Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 120

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9.5 – The luckiest child

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBugwD5Nj7

News that Venerable Crimson Flame had accepted an disciple spread rapidly, and very soon the entire cultivation world knew that someone dared to be his disciple. And not only was it not someone that had forced their way in, it was someone he had found himself.

Most of them thought that this was very normal. After all, it was better to find an disciple by themselves than collect a bunch of people who had been stuffed in. Compared to the question of why he chose to accept an disciple now, they were more curious about exactly who Venerable Crimson Flame\'s disciple was.

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It was very easy to guess. After all, Still Peak had only just gone through a lightning tribulation, and other than that person and Venerable Crimson Flame, there should be nobody else on that mountain peak. Other than his disciple, there should be nobody else that could make the Venerable act as their Dao protector.


The organizer for this event was Sky Sword Sect, but Chi Clan also joined in. In these past few days, Xue Ling was introduced to the leaders of all the major forces in the cultivation world, and was basically recognized by all of them. He also received a lot of artifacts and weapons.

Almost everyone went through the same set of expressions after seeing him. First, they were dazed, then they were embarrassed because they were dazed, and then they would laugh awkwardly, and then hand over their first-meeting gift with an embarrassed expression on their faces. And when they gave their gifts, they were always very careful about making sure their gazes did not land on his face.

Xue Ling smiled the whole time. He met one person after another, but his smile did not turn stiff. Every time he smiled, the curve of his mouth was slightly different, and every time he received a gift, his smile became especially sincere.

Venerable Crimson Flame had very few friends in the world of cultivation, but he had many acquaintances. Whether it was because of his family\'s personal ties, or connections made through Sky Sword Sect, or even based off his own strength, they were all reasons for these people to show him respect. KDQbAG

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Now that they had met him, they could all only use one objective. Everyone collectively agreed that the little disciple that the Venerable Crimson Flame had taken in was an evildoer.

He was the kind of evildoer who was particularly pleasing and delightful. When he smiled, nobody would be able to refuse his request.

Alas, how could such a lovely child be abducted by someone like Venerable Crimson Flame? If he had been theirs… how much respect would it bring them if they could bring him out to show off every day~ ySBtFT

Because of this gathering, Xue Ling’s name spread through the cultivation world. In fact, Chi Lan\'s intentions in holding this event was very clear - it was to let everyone know and recognize his disciple, and prevent those who could not see things clearly from hurting or making a move his person.

His little disciple was really too good-looking. He was a little worried about whether or not he would be able to properly look after him.

When the young disciples of Sky Sword Sect learned that they now had a new member amongst them with great backing, they were quite worried that the other party would be a bully who would rely on his master\'s strength to cause trouble all over the world. Later on, they discovered that they had been wrong.

The Venerable Crimson Flame stayed on Still Peak all day long, and that person also did the same and never came down. They did not have a high enough status to attend when the celebrations to introduce him to the cultivation world were held, and had never seen him at all. When they went to ask their elder martial brothers and sisters, all of them were tight-lipped and refused to speak; making the little disciples even more curious about this new martial uncle of theirs.6VnbFc

But they had not expected that the opportunity for them to see him would come so quickly.

The five great sects and seven major clans accepted new disciples at fixed intervals - once every one hundred years. And this round of recruiting was the time when the protagonist came into the story.

Xue Ling notified the man who was about to enter closed door cultivation, and was in high spirits as he went off to attend the event.

There were only the two of them on Still Peak. The man did not speak much, so claiming that he was helping his master find a small disciple so that he could have a little martial brother was not a problem at all. l2kIUy

Chi Lan had never refused any of his requests. Although this little fellow did not say much to him normally, and only showed his weak side whenever he had something to ask of him, Chi Lan still felt very satisfied. At least his disciple would come to find him if he needed anything.

Very soon, he would probably regret the fact that he agreed to let Xue Ling attend this disciple recruiting event today.

The disciples accepted into the Still, Middle, and Lower peaks were usually already disciples of the sect. That was to say, they were normally from the families of some of the cultivators already in the sect. Once these people\'s children reached the age to begin cultivation, they would be sent to the Middle or Lower Peaks according to their qualifications, so the Middle and Lower Peaks did not participate in this recruitment. Still Peak\'s situation was quite special. Ever since Chi Lan came to Still Peak, it had always been a place where nobody dared to point their fingers. If Xue Ling wanted anyone, he only needed to bring them back and they would be considered a member of Still Peak. So, when he smiled widely and told the Sect Leader that his master asked him to help select a small disciple, the Sect Leader felt inexplicably gratified.

