Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 137

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10.4 – Hello, Professor Mu

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBug

Wen Ruoyi gathered his wits together and discovered that Xue Ling was serious, and not just playing around, when his fans once again began to go crazy hating on Twilight Darling on the internet.

Although he had told his management to dissolve their CP status online, some fans were not the type to listen to him just because he had asked them to do something. As long as they felt like their master had been wronged, they would angrily rush over to Twilight Darling\'s side, wanting to kill the person who dared to show their master some attitude.

Originally, as long as Gentleman\'s Twilight\'s message forwarding was used well, it could prove that they had a good private relationship, and show his followers that Twilight Darling had not just been holding onto his thighs. But Xue Ling ignored him, and even unfollowed him.

His female fans picked up on this, and they found it unforgivable.

Their god was giving him a lot of respect by paying attention to him and trying to make things easier! He was showing that it was not a big god taking advantage of a little nobody! Who did Twilight Darling think he was? Not replying when others were showing their concern, did he really think he was some big brand name?!

The hate army used this kind of logic to make a comeback and began to spam Twilight Darling\'s Weibo account once again.

This time, Twilight Darling\'s fangirls really couldn\'t stand it anymore. They also went into a frenzy, and started fighting back.

What our little nobody does is our business. We didn\'t ask your great god to come and concern himself over us.~ Who knows what kind of character your great god actually has, to make our little nobody disdain him so much? Perhaps he really did do something disgusting.~ Our Darling was so good-tempered and so polite. If he replied to everyone else but ignored your great god, doesn\'t that mean he did something!?

Was the great god so amazing? What right did he have to demand that everyone reply to him just because he showed concern? Nobody knows each other here; your family\'s great god is really too powerful. Does he have nothing better to do all day other than to ** in other people\'s Weibo all day long? Are you all unable to read the atmosphere?! Since your master is so unpleasant, shouldn\'t he go back and reflect on it?!

A flame war was raging, but Xue Ling went back to the song channels and queued up as though nothing had happened.

He had just said that he had a cold, but he came out to queue and sing again. Most of the girls on the channel were very surprised to see him, and told him to rest more when they heard that his voice still sounded stuffy.

Today seemed to be a strange day. There was nobody besides Xue Ling singing in the channel. After singing a song, he expressed that his performance was not up to par because of his cold. His voice sounded depressed and pitiful, which made his girl fans especially distressed.

[ Spicy Bird: How about you don\'t sing. Darling, why don\'t you do a special performance and chat with us? ]

Xue Ling read the comment and smiled widely. "One of you ladies suggested we chat. What do you all want to talk about?"

When he spoke up like this, the girls in the public screen all went wild, and lines of text scrolled up one after the other. But it only took a glance for him to see the repeated questions asking about his recent mood.

Xue Ling made a sad sound and said, “Some of you are asking about my recent mood. Well, I\'ve been in a particularly bad mood recently.”

When he said that, rows of comforting words appeared on the screen.

“It has nothing to do with things happening online~" Xue Ling propped his cheek against his hand and spoke carelessly, "I broke up with someone recently, and now I\'m just looking for comfort."

There was a moment of silence on the public screen, and then the screen went crazy as everyone started leaving comments all at once.

[ Interdigital Sand: !!! Darling was in a relationship?!!! And broke up!!! Is it a guy or a girl!!! ]

[ Evening Qing: Petting Darling on the head. Don\'t be unhappy. It\'s the person who you broke up with who doesn\'t know how to cherish you. ]

[ Endless Happiness: Fierce petting! Breakup and getting sick, Darling is so pitiful… ]

Xue Ling’s expression was amused, and no sign of unhappiness from his breakup could be seen on his face, but his voice when he spoke was full of painful heartbreak. "It\'s not so bad. Who hasn\'t encountered a few loser men in their lives? I was the one who suggested we break up. I\'m preparing to spend some time recovering, then study hard and prepare to enter society as an adult~"

The amount of information he disclosed in paragraph was a bit much. The girls quickly seized upon the key point of \'loser men\', and the screen was suddenly full if inquiries about his sexual orientation. Xue Ling picked through them, and answered, "Of course he was the one who chased me. Afterwards, it was me who threw him off. Relax, I\'m so good looking that I won\'t stay single for long~"

“Enough, enough. You guys love to gossip so much. I\'ll sing another song before I go. Look, Candy has come online." Another singer had joined the channel, and their name now showed up under Xue Ling\'s. His alias was \'Malt Candy\', and he had joined this singing channel at around the same time as Ning Simu. The relationship between the two of them wasn\'t bad, but Ning Simu had been busy falling in love, so he hadn\'t been coming to the channel as much recently. This was the first time the two of them had met online in two months.

