Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 112

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8.11 – Wait for Young Master He\'s good news

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The man on the bed looked at him with his head tilted, and his beautiful lips were drawn in an arc, as though begging for a kiss.

“I…” Xun Yu opened his mouth, closed it again.

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Xue Ling kissed his fingertips before he could take them back, and his smile could topple countries. "What, did you come to climb into my bed in the middle of the night?"

Xun Yu’s head was a mess. The young man who was serious and abstinent during the day and the current youth whose lips were curved and was totally seducing him slowly overlapped into the same figure. The zombie emperor\'s brain, which had stopped working the moment he met this young man, finally reached a conclusion that he had constantly been ignoring previously.bxWp3

That was, although this youth always faced him as a serious and upright young man, in fact, his actions were often very provocative. Many times, it would make his heart ripple with arousal, but there was nothing he could do about it.

He had previously been stuck in a quandary. Now, in retrospect, this person seemed to have always been teasing him in some way; sometimes he would hook his fingers, sometimes he would incidentally rub his fingertips across his hand, or more often, he would engage in seemingly accidental physical contact.

Every time, it seemed to send a message to him, saying, \'I\'ll be waiting for you in bed at night\', but the incomparably pure zombie emperor had been completely unaware of it. It wasn\'t until now, when faced with this attractive beauty, that his brain finally cleared up.

“When did you begin to like me?” He hoarsely asked the young man in bed.HoyNzV

The young man blinked his eyes, gave a sly smile that showed his white teeth, and licked his lips with the tip of his tongue. His smile had the power to make a man crazy, and it made the man\'s already restless lower body rise in revolution and stand up completely.

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Xue Ling\'s distinct-jointed hand slipped down the quilt and slid onto Xun Yu’s body. Two of his fingers formed a pair of legs, which then walked slowly up along his arm.

This action was obviously very provocative. He didn\'t know if it was an illusion, but Xun Yu always felt that he really had a heart, and the sound of it beating was reverberating through his eardrums.

“Guess?” It was rare for the man to be so enlightened, having even learned to find his way to his bed in the middle of the night. Xue Ling felt that it was worth rewarding. He had originally been wondering how long it would take for this fellow to figure out that he had constantly been taking liberties with him. MuwSzB

“When we first met?” The man guessed straight for the earliest time. In any case, the two of them had not known each other for very long, and he would be able to guess it right as long as he started from there.

Unfortunately, even though he brought up every possible time point, the person watching him from the bed with his head leaning against the pillow never once nodded his noble head.

“Why have you never considered that perhaps I liked you from a very long time ago?"

Xun Yu shook his head and said, “I\'m very certain that I did not know you from before the apocalypse."Qvc6zi

“Oh? Why? Why can’t it be possible that we might have met just once?"

“Because as long as I\'ve seen you once, even if it was only a side profile, or even if we only brushed past each other, I would have noticed, and then searched for your figure, and found you, and fallen in love with you." Xun Yu held Xue Ling\'s hand, and dropped a kiss on the back of his hand. He seemed to sigh emotionally as he opened his mouth to continue, "Even if I only scented you, I would still be able to find you."

The system silently jumped down from the table, feeling that some indescribable things would happen next. It had better go out and enjoy the cold wind instead.

Xue Ling laughed. “Are you a dog?”BL9raU

“No.” Xun Yu shook his head: “It\'s just like how I went to Yanshan base to find you because I smelled your scent in that city. There was a voice in my head telling me to follow this scent so that I won\'t miss out on the most precious treasure of my life."

Xue Ling’s heart was softened by the man\'s damned words of love once again.

He gestured for the man to lean down, and then wrapped both arms around his neck. He grinned as he asked, "Why can\'t I have liked you from the last life, and then followed you into this life?"

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The man’s face immediately turned serious. “Which one do you like better, the me from your previous life, or the me in the current life?" yluVwE

Xue Ling held back his smile, hugged the man\'s head and kissed him several times before saying in satisfaction, “I like you the most. My faaaaaaaaavorite is you! Regardless of whether you are human, or zombie, or an animal, as long as it\'s you, it\'ll be my favorite."

