Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 111

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8.10 – His entire person was about to explode

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBugiX3IZr

The atmosphere at the scene was very strange. He Yan’s expression was fierce, and his laugh was wild. When he saw that Xun Yu was silent, he continued, "You don\'t dare speak up, right? Do you dare to swear that you really don\'t have any other intentions towards him?"

Xun Yu coldly said, “Why do I have to swear just because of your words?”

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Xue Ling was also not anxious about forcing him. Having Xun Yu talk about emotional affairs in front of these people would probably force him away, and that would be no fun at all. "Actually, I don\'t care that much about these things." Once he spoke up, everyone\'s gaze fell onto his body. He lazily crossed his arms over his chest and looked at He Yan. "You said that he is the zombie emperor." He raised his chin in Xun Yu\'s direction and asked, “Is there any evidence?”

He Yan made an \'ah\' sound, and his face was the definition of muddled. mkc6O9

“Why are you slandering my external aid for no reason at all if you don\'t have proof?"

He Yan moved his hands and feet and gestured nervously, but found that he really had no way to explain anything. There was no completely no difference between the zombie emperor and ability users. On his level, he was capable of covering up any problems that He Yan could point out.

“Nothing to say?” Xue Ling tilted his head to look at his face, and smiled slightly as he said, "Okay then. Break his leg and throw him down the mountain."

Since he had spoken, there were naturally people who would help him get it done. NWaebY

Xue Ling turned away. "You all can stop watching the excitement. There\'s a problem with that person\'s brain; pay him no heed. In the future, use your common sense more when interacting with others, as not everyone can be friends."

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The few people who had brought He Yan along with them earlier all flushed. They then all angrily turned around and signed up to break He Yan\'s leg! This fellow wanted all of them to die here! If it hadn\'t been for the leader and… well, the external aid, they would all have died without knowing why, and already been gnawed on by the zombie beasts by now.

Xue Ling ignored these people. He turned around and glanced at Xun Yu, who had an odd look on his face, curved his lips, and said, "I\'m waiting for you to give me an explanation." And then prepared to go down the mountain.

As he passed by Xun Yu, he was caught by Xun Yu’s hand. “There are some things I want to discuss with you alone.” dHXzJu

“Hmm…” Xue Ling raised his eyebrows, then glanced back at the crowd who were eagerly waiting for gossip. He opened his mouth and spoke lightly, "What, you guys want to come and listen in?"

The crowd of team members met their external aid\'s murderous glare, and silently shook their heads, "No… Take care, leader, external aid. See you later."

From He Yan’s remarks, they did not believe the part about him being the zombie emperor, but the matter of their external aid liking their leader, they… were all able to guess that. Although they had rejected the idea that the two were courting due to how serious their leader was, they could not say that Xun Yu did not like their leader. The gaze he sometimes used to look at their leader was enough to drown people, okay?

Basically anyone could see how Xun Yu felt as long as they were not a straight man with low EQ like their leader. kxEbFA

System: Low EQ? Straight man? Ha-ha (-i_-`)

The two men went off together, and the members of the Snow Fox Mercenary Corps instantly began to gossip. One by one, they began to bet on whether their external aid would be able to lock down their regiment leader by the time they returned.

Xue Ling told them to break He Yan\'s leg and throw him down the mountain, so they really chopped off half of his leg and then rolled him down the mountain. Although Xingyue Mountains was not tall, He Yan basically only had one breath of life left after rolling all the way to the foot of the mountain. The people in the mercenary corps did not pay any attention to him. They didn\'t even look at him, tossing him there and turning away, leaving his life or death up to him.

Xue Ling followed Xun Yu to the mountain peak.kU3ncm

As it grew darker and darker, sunset-red clouds covered the sky. Looking over from the mountain peak, the horizon and the sky full of clouds seemed to be have all been dyed red, and it was gorgeous and beautiful.

“Well, what do you want to say to me? Explain who you really are?" Xue Ling stretched lazily, and sent a grin his way. "Have you finished making up excuses and reasons? I won\'t accept clumsy lies."

