Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 114

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8.13 – Why was being a system so tough…

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By the time Xue Ling appeared in front of everyone again, it had been three days after he came back from his business trip. The assignments that he was supposed to hand out had all basically been completed. Whenever anyone saw him, their laughter was always particularly eloquent.

Fortunately, Xue Ling was thick-skinned. Although everyone had noticed, he could still expressionlessly do the things he needed to do.

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It was probably because his face was full of the words \'are you looking down on those who are in love?\' that those people who were having fun at his expense did not dare do it a second time. One or two of them glanced over, then held back their laughter and walked past him.

Deng Sini had followed Xue Ling the longest, to the point where she felt like she had witnessed the entire process of love and courtship. Even so, she was not sure when the two men had finally made it to bed, nor had she been aware that their boss was the one on the bottom. ER7ern

“Two days ago, after the report on the experiment came out, we already released the news and let the volunteers know. They have been making preparations for it during this period."

“Good. Did you really manage to find a couple?”

“Cough, cough. Even if Boss and Lord Xun are reluctant to give it a try, there will always be someone who will.”

Xue Ling shrugged and said, “I don’t think I can raise a child.” eKMJNE

Deng Sini did not focus on whether or not Xue Ling wanted children. She just nodded her head to show that she had heard him, and continued, "When the experts have confirmed that their physical conditions are up to par, we can proceed to the next step.”

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“Also, the baby from the experiment has opened his eyes.”

Xue Ling stopped the movements of his hands. Back then, the experimental child had been created using DNA extracted from his and Xun Yu\'s people. These two people did not know of each other\'s existence, and had only participated in this experiment with the mentality of giving it a try. Now that the baby had opened its eyes, they have become first set of guardians for the children. VzEReJ

Of course, if they didn\'t want the baby and wanted to give up custody, there would be a lot of people waiting to adopt the baby later on.

“Are they both willing give it a try?” After the child was successfully created, the two of them had been informed. They had the right to choose and stay informed. Back then, it hadn\'t been only them that had been chosen, but only this embryo had succeeded in surviving until maturity. Everyone in the research institute attached great importance to it, and the child would probably be under constant observation until he grew up.

“Although all the data gathered so far indicates that the baby is okay, there is still a certain amount of risk. The research institute expressed that although the baby could be brought home, they would still continue to keep tabs."

Xue Ling\'s lips twitched. Those research fanatics\' horrible characters had not changed even after they died and turned into zombies. If he had been the one working with them, it was unknown if that group would have been able to live on until now. y2NOVj

“So they proposed that although they could bring the child home, the two of them have to cooperate together in order to create a happy family environment for the child. The child would also spend five days a week in the research institute.”

“Do they think it’s like attending kindergarten?”

“I don’t know, but the two of them agreed.”

Xue Ling: “…” Fine, then. As long as they were willing.VABdvQ

“The two of them have agreed to live together for the sake of the child, and will go and get a license in a few days. They even expressed that they would be willing to tolerate anything for the sake of the child.” Xue Ling\'s lips twitched again. He had not realized that the zombies and ability users were so eager for children.

He waved his hand and no longer wanted to deal with it. These people were obviously able to solve this problem by themselves, and there was no need for him to pay attention to it.

“By the way, earlier, Lord Xun said that we should send messages to the great bases and have them come over to hold a meeting."

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Xue Ling was surprised, and then could not help but curve his lips and say, "It really is time. Now that the gap between us and the zombies has disappeared, you guys only need to think of the difference between ability users and the zombies as something of a gender difference or something and it\'ll be fine."HX9nDf

“Well, I’ll write out an invitation later.”

“Xun Yu said to hold the meeting at Yanshan base?”

“It seems that Lord Xun has already given orders, and all kinds of matters are already in the process of being completed."

Ever since Xun Yu had begun to habitually help him get everything done, all sorts of things that Xue Ling needed to do had turned into him knowing that something was going to happen, agreeing to it happening, and then participating during its occurrence. These three steps were very natural, and even if it was something that needed him to use his brain to solve, most of had already been dealt with in the initial stages by Xun Yu. Xue Ling was very happy to let himself be spoiled this way by Xun Yu, but his subordinates were always worried that Xun Yu would try and usurp his position. mwsWUY

Were they kidding? What was so good about usurping this position? What Xun Yu had his eye on was the person in this position. If it wasn\'t for him, he wouldn\'t care less about what this position was supposed to do.

System: “…” At some point, its host’s enigmatic brand of \'self-knowledge\' mysteriously started to make sense. He was really a loser who shamelessly only persevered for a period of time before relying on his man.

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Xue Ling had no idea that the system was slandering him in its heart. If he knew, he would probably laugh while pulling out all the fur from the system\'s body.

Perhaps it was because he was extremely anxious to announce their relationship, but once Xun Yu had made the decision, confirming the invitation letter and all kinds of other preparations were all tackled together. Xue Ling lay in bed and watched him prepare all kinds of things, and sign all kinds of documents. The more he watched, the more he felt that his man was particularly handsome when working. He could absolutely watch him for a whole day without getting tired of it.t2THND

He could watch him all day long, but the man would not let him look on with his eager gaze. He tilted his head, his gaze deep enough to frighten others. "Baby, close your eyes and sleep."

Xue Ling curved his lips, and hooked his fingers at the other party. "Are you sure?”

Xun Yu spoke firmly. “These things need to be finished tonight."