Malt Candy\'s voice was also young, and sounded very sunny. When he heard Xue Ling\'s words, he turned on his mic to say, "What happened? I also want to gossip!"

The girls on the public screen began to comment again, explaining to Candy that their cute Darling had just broken up and teasing him for not knowing. They told him to hurry up and take advantage of the situation - perhaps he would be able to hug a beautiful person soon. "Darling lost in love? Don\'t worry, come into my arms and let me give you some love~ Muah~"

“Get lost.”

“Aiya. It\'s true when they say that those who have just broken up have a bad temper. Never mind. Tell me, who hurt you! I\'ll bring a watermelon knife and go over to chop at him right now!" Malt Candy had opened an online store to sell fruits, and his fruits were very delicious. Several girls from the channel also bought fruits from him.

Xue Ling hmphed twice to express that Candy would be unable to beat the other party.

“Oh, oh~ It sounds like you tossed away a man~"

“Let\'s stop talking about it. I\'m going to sing, and then go to sleep afterwards."

This conversation was recorded by one of their fans and uploaded as material for Malt Candy and Twilight Darling\'s potential CP. It caused fans of their pairing to burst into confusion, and the haters who were still busy hating hurriedly rushed forwards to curse Twilight Darling for pretending to be pitiful. Who would go up and sing songs after being heartbroken? This was clearly just him trying to change the topic.

Originally, based on Wen Ruoyi\'s habits, these kinds of internet matters would not show up on his radar. After all, his Weibo had a long history of staying silent, and his forwarding of Xue Ling\'s Weibo message was the only one that he had sent during this period. Previously, the only reason some of their fans had gone to look for Twilight Darling was because some of the girls from the audio drama circle had released some conversations between the two and gushed over how cute it was. Other than that, Wen Ruoyi himself never expressed anything.

Probably because he had forwarded that Weibo message, Wen Ruoyi\'s management paid more attention to Twilight Darling\'s affairs. When she spoke to Wen Ruoyi next, she casually brought up the matter, and asked whether or not they should tell the haters to stop once again.

Wen Ruoyi had not expected that Xue Ling would go online and sing despite being ill. After listening to the recording, his brows drew together in a frown. He had wanted to let the youngster have a few days to calm down, but now it seemed that this child had thought his one-sided breakup was successful.

What a joke! He hadn\'t agreed!

It had already been two days since Xue Ling broke up with him, and Wen Ruoyi could no longer sit still. He took out his mobile phone to call Xue Ling, and then found that his phone number seemed to have been blocked by the other party.

That was really quite ruthless. It seemed that he was determined to break up.

For some reason, Wen Ruoyi felt incredibly angry at this. If Xue Ling had been in front of him right now, perhaps he would have grabbed this person and smacked him on the butt a few times.

Mu Sichao who had been nearby noticed his restlessness, watching as he frowned at his cell phone as though he was glaring at some enemy, and asked curiously, "What’s wrong with you?”

Wen Ruoyi helplessly said, “My baby is throwing a temper tantrum. He said he wanted to break up, and now he\'s blocked me and won\'t pick up my call."

“Your baby?” Mu Sichao was amused when he saw how distressed he was. "It’s the first time I’ve ever seen you like this. I’ll lend you my cell phone. You can use it to give him a call."

“Okay.” After accepting Mu Sichao\'s cell phone, Wen Ruoyi inputted Xue Ling\'s phone number directly from memory. He had wanted to call him the whole time over the past few days, and had been staring at his phone all day long. Although he never actually made the call, he had seen the number so often that he had already memorized the number and could recite it flawlessly.

Sure enough, once he used a different phone number to call, his call went through. "Hello?" The voice on the other end of the phone was soft and tender. As soon as he heard his voice, an image of Ning Simu with his sometimes messy head of curls showed up in his mind… In this sense, he was completely different from Mu Sichao, but he liked it a lot.

“Twilight, it\'s me." Wen Ruoyi opened his mouth to speak, and then immediately followed up with, "Don\'t hang up. I have something to say to you. Please give me an opportunity to explain.”

There was a moment of silence, then he received a cold sound that indicated he could continue.

Although Ning Simu didn\'t explicitly say so, this at least indicated that he was willing to listen to his words. Wen Ruoyi breathed a sigh of relief and continued, “I did not plan to use you as a substitute. At the beginning, it\'s true that I noticed you because you look similar to my friend, but I did not try to get closer to you for that reason. It\'s not easy to explain some of these things on the phone. Are you at school? Should I go and find you?"

Ning Simu was a graduate student at the Foreign Language College. He didn\'t live at school because he worked as an interpreter at a company outside; instead he rented an apartment near the company so it was more convenient for him to go to work. He didn\'t have to go back to school often, but he still had classes he needed to attend.

There was another moment of silence on the phone, then Xue Ling opened his mouth and replied, "My next class is on the second floor of the third teaching building. Wait for me outside of Classroom 218."


As soon as he hung up, Wen Ruoyi turned around to see Mu Sichao looking at him thoughtfully. He laughed rather gleefully, which made Wen Ruoyi feel a little uncomfortable. “Did it work? Can I have my cell phone back?"

Wen Ruoyi returned the phone to Mu Sichao and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I have class.”


“Why are you still standing here? Didn\'t your baby say he needed to go to class?"

“You heard that?”

“I heard a little when I came in."

“Then, I\'m leaving first.”

Mu Sichao shook his head. He found it a little funny, because he seldom saw Wen Ruoyi act in such an awkward, confused manner. He used to be like an omnipotent elder brother in front of him, and had never been anxious when doing anything. It seemed like he really cared about this person and placed them in his heart, otherwise he would not be acting like that at all.

Could it be that everyone was falling in love because it was the season for romance? Mu Sichao turned around, gathered up his lesson plan, and prepared to go teach his next class.

He was a professor, and would occasionally teach a course. He had not picked up many courses this semester, but the one he was about to attend was a big class with hundreds of students sitting together in one classroom. In fact, the teaching efficiency was not very high.

Wen Ruoyi stood at the door of the classroom and watched as the students entered in twos and threes with their textbooks. Many students nodded to him and greeted him with \'Professor\', which made him feel a little odd.

Wen Ruoyi and Mu Sichao were both teachers in the College of Management. The possibility of a foreign language class being held where their management classes were held was very low. Most of the classes in the foreign language department were held in the first teaching building, and if not, they would usually at most be held in the second teaching building. They would basically never be held in the third building…

All the students entering the classroom now were students from his department, and the course seemed to belong to their department… Was Ning Simu really here for class?

As soon as he finished his thoughts, he saw Mu Sichao coming towards him. Seeing that he was still standing there, he also raised up his eyebrows in surprise and asked, "Is it a teacher-student relationship?"

Wen Ruoyi rolled his eyes and answered, "Online relationship."

Mu Sichao tsked. He was now really curious about who Wen Ruoyi\'s \'baby\' was, so after he left his things inside the classroom, he came back out and stood next to him to wait. In any case, he was a professor, and nobody would wonder why he was foolishly standing there.

And then, when the teenager he had been waiting to see showed up, he found that his entire consciousness had turned blank.

Today, Ning Simu was wearing a simple white shirt paired with a pair of jeans. He had a shoulder bag slung over one shoulder, his head of small curls somewhat mussed, and when matched with his beautiful face, his entire person seemed to shine.

Wen Ruoyi was a little anxious. His mind was full of questions about why Ning Simu would choose to meet here. On the other hand, Mu Sichao was a little dazed. For no other reason than because this person\'s appearance was enough to make his soul tremble.

Over the years, he had met many people who looked similar to himself during his search for his brother. Some were more similar than the teenager standing in front of him, but they had never given him this kind of feeling… This feeling of kinship…

The two of them were standing there like soldiers waiting for review. Inexplicably, their feelings of anxiety were similar.

Wen Ruoyi had just been about to open his mouth when Xue Ling came in, but was stopped by a look. The youngster\'s gaze fell on Mu Sichao instead, and he slowly pressed his lips together before saying, "Hello, Professor Mu." He held out his hand to Mu Sichao.

Mu Sichao felt rather strange, but he inexplicably also raised his hand as he felt a sense of expectancy, and then shook hands.

“Twilight…” Wen Ruyi hurried to speak up. He was afraid that Xue Ling might have misunderstood something when he saw him standing with Mu Sichao.

Xue Ling did not answer him. He firmly grasped Mu Sichao’s hand, then stepped forward and stared at Mu Sichao for a long time. Just when Wen Ruoyi wanted to pull them apart, Xue Ling opened his mouth, hesitated, then said, "Elder brother?"

Mu Sichao froze.

And the expression on Wen Ruoyi\'s face also turned stiff.

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