Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 110

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8.9 – You treat him like a brother, but he wants to sleep with you!

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He Yan’s teeth were chattering. The thing he relied on the most was the system in his body, but now it had been seen through. The system was also a little nervous, but because it was hidden in He Yan\'s body, it had not yet realized that catastrophe was imminent.

It had chosen to be a system back then so that the people from the plot would not make a move against him. In the last world, the plot defender had experienced being slapped in the face several times without having any way to defend or fight back at all, so this time when it entered a relatively more chaotic world, it chose to be a system without a body so that the people from this world could not hurt him.

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Only… how did he know that it existed?

It has been concealing itself well this whole time, and its host had not left any tracks… ZyhdJN

He Yan pasted on a smiling expression. Although he didn\'t know why Xue Ling could see the system that he had hidden, it was not a good idea to mess around at this time. “Ah… Brother Chu Han, such a coincidence… You’re here too.”

Xue Ling looked at him with his arms crossed over his chest, and did not speak.

He Yan laughed weakly in embarrassment and said, “I accepted a task that brought me to Xingyue Mountains, but I hadn\'t expected to encounter these two beasts fighting in a frenzy and could only hide for a while. It\'s great that I could run into Brother Chu Han now. You\'ve saved my life, hahaha." The sound of his laughter was dry and awkward, and couldn\'t be any more fake.

“Oh? Hide here? Aren’t you waiting here to see the excitement and take advantage of the situation?"MxjLId

“Hahaha, what is Brother Chu Han saying? I don\'t understand?"

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“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. It\'s enough that the system in your body understands." Xue Ling did not intend to continue the pretence of being a mad fool any longer, and looked at him coldly. “Did you think that nobody would be able to see the things that you were doing behind the scenes?"

“Hahaha…” He Yan had no idea what to say. Xue Ling’s killing intent made his legs tremble, and it was difficult to even stay standing.

“Let them kill each other, and then wait until they\'re all dead before coming back out? Then, you can bring their corpses down the mountain and tell the ability users about what a great thing you\'ve done?" Xue Ling\'s gaze was full of contempt as he looked at him. For once, he did not want to play with this protagonist, but rather wanted to kill him immediately.d3HJZ7

Wanting to go after his man, ha-ha. He was not some ninja, and it was impossible for him to tolerate such a thing. But once he recalled that killing him directly would lead to a backlash from the world, Xue Ling felt that it letting him die so happily would be too easy for him.

“Don\'t joke around. With your current level of skill, nobody would pay attention to you. Did you really think that just because you\'re the world\'s savior and can save the world, you\'ll be forgiven for anything you do? Including attempting to kill everyone in my mercenary regiment?"

He Yan’s expression had already changed several times, and finally settled on an expression that said he took it for granted. "Things have already reached this point. Since you\'ve already seen through me, then I can only tell you." Although he was still unable to stand up, he puffed up his chest and proudly told Xue Ling, "You\'re right, the person in front of you is the world\'s savior chosen by the world\'s salvation system. As long as you\'re willing to turn back and work with me, I can forgive you for your past negligence.”

Xue Ling sneered and spoke strangely, “Sometimes, I find it really strange. How can you spew out such self-righteous words—it\'s really the first time I\'ve ever seen a person like you, with such a high level of arrogance and self-importance." His smile was full of sarcasm: “It could be considered as gaining experience.”wXoFhK

He Yan frowned and said, “You already know that I have a system, and understand that I am a savior, but you\'re still talking to me like this. Is it because you want to openly oppose the entire world? If something really happens to me, this world will be ruled by the zombies, and ability users will have no future. Can you really bear the consequences?! If other people learn that this is how you treat this world\'s savior, you will be expelled by the ability users!"

Xue Ling was already too lazy to take care of this delusional mental patient who lived in his own world, an egomaniac or something, sometimes really made one lose their appetite. "Enough. Stop labelling yourself as a savior every time you open your mouth. You\'re really making me sick of the word."

Xue Ling stepped forward and lifted him up by the collar, staring into his eyes, his gaze dark and cold. "If the savior of the world is someone like you, with your kind of character, then it would be better for this world to be destroyed. After all, the future would definitely be worse than it is now."