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At least that person was not completely indifferent, since he and Sky Sword Sect were tied together. dZjRxB

This recruitment convention was attended by people from the Sky, Earth, Profound, and Yellow Peaks. Amongst them, the Sky and Earth Peaks had priority - Sky Peak\'s Peak Master was the Sect Leader, and Earth Peak\'s Peak Master was the protagonist\'s original master, known as \'Ancestor Thunderbolt\' in the cultivation world. He was a powerhouse in the Dongxu stage, and could not be considered as one of the strongest in Sky Sword Sect, but he had a lightning spiritual root, and his attack power was strong and explosive. Very few people would be able to face him in a one-on-one fight.

The protagonist could be considered very lucky to have been chosen by him back then.

Unfortunately, this person’s intentions were not as impulsive as they appeared on the surface. He seemed to be brewing some conspiracy, and the protagonist\'s spiritual roots and constitution were both useful to him. He took in the protagonist only so that he could completely destroy him at the right time and help himself advance.

What Xue Ling had to do was snatch up the protagonist before that person made his decision.JNmZRw

Although he was unable to beat \'Ancestor Thunderbolt\' in a fight now, there was still someone above him. From Venerable Crimson Flame\'s perspective, this Ancestor didn\'t count for much.

Things like this disciple recruitment event were not the responsibility of the Sect Leader, but if they really had the intentions to accept a disciple, the Peak Masters of each peak could come by personally to take a look. If all they wanted to do was to have their subordinates pick out some good seedlings, they only needed to order people to go and do it. Not all the peaks were like Still Peak and were only occupied by one person.

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After hearing Xue Ling\'s intentions, the Sect Leader called over his eldest disciple to bring Xue Ling over. This elder martial brother of Sky Sword Sect was the Sect Leader\'s chief disciple, and was responsible for presiding over all the affairs of this disciple recruitment event. The Sect Leader had no descendants, and seemed to be training him up as the next sect leader.

This elder martial brother was actually a generation above Chi Lan. At present, he was in the late stage of Chuqiao, and was considered not bad amongst his peers. Perhaps it was because his cultivation ability was mediocre, but his ability to be in charge of affairs was good, so he was internally designated as the next sect leader. 5LP1j0

After all, those who had the heart to cultivate did not like to learn about dealing with these worldly things. It was not easy to find even one or two people who liked to do such things, so the Sect Leader could be considered quite lucky for the first disciple that he accepted to enjoy managing affairs.

From a generational perspective, Xue Ling was now of the same generation as this elder martial brother, so he simply addressed him as \'Elder Martial Brother\'.

Although this elder martial brother of his already looked like a middle-aged man…

Rumors said that this was because this appearance seemed more dignified, and it prevented him from being faced with all kinds of suspicion when assigning tasks.mHO6lf

"Younger martial brother is standing in to select a disciple for the Venerable?" This elder martial brother was somewhat surprised after hearing Xue Ling\'s purpose in coming. After all, Venerable Crimson Flame had a reputation, and he had also interacted with him a few times over the years. He used to be difficult to approach because of the fires surrounding his body, but now that he had become an iceberg, it had gotten even worse. It was already miraculous that he had one disciple, and now he wanted another one? Had he really changed?

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Xue Ling nodded his head, and conveniently slandered Chi Lan. "Elder martial brother also knows that Master is always alone on Still Peak. He\'s either cultivating or in closed door cultivation every day. But I don\'t have that kind of temperament. Being alone is a bit boring, so I wanted to accept a little martial brother, and they can also double as a companion."

His elder martial brother finally understood. Venerable Crimson Flame was not much different from a giant iceberg now, and it was normal if he couldn\'t stand being around that kind of cold temperament all day long. His younger martial brother had only just transformed into a human, and he was both young and attractive. Being faced with an expressionless person who didn\'t understand beauty all day long, it would be strange if he was happy. No wonder he wanted to find a companion.

“Since the Venerable has agreed, just come by tomorrow." Elder martial brother gave Xue Ling a token. "Those children have had their qualifications tested today, climbed the Sky Ladder, and passed the Pool of Resolve. Tomorrow, we will arrange for them to enter the audience hall. Younger martial brother just needs to come by tomorrow to pick up a new disciple."3iSJdn

Xue Ling’s face was full of curiosity as he asked, “Is it really so difficult to enter the sect?"

