Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 121

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9.6 – There were so many mysteries waiting for him

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBugGCti0M

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At first, people on top of the Sky Ladder did not notice the newly arrived Xue Ling, but after someone moved their gaze and cried out, everyone\'s gaze turned and fell on Xue Ling\'s body.

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He was not wearing the blue and white striped uniform that disciples of Sky Sword Sect were supposed to wear. Instead, he was wearing black robes, his long black hair loosely tied with a red ribbon. His eyebrows were picturesque, and his every move and smile was intoxicating.

Xue Ling was unaware of all this. He was staring at the protagonist and spacing out, thinking about what the man\'s reaction would be if he really brought this child back. The corners of his lips were subconsciously curved upwards, but his pupils were unfocused. 7PuzLQ

There were more and more people watching him, and the little disciple became more and more anxious. He daringly tugged on Xue Ling sleeve and asked, "Martial uncle… do you see anyone you like?"

It could be seen from a glance at his clothing that the little disciple came from Sky Sword Sect. Although he was an outer sect disciple, the people he brought in could not be easily provoked. However, some people\'s hearts were very itchy, and they sneered when they heard the little disciple’s words. “See someone you like? Ha-ha, saying words like that in an occasion like this. Even if you want to go through the back door there\'s no need to do it so obviously."

Xue Ling gathered his wits, and tilted his head to look oddly at the person behind him who was currently mocking them.

It was a teenager who looked quite young. He was dressed in an ordinary disciple’s uniform, but the accessories on his body were rather luxurious. He had a few younger disciple brothers behind him, and it looked like his background was quite good. BUWf4

Xue Ling asked the little disciple beside him curiously, “Who is this person?”

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“This is disciple brother An Cheng of Earth Peak.” The little disciple lowered his gaze and introduced him to Xue Ling. "He is martial sister \'s disciple." When they calculated seniority, the little disciple that brought Xue Ling here was one generation above this disciple brother, but there was a big difference between outer sect disciple and inner disciples, and the little disciple did not dare to say too much.

“Dream Memory?” Xue Ling repeated this name carefully as he tried to recall it. It was a name that had been mentioned in the story before it was dropped.

Fairy Dream Memory was Earth Peak\'s Peak Master\'s third disciple Immortal Lofty Mountain\'s chief disciple. Immortal Lofty Mountain was of the same generation as Xue Ling\'s elder martial brother, so from a seniority standpoint, this Fairy Dream Memory was Xue Ling\'s martial niece. The person who had taken in the protagonist was Ancestor Thunderbolt, so the protagonist had been on the same level of seniority as Immortal Lofty Mountain. In order to butter him up, the Fairy Dream Memory had once gotten along well with the protagonist, but she also made sure to step all over him once he fell from grace.BVxdi9

Holding up those who were on their way up and stepping on those who were suffering was a law of survival in the human world, and it also applied to the world of cultivation.

Now, it seemed that this disciple under the Fairy Dream Memory was probably not much different from her.

Xue Ling was too lazy to pay attention to him, only glancing lazily at his opponent before moving his thoughts away.

“Master did not introduce me to them, so they should be relatively insignificant. Just ignore him." Xi7Kpk

The little disciple touched the sweat on his forehead and thought to himself: \'All the people that your master introduced you to were great figures renowned across the entire cultivation world. Dream Memory did not even have the qualifications to attend the event – how could she be introduced?\'

However, the youth was different from the little disciple. Because he had Fairy Dream Memory as a master, and her status was not bad, he had always been a bully in Sky Sword Sect. But now someone was speaking ill of his master in front of him - how could he not be angry? "You! Who are you! Daring to run around the sect without wearing the sect\'s uniform. If you don’t obey the rules, aren\'t you afraid that Xing Peak\'s people will take you away for punishment? Having the guts to say that my master is insignificant! What kind of thing do you think you are!"

“What kind of thing am I?” Xue Ling gave him a profound look, then spoke lightly, “What kind of thing are you then? In my eyes, your master counts for nothing, Xing Peak also counts for nothing. If you have the ability, you can go and have them look into whether or not I\'m wearing the sect uniform."

His remarks were bold and arrogant. Xing Peak was the place responsible for law enforcement in Sky Sword Sect, and also the place that people in Sky Sword Sect were most afraid of. Not only were his words just now enough for him to be sent in for at least several decades of punishment, even more importantly, they were enough to get him chased out of Sky Sword Sect.X0Mhtr

But Xue Ling was fearless. Although he didn\'t always rely on the fact that he had an extraordinary master in order to make trouble everywhere all the time, having such this kind of backing was useless if he didn\'t take it out and use it.

