Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 122

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9.7 – He realized that his future was probably going to be very different

translator: xiin

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It was morning, and the sky was clear and bright. Inside Sky Sword Sect, those who had passed the Sky Ladder and Pool of Resolve and had already been qualified to be accepted as disciples followed the people of Sky Sword Sect\'s arrangements and went on their respective paths.

Everyone was divided into outer disciples and inner disciples according to their qualifications. Those whose qualifications were too low would be arranged to stay outside of the peaks. Sky Sword Sect could provide them with a place to live out their lives, and if they had their own good fortune, they may even be able to obtain some pills to keep them alive without growing old for a period of time.

Most of the people belonging to this category were the elderly with low ability, and there would be people like this every time they opened up recruitment. Over time, Sky Sword Sect had developed their own methods to resettle these people.

But all this had nothing to do with Yu Shaofeng. The road he was following was the one that inner disciples were taking, and he was about to participate in the final selection.

This selection was the final step for new disciples, and determined which mountain peak they would go to. It also signified the end of this disciple recruitment convention. From then on, each of the newly accepted disciples would embark on their own cultivation journey along sunlit roads and single-log bridges. How far they would be able to get in the world of cultivation depended not only on themselves, but also on this selection.

A good teacher or master could give the new disciples much needed help along this road, so many new disciples had asked their fellow disciple brothers last night about which places were good to go to.

Sky, Earth, Profound, and Yellow Peaks all had plans to recruit new people this time, but only Earth and Yellow Peak\'s Peak Masters came personally. Although it could not be said that it was the difference between heaven and earth between the two peaks, their requirements for resources and qualifications were quite different. Yellow Peak\'s Peak Master was only a late stage Fenshen cultivator, and his ranking amongst the other peaks could only be said to have made it onto the list. After all, there was a world of difference from the first place. Yellow Peak placed the most importance on things like pill refining and weapon making, and they were more focused on unorthodox methods.

But if one wanted to quickly get rich, going to Yellow Peak was not a bad choice. They had many side businesses.

Earth Peak was totally different. After all, everyone recognized Earth Peak\'s Peak Master, Ancestor Thunderbolt\'s name. Since he had come in person to accept a disciple, anyone he took a fancy to would immediately have their seniority and status brought up within the sect.

This was probably the reason why the protagonist had not been able to make true friends in Sky Sword Sect at all. His identity was too strange, and his generational status was too far above others while his personal strength was much too low when compared to the martial brothers and sisters of his seniority level. In such an embarrassing situation, it would be even more curious if he could continue being a foolishly sweet child.

In addition to news about the four great peaks, the disciples were also willing to share information on the remaining three peaks with the new disciples, speaking in meaningful tones.

Those who came from these three peaks were all existences that could not be casually provoked. After all, even if somebody\'s cultivation was so low that they were basically trash, the backing behind them could be strong enough to poke a hole in the sky. The three peaks were most likely to turn out geniuses and freaks, or they might even be both at the same time. Their cultivations were a mess, and it was difficult to say if they were good or bad as their levels were uneven.

All in all, it was all about their connections. They shouldn\'t judge them based on their cultivations, and it was best if they just left them alone.

“Among the three peaks, there is one that needs to be brought up and talked about.” Arriving at this topic, the disciple brother’s lecturing gaze turned rather strange as he glanced at Yu Shaofeng. "That is, the Still Peak that is placed in the middle of them all. You all must remember!" He earnestly advised these innocent and naïve disciples who simply yearned for the future, “Still Peak\'s Peak Master is the Venerable Crimson Flame whose name is the most feared in the world of cultivation. Back then, the number of cultivator families he slaughtered cannot be counted with both hands. His temper is strange, and he used to explode into a mad frenzy upon the slightest provocation. It is said that he has improved a lot in the recent several hundred years, but he is still not someone you little newcomers can provoke. He is an invincible existence who has reached the Dacheng stage!"

“So, as long as you hear the two words \'Still Peak\', you should make a detour."

A new disciple asked, “How can we judge who is from Still Peak? Aren’t the uniforms all the same?”

The disciple brother\'s face was bitter as he said, “It\'s not hard to tell. Still Peak only has a total of two people - Venerable Crimson Flame and his apprentice." He paused, and it seemed as though he had recalled something as he added, "Perhaps there will be a third… But it doesn’t matter. The possibility that you will meet Venerable Crimson Flame is zero, and as for that martial uncle… You will naturally understand when you see him…"

He spoke vaguely, and did not say more even when he was questioned, so the group of new disciples carried their own hopes and dreams and hesitatingly stepped into Sky Sword Sect\'s audience hall.

The audience hall was usually only opened up for major occasions, and every disciple recruiting event was always concluded here.

The disciples were not forbidden from looking around after they entered, but many of them did not dare to look around regardless, fearing that their gazes would meet with the wrong person and accidentally ruin their promising future.

Yu Shaofeng\'s position was neither too much towards the front nor the back, but because he was short, he was covered up by the people in front of him, so he dared to raise his head and look around.

But when he raised his head, his gaze met with a pair of eyes that carried all kinds of changes along with the momentum of lightning.

Yu Shaofeng was shocked all over. By the time he recovered, he had already made some defensive gestures.

But he was too small and weak. Although he was full of energy, it appeared comical.

His movements attracted the attention of a certain pair of eyes. He laughed, and the sound of his laughter was as deafening as thunder.

Everyone heard the man laugh and say, “Hahaha! There\'s such a good seedling! Sky Peak did a good job this time! “

Elder martial brother did not feel any joy at this praise. As a man of Sky Peak, being praised like this by the Peak Master of Earth Peak, it inexplicably made him feel as though Sky Peak was lower than Earth Peak. It was though they were working for them.

Elder martial brother\'s face was cold as he lightly said, "The disciple recruiting event is held in turns by each of the four peaks. I believe that Earth Peak will be able to do even better next time."

Ancestor Thunderbolt glanced at this elder martial brother and did not comment much, only saying, "I just saw a child, can you give him to me?~ And then you all can pick as you please."

“Oh? That disciple must have the luck of three lifetimes to win Peak Master\'s favour. Only, which one was Peak Master looking at?" Elder martial brother handled it in an orderly manner and did not fawn over him. Although his reply was friendly and pleasant to listen to, in fact, he had no intention of flattering Ancestor Thunderbolt at all.

The Heaven and Earth Peaks had always been at odds with each other. It was not surprising that elder martial brother would have such an attitude.

Ancestor Thunderbolt did not plan to argue with someone from the younger generation either. After losing the battle with the current Sect Leader for the position of Peak Master of Sky Peak years ago, he had been very tolerant of Sky Peak\'s people, and it was unknown whether he really did not care, or if he was biding his time.

“That little doll." Ancestor Thunderbolt pointed a finger, and the crowd followed his movements and dispersed. And the person who finally appeared on the other side of his fingertip, was a calm-looking Yu Shaofeng.

Elder martial brother raised his eyebrows.

“That doll is also a mutated lightning root, and he\'s very suitable cultivate this old man\'s skills. There should not be anyone more suitable for him than I am in the entire sect." He stroked his beard and laughed, looking very satisfied with this little doll. “If there\'s no problem, you can register him under my name. He’ll be my thirteenth disciple from today onwards.”

Elder martial brother slowly opened his mouth to speak. “I’m afraid not.”

Ancestor Thunderbolt\'s forehead wrinkled. He was really unhappy now. “Unfettered, I\'m showing you respect, but you cannot get an inch and take a mile. Did I do anything wrong today? I only picked first. Could there be that there\'s someone who wants to fight with me over the person I\'ve chosen?"

Elder martial brother shook his head and spoke disapprovingly, "Martial uncle, it\'s not that your martial nephew wants to make trouble for you. Only, that child has been decided on long ago, and I do not dare provoke that person and can only refuse your request." He smiled like a fox, looking like he was in a great mood.

Ancestor Thunderbolt\'s expression suddenly darkened. "What, can someone still be accorded such privileges during the disciple recruitment gathering?"

“It\'s not a privilege, but I publicly chose this little doll yesterday~ And I even threatened that I would kill my way up whichever mountain peak dared to fight me for him~ Does martial uncle want to give it a try?" A certain someone arrived late, but his voice was clear, the sound like pieces of jade colliding. He walked like the wind, his black hair dancing along with his movements. As he passed by, everyone seemed to be able to smell a faint scent of grass and trees that lingered on his body.

Today, he was wearing red clothes, and had a red jade crown on his head. Even the ribbons that dangled down were a stunning red. His words, his actions, and even his eyebrows were proud and arrogant to the extreme. The tear moles in the corners of his eyes were like a dot of cinnabar that had just momentarily fallen there, and it made those who were dazedly looking at him hesitate, and then recover their wits completely.

All the new disciples present suddenly recalled what their disciple brother had said yesterday.

"As for that martial uncle… You will naturally understand when you see him…"

The person who had just arrived addressed Ancestor Thunderbolt as \'martial uncle\', and addressed Unfettered Immortal as \'elder martial brother\'. According to seniority, that person should be that mysterious martial uncle…

Although he was being fought over by others, Yu Shaofeng still maintained his calm and stood there by himself. But at this moment, he was also confused.

“Martial nephew Xue…” When Chi Lan had held his gathering, Xue Ling had been brought out to meet a lot of people. Amongst them had been Ancestor Thunderbolt, who had given him a pretty good first-meeting gift that Xue Ling was quite satisfied with.

“It’s me.” Xue Ling nodded. He had already arrived beside Yu Shaofeng, and he reached out to touch the little doll\'s head. When he hooked his lips and smiled, it was inexplicably provoking. "What I said yesterday has already been spread throughout the sect. Since martial uncle does not pay attention to these things, it\'s understandable not to have heard."

“Martial nephew is still young, and has only just become Venerable Crimson Flame\'s disciple. Are you in such a hurry to accept a disciple?" He knew what he could or could not say to certain people; although there were ten thousand feelings of unhappiness in his heart, Ancestor Thunderbolt still had a pleasant expression on his face when facing Xue Ling. This was the young man who was brought to meet with a lot of people by Chi Lan back then, and he was very clear how much Chi Lan valued him. For him to have a reputation for being invincible in a fight also relied on one other point - he did not participate in fights he was uncertain about. Chi Lan was several stages above him, and their fighting power could not even be compared. He did not want to have to go up against Still Peak at all.

“I’m young, and there are many things I haven\'t learned yet. How could I casually come out and accept a disciple? If I can\'t teach them after I accept one, wouldn\'t that be wronging the little disciple?~" Xue Ling naturally wouldn\'t make things difficult since the other party wasn\'t trying to go against him, but he had many ways to silently choke up an opponent. He spoke with a wide smile on his face, making it even easier for others to be angered to death. "Martial uncle also knows that I have a profound wooden sky spiritual root while Master has a lightning and fire spiritual root. Our attributes don\'t match very well~ So Master wanted to accept another disciple, and I was ordered to come out and find one. In this disciple recruiting convention, the only new disciple whose roots can match with Master\'s is precisely this mutated lightning spiritual root."


“Why, does martial uncle still have questions?" He put on a bitter expression. "It’s not that I want to fight over this person with martial uncle, only, I already told Master yesterday that I would bring him back a new disciple with a mutated lightning root~ Master is waiting on Still Peak. Martial uncle, how about following me back to Still Peak if you insist on discussing this further?"

Things had already reached this point. What else could Ancestor Thunderbolt do?! Go up against Chi Lan for a mutated lightning spiritual root? That would be too deliberate and suspicious, and he would no longer be able to carry out his plan at all. He didn\'t need to worry about whether or not he could discuss it with that fellow Chi Lan; if Chi Lan came up and immediately started a fight, if he ended up injured, wouldn\'t the losses outweigh the gains?

Having reached this conclusion, the smile on Ancestor Thunderbolt\'s face turned much more real. "Since it\'s someone that martial nephew has decided on yesterday, then we will just give him to you. I had originally thought that this child and I had some destiny together, which was why I wanted to accept him as a disciple." As he spoke, he looked at Yu Shaofeng and took out a jade token from his body. "Child, this is a token of my Earth Peak. If there is anything I can help you with in the future, you can take this to Earth Peak and look for me."

Yu Shaofeng was still stunned. Finally, Xue Ling gave him a light push, and he stumbled forward.

Xue Ling helped him accept the jade token, the attractive smile still on his face. None of his inner thoughts were revealed at all as he said, "This child is still young. I\'ll accept it for him first, and thank martial uncle for his kindness. If there really comes a day where something happens that my Still Peak can\'t deal with, we\'ll definitely make a trip to Earth Peak."

Ancestor Thunderbolt: “…” How come he hadn\'t noticed how antagonistic this young fellow could be when Chi Lan brought him out to introduce him to everyone that day?

“Then I\'ll be troubling elder martial brother to help me register this child under Still Peak." Xue Ling ignored his distorted expression and smiled at his elder martial brother.

“Okay. Younger martial brother should bring him back now. Don\'t let Venerable Crimson Flame wait too long.”


Before leaving, Xue Ling also had Yu Shaofeng say goodbye to Ancestor Thunderbolt. Xue Ling\'s laughter was especially attractive when he saw the other party\'s dark as a thundercloud expression.

On that day, Yu Shaofeng gained a very deep impression of his martial brother\'s first words to him.

“Little martial brother, did you see? When you meet these kinds of double faced trash, just stifle them to death. Our Still Peak, even looking at the entire world of cultivation, has never feared anyone. We don’t need this kind of goodwill.”

Having spoken these words, he stood up high and threw the jade token that Ancestor Thunderbolt had given him down the mountain.

Yu Shaofeng watched the jade token disappear in front of him. For the first time, he realized that his future was probably going to be very different.

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