He Yan’s scalp was about to blow up. As soon as Xue Ling came close, that killing intent seeped into his pores and made him feel cold all over. He Yan looked at the pair of eyes in front of them, and suddenly realized that this person had never placed him in his eyes at all. It was just like what he said, he was only a clown in front of him. Uaecip

And now, he felt that there was no need to keep this clown around, because it could not entertain him, and even made him feel disgusted.

He Yan curled up in fear, trembled as he started to say, "You are not Chu…"

Even before he finished speaking, Xue Ling had covered his mouth. He Yan opened his eyes wide, his gaze full of terror.

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It should have occurred to him that the man in front of him was not the Chu Han who he had grown up together with. The previous Chu Han, although he became stronger, had never given him the same feeling of terror as this person. Even if Chu Han were to break off all relations with him, he would not want to kill him.4H51Uo

“Shh.” Xue Ling’s smile was gentle, so gentle that it frightened even the system that was watching to one side, making its fur stand on end. “Some words can’t be spoken out casually.”

He Yan was under his control. He had already been unable to do anything, but now he could not even speak.

“Although it must be a wonderful thing to be able to speak about everything you want from that mouth of yours, your future might be less interesting that way." Xue Ling\'s hand gently caressed He Yan’s face. The feeling he gave others was demonic, and the system\'s fur was so much on end that it looked like a ball of fur. It only felt that its lord host was someone that could not be provoked at all. "Did you think that you are the world\'s savior just because you have a system in your body?"

He Yan felt that coldness was spreading inexplicably from the place where he had touched. Fear invaded him, making his body tremble shake incessantly as he called madly for the system in his heart. But his calls were never answered. Kcx7NB

Xue Ling seemed to know what he was doing. He gave a low laugh and stretched out his hand. He held a glowing light in his hand; it was flickering and struggling, but it had no way to escape from his grasp. “There\'s no need to shout anymore.” Xue Ling patted him on the face, then spoke as he stood up, “I\'ve already taken out the system in your body."

He Yan was horrified, “Is this what you want to do? After robbing Chu Han’s body, you still want to take away my identity as the world\'s savior?!"

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Xue Ling was amused into laughter. His hand tightened, and the flickering light suddenly began to struggle. However, it was a futile effort. After a weak struggle, the light disappeared from his fingertips.

Xue Ling curved his lips and kicked He Yan’s leg. “I don\'t covet your things at all. I don’t need them. I took it out just to destroy it in front of you.” GjB4nl

He Yan stared blankly at everything in front of him as his entire body was filled with confusion.

Xue Ling slapped him in the face and pulled his attention back. "Believe me, this is not all that you\'re going to experience.”

He Yan spoke blankly, “… What else do you want to do…"

“Watch you live a life where dying would be the same as living, my world savior." Xue Ling patted him on the head, lifted him up by the collar, and then threw his entire body forward.3duRCI

The distance was not far, but he was very successful in throwing him directly into the crowd.

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The crowd was bewildered. They had just watched the external aid handsomely kill off the two zombie beasts, and had rushed up excitedly to help split up the bodies. As a result, a person ended up being tossed onto the beast\'s body.

The crowd looked at the direction from which the person flew out, and only a few people recognized that the person was He Yan. He had previously been with them, but had carelessly gotten lost. They were somewhat curious about why he was in this state, and then He Yan crawled out from the beast\'s body.

His face was full of horror as he looked behind them. mDlfNv

Their boss was standing in that direction with a smile on his face.

They didn\'t know why, but everyone felt that there was a demonic wind blowing at this moment, and a chill suddenly sprang up, making many of them shrink their necks into their shoulders.

Xun Yu frowned and glanced at He Yan before turning towards Xue Ling and asking, “He was the one you said you were going to deal with?”

Xue Ling nodded as though it was a given, then laughed as he said, "He was the one who killed the child of the mother zombie beast and then placed it near the other one so that the entire mountain\'s zombie beasts would riot and form a beast tide." bA47Xm

When he uttered these words, everyone looked at He Yan with disgust. There were still others who did not know what was going on, and had their mouth open with question marks all over their faces.