Elder martial brother looked at him with some amusement. “That’s right. Younger martial brother was personally brought in by the Venerable. It\'s not a big deal to be curious about these things that you don\'t know. If you really want to go take a look, I arrange for you to go and take a look. That also works out perfectly - if you see anyone you want, you can let me know in advance." He looked very kind as he smiled and stroked his beard while making this promise. "Your elder martial bright might not have any other privileges, but I can still help you designate someone as belonging to Still Peak ahead of time. It\'ll save you from having to squabble with a Peak Master later on."

This was exactly what Xue Ling wanted to hear. He nodded happily and was brought along by his elder martial brother, and finally handed over to one of his disciples.

The disciple assigned to him by his elder martial brother was an outer disciple. He had not had the qualifications to see Xue Ling before, and when he saw him, he was dazed for half a beat and turned, too shy to look him straight in the face after he recovered his wits.V MY8m

Elder martial brother didn’t blame him either. After all, he had reacted similarly when he first met this younger martial brother. He only ordered, "Bring your martial uncle to watch the trials set up for the new disciples. Be careful and don\'t let anyone bump into your martial uncle."

As an outer disciple who had done many chores, and someone who answered to elder martial brother, the little disciple naturally recognized basically all of the martial uncles from various peaks. The martial uncle in front of him now was definitely a newcomer - they had never even seen him before!

The disciple that that crazy Venerable Crimson Flame had accepted recently seemed to be the one standing right in front of them!

The little disciple\'s ears were red as he brought Xue Ling along on his sword and arrived in the area for outer disciples.pJHfNv

Before tomorrow, these children would all be temporarily placed in the outer courtyards. Xue Ling had arrived early, and the children were currently still going up the Sky Ladder, each and every one of them panting hard.

There are also some others who wanted to join in on the excitement and watch these once-in-a-hundred year events. The little disciple brought Xue Ling towards them, keeping his head lowered and introducing them to Xue Ling as they walked. "The qualification test began early this morning. Our Sky Sword Sect is the first of the five great sects, and there are many people who have been waiting for this day in order to join us. There are currently still people waiting to be tested at the foot of the mountain."

Xue Ling noticed how the little disciple did not dare look at his face as they walked, only keeping his eyes on his shoes, and found it a little amusing. "Why do you keep your head down and not dare to look at me while you\'re talking?" The character setting he had given himself was to be a pure and simple demon who was oddly enchanting. He could alternate between being a white lotus and innocent sweetness as he wanted. It was probably because he had pretended a little too much that even when the man\'s gaze as he sometimes looked at him was undisguised to a terrifying degree, he could still do his own thing as though nothing had happened.

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It was because of this kind of attitude that the man did not dare to make a move on him now.12bu3G

Xue Ling had even shown off to his system complacently, "Look. He must be afraid that if he speaks it out loud, we will no longer have any way to remain as master and disciple, and I will no longer be innocent and naïve~"

System: “…” Although it would like to say that its host was really rather cheap, seeing the man being treated like this very much suited its thoughts, so it chose to shut up.

The little disciple’s footsteps stiffened, and his head dropped even lower. "Martial uncle is too beautiful… I\'m afraid I\'ll be dazed." After speaking out those words, he looked horrified. "I deserve to be damned for speaking of martial uncle so lightly!"

Xue Ling grinned and soothed the other party. "It doesn\'t matter~ You’re not the first person to say that I’m beautiful. I really like it when people praise me~" zPZ JF

The little disciple was totally powerless when faced with this kind of smile. "…" Ah… it felt like his heart had been shot through by his martial uncle!

During this conversation, the two of them had already reached the top of the Sky Ladder. Many people were standing here to watch the show and comment on those who were climbing the steps. Sky Sword Sect had no age requirement for the people who came to be tested, so there were people of all ages on the Sky Ladder. There were children with small faces who were panting but still climbing up the stairs with a firm expression, youths who looked well prepared, and elderly people who refused to admit defeat or submit to death and had to give it a try before they died.

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Xue Ling’s gaze flitted over the figures both big and small, and finally landed on a slim, barely noticeable figure on the upper corner of the steps.

The protagonist’s family situation had not been good when he was a child. He was treated badly by his stepmother, and it had taken him much effort to escape from home to attend this disciple recruitment event. He was very thin all over and very small, but even so, he did not have any intention to stop. It was also because of his background that he would not give in no matter what he encountered later on. He would struggle, resist, ignore destiny, and refuse to follow fate! 8zu0vr

Xue Ling curved his lips, and promised in his heart that he would turn this unlucky child into the luckiest one in the entire world of cultivation.

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