The man\'s ears turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Xue Ling found it was rather amusing, because his extremely provoking actions before had not made the man\'s ears turn red, but teasing him like this made the other party\'s entire body start smoking.

Xue Ling was bodily pulled into the man\'s arms. Although both of them were tall and broad, there was magically still some space on the bed. When the two of them had their limbs entangled together, sticking together unexpectedly close into one combined shape, there was not the least bit of a gap left.A0T8Hy

“Why did you suddenly think of climbing into my bed in the middle of the night?" Xue Ling raised his head to look at him. It seemed that there was no need to say much to each other about their feelings. When the two of them talked and laughed together, when their gazes met, it was enough for them to understand the position they held in each other\'s heart.

Although it was very strange, and they had not known each other for more than a month, or more accurately speaking, there was still a lot that they did not know about each other, nevertheless, this feeling was not weak at all, and was rather strong and intoxicating.

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“Maybe it’s because you gave me so many hints that I finally realized whether you really didn’t have feelings for me or were just playing tricks on me on purpose."

“Playing tricks on you.” Xue Ling blinked and felt that this phrase was really not bad. "What, you need to play tricks back?" 1farUA

“There\'s no need for tricks.” Xun Xun lowered his gaze, his fingers sliding across his waist and downwards, his movements bold. “I just need a little compensation.”

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows, but did not stop the hand that was removing his own clothes. He only curiously asked the man, "Who taught you that you should pull the other person into bed after confessing?" This kind of action that lacked moral integrity was definitely not his man\'s habit. Somebody definitely had to have corrupted him.

“My subordinates.” Xun Yu kiss was like a raindrop falling on his body, neither strong nor light. "They said, since feelings have already been mutually expressed to each other, then the raw rice should be made into cooked rice. Uncooked ducks are more likely to fly away."

Xue Ling arched his neck and let the other party kiss along it as he wanted. He narrowed his eyes and laughingly said, "You need to introduce your people to me next time."rcZOBT

Although he didn\'t know why he suddenly felt a little chilly, Xun Yu still continued concentrating on his great undertaking.

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The other side did not refuse him at all. Anyone who tried to be a gentleman at this point would be a dog.

If he didn\'t get on this bus, was he supposed to wait for the next one? They had to be joking - by then, the driver wouldn\'t even slow down to give him a glance!

The system outside the trailer wagged its tail in loneliness. Forced come out on its own, only to be blown on by the cold wind in the middle of a night like this or something; it felt that its life as a system was very tragic.lJ7qwG

Spring was in the air inside the room. Xue Ling did not stop Xun Yu, so the lord zombie emperor followed his instinct that came from somewhere unknown, and successfully completed the full course.

Then, halfway through the night, the zombie emperor who tried to do it a second time was kicked out of the trailer by Xue Ling.

When he was thrown out, Xue Ling’s words were: “We are setting out to return home tomorrow. Also, before I manage to successfully push through a cooperation between the ability users and zombies, information about our relationship must be kept secret."

Xun Yu felt that he had been used up and tossed away. It was rather miserable.E5Xdhd

The situation in this world was different from those past worlds. The man\'s golden finger was of little use on Xue Ling\'s side. Other than helping him change the plot a little, he could pretty much only use him to attack the ability users\' bases so that Xue Ling could force the leaders of those bases who were still busy fighting for power and profit all day long to see the current situation clearly.

It took the Snow Fox Mercenary Corps one month to make a name for itself across the mainland. This was because they dragged back two of the most powerful zombie beasts from Xingyue Mountain, followed by all the zombie beasts from the mountains. This was enough for them to have their reputation heard all over the world.

A whole mountain\'s worth of zombie beasts. No matter what method they had used, this was enough to prove their strength. Because of this, more and more ability users ran to them to join up.

Xue Ling fulfilled his original promise. Most of the people who followed him and attended the initial training ended up as rulers of their own area. The entire mercenary corps expanded, and the scope of their control broadened in all aspects.LZFuQE

Soon, Yanshan base was completely under their control, and Chu Han’s name spread to even more ability users\' bases.

