Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 132

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9.17 – Does Master not like me because I\'m always sticking too close to martial brother…

translator: xiin

editors: misogi & BlueBug

Due to the influence of his spiritual root, Chi Lan\'s body temperature was a little higher than that of ordinary people. When his hand touched Xue Ling’s skin, the burn caught all of Xue Ling\'s attention.

“Master…” His voice carried grievance. He seemed to be asking for mercy and hoping that his call would pull the man back from the brink of being controlled by desire.

In fact, Xue Ling knew that it was useless. He even knew that his call would only fan the fires of the man\'s desire, but he couldn\'t just expectantly send himself over to entangle with the man. It was rare for him to have an opportunity to star in a play where the disciple was unwillingly dragged into a little black room; he would not be so silly as to stop the act on his own initiative.

And in reality, this was also the case. This kind of taboo relationship between master and disciple had long been a large stone that pressed down on Chi Lan\'s heart. It was precisely because of this concern that he had been suppressing the feelings in his heart for the past few hundred years. And it was also because of this that he had forcefully kept himself from doing anything to Xue Ling while he was in secluded cultivation. But it was different now. This person was already in his arms, and he could do whatever he wanted. Although the youth was still trying to resist, these movements of his were neither painful, nor itchy. They only served to further stir up his interest.

Chi Lan gently placed this person onto the bed, lowered his head to kiss him on the forehead, and said, "Be good. Master will be gentler."

Xue Ling thought in his heart that playing harder was also acceptable, but on the surface he still showed a face full of fear. He looked very pitiful, very desirable. "Master, embrace unity and harmony, keep your soul sober and calm, you must hold on…"

Chi Lan basically ignored his nonsense. After pulling his shirt apart, he unfastened his inner robe. Xue Ling\'s hands were wrapped together by one of his and held in place over his head, and his legs were pushed apart by Chi Lan\'s own. His body was slightly bent, and Chi Lan forcefully raised his head and waist a little.

If he was by the wall, he would be in the perfect position to be slammed against it. But now, his entire body was under the other person\'s control on the bed, and his struggles caused his clothing to slip, showing a snow-white, slender waist.

Chi Lan’s hand slid along his waist and completely undid his inner robe, revealing the two points on the front of his chest as well as the clavicle that had been hidden before.

The wind was a little cold, and Chi Lan\'s hands were hot. On the bed, Xue Ling struggled a little and discovered that this fellow probably had no intention of letting him go this time.

“Disciple, if you don\'t obey, your Master will probably really go into Qi deviation." The man shamelessly lowered his head to say these words by his ear. His tone of voice was very calm and steady, but the content made Xue Ling really want to bite him.

Since he wanted to bite, Xue Ling really went ahead and bit him on the shoulder.

Chi Lan made no other moves. When he was being bitten by Xue Ling, he even relaxed his body, deliberately cooperating with him so that his teeth could sink in. It seemed that Xue Ling\'s bite really suited his wishes, and made him very delighted.

It wasn\'t until he could taste blood in his mouth that Xue Ling relaxed, his expression full of grievance. It looked as though biting him had not made him happy at all. "Master, was one time not enough… why do you have to defile me like this…"

All the things he had spoken before had not caused Chi Lan\'s expression to change, but this one sentence had an effect.

Chi Lan bent over and dropped another kiss on his forehead. His voice was very quiet and represented the little reason he had left. "Sorry, disciple."

This statement was an apology, but also expressed his determination. Xue Ling understood that he had really thought it through clearly, and would not let go of him so easily today.

He closed his eyes as though he had become disillusioned with the world, and seemed determined to pretend to be a corpse while the deed was being done.

Chi Lan pressed his lips together, obviously unhappy with his disciple\'s current state. He released the hand that was holding down Xue Ling\'s, and allowed the two\'s movements to appear a little more intimate rather than as though he was the one forcing matters. He once again kissed Xue Ling\'s cheek, and said, "Be good, little disciple. Open your eyes, or you will regret it.”