Xun Yu opened his mouth, and then closed it again. His expression was stiff. After a long time, he spoke, "… No… I don’t want to continue lying to you…"

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Xue Ling raised his eyebrows in some surprise. “Oh?”iTLQvc

“I am indeed the zombie emperor.” The man said slowly, “I also want to do you.”

Xue Ling was rather amazed that the man\'s repressed nature did not prevent him from opening his mouth to say such words. He made a \'hmm\' sound, and then waited for his next sentence.

But after waiting a long time without a word, the man only looked at him with his lips pursed together, his face full of a \'Xue Ling bullied me\', incredibly wronged expression.

The corner of Xue Ling\'s eyes twitched slightly. He said, "Why did you stop? You only have so little to say?" cObiIF

The man shook his head once and said, “No… I’m waiting for your reply."

Xue Ling: “… Okay, what kind of response do you want?"

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“I confessed to you. You should give me an answer."

Xue Ling’s face held an \'you must be teasing me\' expression, “Did you confess to me? Your confession was just… hm?!" wYFGki

“Yes, my confession is that I want to do you.”

Xue Ling: “…” Ha-ha.

“You have to give me an answer.”

Xue Ling made an \'oh\' sound, then said, “I refuse.”daiDnH

The grievance on the man’s face deepened. He was extremely innocent, and looked particularly pitiful. "Why… I\'m really very good. Why won\'t you consider it? As I said, I am the zombie emperor, and all the zombies are my subordinates. If you want a few cities, I will give you all the cities you want. If you want a base for ability users, I will help you build a base. If you want to be first in the world, I will lose to you. I like you so much, why can\'t you like me a little?"

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Xue Ling was a little stunned. The man’s face was full of sincerity, and he had placed all the benefits he could think of out in the open, and he had asked him so pitifully.

I like you so much. Why can’t you like me a little?

This scene, as well as the red glow from sunset touching everything on the ground, made Xue Ling\'s heartbeat accelerate. It was such a curious thing, even though they switched through so many worlds, the man could still make him always, always fall for him. Even if he lost his memory every time, and forgot all the things they have experienced together through so many worlds, his pursuit could make Xue Ling feel touched every time, could make him joyful, could leave him a complete emotional mess. aF97po

The system was silently criticising them from the corner. It was going to happen again – its family\'s lord host was probably going to go soft-hearted on the man.

As long as the man spoke these kind of love words, its lord host would be unable to hold back and would turn soft every time. If the man really wanted to do him right now, he would probably be very happy to cooperate.

Sure enough, even before it had finished its silent commentary, Xue Ling raised his hand to hold up Xun Yu\'s face, smacked his lips, and kissed him on the mouth.

Now it was the world\'s number one, the zombie emperor\'s turn to be muddled. PvhSeY

Xun Yu was stunned for a good while and couldn\'t recover. He was suddenly in a state of ecstasy, and wanted to run around the entire Xing Yue Mountains, but Xue Ling had already let go of him and was no longer looking at him. He looked uncertain, and his brow was scrunched up as he looked at Xun Yu, "It\'s really a pity. I tried, but there\'s still no way to determine if I like you or not~"

Xun Yu was about to completely melt from being kissed once like this. Even if he hadn\'t yet heard the words he wanted to hear, he still had a satisfied smile on his face. "That\'s alright, I can wait. Wait until the day you like me. Until then, it\'s enough as long as you let me stay by your side."

Xue Ling looked him over, and spoke thoughtfully, "Stay by my side? Aren\'t you the zombie emperor? Why do you think that I would keep a zombie by my side?"

“Maybe…” He must have been racking his brains to think about this problem. Xun Yu was stifled for a good while before coming up with a sentence. “Because you know that I won’t hurt you, and I won’t do anything to hurt the people around you?” 4pBlro

Xue Ling couldn’t help laughing at his ingratiating appearance. In his eyes, the man was currently really too cute, this kind of appearance when he spoke from the bottom of his heart made him truly want to give him a kiss.

He did as he wanted. Xue Ling was not stingy at all as he gave Xun Yu a kiss. He leaned up again to smack a kiss on the other party\'s lips, and after he recovered his wits, he chuckled as he turned to say, “I’m very satisfied with this answer. That was a reward."