The little disciple bowed his head and dared not speak. Although Xue Ling’s words were excessive, he did have reason. He was not a disciple of Sky Sword Sect, but rather Venerable Crimson Flame\'s personal disciple. If the Venerable Crimson Flame was unhappy, it was no problem for him to bring his disciple with him and break away from the sect. Although Xue Ling\'s words were a little wild, those who knew who he was would not try to find fault with him over these things.

The teenager’s eyes were wide, and his face full of incredulity. It was as though Xue Ling had spoken some heaven-shattering words. The finger he had raised up was trembling, and he found it totally unbelievable. “You!”

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Xue Ling sneered and asked him, “Me, what? I’m just standing here. You can go and look for Xing Peak\'s people, bring them over, and see if they dare to do anything to me?"wis0gC

The teenager glared at the little disciple who was standing beside Xue Ling and burst out, "You! You\'re merely an outer disciple! Who on earth did you casually bring into the sect! I will tell my master about this matter! I\'ll get you! And him too!"

Xue Ling hooked a finger at him and said, "Bring it on. You should also bring your master that doesn\'t count for anything~ I\'m quite interested to know what kind of thing managed to bring up a little thing like you."

The teenager was so angry that tears appeared in the corners of his eyes, and his entire body was trembling as he tried to suppress his rage.

The little disciple no longer had his head bowed now. Since others were asking about his identity, he naturally did not intend to keep his head low and let Xue Ling stand in for him. His master had ordered him not to neglect this person, and even said not to let anyone bump into him. It was rare for him to leave the mountain peak and come out for once; if Sky Sword Sect left him with this kind of impression, what if he went back and encouraged his master to return back to Chi Clan together?14FugA

“I am indeed an outer disciple, but I am Sky Peak\'s Unfettered Immortal\'s outer court disciple. This time, I brought martial uncle to see this gathering at my Master\'s command. There is nothing wrong with me doing so. Even if Fairy Dream Memory comes, regardless if she faces me, or martial uncle, it is impossible for her to say anything. As a martial nephew, you should be more cautious when you speak."

The teenager was about to blow up from anger. "You\'re nothing more than an outer disciple! What qualifications do you have to address me as martial nephew! “

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“It\'s true that I\'m not qualified, but you also cannot point and yell at martial uncle like that."

“How can he be considered a martial uncle! At most, he\'s just a vixen!" iW860p

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows, and spoke to the system in some surprise, "This child\'s not bad. He guessed quite accurately.”

The system unfeelingly reminded its host, "The protagonist is about to come up. Be careful not to become a vixen in his eyes."

Xue Ling shrugged his shoulders and smiled at the young boy. His smile was so beautiful that people could feel their hearts and soul ripple, and they were left unable to speak with just a glance. "I don\'t like it when people call me a vixen at all~ Indeed, I\'m not your martial uncle. In fact, I should be considered your martial grand-uncle. Enough. Your martial grand-uncle doesn\'t have time to play with you today~ If you really want to bring your master along to make trouble for me, or bring people from Xing Peak to find me, you can. I\'m in Still Peak. You can just stand at the foot of the mountain and call out. It would be best if you shout so loudly that the entire mountain can hear you - perhaps I, your martial grand-uncle, will then be interested in seeing you again."

The teenager wanted to say something, but the people around him woke up when they heard the words \'Still Peak\', and did not intend to let him go on talking nonsense at all. vGBdPg

Xue Ling glanced at the protagonist who was approaching the top of the Sky Ladder, then turned and said, "Little martial nephew, let\'s go back. Let elder martial brother know that I\'ve decided on that child. Don’t let him be taken away by others.”

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His hand casually pointed towards the protagonist. His smile was very attractive, very gentle, but when he opened his mouth to speak, everyone shuddered as they realized what had brought him here today. "Although I casually pointed to him, I\'ll still remember what that person looks like. If I can’t bring him away tomorrow, I will bring Master with me to make a round of all the peaks. Master cares for me the most, and there is no such thing as not being able to obtain the people or things that I want."

The little disciple nodded quickly and led Xue Ling away. While he was bringing him away, he also exchanged several glances with the people in charge of the disciple recruitment event, asking them to take good care of the person Xue Ling wanted.