“So you won’t even spare me a glance?” Xue Ling gnawed at the bedsheet and looked at him pitifully. “Baby, can you really bear to give me the cold shoulder on our wedding night?" He was obviously a tall and well-proportioned man, but when he splayed on the bed and acted pitiful, there was no feeling of dissonance at all. That aura of grievance seemed to seep out of his entire body, and those who did not know any better with think that Xun Yu had done something to him. "It\'s really true what they say about not cherishing what you have. After doing it once, you don\'t love me anymore." BbLtra

Xun Yu spoke strangely, “Wedding night?”

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Xue Ling blinked, and suddenly thought of an idea. “Baby, let’s get married!”

Xun Yu: “…”

“We can conveniently arrange to have a wedding after the meeting. All the people who should come will be there, and I can introduce you to them and give them a scare~" Xue Ling patted the bed. "What do you think?"tm8rd0

Xun Yu stared at Xue Ling, and his gaze was terrifyingly enigmatic.

Xue Ling reached out and touched his own waist, thinking that it was probably better for him to stop flirting for his own body\'s sake.

“Er… I was just giving a suggestion. If there isn\'t enough time, we can wait. You should get on with your work. There\'s no need to pay attention to me, I\'m going to bed."

Xun Yu decisively threw the documents in his hand to one side. Xue Ling\'s words just now had made fireworks explode in his mind, and at that moment, the person lying on the bed looked ten thousand times more attractive than before.de4zka

Of course, this man was already the most beautiful person in his eyes even on normal days. Now that he looked ten thousand times better, Xun Yu could care less about his work.

From the surface, he did not appear to care about that so-called status, and was very happy as long as he could stay by Xue Ling\'s side. But he was clearer than anyone else about the ambition in his heart. He madly wanted to tell everyone in this world that this person belonged to him, madly wanted him to bear his mark on his body. He wanted to entwine their shadows together so that they could not separate, and not be left behind whenever he went out.

The wedding that Xue Ling was talking about was something that Xun Yu always wanted but dared not mention. Probably because the relationship between them was always one of \'whoever falls in love first is the loser\', he was always the one yielding, the one indulging him, and being patient with him. Because he was a zombie, he sometimes even wondered whether or not it would be as much trouble if him and Xue Ling were both zombies or ability users. Whenever he thought of this problem, he always wanted to turn the person beside him into a zombie.

But he was reluctant, and couldn\'t bear to change his lover to be like himself, without a heartbeat, without body temperature.Nr0Uds

As long as it was something on that person\'s body, he was attached to it.

The man\'s gaze was penetrating enough to reach bone, and Xue Ling\'s spine and tail began to tingle. In order to make his gaze less terrifying, he grabbed his face to give him a kiss, and coaxed, "Baby, be good and go back to work, alright?"

Xun Yu pushed him back onto the bed and french kissed him, dark and decadent, and he almost died in bed.

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Having been pressed down onto the bed, Xue Ling stroked the man\'s face, seized him up, and then suddenly said, "Are you being so proactive because you\'re really touched?" ldPkn

Xun Yu was not a person who liked to talk, but sometimes, this person still understood his every action even when he didn\'t speak.

He lowered his head, and kissed Xue Ling\'s forehead.

Xue Ling’s fingers glided across his chest. His eyes were glittering as he said, "Can you feel how deep my love is for you?" It had been so many worlds. Xue Ling naturally understood his man extremely well. He knew how deep and heavy this man\'s love for him was, and while what he gave back often appeared comparatively light, in fact, he was also expressing the feelings in his heart.

When he was upset, the man would also be jittery. When he slowly learned to move forward, and reached the stage where he gave the man his trust, the man seemed to also be moving forward step by step. It seemed that their courtship started over every time they entered a new world, but in fact, there was more and more progress every time.I30hxV

Xue Ling was not the kind of person who blindly asked without giving anything in return. On the contrary, if he could, he also wanted to give all of himself to the man. Things like taking his heart and lungs out for a person was something he could also do, but since someone had already taken on that role, he would revert back to his own way of showing love. In many ways, he used his own methods to respond to the man. So, even if he was overly cold and arrogant at first, he would still give the other party a hint, and show some of his inner feelings.

He knew that the man did not like that their relationship was concealed, and was unhappy that he did not agree to the two of them making a child. Perhaps in many people\'s eyes it was a continuation of their love, but Xue Ling did not want a third party to come between them, regardless of what kind of \'third party\' it was. If another person appeared and split away some of the man\'s love for him for their own, Xue Ling would throw a giant tantrum.

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Uh… this was probably some sort of lag.

The man’s lips kissed across his eyebrows, the tip of his nose, and lingered at his mouth. The tip of his tongue tenderly licked at his lips. "I\'m really glad." That was all he said.Pmwula

“I’m really glad, too.” Xue Ling stretched out his hand to ruffle the hair on the man\'s head and said happily, "Should I ask them to find a ring, and then kneel down to propose to you? We can do that again if you want.~"

Xun Yu curved his lips, and Xue Ling was fascinated by the smile he rarely displayed. “No need, I’m already really happy that you\'re willing to have a wedding."

“Alas.” Xue Ling sighed rather helplessly, “Baby, why are you so unambitious?”

The man pressed his ** that was hard enough to explode against Xue Ling, and laughingly said, "You\'ll know very soon whether or not I\'m unambitious." BvXgZW

Xue Ling: “…” Why did everything come to this in the end?

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The system that had originally been curled up into a ball on the bed silently got up from its spot, turned around, and went back to the system space. It did not want to say anything at all.

It was being fed dog food every day, and it made it want to fall in love too. Why was being a system so tough…

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