Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 113

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8.12 – If someone purposely looks for trouble, they will always find it

translator: xiin

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Yanshan base was completely different from how it had been before his departure. He Yan successfully crossed through the inspection process, and discovered that everything no longer looked the same.

Buildings had become organized, roads were clearly divided between pedestrians and cars, and the number of people going out and entering the city had increased significantly. It was also apparent that the weaponry and strength of the residents of the city had visibly improved. He Yan had been in the city before, so he knew how scarce supplies had been here. Many of the weaker ability users had only been able to curl up and sleep on the street in this city. They didn\'t have enough clothes to stay warm, and there was never enough to eat.

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Looking at it now, this city was practically the same as those big cities from before the apocalypse. They did not have anything to fear, and everyone was protected while out on the streets because there were now regulations, there was order, and nobody dared to mess around here.

And all these changes occurred because Xue Ling had thoroughly stamped his guardianship here. As long as he wanted to do it, he could completely change a place. wXE9Hu

He Yan looked around, hiding the resentment in his eyes.

He had already lost a leg. What right did Chu Han have to rule over a place like this?

Chu Han ruined his life. What gave him the right to live happily?

Although he made an agreement with a big boss and promised that he could get proof of Chu Han\'s cooperation with the zombies so that the man could pull Chu Han down, in reality he had no way to grasp Chu Han\'s fox tail. He only agreed to that transaction with that person in order to gain the right to return here. 59ACKU

After he lost his leg, he rolled all the way into a river and was washed downstream before being picked up. Because his wood-based ability was related to life and growth, he was able to hold on to his last breath and not die, but his body went from bad to worse. As a youth, he already had a head full of white hair, a missing leg, and a face that was gradually distorted by resentment. If it weren\'t for the fact that that person had a use for him, his secretary would not give him the honor of calling him a young master.

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His life had been thoroughly destroyed. Now, he had to make Chu Han taste the suffering he has gone through, even if it meant his life.

During this long period of time, he did not do anything else except refine a unique poison found in zombies to its peak. As long as the tiniest bit was ingested, that person would die. Even if they didn\'t die, they would become a zombie.

What kind of person was Chu Han? He was the famous, well-known leader of Snow Fox Mercenary Corps. If such a person became a zombie, then all of the ability user bases would gather together to attack him for sure. I5iLhc

He Yan did not ask for much. As long as the second half of Chu Han\'s life did not go smoothly, he could die in peace.

Xue Ling did not know that the protagonist shou had brought such intentions to Yanshan base. At this moment, he was not far from the base and making his way back because he had been on a business trip for the past several days.

During this trip, he outlined several suggestions with the leaders of several large ability user bases. They finally settled on a decision - if the results of their investigations showed that there would only be a next generation if zombies and ability users came together, then the ability users would choose to cooperate with the zombies.

Of course, there were still many things that needed discussion. Xue Ling had basically disclosed to them that there were zombies backing Yanshan base, but the representatives of the ability users from different areas did not express any opinions on this matter.DMpaAQ

They have already been in contact with Xue Ling several times, and they were very clear about how strong this man’s fighting capability was. Even if the few big bases gathered together to attack, they still would not have a good time of it if they reached Xue Ling. Besides, the information sent back by the spies they planted over recent years all stated that the external aid was abnormally strong. As long as they were not mentally ill, none of them would choose to go against him. Those two were potentially SSS-ranked super powers, and it would not be a difficult thing for them to destroy the entire world if they wanted to.

They couldn\'t wait to please these nuclear-weapon level people. How could they push them out? Nobody who could reach their present position was a fool. If they could choose between starting a fight or maintaining the status quo and developing to survive in this so called \'end of the world\', everyone knew what to do.

As soon as Xue Ling entered the city, his family\'s system gave him a live broadcast of the protagonist shou\'s figure.

It had already been two years. After swallowing up the plot defender\'s energy, the system had upgraded. Although it was still frightened, it now dared to face Xun Yu directly. During this period of time, Xue Ling was too busy changing the world situation to pay attention to it, and it had begun to feel lonely and left out. Now that there was a rare opportunity, it was anxious to show its worth.VoTrae

Xue Ling was surprised by the change in the protagonist, but mostly, he just wanted to know why he had to come back to seek death.

