, come~ You\'ve never participated in a concert~ Begging you to show yourself once! ]

[ Twilight Darling: Does your mother know that you\'re so shameless when you talk? ]

[ Game Over: My mom knows~ If you promise to come, I can call you \'mom\' too~ ]

[ Twilight Darling: Does your father know that you\'re so shameless? ]

[ Game Over: Rolling back and forth ~(~o ̄▽ ̄)~o… rolling back and forth… o~(_△_o~)~ Does Darling want me to call you \'daddy\' too? ]

[ Twilight Darling: … You win. What kind of concert is it? Is it a CP one? But I don\'t have a CP… ]

[ Game Over: What\'s your type, Darling? We’re the best matchmakers, and I can help you act as the go-between. What do you think of Gentleman? He never participates in concerts, but I have a hunch that as long as Darling joins, he\'ll definitely come… ]

[ Twilight Darling: You know that he\'s my ex-boyfriend, right? ]

[ Game Over: I didn\'t know~ So the relationship between the two of you is like that (⊙o⊙) That\'s great. It\'s an explosive talking point! Let\'s do that then, Darling should come participate! ]

[ Twilight Darling: … ]

[ Game Over: Darling baby, muah~ I\'m going to call Gentleman now. I think that he\'ll definitely chose to perform in a concert with you rather than kneeling on the keyboard. ]

[ Twilight Darling: Enough, stop playing around. You\'re a spy that he sent over, right> How much did he pay to send you to find me? ]

[ Game Over: Ohhh, how come I don\'t know what you\'re talking about?~~ Oh, it\'s decided then. When we\'ve locked down everyone, I\'ll pull you into a group. I\'ll first give Darling baby a kiss~ muah~ ╭(╯3╰)╮]

Xue Ling expressionlessly clicked on the x and closed the conversation. He asked his system, "What\'s going on now? Is he trying to take a circuitous route?"

The system had already finished editing the song and was now making an image for the video. When it heard Xue Ling\'s voice, it glanced at the computer in front of Xue Ling, "Don\'t you know the score in your heart? He wants to declare that you are his in front of the whole world. Even if you aren\'t his yet, he wants everyone to know that you\'re someone that he\'s chasing."

“I know~ Aren\'t I giving him opportunities to provoke me so that I can relentlessly beat him down?~" Xue Ling stretched lazily and went over the plot again. In the original plot, this time period had been left open for Ning Simu to make trouble. He ensured that the four of them had no peace online and offline, and because he spilled out a lot of news about all four of them, especially about Wen Ruoyi, it led to him being popular for quite some time.

But it was a popularity based on hate, and there were many unpleasant moments during this period. The next event that would come up after this was the animation festival.

A large-scale animation festival was planned for this month. Twilight Darling\'s popularity level was not high enough to be invited to participate in such an event, but Mu Sichao attended.

In order to find his younger brother, Mu Sichao accepted most of the invitations he received. Of course, he normally wore a black facemask when he appeared in public. Although he had already found his younger brother, he still continued to participate in many of the activities he attended before. His relationship with Su Wenjun was exposed by Ning Simu during this festival, and incited chaos amongst the fans at the scene and eventually wrecked a live interview.

Xue Ling did not have the habit of exposing others\' relationships, but he did plan to go to this animation festival.

His intention in going was not to watch the show and amuse himself, but because a lot of people from his channel were also planning to go. Many people from his fangroup were coming, and wanted to do a face-to-face meet. The information that Xue Ling lived in this city had already been exposed, and quite a few people expressed that as someone from that city, he definitely had to go.

The original owner of this body had probably missed it because he had been obsessed with wrecking everyone\'s lives at this current point in time. Now, Xue Ling had no reason to refuse. He could only agree, and then turn to his wallet to see how much money he had there.

In fact, the original did not lack money. Although they did not meet, his stepfather would send money to him regularly every month. Only, the original owner of this body was extremely awkward, and adamantly refused to use his money. He woke up early and came home late and worked at various jobs until he found his current job as a translator and his quality of life finally began to improve.

Xue Ling glanced at the money left in his bank account, and felt that he probably still needed to pick up the job that he had tossed into the corner for a while… He had the system to do things like translation for him~

Since he had such a golden finger, it would be a waste if he didn\'t use it during times like these.

Originally, Xue Ling thought that Wen Ruoyi’s method of pursuing him was to act all kinds of shameless on the internet. Unexpectedly, that was only a part of it. The next day, when he was woken up from sleep by the sounds and smells coming from the kitchen, Xue Ling became deeply aware that the man in this world probably would never understand the meaning of being rejected.

Xue Ling rubbed his head full of small curls. They were really unruly; Xue Ling attempted to straighten it out again to no avail and promptly ignored it, sporting his messy head of curls and still wearing pajamas as he hobbled his way to the kitchen.

The man who had entered his house through unknown means was currently standing in front of the stove in an apron. There was congee and soup stewing in their pots on the stove, and the two scents mingled in the air, making Xue Ling\'s stomach rumble loudly. But he still looked surprised as he demanded, "How did you get in?!”

Wen Ruoyi turned his head and saw that he had woken up. His lips curved as he spoke, "You\'re awake? Let\'s have breakfast then if you\'re up. I went to the market this morning to buy pork and made steamed buns. You can give them a try."

Xue Ling looked at the table. The table had already been set for two, and breakfast was already on the table. Steam was coming out from every dish, and the aroma was no joke. Xue Ling\'s stomach began to gurgle…

He pouted, and decided to settle accounts with the man after he had eaten his fill.

have your steamed buns and congee ready… i don’t think i could ever translate a food novel after these two chapters. i ended up having congee the day i translated this chapter, and then steamed buns for the next chapter. :blobsleepless:

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