The Snow Fox Mercenary Corps never changed its name. Although they were already a large base and had gradually begun to take full control over an entire area, the people at the top seemed to like the name Snow Fox Mercenary Corps, so the name remained the same.

Information about Chu Han became known by more people. His three abilities and even their external aid who could use all abilities was a topic that was constantly discussed by people out in the world, but unfortunately, nobody has had the strength to force Chu Han to show all three of his abilities. The forces that he challenged could never hold up for more than three passes before being defeated, and there were never any surprises.

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The Snow Fox Mercenary Corps expanded rapidly, and now some of their suggestions and thoughts also began to circulate amongst the ability users\' alliance.Y9z4Qg

For example, it had now been proven that ability users could not procreate amongst themselves.

The ability users hesitated in all sorts of ways over this matter for a long time. Even if they ruled over the world now, didn\'t having no offspring mean that they would have no future? Many people began to worry about the country, the people, and their future, and spent their days scrunching up their faces and pondering the question of how to create new life.

“Emperor, you really don’t want to give it a try with the empress?" A royal-ranked zombie asked Xun Yu this after hearing information about the results of their experiments from a subordinate. "This way, we\'ll quickly have a little prince."

Xun Yu propped his cheek against his hand. On the nth day of not seeing Xue Ling, he was demonstrating how much he thought about him, and how much he missed him.MAFf03

He glanced lazily at the reports on the experiments and the data that the experts had handed in. "He doesn\'t want one."

His present status in their relationship wasn\'t even recognized. Wanting children? Hah.

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“But only you and the empress have a formal relationship right now…" The royal zombie was a little distressed as he spoke.

A royal zombie who was standing to the side sneered. "If the empress heard you say something like that, he might just go and match you up with some ability users, and find you several potential partners." sdD9ML

Although Xue Ling emphasized that his relationship with Xun Yu could not be exposed until the zombies and ability users agreed to cooperate, there were still many people who knew about their relationship.

This included the people whom Xun Yu had assigned over to Xue Ling from his own staff to help with Snow Fox Mercenary Corps because Xue Ling was short of manpower. These people were quickly accepted by the members of the mercenary group because of their easy going personalities and exceptional ability to get things done.

It was also these few people who had a particularly good understanding of who wore the pants in the relationship between their emperor and empress.

Although their emperor was wise and powerful, glorious and extraordinary, he was nothing in front of his empress, spoiling the other party so much that he was practically sending him up to heaven. Similarly, the empress\' feelings towards their emperor were also very genuine.JeEHrL

Perhaps it was because they were often forced to watch frenzied displays of affection, these zombies were particularly delighted about acknowledging Xue Ling\'s status and identity.

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Well, they also couldn’t beat Xue Ling in a fight. There was no need to talk about the fact that they had no right to interfere in the relationship between the two.

“Speaking of which, you guys been here for so long. Why haven\'t one or two of you managed to pursue any of the empress\' men?" The scientist tapped on his own report, and contemplated the group of single zombies in front of him. "Hurry up and find one now - the earlier you find one, the earlier your children will be born."

After a lot of technical research, Xun Yu’s experts came to the conclusion that the ability users and zombies could combine together to create offspring. The two races\' cells merged successfully, resulting in fertilization. Children would be able to grow up without problems, and they would be a new type of human beings after they were born. Pp8Kdy

These children would have the characteristics of both zombies and ability users, and would become new type of human beings that populate this world in the future.

This was the greatest change that the apocalypse had brought to the world and to mankind. It was also a new hope.

Only, there were some people who just couldn\'t understand it at all.

At this moment, outside Yanshan base, there was someone standing there holding a crutch, his face full of shadows. If looks could kill, everyone the city would probably have been slaughtered by now.hfqCOa

“Young Master He, can you really find evidence that Chu Han colluded with the zombies to carry out illegal experiments and endangered the ability users?” A man in a suit and leather shoes reached out a hand to push up his glasses as he opened his mouth and asked He Yan, whose face was filled with poisonous intent.

He Yan glanced at him coldly, and spoke in any icy tone, "You only have to worry about waiting to collect the evidence."

“Then I will stand in for my master, and wait for Young Master He\'s good news."

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