Xue Ling turned his head away and refused to look at him.

Which meant that he missed the fact that Chi Lan\'s eyes had turned pitch-black.

And then, another voice burst into his ears and his entire body stiffened.

That was Yu Shaofeng’s voice, “Martial brother! I succeeded…” He stopped abruptly in the middle of the sentence. Xue Ling immediately opened his eyes - he had not expected the man to make this kind of move. He twisted his head to look at the dazed Yu Shaofeng who had impatiently waited for the door to open, before excitedly rushing in.

Yu Shaofeng couldn\'t quite understand what was going on in front of him. His martial brother was looking at him in surprise, and then his entire body seemed to be burning up as he turned red all the way to the roots of his ears. Chi Lan pulled over the clothing he had previously tossed aside and covered Xue Ling\'s body, then spoke coldly to the stunned Yu Shaofeng, "What are you looking at? Hurry up and get lost!"

Yu Shaofeng was still in a daze as he turned around mechanically and met Chi Jian\'s equally dazed face. He felt like he had found someone experiencing the same thing, and he woke up from his daze. He grabbed Chi Jian\'s hand and pulled him out of the cabin, closing the door behind him.

Xue Ling buried himself in the pile of clothes. He was completely ashamed, and so angry that his white skin began to be covered with a beautiful pink flush. It looked very delicious. Chi Lan lifted up the clothing that was covering his face and spoke calmly, "I told you. You will regret it."

Xue Ling really wanted to rush forward and bite him to death. Because he was excited, the moisture in his eyes glistened brightly. Anyone who was stared at with such a gaze would not be able to hold on. "You\'re so shameless!"

“If I wasn\'t shameless, you wouldn\'t be lying here like this now." Chi Lan responded lightly to his words and once again stripped him bare from head to tail. "Enough. From now on, no one will disturb us anymore.”

In fact, Yu Shaofeng had been waiting outside the door for news the whole time. He had been considering whether or not to knock on the door. Chi Lan\'s dislike of him was extreme, and so when Xue Ling refused to cooperate, he simply opened the door to let Xue Ling\'s little martial brother enter.

He didn\'t need to think about it to know that this would make Xue Ling even more unhappy, but the notion of expressing his sovereignty overrode his consideration of Xue Ling\'s happiness. In any case, Xue Ling was doomed to be unhappy today, so he might as well do all the things that would make him that way all at once.

Xue Ling gritted his teeth and felt that playing the role of a resigned character did not suit him at all. Although he had already been stripped bare, Chi Lan was still tidily dressed, and it made him feel particularly dissatisfied. Xue Ling had always appeared gentle and elegant, and it was really rare to see him gritting his teeth like a little fox that wanted to fight back - Chi Lan found it really amusing to watch.

And then when Xue Ling really rushed forwards, he easily suppressed and pushed him back down in one move and conveniently felt him up from head to tail, groping until the little fox was crying and begging for mercy, vowing to never challenge his Master\'s authority again.

After Yu Shaofeng pulled Chi Jian out, his brain was still blank. He was full of \'who am I, where am I, where did I come from, and how did I end up here?\'.

Chi Jian recovered somewhat faster than he did. When he saw Yu Shaofeng still standing at the door, a rare trace of embarrassment appeared on his face and he reached out to pull on Yu Shaofeng\'s hand. This movement frightened Yu Shaofeng, who jumped away like a scared rabbit, his eyes wide open as they rolled around in their sockets.

Chi Jian swallowed hard. He found that the person in front of him was really cute.

“Chi… Chi… Chi Jian! ” Yu Shaofeng’s face was full of incredulity. “Just now… Just now… Master and… martial brother…"

Chi Jian covered his face and hurriedly pulled him further away, lest the two people inside the cabin heard what they were saying.

Even if they couldn\'t, they shouldn\'t just stay there… The scene from just now had been too much. To the two of them who had not cared about anything but fighting and getting stronger over the past five hundred years, what the two of them had been doing just now was enough to last them through drinking a very large pot of wine.