His development in the past two years was something everyone knew. For the protagonist shou to dare make his way back under such circumstances was begrudgingly worthy of respect.

Xue Ling asked the system curiously, "Does the protagonist this time really not have a problem with his brain? Why is he so persistent about dealing with me, even in a situation where he knows there is no way to win?"

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“Probably because he\'s cheap.” The system made this analysis. WEf3nG

Xue Ling: "…That seems about right."

“This world\'s protagonist is a neurotic bigot." The system gave a serious analysis. "It is exactly because these worlds have these abnormal, self-righteous people who feel that they are better than others, that we need to change their fate and ensure that they are no longer in favour. Also, the world won\'t get buried with them because of their damned halo."

"Fine. Unfortunately, I can\'t kill him personally." Xue Ling pouted and asked, "What does he want to do?”

“Although host did not request it, I still kept an eye on the protagonist. He seems to have been studying poison these past few years, and should be trying to poison you. There\'s an eighty percent chance that it\'s a zombie poison that would turn you into a zombie or something." F2lRPL

“Come on, I’m in bed with the zombie emperor all day long and haven\'t even been poisoned once."

System: “Host, can we have a discussion?"

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“Next time when we\'re talking about proper business, can you not bring up such shameless things with such a serious face?"ZedXFb

“I thought you would be used to it by now after listening from the corner so often."

System: “…”

As a system, could it be that it did not have the right to not be abused by dogs? QAQ Why was the world always so cruel to it? And its host was so unfeeling, unreasonable, and loved to cause trouble. "No, I\'ve never gotten used to it, and I don\'t want to get used to it." The system tried to make its voice serious, and not pathetic.

“All right.” Xue Ling was willing to make compromises with the system for certain cases. SzHeKN

After their discussion, they went to the headquarters of Snow Fox Mercenary Corps. Other people went ahead to sort out the information from this business trip. Deng Sini did not pause for even a second, going off to make preparations as soon as they arrived. Very quickly, Xue Ling went from looking like a boss of the triad with a gang of people behind him to standing there all alone.

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The reason for this was because there was a certain person standing upstairs and staring at him. Although they were more than ten stories apart, the cold air he gave off could still be felt.

The people who followed Xue Ling were well aware of the relationship between the two. Although they could not talk about it, they could still try their best not to offend that personage and quietly walk away.

Xue Ling looked up and met the gaze of the man looking down. Because of his excellent eyesight, the distance of these floors was nothing to him, and he could clearly see the expression on the man’s face. o9V5Yg

Um… It appeared that he was not very happy?

Xue Ling, with his lips curled up, raised his head to give the man a gorgeous smile.

The man’s eyes darkened, and he turned away from the railing.

Xue Ling stretched, and thought to himself that he was probably in for a round of vigorous exercise.wLjzfk

Sure enough, it was not until the evening of the next day that he finally had time to crawl out of bed and look at the report that Xun Yu had placed by the headboard.

Oh… After reading it, he understood what that guy meant last night when he said he would do him until he was pregnant. Although it was said in jest, Xue Ling realized that he still needed to emphasize with the man again that they could never leave any ties in these worlds. After all, regardless of which world it was, they were only passers-by in these worlds\' lives. Xue Ling was already used to this kind of transmigration life, and he had even begun to think deeply about what to do in the future when he no longer had the task of collecting his tails.

System: “…” You\'re really treating this like a game!

Xue Ling and the system debated whether or not he were playing games, and he finally raised his hand and swore solemnly that he had never treated this as a game, and had always been seriously doing the tasks.2ZFx8p

The system expressed that it was not a fool.

After a long period of wrangling, Xun Yu finally opened the door and came in.

He was not surprised to see Xue Ling reading the report after waking up. Xun Yu opened the door to the closet and began to help his lover find clothes to wear for the day, and then said, “It has been proved that it is feasible. For now, you can announce it on a small scale and recruit some volunteers."