That was, if they didn\'t want the Sky, Earth, Profound and Yellow Peaks to end up knocked down.izKQpn

Venerable Crimson Flame had always done exactly what he said. His disciple\'s words… they had better take it seriously.

Shortly after Xue Ling left, the incident involving him on top of the Sky ladder spread all over the entire Sky Sword Sect. His words, his attitude and his appearance became the key points of many people’s discussions. Some people admired him very much. After all, his background was too powerful, and it could be said that the reason he could say such words were because of his background. Many people also felt that they also wanted to be accepted as a disciple by the Venerable Crimson Flame.

But others were not happy with him. After all, his remarks were really provoking…

When Xue Ling returned to Still Peak, the man had not yet entered his closed door cultivation. This made him a little surprised - after all, the man had said he was going to close himself up… and when Xue Ling left this morning, he had clearly already entered his room.jGqQmp

Met with Xue Ling\'s doubtful look, Chi Lan coughed awkwardly and said, “How did you feel going out today?”

Suddenly, Xue Ling realized that this person had been worried about him…

“It was pretty good. Except for a few people who didn\'t know their place and came to provoke me, there wasn\'t any other problems."

Chi Lan frowned and asked, “Did they trouble you?”iZ3HgM

Xue Ling leaned forward and poked at his frown with his hand, just like how he used to poke his face before when it was still in its child form. His smile was particularly enchanting, yet innocent at the same time. "Relax. I won\'t let anyone bully me~ After all, Master, your reputation is so big. As long as I show off your identity, nobody will dare talk to me."

Because of how close he was, Chi Lan\'s breathing caught in his throat. The youth\'s body carried a woodsy scent that was unlike any other, and when he smiled, the corners of his eyes and brow were full of charm, as though he was specifically trying to seduce him.

But, for Chi Lan, as the person who had watched him grow up and finally take on his present appearance, he clearly understood that none of this was intentional. Even if his current smile made him want to dig out his heart and lungs for him, it was not on purpose.

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“It\'s good as long as you know to show off your identity. As long as I\'m around, you can walk sideways in the world of cultivation." He stretched out his hand and patted Xue Ling on the head. “Nevertheless, it’s better not to run around.” 3gaN75

Xue Ling nodded once, and his face was clever and obedient. "Of course. What\'ll happen if Master goes mad again if I run around?~"

Chi Lan looked at him helplessly. Compared to before, he was much better now, and he would be alright even if his disciple wasn\'t by his side for hundreds of years. But, just because he was no longer controlled by his spiritual root, it did not mean that he would not be irritable.

His mood had already been quietly linked together with the youth. It seemed that it was already impossible for him to draw the line and separate himself from him.

“Is Master at ease now?" Xue Ling\'s finger pointed, and a little flower appeared and blossomed on Chi Lan\'s shoulder. "If you\'re reassured, then go and cultivate~ Nothing will happen to me in Sky Sword Sect." 7UTuEq

Chi Lan plucked the red flower and watched Xue Ling leave, his heart powerless.

He wanted get closer, but he was afraid. He wanted to speak up, but he didn\'t dare to open his mouth. He had been affected by this kind of mood for too long; even if he entered closed-door cultivation, there would be no progress. But there was no use staring at the youth - the more he looked, the greater the fire in his heart would become.

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He didn’t want to stifle the relationship between them, but he was more and more afraid that he would be unable to control himself one day, and shut this person up where only he could see and touch him.

While Chi Lan\'s thoughts were surging in his heart, the protagonist\'s thoughts were also confused.9WLJ2T

After he tried with all he had to climb the Sky Ladder, everything seemed to change.

He was not the first person to arrive at the top, but he was the one who was baptized by all kinds of looks. Everyone’s gazes were strange as they fell on him, some weird, some envious, contemplative, jealous, and most of all, strange…

The protagonist, who was still a young boy, did not know what kind of substantial changes would occur in his life, but he only felt that the people in Sky Sword Sect were all very odd.

The protagonist was named Yu Shaofeng. Among those climbing the Sky Ladder, he was not the youngest, nor was he the oldest. At the age of eight, he had already experienced too many quarrels and disputes, and now that he was here, he had completely cut himself off from his past. mxaiek

And then the introduction given by the disciples assigned to welcome them to the Sky Sword Sect fascinated him.

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It was a vast world many times larger than the world he had known, and there were so many mysteries waiting for him.

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