The zombie emperor covered the part of his face that had just been kissed, and only realized some time later that he seemed to have been taken advantage of by that person.

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Xue Ling’s attitude was really too unpredictable. This was also why Xun Yu had not dared to talk to him clearly and hid everything until today. His intentions were too hard to guess, and Xun Yu always had a feeling that he would disappear from in front of himself at any minute and go away. The more it was like this, the more he wanted to get closer to him, and the more he got closer, the less he dared to tell Xue Ling about his own thoughts. b8J9S3

This was a dead end. After living for so many years, this was the first time that the zombie emperor understood that things like love really could make one be at a loss about what to do.

System: Come on, it\'s only that your family\'s Xue Ling is particularly hard to pin down.

The two of them went down the mountain, and their expressions did not show much change. The crowd had no way to tell what was going on between them, but looking at Xun Yu’s appearance, they also guessed that he had not succeeded in settling their leader. A few of them went up one after the other to pat their poor external aid on the shoulder, hoping that he would feel better.

Xun Yu didn\'t actually feel bad. After all, this was already a breakthrough for him. It was always better to have cleared the air than have to worry about everything, but not being able to speak about it. At the very least, he no longer had to worry about Xue Ling\'s reaction when he discovered his identity as the zombie emperor one day.Ur RNd

Wait a minute. What had Xue Ling’s reaction to it been…?

He hadn\'t seemed to have much to say about this point, and accepted it naturally.

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Perhaps it was just a flash of inspiration, but Xun Yu discovered some truths that he had ignored before.

No matter how one looked at it, the information about his identity was not the type of thing that could be explained away by one or two sentences… For Xue Ling to show such indifference, if it wasn\'t because he really didn\'t care, then it would be because he had known since long ago…Z1hkHp

Late in the night, the zombie emperor whose brain had finally begun to turn entered Xue Ling\'s trailer in the dark.

Because he was the boss, he lived in a separate trailer. The trailer held a single person bed, and the youth was curled up into a ball and nestled on the bed.

He clearly no longer had a heart, but Xun Yu still felt his heartbeat change when he saw this scene. He didn’t even have body temperature, but now he felt his cheeks flush red, and his body temperature was rising up in a straight line, as though wanting to burn himself.

This person was very alert, and if anyone stepped into his territory in the middle of the night, he would definitely kill them and throw them out. However, he was completely unaware of Xun Yu\'s approach, and was still sleeping soundly. Y7biGu

The system was also asleep, but that bone eroding chill startled him awake, and it anxiously hugged its own tail. Although Xun Yu couldn\'t see him, the system still didn\'t dare to make any sound.

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If it had the guts to mess up this person\'s matters, that person was completely capable of pulling off all its fur when they returned to the system space. For a system that had already been a fox for a long time, that was really too cruel.

Oh… Ever since it took on this pair of dog-like boys, nothing happened in this world that had been worth it getting happy over.

The youth\'s face carried a trace of rarely seen childishness on his face when sleeping. His eyebrows were smoothed out, and when that pair of devastating eyes were closed, his face was a little less enchanting. It made Xun Yu\'s entire heart soften. yuhdlg

He sat beside the bed and carefully traced the young man’s eyebrows in the darkness, reaching out to touch him with tender fingertips.

His fingertips slid across his forehead, eyebrows, along his upturned nose, and towards his slightly parted lips. The hot air from his breath billowed out from between his lips, carrying a little dampness, and caught Xun Yu’s hand.

He had no body temperature, but he used his abilities to give him the same body temperature as the ability users. Nevertheless, his entire body was still colder than ordinary people.

In this moment, he felt that his fingertips were a little warm, and also slightly wet. epdubl

Soft lips rubbed across the pads of his fingers, and the hot, damp tip of a tongue licked against his fingertips. The person on the bed opened his pair of fox eyes, and looked straight at him.

In that instant, Xun Yu felt that his entire body was about to explode.

for those of you who remember this reference from waaaay back, they’re about to *hold hands*:blobaww: