Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 115

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8.14 – He also never returned

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Time could go by very quickly. Soon, the meeting was looming over their heads. A large number of ability users gathered at Yanhan base along with a whole pile of base leaders.

The pattern for this world\'s governance had basically been decided. Three large bases and four medium-sized bases were invited to the conference this time, and it was said that the boss of Yanshan base would also be holding a wedding…

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Originally, it was only a conference, but now they also needed prepare wedding gifts. Time had already been tight and during this period, many people were so busy they were turning around in circles, all because Xue Ling accidentally proposed in bed with a casual sentence.

Although there were rumours that the leader of the Snow Fox Mercenary Corps in Yanshan base and their external aid had been stuck together for many years, neither of them had ever made an announcement. Chu Han never brought Xun Yu with him when he went out, so nobody dared to randomly discuss what the truth of the matter was. 7SBeJi

After all, those two were now nominally the strongest powerhouses in the end of the world, even if this was something the ability users only speculated about. Because most people had never seen the zombie emperor before, they were not sure if these two were stronger or weaker than him.

Now that the ability users and the zombies were working together, many people felt that they would now have the privilege of meeting that top level zombie emperor, and the conference this time would probably bring about a radical change in the world\'s pattern.

Of course, not everyone was optimistic about the cooperation between the zombies and ability users. Quite a few had experienced the killing of fellow comrades, and even if things seemed to be better now, most of them were still unwilling to do things like sleeping with tigers.

After all, those were the zombies that had once fed on the energy core of ability users… Bwk1VH

The entire Yanshan base was in a surprisingly good state. They were busy preparing for the wedding, and because of Xue Ling\'s nurture and influence, there was even an area in the city where the zombies and ability users could get along and interact.

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At first, many people protested against it, but everything was good now.

Compared to the convention, they were more concerned about Xue Ling and Xun Yu\'s wedding. After all, the two of them were Yanshan base\'s greatest guardians. As their subordinates, they had the clearest understanding that if they really wanted to, it would be no problem if they wanted to crown themselves emperors. Now that they had thrown out an olive branch and suggested cooperation, what reason did these people have to refuse?

He Yan was lying low in the city during this period. With his current ability, there was no way for him to mingle his way into the upper levels of Show Fox Mercenary Corps, and it was even more impossible for him to get close to Xue Ling, so he had constantly been waiting for an opportunity.rtygls

Xue Ling preferred to label this kind of laying low as cowardice.

Given that he had a system that had nothing else to do other than broadcasting what He Yan did and thought about all day long, Xue Ling knew about every intention He Yan held. He wanted to risk his life to kill him, but was still carefully deliberating, worried that his own death would be too ugly.

Was he kidding? He was already in such a terrible state, how could he possibly look good when he died?

With regards to Xue Ling\'s question, the system gave this reply: "He probably wants to rush out and shout at the guests during your wedding~ and say something like \'I told you all long ago that this was the zombie emperor, and Chu Han has been collaborating with him for a long time. All the benefits he has obtained for you all is fake, he clearly wants to dedicate the entire ability users\' society to the zombie emperor, and make all the ability users\' life no better than death\'?"6iDcot

Xue Ling fell into deep thought and finally had to admit that if he really came out like this, a great war would probably break out during his wedding.

“Does he really plan to do that?" After such a long period of dullness, it was rare for Xue Ling to find something that caught his interest. He wanted to experience what it felt like to be hated by everyone.

Although he knew without a doubt that even if He Yan said those words in front of everyone, he would still be able to remain invincible by relying on his absolute strength. The only person who wanted to destroy the whole world from beginning to end, was only that lord \'world savior\', and no one else.

“No, I just imagined it in my head.” The system was also idle and bored. Because this world had experienced the apocalypse, there was no entertainment industry here at all. In previous worlds, the system could still follow TV series and read some books and such to idle away time. Everyone in this world was busy building their new home, and the development of spiritual civilization had not yet begun, so it could only watch the protagonist shou\'s daily life and harass its host. mSagiy

“Oh…” He was bored once again. Xue Ling stretched out and stood up, saying, "Since you can think of it, so can he. In order not to make my family\'s baby unhappy, we’d better get rid of the protagonist first.”