He Yan pointed at Xue Ling, opened his eyes wide, wanting to open his mouth and denounce him for framing him, and expose the fact that he was not Chu Han at all.

But when those words arrived at his throat, they just wouldn\'t come out no matter what!

He Yan covered his throat with his hands, his face frightened.fDowb0

Xue Ling smiled slightly and said, “Can’t think of anything to refute me with?"

“It’s a pity that Xun Yu killed both zombie beasts. Otherwise, the mother would be happy to tear you up right here as soon as she smelled the blood on you.”

Everyone\'s gaze was complicated as they looked at He Yan, and it was obvious that they were extremely disappointed in him.

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He Yan’s savior’s heart had been thrown to the ground and was trampled on by Xue Ling. His face was full of anger, and he wanted to blame Xue Ling for making unfounded accusations. He hadn\'t done those things! He was a great savior of the world! How could these people look at him with gazes like that? What qualifications did they have to be disappointed with him? Since it was all for the sake of saving the world, wasn\'t it fine to sacrifice a small number of people for the sake of saving more lives? He would lead them towards a bright future! A3QmDf

Xue Ling seemed to be able to see what he wanted to say from his eyes, and he laughed coldly. "I basically know what you want to say. I suggest you keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, I might really ** your tongue."

He Yan knew what this person would really do as he said. Right now, he had already lost the system on his body, and other than compromising with him, there was nothing else he could do. This made him angry. His eyes were red, and tears came out of his eyes. "I didn\'t! I didn\'t do it on purpose! I only took on a mission to obtain the bodies of these two beasts! I only wanted to rely on them killing each other off to finish the mission! I didn\'t plan to harm the people on this mountain! The beast tide was completely unexpected! Big brother Han!"

“Don’t call me big brother. I can\'t afford this title from you, I\'ll have my life shortened." Xue Ling wrapped his arms around his chest and looked at him. "There\'s no point in acting foolish now."

He Yan gritted his teeth and glared at him fiercely. “What do you want to do?” jnyGk5

“I don\'t want to do much.” Xue Ling shrugged his shoulders and said, “I will not kill you. I will just wreck one of your legs and let you go down the mountain. As for how long you will live after that, that’s your business.”

“You\'re very welcome to come find trouble for me again." Xue Ling\'s expression was really horrifying when he smiled widely, and some team members already determined in their hearts that nobody should ever provoke their leader.

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He Yan looked at him, his eyes full of hatred. His gaze switched back and forth between Xue Ling and Xun Yu, and then apparently deciding to burn all his avenues of retreat, he laughed and said, "Hahahahaha, Chu Han, don\'t think that because you\'ve seen through me, it means that you\'ve seen through everyone!"

“That\'s fine.” Xue Ling spoke indifferently. “I don’t need to see through too many people. Knowing that you are human scum is enough~"5XGgt7

“Hahahaha, does it not matter even if it means that your enemy is beside you, and has even been coveting you all this time?" It was unknown what He Yan was thinking as he pointed to Xun Yu and continued, "Do you know who the man beside you is? Do you know what he\'s thinking about? But you just let him stay around, and even let him join your mercenary corps!?"

Xue Ling stopped Xun Yu from taking He Yan\'s life, and opened his mouth to say, "I don\'t know, but I\'ll give you a chance. Tell me, then." Of course he knew, but it was not a bad idea to borrow this opportunity and let this matter come out into the open. He also did not want to continue this deadlock with the man any longer.

“Han!” Xun Yu was a little anxious as he called out.

“Shh.” Xue Ling touched his fingers to his own lips. His smile was a little seductive. "Let him speak. I\'m very interested in this topic."gNBy2J

With no one stopping him, He Yan laughed more and more wildly. "You don\'t know, right? The so-called external aid that follows you around all day long isn\'t even an ability user! He\'s a zombie! He\'s even the zombie emperor! And he doesn\'t want to be your friend at all! All he thinks about all day long is how to press you down under him! Hahahahaha Chu Han! Never expected this, right? You would also have such a day, and be coveted by a man like this! You never expected this, right? You treat him like a brother, but he wants to sleep with you!"

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Everyone present\'s expressions turned strange…

Xue Ling grinned and tilted his head to ask the man, "Is what he said true?"

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