Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 135

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10.2 – He felt a little jealous

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl, BlueBug & celtic

Xue Ling transmigrated into this world just after Ning Simu learned that Wen Ruoyi had a friend who looked very similar to himself, and saw that his attitude towards his friend was very ambiguous.

It was just at the point when the haters online were accusing him of holding on to a big thigh. He had been singing online for two years, and his circle was smaller. At the end of the day, he just didn’t have as many fans as a big god like Wen Ruoyi, and everyone had been cursing him on Weibo. If it had not been that Ning Simu really couldn\'t hold up on his own anymore, he would not have gone to find Wen Ruoyi for comfort.

But what he got instead was this kind of result. In the original text, Ning Simu was depressed for a few days, and the haters had also died down after making a fuss for a while, saying that he didn\'t even dare show his face. Since he really wanted to be hot, they could hate on him until he became a hot topic~

In fact, Wen Ruoyi had been busy helping Mu Sichao with some things in these past few days and had not even gone online to check. He had always limited his personal information, so his online manager had been unable to get in touch with him and believed that he did not care about this matter. Since that was the case, they also did not try to meddle. It was not until Wen Ruoyi went online and saw the messages that he realized that something had happened. Once he recalled that he still had a little boyfriend that he was trying to get close to, he rushed over to find him.

But by then, the original Ning Simu had already learned that he was just a substitute. He lost his temper, and after making a huge fuss with Wen Ruoyi, he looked up Mu Sichao\'s class schedule and went to find him. He almost stirred up a huge scene in Mu Sichao\'s class. If Wen Ruoyi hadn’t dragged him out in time, the whole school would have probably learned about this matter.

Xue Ling roughly figured out where he was in the plot timeline, and finally realized why his body was so tired and his eyes hurt so much…

They were swollen from crying…

He stood in front of the mirror, and stared at his reflection with some surprise. He really wanted to say that the system had really worked hard in order to make things difficult for Su Xuanyan. The youth in front of his eyes was fifty to sixty percent identical to his real appearance. Now that his eyes had been added to this face, it was seventy to eighty percent. If the man really ended up liking the protagonist of this world, the system could use the excuse that he had lost a thread of his soul and the protagonist looked too much like him, causing Su Xuanyan to have mistaken him for the wrong person.

Xue Ling would not be willing to accept the excuse that he had gotten the wrong person. For the time being, he had no time to deal with the man who appeared to be a scum in this world’s plot. He was seriously thinking about how he would change the two protagonists\' fates.

The system gave its host a little hint, “In fact, because this was a world that was specifically chosen to allow host a holiday, host\'s identity is actually the key factor required for changing everything about the plot."

Xue Ling seemed to suddenly understand as he raised his eyebrows. Although his eyes were swollen from crying, a beauty would still be a beauty regardless, and there was a unique kind of style in each of his movements. "You mean, as long as I don’t mess things up and let the protagonist gong and protagonist shou have a happy ending, it\'ll be enough?"

“Yes. After all, it\'s a story with a bad ending. If everyone is happy, then their destinies will have changed… But if host is unwilling, you can also kick away the protagonist gong and find a better couple for your older brother."

Xue Ling twisted his lips and said, "Forget it. I don\'t have that much spare time. Since they\'re interested in each other, to each their own, I\'ll just let them stay together. To go and find someone else…"

“In any case, it\'s a holiday. It\'s fine as long as host is happy. The main purpose was to give you a suitable reason to make that person suffer…"

Xue Ling laughed and accepted the system\'s love and care. Then, he went to wash his face and energize himself.

Ning Simu\'s online alias was \'Twilight Darling\'. His fans liked to call him Darling. Normally, he liked to send some pictures of the food he made, or songs he sung on Weibo, and his fans would follow up and cheer for him. But because of how fierce the haters had been, his fans had recently been frightened into silence. There weren\'t many of them to start with, and the leader of his fans also did not come out and face the haters directly, so when he opened up his comments, it was all filled with questionable content.

Xue Ling was a bit tongue-tied as he gained a new understanding of how to curse at people.

He directly placed the blame for this on the man\'s head, and then opened up his online communication channels. First, he gently soothed the girls in his chat group, and praised them for doing well, then asked them to report all the garbage comments.

The girls had all been waiting for Twilight Darling to show up, wanting to comfort him with words. They had not expected that the group\'s host would be even calmer than they were, even acting cute in front of them. They suddenly found their hearts fluttering from the host\'s actions, and gushed one after the other that anything he did wonderful, he was the best, and they would all obey.