System: “… Host, how come you\'re so enthusiastic about verbally taking advantage of him recently?"

“What, I can\'t take advantage of him in bed, and you won\'t even let me get some verbal satisfaction?"

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System: “… It\'s all fine as long as you\'re happy…” jHx7d

It was also the first time that Xue Ling had ever seen anyone who was as tenacious as He Yan, who continued to make trouble as long as he was still alive… The key point was that he was surprisingly still alive today despite his personality and tendency to make trouble. It was amazing.

Xun Yu had been busy refining the details of the wedding these past two days. Perhaps because he had been stifled for too long, he was more concerned about this wedding than anyone could imagine. Even Xue Ling was shocked by his grand gesture, and in order not to destroy Xun Yu\'s good intentions, he felt that he should probably deal with this little bug that was the protagonist shou beforehand.

He Yan had lived in Yanshan base for many years, and his handicapped leg made it very easy for others to feel sympathy for him. It had been a simple thing for him to settle down here and get along with the people around him. His tragic life over the recent years taught him not to talk about his own greatness all the time.

Because there was a lot to do for the wedding and Snow Fox Mercenary Corps was short on hands, he had been pretending to be pitiful recently and had asked others to help him mix in with the crowd of helpers. His neighbour was a kitchen helper for the wedding, and seeing how pitiful he was, had agreed yesterday to help him find a position as an assistant in the kitchen.EvscRQ

Perhaps he would even be able to get a free meal during the wedding banquet in a couple days.

He had been at home waiting for news, so when Xue Ling knocked at his door, he opened it without any hesitation.

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When he saw Xue Ling, his face changed, though only for a few seconds. Then, he changed his expression to one of ignorance and asked, "Hello, can I help you with something?"

Xue Ling curved his lips and answered his ridiculous remarks. “What makes you think that if your hair turns white, I won’t remember your face?” jdxuYI

He Yan’s face suddenly turned pale.

Xue Ling pushed him into the house, making him stagger around, and shook his head as he said, "Why did Young Master He come to live in this kind of house after entering the city? It\'s so unbearably miserable and ugly."

He Yan trembled all over, because Xue Ling no longer restrained his aura as soon as he stepped foot into the house. That kind of aura that belonged to a peak level powerhouse pressed against his face, and made it so that he did not have the courage to speak to the other party at all.

Over the years, in order to support his ruined body, his wood powers had been constantly directed towards his body. It was because of this that his abilities did not increase at all. Compared to back then, it was even a little weaker. In front of Xue Ling\'s purposeful pressure, he could not even speak. D8Nx7m

This feeling was really too terrible. He Yan flushed red under the pressure, and when he met Xue Ling\'s smile, he was like a balloon that had just been popped, deflating instantly in discouragement.

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It had already come to this. What could he do? Break open his mouth and pour the poison in?

“You\'ve been watching me?” He asked.

“Your entire life.” Xue Ling looked his own hands that were beautiful in every world, the bones and joints distinct. “Is in my hands. It is so for your life, and your death.” AkHvl0

He Yan could say nothing to that, and could only ask, “So, am I going to die now?”

“I can’t kill you by myself, so I\'ll give you two choices.” Xue Ling smiled brightly and looked at him. Although he said that he couldn\'t kill him, his smile made He Yan feel like he was about to die. "You can go outside. I\'ve brought people, and they will take you back and torture you to death.”

“Or maybe, you can take your own life here.” Xue Ling looked at the situation inside the house and said, “After all, your life is so bleak and painful. If I were you, I would go die too."

He Yan looked at him and suddenly asked, “If it were my big brother Chu Han, would I have also come to this point?" Ever since Xue Ling stopped him from speaking out that time, he found that he really could not tell anyone that the person in front of him was not Chu Han. S9d1RU

“Yes.” Xue Ling patted the table next to him lightly, and gave him a meaningful look. "After all, don\'t you know what kind of things you\'ve done?"

He Yan was choked by his words, and discovered that there really was nothing he could say.

In the evening, when his neighbour came back with good news and delightedly wanted to tell He Yan that the chef had agreed to take him on, he discovered that He Yan had died inside his house.

His death was very straightforward - he had cut his own wrist. But his blood was not red; it had a black sheen, and was sticky as it flowed over the ground. His neighbour was stunned for a moment, and his expression was odd as he reported the situation to the higher ups. fWNeBY

Those who lived here were all ordinary people. Although they had abilities, they were incredibly weak. Their houses had all been assigned to them from above, and now that someone living there could no longer withstand the pressure of life and ended themselves, then this house should change owners. Too many people killed themselves after the end of the world – there were always people that killed themselves every day because they could not bear to live. He Yan was one of many.

When he was alive, perhaps some people may have been willing to lend him a hand because his life was too pitiful, but now that he was dead, he had nothing, and was nothing.

Xue Ling asked the system if the world would find any problem with killing off the protagonist like this. The answer he received was that it wasn\'t much of a problem, because he himself was another protagonist. The relationship between the two protagonists was one of mutual love and murder. Since he had not lost his memory and fallen in love with the other party, forcing him to his death like that did not seem like a strange bug.

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Besides, the world\'s consciousness was also happy since this world no longer needed to be destroyed. It would not look into it too much.kuJPhF

Xue Ling was reassured when he received this answer. In fact, he could not stay in this world for too long, because the system had just found news of another one of his tails. Perhaps he would have to leave not long after their wedding in order to go to another world.

After he properly settled everything in this world, he would need to leave. This was also why he was letting the man do whatever he wanted.

The convention was very successful. Other than the leader of an ability user base who had found He Yan amusing and therefore helped him, everyone else was made to feel at home. When that leader was smilingly shaking hands with him, he was turned into an ice sculpture by Xue Ling and left there for several days. His subordinates were left stunned, and were afraid to find Xue Ling to protest.

The wedding ceremony was carried out according to Xun Yu\'s requirements, and everyone in Yanshan base at the time participated. Because the main venue of the wedding was in the city walls, the extravagant corpse emperor used the zombie army to put together a large mosaic outside of Yanshan base in order to express his feelings.aoISxb

All the ability users that attended the ceremony expressed, "Ha-ha. You zombies really know how to play."

When Xun Yu’s identity was announced, many people unexpectedly felt that there was nothing wrong with it.

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Xue Ling had been trying to fix the relationship between ability users and zombies for many years. Seeing how hard he worked, many people suspected that he was a zombie. After all, he was so considerate of the other faction and wanted to clear up their name. Other than the possibility that he was a zombie himself and needed to be accepted by the public, they could not find any other explanation.

They now understood.65743c

He was not a zombie, but his partner was~

Not only as he a zombie, he was no ordinary zombie. The other party was the zombie emperor, and could even make all the zombies dance for their wedding and pose together to make a mosaic.

Many girls expressed that if they did not know the people outside were zombies, the scene was really worth envying - it was particularly romantic.

It was a pity they were all zombies. FACmqy

Two months after the huge wedding in Yanshan base, the newlyweds left the base for their honeymoon. Before Xue Ling left, he arranged matters as though he was going on a trip that he might never come back from. Then, he really never returned.

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The zombie emperor joined him, and also never returned.

No one knew what happened to the two of them or why they disappeared mysteriously without leaving any news behind. They did not know if it was mutual slaughter or something else. Nevertheless, people in later generations were grateful for the future they had given to mankind. If not for them, perhaps the ability users and zombies would not have been united.

Nor would a new type of human be born.Bn0tVb

Xue Ling did not know what kind of legend he left behind in that world. He was currently considerably distressed as he looked at his own body, able to deeply feel the affection the system had for him.

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