Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 118

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9.3 – Dig, then

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That pair of eyes were as bright as stars when angry. His lips were lightly pressed together, and his killing intent caused his pale green clothes and hair to float around him.

All of this together made up the person in front of him.

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If this person was not a boy who looked less than ten years old, Chi Lan would definitely realize that his heart had been moved.

Unfortunately, this was a little boy, so Chi Lan subconsciously tightened his grasp on his sword, his expression turning odd.D5TOn7

This was an opportunity to completely change his spiritual roots. He wasn\'t about to give up just because a tree demon or spirit appeared. "Perish together?" His voice was cold. His entire body was clearly ablaze with fire, but his voice was so icy that it made people tremble. "Based on you?"

Xue Ling felt stimulated by such words. It was rare for him to be unable to take advantage of the man. Now, he narrowed his eyes and looked the man up and down before saying, "Yes. Based on me."

The sword had already crossed the space between them. The man was apparently not frightened by such words. He sneered and said, “Then let\'s give it a try.”

“Did you really think I was joking?" Xue Ling waved, and green leaves flew out of his hand, flying over quickly to devour the flames on the sword. "You want to cut me down only because you can regain your sanity in front of me. You can\'t believe that it\'s something my trunk can casually do, right?"wpdQ36

Chi Lan pursed his lips.

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“Lightning and fire is entangled on your body, but you only have a single spiritual root. Your spiritual root is not pure. For you to still have this kind of power, it means that you are in trouble. When you came here three days ago, you were about to lose your mind. Without my aura, your consciousness would have been slowly eroded by your spiritual root, and you would finally become an emotionless murderer." His face was cold as he spoke these words in a slightly mocking tone. After all, as a tree, it was normal for him to have no affection for a person who would cut down trees without a word. "If you cut me down now, you might as well just wait to lose your mind completely, and then cut yourself to death."

Chi Lan: “…”

“What, not cutting anymore?" Xue Ling\'s face showed his unhappiness. His mouth was curled up in a cold sneer, and it made Chi Lan\'s heart flustered. X9Hygp

He looked rather embarrassed. He stood frozen for a while, then said, "I need to be mentally alert, so I won’t let you go even if I don’t cut you down.”

System: “…” Hear that? How shameless did one have to be to say such a thing?

Xue Ling glanced at him lazily and said, “No problem. If you have the ability, then dig me out. If you can dig me out, I\'ll follow you." In any case, he couldn’t stay here anymore. Instead of being cut in half, he might as well let the man bring him away.

Besides, the man\'s mutant fire and lightning root was beneficial to him. Absorbing that violent qi would help him become human faster.cQ6n4b

System: “…” It didn\'t know why, but it suddenly felt a chill come up from behind it. It always had the feeling that this man may not be so fortunate…

Chi Lan had no other choice, and for some strange, inexplicable reason, he had no way to deal with the little sapling in front of him.

Out of desperation, Chi Lan had no other choice and embarked on his tree-digging journey.

Moreover, what he was digging out was not an ordinary tree. As a Tree of Enlightenment that had existed for tens of thousands of years, Xue Ling\'s roots grew densely in all directions. They spread out and downwards all over Nankai Secret Realm. It took more than a small bit of effort in order to dig him out without any damage. RdYeBj

On the contrary, Xue Ling even warned Chi Lan: “If you damage even one of my roots, I will make sure we perish together!"

This kind of threat was very old-fashioned, but very useful. At the very least, Chi Lan had no way of dealing with this child who was holding his cheek in his hand in front of him at all.

System: “Host, when did your tricks become so old-fashioned… This method of threatening…”

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"It\'s not like you have to use new methods to threaten people. As long as it\'s useful, it\'s fine." Xue Ling was clearly a body that was made out of condensed spiritual power, but he looked very real. He sat on a branch and swung his feet, looking naïve and innocent. Every time Chi Lan looked over, a grimace on his face as he gritted his teeth, Xue Ling would stick his tongue out and make some childish expressions, making full use of his ability to put on an act. "Besides, this makes me look very naïve and kind~ Doesn\'t system think I\'m cute?" oCzX46

System: “No.”

“Fine, then~” Xue Ling shrugged his shoulders. “That’s all right. It\'s enough that he finds it cute. I\'m not doing it for you anyway."

The system felt a chill running up its spine again. Intuition told it that this was its host\'s plan for the man. And as someone who was unhappy with that man, the system was happy knowing how unfortunate the man would be in the future. "Why does host insist on maintaining this appearance…" Although the Tree of Enlightenment looked small from the surface, in fact, it was a tree spirit that had already existed for ten thousand years. If one cut the tree in half to count the tree rings, it was estimated that it would take several days and nights to count them all, so Xue Ling was purely pretending to be young and tender, completely amusing himself at others\' expense.

“Because he wanted to cut me down~" Xue Ling laughed cheerfully as he said, "He won\'t like a tree, and also won\'t fall in love with a child. If he really falls for me, it\'ll definitely be mental torture for him~" ksAR9L

System: “…” Its lord host was really cruel to his man…

“You see, he\'s already subconsciously worrying about me now, but doesn\'t have any other intentions at all, right? It\'s because I am a child.” Xue Ling laughed happily. “This is a pretty good feeling. When do you think he’ll suddenly see the light?"

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System: “… When host turns into a person, do you intend to keep the same appearance?"

“My appearance will be fixed for life after I transform. How could I possibly pretend to be a little shota for an entire lifetime?" Xue Ling tsked, and continued in dissatisfaction, "Did you forget that we still need to gang up with the protagonist?" rnomFw

System: “…” It was such a dedicated system, but it still ended up being accused of forgetting the protagonist by its host who did nothing but fall in love all day…

It was really wronged as a system! QAQ

Tree digging was a very huge project. Due to some regulations, Xue Ling would be unable to move his body and leave this secret realm if his roots did not leave the earth. So, he tossed out everyone in the Nankai Secret Realm in order to make Chi Lan\'s excavation task easier.