Xue Ling spent the entire afternoon listening to all the songs he had sung before, and by the time he pulled himself out of it, it was already dark.

As he cooked for himself, he thought about possible countermeasures and hummed some of the tunes from this world. This body\'s voice was quite unique. The original host tended to speak at a controlled pace, and his tone was tender and lovely. But when he spoke quickly, it would sound excited and came across as particularly cute. It sounded different again when he sang; it was very masculine, and his aggressiveness came out in his songs. It was probably the legendary \'causing others to kneel when he spoke\' - there was no way to tell that he would sing like that based on how he sounded when he talked.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, he was still an amateur singer. His skill level was not very high, so he had never been that popular. He had only managed to sign up to an online channel that he would sing in every now and then when he wanted to. He regarded it as an amateur pastime and had been happy like this for the past two years. If Wen Ruoyi had not become involved during this period of time, his Weibo would probably have remained pure and uncomplicated.

It was bad enough that Wen Ruoyi had gotten involved. Unfortunately, Xue Ling couldn\'t even tear him apart.

Wen Ruoyi’s internet alias was \'Gentleman\'s Twilight\', which was meant to match with Mu Sichao\'s \'Thoughtful Dawn\'. The two were good friends who entered the circle together, and their aliases carried hints of a pairing; so amongst the many online CPs that Mu Sichao had supposedly gotten together with, Wen Ruoyi was considered to hold the primary spot. The fan\'s meaning was that even if there were countless others who entered Mu Sichao\'s back palace, there would still be nobody who could take Wen Ruoyi\'s place. Mu Sichao never addressed this matter over the years, and Wen Ruoyi also indulged them and let them be.

Perhaps because the person \'occupying\' the primary spot was too indulgent, the fans who shipped their pairing were particularly ferocious. Whenever anyone appeared to oppose their ship, they would be torn to pieces without exception. If Mu Sichao flirted with, or ended up in a CP with anyone else the same group of fans would find all sorts of reasons to hate on that person. Only, the number of people Mu Sichao flirted with was too many to count, and he had been involved in so many CPs that the group of fans had no way to spend so much time finding ways to hate on all of them all day long. After so many years of being a fan of this pairing, they simply labelled Thoughtful Dawn\'s other CPs as passing interests, and no longer bothered themselves with them.

Compared with Thoughtful Dawn, there was much less fuss surrounding Gentleman\'s Twilight. Although he had performed many audio dramas, and his voice was gentle, earning him the label of having the voice of a passionate prince, none of the many people who tried to cling onto his big thigh had ever succeeded. His fans have long become accustomed to his \'keeping himself as pure as jade\' attitude, and it was precisely because of this that the emergence of Twilight Darling caused them all to ruffle up their feathers and explode all at once all over Ning Simu\'s Weibo.

Xue Ling finished dinner, tidied up, and bathed, then went back online to queue for a spot in the channel and sing a song. He had recently been hated on so much that the girls who saw him queue up to broadcast were quite surprised, but at the end of the day, he was still someone who had been around for two years, and the girls all greeted him with warmth.

When it became Xue Ling\'s turn at the mic, he even gave them a lovely greeting as soon as he went live. From his voice, it seemed as though he had not been disturbed by the recent incident at all. Xue Ling casually found a song from this identity\'s song list, cleared his throat, and began to sing.

He had also sung before – his ability was more than sufficient for him to become a singer. He had no problems singing the songs he had listened to that afternoon, and his greeting also went smoothly. Those in the public discussion area were all a little surprised.

The quality of his performance was really excellent, and the girls all sent gifts and flowers, or even \'aaahhhhhhhhhhhh!" messages to express their excitement.

Xue Ling also took this opportunity to say that he had been practicing hard at singing recently, and told them that he would soon have new songs to send out for the girls to listen to. He hoped that they would remember to click \'like\' and forward his posts when the time came~

The girls answered Xue Ling by spamming the screen.

So Xue Ling happily queued up and sang a few more songs.

He said that he was about to release a new song, but in fact, he had nothing prepared, and hadn\'t learnt anything new. But, in order to provide a reason for his disappearance over the past few days, Xue Ling showed no change in expression as he lied with a straight face.

The system rolled its eyes from beside its host. It could tell that its host was about to put it to work… But that wasn\'t too bad. After all, its host hadn\'t asked him to work for a long time now. As a fully functional system, the system still wanted to be useful.

Ning Simu was a student at the Foreign Language College. His major was English, so he normally sang English songs. Occasionally, he would also sing some domineering Chinese pop songs as a compromise, but this time, he chose a very soft, very old-fashioned song to sing.