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From a very long time ago, Xue Ling had already attempted to make coexistence between the zombies and ability users more accepted by assigning some of his subordinates to live together with zombies for a period of time as an experiment, so that they could see for themselves whether there was any difference between the two. mrRBDd

Currently, those people were still living together with the zombies, and it was very harmonious and pleasant; there had been no violence, and many people expressed that they had needed to come into contact and get to know each other in order to understand that in fact, there wasn\'t much difference between them and the zombies. The things that they could do, the zombies could do, and they were also able to control their desire for flesh and blood, and satisfy their needs by eating food. They could also absorb the zombie beast nuclei, and were similarly dissatisfied with the zombie beasts that displayed characteristics of both the zombies and ability users.

Because of these commonalities, this group of people now basically advocated for peaceful coexistence between the ability users and zombies. Now that the research results were available, he believed that they would be interested in giving it a try, becoming the first couple in the new world to have children.

“Good.” Xue Ling turned a page on the report and asked curiously, "Speaking of which, who will be this successful embryo\'s parents?”

“I don’t know. There are quite a few people vying to take it.” After setting out clothes for Xue Ling to wear, Xun Yu painstakingly dug his lover out of the blanket nest. He hugged his head and kissed his forehead. "Baby, do you really have to lay there and not move?" Dyx8Jl

“Waist hurts. And I\'m too lazy to move. Besides, nothing needs to be done today." Xue Ling mumbled, and said, "Aren\'t I only responsible for supporting the front door? Everything else has been left to you and your subordinates. Why can\'t I just lie in bed?"

Xun Yu knew what he had or hadn\'t done yesterday, so he was very certain that, based on his lover\'s ability, there was no way that he would be unable to get out of bed because his waist hurt - he was just being lazy. "Fine then, if you don\'t want to work, then don\'t work." Despite saying so, Xun Yu still stripped Xue Ling naked and helped him change into a new set of clothing.

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This series of actions was rewarded by a kiss from the person on the bed. Xun Yu felt rather helpless. Although the reason this person was like this now was because he had pampered him, for some reason, every time he was hugged and given a kiss like this, he felt like a pet lover in this person\'s care. He was willing to give him anything except for an official status.

As though understanding his mood, Xue Ling clung to him, letting him drag himself away as he walked as he coaxed, "Baby, don\'t worry. I\'ll be able to break things off with the one at home and publicly announce our relationship." duKoST

Xun Yu: “… The one at home?”

Xue Ling reached out and pinched his face, saying rather morosely, "Why can\'t you play along?"

Xun Yu calmly said, “Even if we\'re roleplaying, there can only be one person inside our outside the home."

“All right.” Xue Ling pouted and kissed Xun Yu again before saying animatedly, "Baby, don\'t worry, in a few days, I will be able to marry you and bring you home openly and honestly!”Ldgc7m

Xun Yu made an \'en\' sound, which could be regarded as a response.

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Xue Ling was somewhat dissatisfied, and blew a breath of hot air against his ear. He spoke ambiguously, "Baby, aren\'t you going to give me a reward after hearing such good news?"

Xun Yu tilted his head slightly, and gave him a deep, quiet look. "Are you sure you want to stay in for the next week?"

Xue Ling thought about it for a moment and said, “Forget it, I\'ll ask you again for a reward when we get married."Xe5Whl

Xun Yu\'s movements that were originally bringing them outside stopped. He embraced the person hanging on to him, turned around, and went back to their room.

He wanted to let him off, but this person insisted on tempting him. In that case, he couldn\'t be blamed for wrecking him in bed.

As soon as the door closed, the only thing that the system who voluntarily stayed outside could hear was its host\'s pleas for help.

Phrases like, "You said you wouldn\'t go overboard!" "Ahhhhhh you just put those on!" "Let\'s talk about this. Can we leave after one more time?" and "Wuwuwu let me out! I want to work!"1yiVQZ

System: If someone purposely looks for trouble, they will always find it.

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