Yu Shaofeng was walking, but his brain was still thinking about countless things. He bowed his head and muttered to himself for a long time before suddenly asking Chi Jian, "… Chi Jian… Does Master not like me because I\'m always sticking too close to martial brother…"

Although Chi Jian wanted to tell him not to think too much about strange things, as soon as he recalled his uncle\'s meaningful gaze as he looked at Yu Shaofeng just now, he realized that Yu Shaofeng\'s guess might be correct. His uncle, who had never placed anything in his eyes and was always standing high above others… was in fact also a normal person, and would also use such ridiculous means to get the attention of the person he liked…

When he thought like this, he realized that the scene that they had seen just now had not been an accident. It became clear that Chi Lan had intentionally set it up…

Chi Jian had this crazy thought in his heart, but since the person involved was someone he could not beat, no matter how wild his idea was, he could only dig a hole deep in the recesses of his heart, bury it, and then stamp on it a few times to make sure it was hidden.

“Chi Jian, don’t ignore me…” Yu Shaofeng’s hand waved in front of Chi Jian\'s face. He looked wronged as he spoke thoughtfully, "Is martial brother being bullied like that by Master because he wanted to take us to the secret realm…?"

The corner of Chi Jian\'s lips twitched, and he was too lazy to concern himself over Yu Shaofeng\'s magical brain circuits. He grabbed Yu Shaofeng by his collar, threw him over his shoulder and then stepped onto his sword, preparing to fly away.

“Chi Jian, hold on! Where are you taking me?”

“Taking you to find your elder martial brother at Sky Peak and find something for you to do."

“Eh! Aren\'t we waiting for martial brother to come out and take us to the secret realm?!"

“By the time you\'ve finished the errand, Martial Brother Xue should have finished dealing with things over here."

“Are you sure?”

“Um… Probably.” This kind of thing did not depend on Martial Brother Xue, but rather on his uncle… this was the conclusion he had drawn based on what he had seen just now.

Yu Shaofeng thought it was odd, but there wasn\'t much he could say. He still hadn\'t quite realized what the relationship between his martial brother and Master was, and as a very standard, genuinely silly and sweet protagonist, it was obvious that although the scene he had seen just now made some impact on him, he still hadn\'t quite realized exactly what was going on.

Chi Jian told him not to think too much about it, and then really brought him out to run an errand.

By the time they returned, half a month had already gone by and Xue Ling had been let out a long time ago. He was lying on the grass counting the leaves on his body, and it appeared that he was in a good mood. There was nothing pitiful about him, even though his current state was really quite tragic.

Although he was now free, Chi Lan had branded a seal onto his body. The mark was branded in a very hidden place, and it was so shameful that Xue Ling did not even want to bring it up. Now, Chi Lan would know right away if he ever developed any intention to leave, and he was also unable to stray too far from the other party.

All the things the man had to repress before was now expressed in the means that he used on him. Although Xue Ling seemed to be ashamed and unhappy on the surface, he was still enjoying it deep in his heart. He found that having something like this happen once in a while was rather amusing.

The man\'s possessive streak had always been very strong, and he often said that he wanted to tie him to his side, but these kind of things were often just spoken out but not acted upon. Xue Ling could now be considered to have experienced the feeling of being imprisoned.

From a physical sense, Chi Lan hadn\'t done anything bad to him. After they had broken through the disciple-master barrier, he still treated Xue Ling very well, to the point where it was almost frightening. Other than being unable to leave Chi Lan, Xue Ling\'s life was still very good. But if he had not truly liked this man, he would have never allowed him to do this to him.

When Yu Shaofeng and Chi Jian came back, all they saw was Xue Ling in such a calm and breezy mood. They couldn\'t find a way to open their mouths and ask about what they had seen, so it was in this strange atmosphere that they all set out and headed towards that mysterious secret realm.

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