The system did not know what its host was trying to do, but when its host was singing, the system was very cooperative in helping with post-production. It even drew a picture that could be used for the visuals. After everything was finalized, it helped Xue Ling upload the video online.

The song was sent out in the wee hours before dawn. Xue Ling had gained a few hundred fans after queueing up for his live performance that night. Before he went to bed, he took a look at his fan count. He felt that since they all thought that he was trying to hug Wen Ruoyi\'s thighs to become a hot topic, he might as well do so. It was such a good opportunity to make a name for himself; if he paired it with a song, perhaps he would be able to pick up a whole group of fans~

Regardless of whether he was a hot topic because he was being hated on, or for any other reason, what he wanted right now was to become famous. Although Xue Ling did not know what use there was in becoming hot, he thought that it would feel really refreshing to be able to use his newfound popularity to announce that he had no relationship with Gentleman\'s Twilight at all, and give Wen Ruoyi\'s ego a beating or something~

He slept soundly, but Wen Ruyi was currently feeling uncomfortable and unsettled all over.

Recently, Mu Sichao asked for his help on a class subject. He had been busy all day, and had returned home very late. He bathed, and then went straight to sleep, but for some reason, he suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with a strange feeling that left him unsettled and unable to sleep. He felt all kinds of uncomfortable simply lying there, and finally could not resist his inner struggle; he got up and turned on his laptop.

Wen Ruoyi was someone who kept his work and life separate from his internet hobbies. Although he accompanied Mu Sichao to play around in audio dramas, he was very cautious when involving himself, and only selected dramas that he found interesting. He also barely touched the internet while he was working to avoid distractions. But since he felt tense and had no way to sleep, the man simply opened up his laptop and logged on to all his social media networks. It was only then that he discovered that the girl responsible for managing his online communities had left him with a lot of messages. Wen Ruoyi looked through what the girl said, and his originally tired face slowly turned cold.

Although he had never spoken about it, in fact, his contact with Ning Simu was very sincere. The youth\'s personality was very attractive to him. When he saw his shy appearance, it inexplicably poked at his soft spot, and he discovered that many aspects of him were very different from Mu Sichao. He couldn\'t say that he really liked him that much, but Wen Ruoyi was genuinely trying to get rid of his blind one-sided love of more than ten years after he learned that Mu Sichao had found a lover. But he had devoted his feelings to that person for so many years, and it was not so easy to recover from. It was very unlikely that he would be able to adjust his mentality so soon and treat Ning Simu with the proper attitude.

However, there was no denying that he was trying. So when he saw the girl\'s words, saying that Ning Simu was being cursed and hated on online, he felt truly felt pained in his heart. Although he did not know him that well, he still understood that child\'s character. Ning Simu probably hadn\'t called him despite something like this happening because he hadn\'t wanted to disturb him…

Wen Ruoyi wanted to know how overboard this matter had gotten, and he wanted to know how badly that youngster was hurt, but it was the middle of the night now, and he couldn\'t just go and wake Ning Simu up. He could only open up the youth\'s Weibo. To his surprise, he discovered that other than not responding for two days, the child seemed to act as though he had no idea that such a thing had happened at all. He even released a song tonight…

Wen Ruoyi felt helpless. He didn’t know whether Ning Simu really didn\'t know, or if he was pretending to be indifferent. He could only click on the link to his song, becoming shocked when he heard it.

Wen Ruoyi had heard many of the songs Ning Simu has sung. Most of the time, he purposely deepened his voice, and used a deeper voice to sing. It seemed domineering, but sometimes caused his singing to become unstable. Wen Ruoyi did not know much about singing, but he would occasionally still be able to hear some flaws. Now, he was amazed by the sounds he was hearing.

When Twilight Darling sang, his voice was very unique. Perhaps it was because of this contrast that he was very popular with the girls, so he previously avoided songs that softened his voice. This time, he chose an ancient folk song, but he managed to bring about another type of feeling with his deep croon, making others unable to stop listening.

It was clearly a song that had been sent out in the middle of the night, but the play count was continuously rising, and the comments section was completely covered with comments like "Husband\'s deep croon is making me cry!" "Yingyingying, my ears have gotten pregnant!" "Aaaaaahhh! Too beautiful! I want to hug Darling!" "Darling is already in my bed, you guys should all get lost!" As Wen Ruoyi read through this barrage of words, the amusement lurking in the corners of his mouth slowly faded away.

Although he knew it was a joke, for some reason—as this child\'s nominal boyfriend, he felt a little jealous.