Everything in Nankai Secret Realm was under Xue Ling\'s control, so there were no other spiritual monsters. There was no one to help Chi Lan, and Venerable Crimson Flame hummed and hawed, and dug for an entire month by himself before he successfully got all the roots out.IbMZBH

He had no food, no drink, and no rest. Only, whenever he was tired to the point of wanting to kill people, he could turn his head and catch a glimpse of the little sampling who followed him around and occasionally made all sorts of amusing remarks regardless of whether or not there was a reason.

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Through this month\'s conversation, Chi Lan had successfully obtained some information about this little sapling. For example, he had lived for tens of thousands of years, but only in recent years was he able to use his spiritual power to condense a small body. For example, he learned the fact that this secret realm was all his, and he was most the precious treasure in this secret realm. That he could take him away meant that he had gotten a great bargain.

However, regardless of how much they spoke, Chi Lan still did not know what kind of sapling this was. The sapling seemed to have little experience of the world, but he still managed to keep its mouth shut about what kind of species it was. When Chi Lan asked too harshly, he would tell him with a face full of mockery, "What are you asking so much for? In any case, there\'s only one of me in the entire cultivation world. Even if you die, you still won\'t find a second one, so you had better not think about doing anything to me. Otherwise, we\'ll perish together!"

Hearing him speak about perishing together so often, Chi Lan already felt that the phrase was somewhat cute. When the little sapling pursed his mouth, he was extremely cute, acting haughty and arrogant as though the heavens and earth were all his.0aGI7l

Chi Lan had always disliked this kind of temperamental person. He didn\'t know why he couldn\'t find it in himself to hate when faced with this little fellow.

When he finished with the last shovel of dirt, the countless roots belonging to the Tree of Enlightenment were laid out in front of Chi Lan. He had not seen the roots of many trees before, but he was still shocked by the amount of roots this little sapling had.

Looking at the roots, he had the feeling that this tree had already been growing for ten thousand years.

Although, every time that little fellow mocked him for being young, he really wanted to sneer. sT9xuc

Since he had finished digging, Xue Ling was naturally free. At this point, he could already completely control the entire tree. So, he reduced the body and roots of the tree into a size that could fit in the palm of Chi Lan\'s hands, and even found a pool in order to wash the tree thoroughly from head to toe.

System: “…” It was clearly a tree. How could it act like an animal…

Chi Lan also had this question, but when he looked at the seedling who was well-behaved and resting in his palm, he felt that his entire heart had gone soft. He really didn\'t have any spare thoughts to care about things like that.

Venerable Crimson Flame had a reputation out in the world. They all said that his temper would explode at the slightest provocation, but in fact, Chi Lan\'s character was pretty good. From childhood, because of the suffering caused by his spiritual root\'s mutation, he was not talkative and his temper tended to be gloomy. Gloomy turned into iceberg, and because his whole body was always covered in fire qi, nobody could sense the cold heart hidden under the volcano. GgLZtQ

Now, it was totally different.

As the sapling said, with it around, he had no need to worry about his mind being eroded by the spiritual root and not being able to control himself. During this period of time, his illness had been getting better and better, and he believed that as long as he brought this tree with him, he would smoothly be able to ascend to the next realm without any problems. At that time, he could bring the little tree with him into heaven.

There was no more fire Qi coming out of his body to burn others when he was touched, so Chi Lan\'s original nature naturally made itself known. He was not good with words, but when he was together with the little sapling, he was willing to speak a little more to tease him, and looking at his proud little appearance, it seemed that something was scratching lightly at his heart.

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Chi Lan did not know if it was due to the influence of his purified spiritual root, but his temperament was much better than before. Recently, his heart had softened a lot, although it was a tree that had been placed in there to be cared for… fFk1dE

Xue Ling: “Ha-ha.”

Because the Tree of Enlightenment left, the entire Nankai Secret Realm collapsed. The people who had been sent out were all confused, and did not know what happened. Half a month later, all qi fluctuations from the secret realm disappeared completely. Only then did they realize that the secret realm had disappeared.

The news about Nankai Secret Realm\'s circumstances spread out for some time in the realm of cultivation. It was not until Chi Lan returned to Sky Sword Sect that the topic changed as cultivators began to discuss the great changes in Venerable Crimson Flame\'s personal image.

Chi Lan used to like wearing red clothing, but after he cured his temper, he changed back to wearing white clothing that was more in accordance with his nature. His entire person looked like an ice cube, and if it wasn\'t for the fact that the face was the same, and his overwhelming power, others would believe that he was a different person.vpQaUf

Chi Lan didn’t say much when people came to inquire about the situation. He only said that he had found a way to suppress his spiritual root and that there would be no more incidents in the near future. Chi Clan was delighted for a good period of time by this news, and people in the world of cultivation also let out a relieved breath.

Everyone in Sky Sword Sect were also very happy, congratulating Chi Lan one after another.

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It was wonderful not to have to worry all day long about whether Venerable Crimson Flame would inadvertently explode a mountain peak or something~

Xue Ling was also very satisfied with the environment in Sky Sword Sect\'s Still Peak. Qi was abundant, and the soil quality was very good. It was a very suitable place for him to take root and absorb the essence of the sun and moon. He gave it a high score.zBqx8i

Chi Lan’s life was very monotonous – he simply cultivated every day. Xue Ling followed his example, and cultivated by his side. The system felt that this life was very boring - it might as well go back to the previous world. This world was more boring than anything had a right to be!

But soon, something interesting happened.

Xue Ling was about to transform.